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[Half-assed filtered to Jade, when your character is a remotely smart cookie, this is hackable.]

Dearest Twin,

According to the world of online I should meet you in person and hand you flowers, still I think I am not going to take its advice. Yet, I do think I am able to provide you with flowers through the engine of search called google. Here are some roses, they do represent the question I want to ask you.

We should go on this thing called a date. It is what Midgardians do to express their feelings for eachother.

I am currently full of these feelings.

I shall provide candle light dinners and movies and such.



PS: I even wrote this message in the appropriate color that fancies you.

[Loki is just a bit affected by the event. But he's strong enough to fight further urges.

And to everyone:]

Why did this wretched house turn into a pimp's dwelling?
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h1t m3 up guyz 4nd GRLZZZ!!!
h3r3s my 911 for 4 411
som3on3s gott4 sp1ll th3 b34nz cuz 1 just gott4 know...................

whos3 tot4lly r4d p4d 1S th1s????
b3cuz S3R1OUSLY guyz
h4v3 you ch3ck3d th1s pl4c3????
th1s sh1t 1s OFF D4 CH4RTZZZZZ
1 dont know 1f 1 c4n h4ndl3 th1s
1m fr34k1n out
los1ng my cool
go1ng off th3 d33p 3nd

prof3ss1on4l BL1NG4G3 41nt got 4 TH1NG on th1s R4DGRL!!!!
but d4444444ng
im st1ll pr3tty 1mpr3ss3d!!!!

1n c4s3 you m1ss3d 1t from my k1ck1n m4d commun1c4t1ons
L4TUL4 1N TH3 H1ZZOUS33333
wh3r3 you guys h1d1n 4t


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