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Is everyone all right?

That last event was... Well, I didn't like it. I got out all right, but I'm sure some of you didn't.

[Katara twists her hands together.]

I felt like I needed to see how everyone is doing and if there's anything I can do, even if it's just sit and talk.
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I Must Say That The Closets Provided By The Mansion Are Quite Useful
I Have Attained Quite A Variety Of Sewing Supplies And Other Useful Materials That Will Make Life Here More Bearable

As An Aside
Vriska I Hope You Are Doing Well
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[Rainbow Dash is a very proud pony right now.]

Okay, so you humans get a wicked mansion. Big deal, 'cause now I've got something even better than that!

[She points the camera at her new home. Of course, it was without the rainbows and the flair. The rainbows need a special paint and the flair is just impossible for her to recreate, so she sticks with the general basic structure.

And yes, it's definitely made of clouds.]

Now this is a house! What do you guys think? If you ask nicely, I might be convinced to take you on a tour.


Feb. 12th, 2012 02:42 pm
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To Whoever Is Receiving This Memo

This Is Not The Medium

Where Have I Been Transportalized To And To Whom May I Direct The Blame For These Shenanigans

Sadly I Have My Doubts About The Availability Of Such Information And Or The Veracity Of The Answers I Would Receive


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