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[ Isaac might have kept to himself. He might have hidden away and spoken to no one and made no posts to the network, silent to the point of non-existence. But you're in luck, Wonderland, because thanks to your little hellhound outbreak, newcomer Isaac Mendez has decided to grace you with his presence. You're so very lucky.

He's kept his eyes and ears open, and apparently hellhounds are pretty dangerous or something? Who would have thunk it, but people are getting hurt, and he really isn't fond of that when something can possibly be done to prevent it. Also, it would sure be nice to focus on something beyond his own angst and guilt.


[ What was that, buddy? This man's voice is cracking and raspy from lack of use. Not too social, this one. He clear his throat and tries again. ]

I need--if I could just get painting supplies, I might be able to find a way to help. I know, it sounds crazy, but...if anyone knows where I can find some...I would be appreciative.

[ He doesn't sound sure of himself at all. ]


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