Mar. 13th, 2012 02:34 pm
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[Aang flops onto his futon after turning on the communicator. Compared to last time, he's optimistic and cheerful.]

Well, thankfully my friends were able to explain this place to me. It's still pretty weird, but there's so many interesting and cool people and creatures that I've met! So I guess, in a weird way, Wonderland is kind of awesome! I haven't experienced the events yet, so I don't know how that's going to go, but I'm determined to help protect as many people as I possibly can!

Um, I do have a question though. I was wondering how the closets work, and what kind of currency the vendors might take? I don't have any money, but I do have my bending skills! I was thinking about getting a staff again, and maybe a lemur. I kind of miss Momo.

I could never replace Appa, so that's out of the question...and he's too big for this tiny room anyways!

Anyway, any advice would be really appreciated!
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[There is now a white wolf being broadcasted on the network. She's out in the halls with a few pots of different colored paints nearby. She's painting something with her tail, and when she's finished, she stares at it for a couple minutes. Ammy whines softly before lying down, ears drooping slightly.

Ammy misses her friend terribly.]
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[Bro is sat in his room, sprawled out with Cal and Steve (the unicorn) close by. It's hard to read his expression but it's soon clear there's a point to this]

So. Been chilling my heels here for quite a few months now. It is impossible now for my heels to be any more chill than they are. And they were pretty damn chill to begin with.

But there's gotta be more. Shitting around with wardrobes and vendors between events is all well and good but doesn't really give me much for the long-term, you know?

And while I'm here, what's our adult count round here? Startin' to feel like I'm the creepy old guy lurking at the playground gates cause I got no-one my own age to be with. And that's just not right for a guy with this much swag.
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[Rarity has flopped herself down on the bed (gracefully, of course), and that is the location from which she has chosen to address the residents of the mansion.]

Well, now that I have settled into this place, and even though I'm definitely not very fond of it, I must say that now is the perfect opportunity for me to offer my services to each and every one of you!

You see, I am quite well-known where I am from, and I am quite the skilled designer. Being fashionable is one of my many interests, and there is nothing that I enjoy more than sharing this with others.

It seems to me that many of you could use my help. Some of you could use a lesson or two about what is fashionable and what is not.

[She fusses with her mane a little before continuing.]

I do wish I could recreate the entirety of my boutique here, but I suppose I can manage with what I've done to my room. It's such a small space, but well, it's the best that I could do under these dreadful circumstances.

[She smiles winningly and perhaps a little enticingly.]

Does anyone have any requests? I simply need to keep busy, and this will help with that perfectly.
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[Ammy is very curious today. She wants to get to know people better! She wants to know the likes, the dislikes, what people are up to, everything.

So, what better way to do it than by going into everyone's rooms, whether they're in there or not?

Yeah, she's somehow in your room, nosing through your stuff. What do?]
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this is very strange
i d0nt think im supp0sed t0 be here yet
0r ever be here
but it d0esnt feel like a d00med timeline
so maybe i am supp0sed t0 be here

this is actually surprising
i havent been surprised in a l0ng time
its kind 0f nice
are there any 0ther surprises here
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[He's been around since about one in the morning, but he was conked out on the bed due to wow coming back to life sucks almost as much as dying. His body still aches from the ordeal, but Dave pushes through it.

Ladies and gentlemen, Dave Strider is pissed.]

ok im back after 12 hours and that doesnt seem quite right
whatever dont care
i need an update on what happened while i was busy getting blown up by a psycho bitchs surprise present
speaking of
to the bitch who did that
you know who you are
i know who you are
hell the entire fucking mansion probably knows who you are
youre going down

[After putting that out, Dave is going to go back to lying down on his bed. Damn does he hurt.]
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[Jesus Christ, Dave, that is not the kind of thing you should be using in music! John hurries over as soon as the explosion sounds, only vaguely worried but mostly convinced that Dave's had some sort of specimen-preserving-incident.

But that's not the case.

No. Dave's up against a wall, slumped over and-- and he's not moving, not even breathing. John tries CPR, even special windy thing CPR but--



He flips on the video, not even trying to hide how upset and panicked he is.]

Guys, Dave's dead. Dave-- he died. There was a big bang and then-- I came in and--

Oh God, what do I do?! Does he even have a dreamself here or...

What do I do?
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[Hello there, Wonderland. There is a very distressed pony running back and forth on your screens.]

No, no, no, no, no! How can this be? This isn’t Ponyville!

Please, I need to go back! I have lots of work to do, and it just cannot wait.

[Rarity shakes her head in desperation, sending her mane fanning out in all directions.]

This isn’t right! It simply is not right. Kidnapping me from my home and stranding me here is just not right. I don’t know who is behind this, but you simply must send me back. I won’t take no for an answer.

[She huffs.]

Hello? Is anyone there? Send me back!
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[John's comm appears to be balanced on something precarious, if the gentle rocking from side to side is any indication. The camera is trained on an expanse of white-- apparently the area just in front of the mansion --where John is busy using his windy powers to form the shape of a giant salamander out of snow. It's going pretty well, all things considered, though this specific kind of salamander will only be recognizable to a select few within the mansion. He's even getting up close and personal with the eyes, floating up to do detail work about ten feet up.

Eventually John just hovers in midair, surveying his work. His hands land on his hips and he makes a satisfied noise. He is officially done! Time to clear out some space at the bottom. John raises his hands, sweeping the excess snow behind him aaaand knocking his comm to the ground.]

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[Hey, Wonderland, there is now a miffed flying pony on the screen.]

What the hay is going on around here? I mean, there wasn't a mansion the last time I checked! I almost crashed head-first into the wall!

[The pony crosses her arms and pretty much pouts.]

Not cool, whoever built it here, not cool. And I know cool!

[She pauses to rub her head a little awkwardly.]

So, like, where am I, now? It's definitely nowhere in Equestria that I'm familiar with.


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