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[ Is it narcissistic to think that if he makes a video post he'll get more interest in the matter? Probably.

He seems overly worried which is veiled behind a thin mask of apathy...

Has anyone seen Elena Gilbert?

[ He's looked for her, she wasn't in her room, she wasn't in his, he's searched the place pretty well. ]


Oct. 30th, 2014 06:45 pm
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[ there had been a large vacancy in his life during that event, one that continued through when memories were returned and everyone was back in Wonderland.


she hadn't been in Storybrooke, and her room looked as though she had just- disappeared. he'd gone to find Frank, to find if he'd seen her, but that had come up fruitless as well. they'd both been absent during the event, continued to be following it.

(her things were still in her room, which was the only part of this keeping him together. the fact that her belongings were right where she left them meant that she wasn't gone, wasn't sent him, just- missing. missing could be found again. ]

If you know them, Hazel Levesque and Frank Zhang are missing. Their belongings are still in their rooms, but they weren't present during the recent event, and Hazel hasn't been seen since everyone returned.

[ the video flicks on briefly, but only so that Nico can hold up a sketch from Hazel's sketchbook; an incredible likeness of his sister and her boyfriend. before long, the feed cuts again so he can return to text. ]

That's what they look like. If you happen to see them- [ what? do what? Nico isn't exactly known for sticking around, either. but he'd never been gone for the entire duration of an event and stay disappeared once things returned to normal. ]

Do people often go missing like this, as opposed to being sent back to their own worlds?
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[When the feed clicks on, the gardens are visible behind Regina. She'd debated doing this from a random room on a random floor, somewhere people couldn't find her if they were angry about the event, but it was a Wednesday. She's glad she took the chance to visit her father's grave while they were in the facsimile of Storybrooke. If she'd waited until Wednesday like she used to, she would have missed out. So no hiding in a room for fear of retribution, she's out in the gardens to honour her father's memory.]

Hello, Wonderland. [She swallows, a frown marring her face.] No doubt some of you know what the last event was, or at least that it was a small town in-- [... Oh. Weird. She can't think of the word, like there's a gap in her memory again.] For those of you that don't, it was Storybrooke. The home of quite a few of us here in Wonderland.

[There'd been a small explosion of their numbers, before it evened out a little. When she continues, her voice is level, almost flat. She's uneasy about admitting this, but others have explained when events were theirs, she could at least do the same. Besides, it isn't as if she regrets ever casting it in the first place, for Wonderland to take and twist it against them.]

It was created by a curse, the Dark Curse. [There's a brief pause, as she debates what to say next.] It was cast to punish someone, to ensure she never got her own happy ending. Everybody else was just collateral damage.

[Which isn't entirely true. Jefferson certainly wasn't, neither was Whale. ]

Almost everybody caught in the path of the curse had their memories, their lives, ripped away from them until they were barely recognisable. They had no goals, no dreams, no hope. They just... were.

[Which is as horrible as it sounds, but that's besides the point.]

Wonderland's version of Storybrooke wasn't entirely accurate, [Which is almost upsetting, the least it could've done was given her access to the full contents of her vault.] and while I can hope that extended to the false memories you were all given, we all know enough about Wonderland to know it would be a waste of time. [She shrugs, the corner of her mouth turning up into an unpleasant smile.] At least it was only 5 days.

['Instead of 28 years' is left unsaid, but those in the know will understand.]

For most of you, Storybrooke was just another event. You'll get over it.

[The broadcast ends shortly afterwards, though she doesn't bother to move from the gardens.]
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[ the pamphlet's a little bit of a bore to read, but luke makes do with what he's given. alice's adventures are a few of the tales he had sat through his dyslexia to try and finish when he'd been a kid, the stories read to him by his mother before she became literally and completely lost to him. it's one of the few adventures he'd always prayed to hermes for, wanting to fall down a rabbit hole and into a different life completely. ]

[ who knew dying would get him what he wanted? ]

[ with his nifty technology abilities, luke manipulates his name to read as a curious oyster. he favoured the 1951 film quite a bit as a kid, too. ]

So. Got a question for you, Wonderland.

Let me preface with a little bit of context: Going a little mad here. I know, it's not exactly original, but I can't help it if I'm a guy who likes to repeat things others have done. I've met the greatest puzzle of them all, and maybe a few of you old timers might be able to help A Lost Kid out.

Yeah, I know, that reference doesn't really belong.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

[ he doesn't really care. he had a nice breakfast of pancakes and bacon and eggs and a little hashbrown on the side. the tea room is going to be his favourite place in this world. ]

Curiouser and curiouser: What were six things you believed in before breakfast? I never knew I'd find myself here, but, hey, guess the impossible is possible.
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[The screen turns on to show a young fair-skinned blonde woman sitting in the first floor Tea Room, seeming perfectly at home. There's a rather large pile of books and binders next to her on the couch, most of which are scholarly articles or academic analysis of the world of Alice In Wonderland, as well as the book itself and all related works. Someone's been busy. There's also a few Halloween editions of popular style magazines scattered about.

casually with wavy, shoulder length hair, Caroline looks bright and awake, eternal optimism shining loud and clear, even when the frustration at her current situation comes through in her voice.]

I thought it was about time I introduced myself on here, so hey. I'm Caroline Forbes. Former Miss Mystic Falls, current Wonderland captive. Libra, ex-drama major, big fan of these cookies. [She holds one of the cookies from the tea room up before taking a bite, chewing, and pausing before speaking again. She's got a lot of energy and bounces a little in her seat.]

Okay, so, if the calendar's correct, that means I've not only missed my birthday, which sucks, [no it really sucks she's actually upset about that, but she's staying focused ok] but that Halloween's right around the corner. Which means costumes and yes, a party. I happen to be great at parties, so I've already started planning the end of the month Costume Ball. [So excite. Are you excited, Wonderland? You should be!]

But, since I'm not in Kansas anymore and, instead, living in a very real version of a child's whimsical nightmarish fantasy, I'm kind of at a loss as far as predicting the unpredictable elements, which I'm also usually great at. [She sighs, and sits up straight, pleading in her eyes.] So, fellow residents of Wonderland, help a newbie out? And don't skimp on the gory details. Is this place going to ruin our Halloween party? If so, how, and would moving the date back a few days maybe lessen the risk here?

Let me know, I'd really appreciate it.

[On a more serious note..] Anyway, what do people do for fun around here? And is anyone working on a way to go home? Like, researching this place, separating fact from fiction, searching for a metaphorical or possibly literal rabbit hole, or looking for answers in general? [Little smile matched with sincere concern and determination.] I'd like to help.
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[Henry had to figure out a way to ask for an artist without actually letting his mom know what he wanted. He had to be vague, and though she knew a little about what he was doing, he didn't think she knew that he was having a real actual book made for. Which was why Henry's face appeared on screen and he gave a little smile and wave.]

In case you don't know me, I'm Henry. I'm looking for someone who can illustrate. You know, like a kid's book or something?

[Wow, this was not shaping up to be subtle at all, but he figured as long as Regina was still surprised by the finished product, it was okay.]

If you can, it'd be great if you could get back to me. Or you can find me in room 27 on the eighth floor. Thanks to anyone who can help.
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He's gone.

[The words leave her mouth as soon as she turns on the camera. The wind blows a few strands of hair into her face and she pushes the strands away. Though her eyes are downcast, unable to meet any gaze that may be looking back at her through the network, her face is clear on the screen. Sad, pained, haunted. She's been trying to find him the past few days, gone by all the places she knows that he prefers. But he hasn't been anywhere. Not in his room, not at the beach. Hasn't responded to any of the messages she tried sending him through the phone.

It's not like. And it only leaves her with one conclusion.

She wants to be a coward and just type up a message. Tell Haymitch and let him inform everyone else. That'd be easy. Less painful. It'd certain involve less interaction with strangers. But Finnick Odair deserves better than that from her.]

Finnick Odair's gone back to Panem. I don't know how many people he knew here or if he had any friends. [But it's Finnick. Of course Finnick had to know someone outside of her or Haymitch. Of all of them, he's the most social and the most amiable.] I just thought you should know. He'd want you to know.

[She disconnects the device and turns back to the flowers and the pieces of rope she had brought with her to the beach. She had never gotten a chance to say goodbye to him. Not when he had died in the sewers and not now, leaving Wonderland to return... to Panem? To live out all the remaining months until his death? She had gotten that chance with Rue. It had been short, it had been risky, but it had been something. And even if the game was different, Finnick had still died playing one.

He deserves something. Someway to be honored and not forgotten.

She sings while she works, taking the flowers and carefully working them into the knots she ties on the rope. Her voice grows a little stronger the more she sings, though she doesn't attempt to compete with the roar of the surf. But it's that same voice that kept her sane the day she decided to stop trying to kill herself and maybe consider living instead. A little raw, a little unused to singing, but beautiful nonetheless. The kind of voice that would make the birds stop to listen.

Ultimately, she plans on making something of a wreath with the ropes to throw in the ocean. A wreath filled with the knots Finnick had shown her, filled with colors and filled with life. Though her fingers aren't nearly as nimble as his had been, she doesn't let it stop her. There's no rush here. No hovercraft coming to take a body away or other Tributes out to kill her. She takes her time working. And sings.]
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[ when the feed opens, it's on the floor at first, but after a second it turns to face a pretty girl with long brown hair and a bit of a smile on her face, sitting on the bed in her room. elena looks happy, which is, unbeknownst to the citizens of wonderland, kind of an unusual thing for her. ]

So, Wonderland. [ her tone conveys what she thinks of that, thanks, but she continues on after a moment with her smile growing wider. ] My name is Elena Gilbert, I'm new, and I have a question for you all, if you don't mind.

[ she rests her chin on her hand and raises an eyebrow. ] Is Wonderland better than wherever you came from? Like... personally, I miss my friends, obviously, but I don't want to go back home, because someone very important to me is here, and they're... gone, back home. [ now she looks a little shifty -- she doesn't want damon to know either how important he is to her or that he's dead when she comes from. ] Does anyone else here have something like that? A loved one back from the dead, or maybe you're back from the dead? You're missing out on the apocalypse?

Just curious!

[ and now the feed cuts out, and elena flops back on her bed, grinning at the ceiling. ]
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[ so getting kidnapped, in all honesty, isn't the weirdest thing that could have happened to leo valdez. sure, he was in kind of a time crunch to save percy and annabeth back home, and the Argo II just might die without him steering it (probably overexaggerating, but still) but getting snatched up off the ship and dropped in some freaky-deaky mansion?

sounds like just another normal day in the life of a demigod.

leo's spent most of his time upon arrival exploring the little device he now had. this is the first time he's ever had a cellphone--literally ever--but with enough tinkering (screwing around) and messing with it, he found the network function. and the scrolling function.

is that percy?

his face pops up on the screen; tan skin, a mass of curly, dark hair, little bit of an oil smudge on his cheek. ]

So what kinda God-slash-Goddess-slash-enemy-of-demigods-everywhere kidnaps your friends and makes them start singing their feelings? Cause, uh...that's a new one. [ guys u ok. ] Whoever you are, I'm like...not a musical guy, so you're gonna have to just come out and let me blast you to bits or beat you up or whatever and give me back my friends so we can go back to saving the world and stuff, before I bust out in the boleros. Nobody wants to see that. Cool? Cool.

[ a beat--aw, you know, he realizes that the device might have been a demigod weapon. leo pales a little, stares at it, and mutters ] I'm putting this down before it bites me. [ and click, off goes the video. ]

( video )

Oct. 12th, 2014 09:30 pm
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[ Percy likes to think he's open book. a pretty forthcoming guy. he's reliable. for the gods' sake, his fatal flaw is personal loyalty. the only reason he lies is to protect himself or his friends and that's the bottom line. but he can't help holding his breath as he passes the honesty signs in the halls. it starts getting ridiculous. he shields his eyes as he passes, says la la la louder and louder as he jogs down the stairs to get out of the building, away from that word, until he can't hold back anymore. sooner or later, Wonderland's magic digs its claws into everyone. ]

I've been thinking lately about how unpredictable this place is with who comes and goes. [ he remembers Leo vanishing beneath their noses and the crushing guilt - nobody had thought it could happen to them - and Lena, Caroline, and the few other friends he's made in Wonderland and lost. it's been brought to the forefront of his mind by Nico and it keeps lingering. ] There are people who have been here for years and there are people that show up here for a few days that we never see again, and there are others that just seem to be able to keep coming back. And until it happens to you, nobody can tell which one you are. In the mean time, I don't know, I guess it's... [ what's he trying to say? ] We let it become normal.

We don't want to feel it anymore.

Why is that? I mean, why is that okay?

[ he doesn't know why he's so heated about this. ]

If anything, it should remind us of what's important. [ he means who. ] I'm just saying— [ he looks off screen, confused and drawn out of his thought process by the the sound of a piano playing and the sound of someone strumming a guitar when there isn't anyone around him.before he knows it, he's humming, and his knee is jumping and he's really feeling this music for some reason and oh gods, it's happening! if ever there was a moment for zeus to strike him down with lightning, this is it. ]
cut for music! )


Oct. 11th, 2014 03:07 pm
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[Hazel never was all that good with technology.]

[Granted, that could have been due to the majority of her exposure to it spanning her entire duration of time spent in Wonderland...but, still. It was worth noting that anybody who knew of the girl's past shouldn't be too surprised to learn that the shifty camera work and awkward downward, diagonal, and completely off-center placing indicated she was blissfully unaware of the fact that she had turned her communicator on.]

[Which meant she had no idea that the entirety of Wonderland was listening to her sing as she worked on what looked like a rough charcoal sketch:]

Oh, your daddy is rich
And your mama's good-looking...

[Gershwin. A song even she would have been able to recognize, as it was first composed in the mid-1930s. While her own voice seemed to do little justice in comparison to the likes of Billie Holiday, or even Ella Fitzgerald...the significance behind the lyrics were what mattered.]

[A rich father. Pluto. The Roman god of wealth. And a beautiful mother...the woman who had seduced him, resulting in Hazel's birth.]

So hush, little baby, don't you cry.

One of these mornings
You're going to rise up singing
Then you'll spread your wings
And you'll take to the sky

But until that morning
There's a'nothing can harm you
With your daddy and mammy standing by

[Though it wasn't the end of the song, the last words faded into the air as she straightened.  Analyzing the picture, which had begun to take the shape of an elderly woman.  Features as of yet unidentifiable, but someone she clearly knew and remembered.]

[Her weight shifted, and she reached for something else on the table, jostling it just enough for the camera to come crashing down...and shut itself off.]



[...a fact that she was apparently still blissfully unaware about when her face re-appeared some time later.  Smiling.  A noticeable smudge of charcoal on her nose she was either oblivious to or paid no heed.]

Frank?  I have a surprise for you.  

Think you can stop by this afternoon?  It won't take long.  Promise.

[Hazel Levesque was never very good with technology.]

[Which would explain why a message she assumed would be privately sent to her boyfriend was, instead, made very public.]

08 | video

Oct. 9th, 2014 09:22 am
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( Lydia's stood in the ballroom, walking around and surveying the area as she posts - multitasking, obviously. She's in planning mode, and that can only mean good things for everyone. Unless you obstruct her planning )

Next week I'm throwing a party.

( Stay with her, Wonderland. You've not been to a Lydia Martin party before )

Monday. In the ballroom from- ( There's a pause. She's thinking ) -seven. And I expect everyone to dress up for it.

( Don't be too casual you might get turned away. It's not just a regular dumb teen party. There's another bit of a pause as Lydia turns around, looking up above the doors. Clearly she's decorating in her mind )

It would have been my birthday. Just because I'm here instead of at home doesn't mean I have to miss out on anything for it.

( #priorities. She also wouldn't be able to celebrate with some of you back home either )

So dress up, turn up and have fun. Unless you'll ruin it. And if anyone wants to help decorate- ( Aka do the lifting ) -I would appreciate it.

( There's a smile before she shuts the feed off. You've been warned )
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I need - ( there's rustling, and it sounds like her device is being... fumbled with. perhaps with less finesse than usual, and then a frustrated growling sound comes through. it's garbled, a mixture of human roars of frustration and the primal snarl of a coyote. ) some help.

( her tone is strained, through clenched teeth, and the word help is said on nothing short of an unmistakably animal growl - throaty, low, and dripping with danger. malia has come a long way when it comes to control on the full moon, but in an unfamiliar place, situation, with additional stress factored in... she's not doing so hot. )

The closet isn't giving me what I need. Stiles - ( his name is snarled, angry sounding more than anything else. ) Or Scott or someone. I don't even care - chains.

( she stops trying to talk and just kind of... roars. it's not like an alpha's roar at all, and the feed cuts with a loud crash as she throws her device. her bedroom is taking a huge beating right now and there's every chance that if she doesn't get what she needs, the rest of the mansion might have a little bit of an issue... maybe you talk to her through the device, if you can get her to pick it back up, or perhaps you just happen to live nearby { or know her room number } and hear a commotion or... go straight to where the angry coyote girl is ruining everything and trying her best not to do so. she's on the sixth floor, in room thirty seven. )

Video 003

Oct. 8th, 2014 08:49 am
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[Billy's face appears on the screen, it's clear he's worried. It's also kind of obvious he hasn't slept; dark circles rim his tired eyes. He looks exhausted and not at all like his normal bright self.]

Uh, has anyone seen my boyfriend? Tall, blond, incredibly too good looking for me, answers to the name Teddy. I seem to have misplaced him.

[Or he was still avoiding Billy. Or the real reason he couldn't find him was that he'd been sent home, home before they could even talk about what happened. Before he could least Teddy wouldn't remember anything.]

If you see him, tell him...just tell him I'm looking for him.

Private to Kate )

(OOC: Action is also fine if you want to find him wandering around looking for Teddy. He could use the distraction :) Edit: He's also apparently now at the bar, someone keep him from drinking too much? Yeah? )
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[ cora keeps this short and sweet. it's easier to remain concise than to babble on, letting her emotions override her when all she wants to do is sit back and not feel this at all. he's been dead to her before, for six long years; she'd just found him once again to see to it he disappears from her all the same. ]

Derek's gone. Up the rabbit hole he goes.

Some one-year anniversary, huh.

If you knew him ...

[ she wants to know everything, but she doesn't want to ask. ]

[ and just in case no one understands just what this message may mean, stiles had informed her, once, that emoticons were the best way to show emotion, especially if she refused to use video. ]


[ cora's out in the gardens, leaning against a tree, with boudica resting on top of her, as if the wolf is afraid she'll disappear, too. for the tough act she tries to portray while in wonderland — and beacon hills, too — cora doesn't wear that mask now. her eyes are red just as her face is wet and flushed. her brother's gone again. loneliness may make the heart grow fonder, but all it does is burn cora from the inside out. ]
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What does family mean to you?

[It's a question that has been on her mind since her arrival. The answer isn't coming to her and she feels like she should know it.

A memory of a memory.]

And love?

[Somehow that question is more important. That emotion is far more distant.]

03 | video

Oct. 7th, 2014 12:03 am
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[ The words that he dragged across his tongue just yesterday still sting, the goodbye throbbing where once her name rested safely, where the taste of her was like wine and burnt sunshine and home. Sitting in front of Regina, right there next to the fireplace where they'd had their picnic not long ago, he'd wanted nothing more than to simply reach out and take her hands in his, capture her lips in a kiss that could convey the truth he's trying so desperately to bury for the sake of honor.

He's doing the right thing, but he's hurting the woman he loves, so it hardly feels like the right thing at all. It feels very much like drowning slowly.

For a moment, he hopes that telling her his feelings for her are real, and that he loved Marian might be enough to convey where his heart truly lies; but to what end? It's selfish to give Regina any sort of hope at all, because he has to stay true to his vows. When he walks away from her, he's leaving his heart behind, right there in that room where they'd once been so happy, and only with his back to her does he allow the tears to fall.

When he wakes that the morning, he's in a room far away from Storybrooke, from Roland and Marian.


Marian isn't here.

For a moment, a selfish thought takes hold of him again, and he contemplates rushing to Regina's room and kissing her as deeply as he'd truly wanted to kiss her in her office as he forced himself to let her go.


He's a good man now. An honorable man.

Which means, of course, that he has to let her go again.

More than anything, he needs people; friends, and...anyone, to distract himself from the crushing weight bearing down on his heart. But he needs to talk to Regina first, and he has no idea how long he's been gone. ]

Private for Regina )

[ There are so many people he wants to see right now, and he'll connect with them, or they'll get to him first. But after speaking with Regina, he decides to broadcast to the network at large. ]

I was wondering who else out there had been sent home and then returned to Wonderland? I'm separated from my son again, and I miss him terribly, but I have this fleeting sense of relief at the moment. It's sure to pass by tomorrow, and it must make me sound a bit mad.

Perhaps you've felt the same before, though, that being here is an escape from the troubles we've left behind?

[ He's just...never been relieved to be here before. And even though Regina is here, and everything is still terribly wrong, he has the benefit of being able to truly think about everything that's happened. ]


Sep. 8th, 2014 10:59 pm
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[If she could have, Hazel would avoid video.  But the question had been nagging her ever since she woke up again.  After...dying.  Again.  Only this time, it had been different.  Her spirit hadn't gone to the Judgement Pavilion.  Nor had she been sent back to the Fields of Asphodel.  She's simply...remained.  Incorporeal, but very much aware of what was going around her.]

[It was strange.  Even by her standards.]

People told me that we could...come back.  [The most delicate way of coming out and saying oh by the way I kind of died.]  But I still don't understand how it happened.


Sep. 8th, 2014 03:13 pm
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 A companion of mine made me think of a strange little question...

There are many different types of people here. Humans, mostly, but we can call agree there are things definitely not human here too. Yet...

[During this time, Saki has been in her room. The device is propped up on a desk, as she is trying on make-up. She's never really been one for it, save for fingernail painting, but now she's curious. Today, she's seeing how black lipstick goes on her. After the 'yet', she rubs her lips together, and makes a little 'pop' sound.]

... What, I wonder, is the line we cross at, to decide what makes someone not human? Is a human a completely normal person? Or can someone have abilities beyond, and yet still be considered human?

Food for thought, for any hungry brains out there.
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[Alex doesn't own a smartphone. No one owns a smartphone anymore. But here he is, in this strange place, with a smartphone. He's slapped himself enough times to realize that this isn't a dream or a vision or whatever. He's actually here. There's only one question:]

Where the fuck am I and how can I get out?

[Okay, maybe two questions. He struggles with the device for a moment, clearly trying to figure out how to stop recording. It's clear from the shaky camera angle that he's on the move. Finally, he just turns to the nearest person and asks,]

Excuse me, do you know how to turn this off?

[Apparently they do. Alex thanks them for their help and ends the feed.]

[ooc: Alex will be wandering all over, so feel free to run into him anywhere!]
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[She's always excelled at keeping to herself, not letting anyone in. It's been how many months since she arrived here? And still, she can count the number of people she actually trusts on one hand. Finnick and Haymitch. Anyone else? Anyone else, she's still excels at keeping at arms length. It's better that way, she tells herself. Better for them, better for her. She's not someone worth befriending.

Because, in the end, she still can't break the feeling that all she does is get those she cares for hurt. For once in her life, she's doing her best not to be selfish. She doesn't need friends to survive this place. With Haymitch's stores, her ability with a bow, and Finnick's with a trident, they'll have all the food needed. They'll be able to protect each other when the game played here finally comes to a head. She has her allies. She doesn't need any other.

But it is a lonely life. And coming down from the high of actually being able to hunt large game the past few days, the loneliness only seems more amplified.

It's why she actually sits on the front steps of the mansion, staring at the phone device in her hands. Her quiver rests on the step behind her and her bow rests against her right side. A measly squirrel sits in front of her. Today's hunt had been one of the worst since arriving here. She hasn't been this empty handed in a while. And whether she admits it or not, the lack of success is starting to eat at her.

She flips the phone over in her hands before finally turning it on. There's a second of hesitation before she finally asks:]

They can turn on you. Or disappear at any moment. So what's the point? Seeking out allies here? Why bother?


Aug. 24th, 2014 04:42 pm
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[Just a quick message from the Once-ler this time - he's outside, and it's warm enough that he's removed his trademark pin-stripe green coat and gloves. Before he says anything though, he looks around and then behind him, as if he expects something to happen all of a sudden.]

So, uh. Last week that cat...thing...came out and talked about rivers or whatever. Usually when they come out that means an event's coming, right? Not that I want one, but...

[It's times like this when he misses swimming in denial all the time. Something feels distinctly wrong about this, and he really wants to ignore it, but he's got a stupid conscience now that says it's probably not the right thing to do.]

...Uh, what I'm getting at is, shouldn't an event have evented by now? It's kinda weird that it hasn't, right? Has anything weird happened to anyone?

[Maybe it's one of those ones that doesn't effect everyone, but it still seems...quiet, for an event.]

002 Video

Aug. 23rd, 2014 05:30 pm
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[The video clicks on and Teddy is seated in front wearing a shirt with a large tornado filled with flying sharks. There is a large grin on his face and it's clear that he's practically bouncing.

Truth be told, Teddy has been looking forward to this moment all week.]

So, Billy and I found a room on the fourth floor - large, spacious and now filled with pillows, chairs and couches in front of a large screen. Since everyone seemed to be into it, I wanted to formally invite you all to...

[Teddy pulls up a hand written sign that he's created. Bad Movie Night is written in the center, each letter with shark bites taken out of them. There are small doodles of sharks and tornadoes, along with the odd Sharktopus and MegaPirhana. The boy clearly has talent.]

Bad Movie Night! We'll be showing both Sharknado and Sharknado 2 starting at 8 pm tonight. Just come on over to the Fourth Floor and check out the new Movie Theater. You know you're in the right place once you see this sign. Billy is there now setting it up. We have popcorn and soda but if anyone wants to bring any other snacks we won't turn you away!

Everyone is invited and that means you! You really don't want to miss this!

[Teddy flashes a bright grin and gives a thumbs up before he reaches over and turns the video off with a click.]
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Considering that it's obvious that not everyone is from the same type of place, and about half of everyone here didn't know about any kind of magic before getting here- ( It's okay, neither did she ) -it would be interesting to know exactly what there is, and what's possible in worlds. When things get brought here knowing about it first could be useful.

And before anyone asks, no- it's not going personal. I don't care whether you're part of any of the questions just what you already knew and what's possible. It's from a science perspective.

( Which she will tell you about if you actually ask because no many people care about Wonderland physics )

Where are you from?
When are you from?
Did you already know about:
    Supernatural creatures? ( e.g. nazi vampires )
    Other non-human things? ( e.g. gods )
    Resurrecting the dead?
    Reality altering?
    Alternate/pocket dimensions?
    Something 'unusual' not specified?
( Yes, half of that list is also magic related but specific can be very helpful )

So fill it out. And yes, giving examples would actually be helpful. Any questions?

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[Natasha doesn't normally make open posts on the network and she's been fortunate so far in that the magic here hasn't decided to reveal her at inopportune or embarrassing moments for everyone else. Today she makes an exceptionhowever, opening a broadcast for the network in general. When the video starts, it reveals the redhead dressed in her typical sparring attire in a bright open room. Her manner is friendly and open because she's here for a reason today. Which should be apparent when the video pans out to show the expanded room behind her.

It's a mix between a gym and a training facility, something resembling the rooms that had been used back at SHIELD for the more extreme styles of training. There's no weight machines or treadmills here, but there are two large sparring rings off to one side, an aerialist set-up and high bars, a large climbing wall, and a row of waiting punching bags and training dummies. A simple running track rings the outside of the room and the entire area is lit by large windows on the far side of the room overlooking the lawn. The opposite side of the room holds a large obstacle course for training purposes. Behind it, the wall held a series of doors that led off to smaller rooms for private sessions, weapons training and a holographic simulator - the one room that was still in progress as Tony tinkered with it. The entire floor is one large mat, letting any space be potentially useful for whatever needs the users had. ]

Hello, Wonderland. I've heard a lot of discussion about this lately and about a week ago, some of us decided to do something about it. I know there's training and self-defense and weapons classes that happen at various times and places around here, but a few of us thought having one centralized location for these might be helpful. We had a facility similar to this back in our home and it was almost always in use.

This one will be here night or day and open to anyone who wants to come and learn or practice with others and if the existing lessons occurring would like an equipped place to hold them, we have private rooms set up along the side as well as this central one. We're also working on a room that can simulate battles and attackers in hologram form but we're still testing that out as our resident genius is still tinkering with the technology, so I apologize ahead of times if there's any bugs.

That said, you can find this room on the first floor in Rooms 20 and 22. I'll be here for most of the day to answer any questions or help out if you need it.

Also, on that note, I know I've offered this to a few people, but I suppose I should make it official. If anyone would be interested in learning self-defense or weapons skills, I have a wide variety of hand-to-hand knowledge and training in... well. A lot of things. I've been passing this on to some people, but I don't mind adding new students to people interested in learning, or even just testing themselves against someone, if you're in search of a sparring partner. I'm sure some of my fellow Avengers are also interested in doing the same, so you can let me know here or stop by.

I've found I have a lot of time on my hands here and I'd like to see about filling a bit better. [This is confessed with a bit of a rueful smile, because she's sure she's not the only one with this sentiment. She doesn't bother with goodbyes, but flicks off the feed after that, letting interested parties respond however they'd like.]

((OOC Note: Feel free to respond via video or stop by in person, Natasha will be chilling in the training area for a while to answer questions or set people up for lessons with whoever she knows of that might best benefit them. And don't be surprised to find random other Avengers wandering in and out as well.))
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[The Cat is lying on its stomach, its paws aligned in front of it, looking like a tiny lion with a large grin.]

You are on an hypothetical journey. You come to a river.

[It raises a paw to cover its nose and very little of its smile, listing to one side as it gives a hissing laugh.]

Shishishishi, do you ford the river?

[Shaken by its own laughter, the Cat overbalances and rolls onto side.]

Shishishishishishi. Or perhaps float across?

[The Cat rolls onto its back and then onto its other side without pausing. It's smile is a little slow to follow, but it catches up after a second.]

So much to decide on and such a long journey ahead of you.

Shishishi. I hope you don't get cholera.
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[ when the feed finally does come on, mary margaret isn't in the kitchen. a surprise to anyone who saw her last post, honestly, but times have changed. things are happening. she's changed. for now, she's sitting outside - off near the forest - just because it feels a little more familiar to her. comfortable. she's in outdoorsy clothes and has a bow over her shoulder and a quiver leaning against her leg where she's seated on some kind of log or stump.

there's an odd sort of twitch in her jaw when she starts talking, but she covers it easily enough. ]

I hope everyone is doing well. [ a polite smile from her. she's fully aware of that last event, wonderland, and she's not amused by what it did to her loved ones. ] After the last few events it seems like we could use some more downtime.

[ a breath, and then she seems to ease into it, like just because she's started talking she's back into her comfort zone. ]

I have a couple of things I wanted to mention, I guess, the first concerning myself more than anything. [ a breath, regina's warning ringing someone in the back of her mind as she holds her head a little higher. ] I introduced myself as Mary Margaret when I first got here, and many of you know me as that, which is fine. Mary Margaret is still a name I can go by, and accept as part of me. But I did want to clear up the fact that it is not my actual name, or who I am. [ a beat where she considers if this is even worth it at all, before - again - she continues. ]

My name is Snow White. [ is she holding back a small smile? probably. ] And from what I can tell, for most of you I'm what you consider a fairy tale. That is fine, because that seems to apply to more than just my world, but where I'm from I'm actually quite real, as is the tale itself. You are more than welcome to call me whatever you like, but I did want to let those I've talked to know, and this seemed the easiest way.

[ she's already told those few closest to her - derek and stiles, bigby - but for everyone else, this works much better. ]

The second thing was more of an idea, but it seems to me that there are a lot of us here who are missing someone from home. In a few cases, it might be a few someones. [ she misses her dwarves, okay. and ruby. and a certain prince charming. ] While I can't promise anything in the ways of bringing those people here, I've always found that coming together eases some of that pain. There are plenty of avenues to keep involved in Wonderland - with classes and the school and group meetings - but I want to suggest another option.

Dinners. [ sorry, mary margaret. what? ] Family dinners. Maybe once a month? I'm pretty good at cooking for larger parties- [ or maybe just seven dwarves who eat enough for hundreds. ] So I wouldn't mind preparing the food. Just for a chance for people to get together a chat, outside of the normal Wonderland setting. If anything, it would be a chance to let some of you eat a home-cooked meal every once in a while. I'll hold the first one tonight, and everyone is welcome, but it would help me immensely if I could get a heads up to who all is interested. Just so I make enough food.

[ another pause, where she's not really sure how to end this, before she just gives an easy smile and a nod before cutting the feed off. ]

private to emma, derek, stiles and nico )
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[ time's a little off here. he's pretty sure that his birthday had been right around the corner back home, only to crash land in Wonderland and find himself ripped out of summer and thrown into spring. it circles back around until finally that day ( which is also his anniversary ) creeps up on him. he hasn't forgotten this year but that's really only because things are so much quieter here in comparison to camp, or Ancient Rome. he isn't rushing towards his very possible death at breakneck speed for once ( and let him tell you, that's strange ). the sun has barely risen but he's wide awake, eager and bright eyed, and probably the lightest that he's felt in days baggage wise.

yes, it has everything to do with the blue cupcake in front of him.

that's unusual too. that the cupcake has survived his growling stomach and the natural instinct to shove food ( in handfuls ) into his mouth. that's his duty as a teenage boy. as happy as he is, there are two things on his mind while he turns the cupcake in his hand wistfully. the first is the color blue and what it means to him and where that tradition originated. it's an awfully thoughtful face to be fixed on baked goods.
] Whenever I was with my mom when I was younger, she went out of her way to have something blue we could eat. Candy, pancakes, cupcakes, [ he holds it a little higher although this one isn't from his mom ] you name it and she probably found a way to make it blue. If you've never met my mom, then it sounds kind of silly. But I loved it. It was her way of proving she was still here and the world hadn't gotten to her, you know? Food can be blue. Anything's possible.

[ he doesn't want to ruin today by talking about his gross ex step-father, so that's out. no full story time for Wonderland. ]

Does anyone else have a tradition out there that's special to them? Mine happened as often as we could make it happen, but it could be something that happens every year, or every few months. [ he shrugs, generally curious, and briefly homesick. his heart aches. it shows in his eyes for the short span that he allows it and something thuds against the closet door, making him turn from where he's seated and glare at it. the noise stops. on the one hand, he should investigate and on the other, he's not entirely sure he isn't hearing things. so! next matter of business. ]

And I guess my other question is: what do you give someone that's already given you everything? [ like really. Annabeth's been with him through thick and thin, death scares, the end of the world, grisly fights in the sewers, holding up the sky, being lost in the labyrinth, traveling through a sea of monsters, halfway across the world just to find him again; she's taken a poisoned dagger for him, and yeah, maybe he chose mortality for her and snubbed the prospect of living forever. maybe he's gone above and beyond by choosing to fall into a place of "no return" with her, but he still doesn't think that's the end-all, be-all. Paris was cool, but he can't spring for something quite that romantic when he's trapped in Wonderland. ] I don't mean gifts and flowers. That's a part of it, but Annabeth means more than random gifts to me. I know I wouldn't be here talking to you today if it wasn't for her.

She's— [ there's that thud again. he narrows his eyes and gets up from where he's seated to go look into the noise. his hand slips into his pocket, ready to draw Riptide in pen form and uncap it. fear his wrath! what he isn't expecting is to open the closet door and to have a hoard of blue food descend upon him. he doesn't have time to get out of the way or leap for the bed and get to the door. it knocks him over. everything he mentioned and more. any kind of food that can have food coloring added to it is currently trying to drown the son of poseidon. he digs his way to the surface and comes up with frosting in his hair. this is what he gets for wishing to see his mother, isn't it? ] She's going to be so stoked that I flooded her room with enough food to feed an army of giants.

[ huffs. ]

Happy Anniversary, Annabeth.

[ ..wait is that pizza? ]

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[ cora's going to make this nice and quick. after experiencing a normal life as a teenager, sans the canines, and having a repeat performance as herself, cora's beginning to feel a little on edge. as there's no alphas to hunt down and try and lure into a violent dance, cora's had to make do with herself — and similarly to how she feels about being stripped down to the bare essentials that come with being human, she's angry about it. nothing feels enough. nothing ever is enough. not while she's here, not while she has time to actually stop running and fighting. ]

Is there a gym? Getting tired of running outside. Sticks and stones.

[ may not break her bones but they sure as hell bruise as badly as being human and liking it does. running out in the woods isn't punishing enough, unfortunately. even if she wished for a silver bar in her room, it seems to disappear each time cora wakes up. it's as if her own room won't allow her to work herself to the bone. ]

I need a sparring partner. Prefer it to not be Thumper.

[ there's too many rabbits out in the woods. she's not going to bother asking any takers?. ]
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[ Sam's face is hidden in this broadcast, unlike his last angry and very threatening feed. The tone is calm, composed, maybe a little overly-so, though... who can say?

(Most people.) ]

Just, uh... two housekeeping things. One, I need to know if you're still in to teach or go to class. It's not big deal either way, but I want to keep the list updated. September's coming up fast and I feel like this is a good time for school-related upkeep.

Second... one of my dogs is having a great time running around the grounds somewhere and doesn't want to come back inside. He's a Golden, name's Leo... if you find him, see if you can wrangle him for me? He's still young so he should be easy enough to carry, though... not so easy to catch.

Thanks in advance.


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