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[Helena's dressed in leather (which seems to be a...Dark One fashion choice?), hair just as wild around her head but topped with a 2016 crown and wearing 2016 glasses when she appears on screen.]

According to the time keeping, it is a new year in Wonderland. But, to be honest...[She shrugs just a little.] Time does not matter here, so there is no real purpose. Still, I like to be hopeful. It is better than...being sad, gloomy gus.

[A large piece of chocolate cake appears in front of her and she takes a big bite, never minding her audience.]

So, I will ask you this question, all of you. [As she sprinkles more sugar on top of the frosting.]

What is is it called...'New Year's Resolution?'
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--eck is this?

[ The audio comes in first, followed by the video feed, which is half-covered by a thumb, showing the sky and the top of someone's head--brown hair sticking out at natural looking angles. The camera then shifts and the audio gets scratchy as hands go over the microphone. ]

Whoa, hang on-- is that me? [ The device then settles on an angle, but with a better picture of the holder, staring into it. Or rather, at the image of himself that's being recorded on the screen. He leans in close, green eyes wide, his freckles soon becoming the focus of the camera. ] That's amazing! How's it doing that?!

[ Then in experimentation, he tilts the device to one side, then the other, before settling it back upright. ]

I've never seen anything like this! It's-- It's incredible! Toothless, have a look at this, bud! [ A beat. ] ...Toothless? Where'd you go? You were just here! Oh, come on, are you still upset about that joke? [ He's looking around now, searching for his dragon companion. ] You really are being a big baby, you know! This discovery is way more important!

[ ...Then the device slips out of his hands and drops to the ground, and you can hear him cursing some rather old-fashioned curses as it thumps to the floor. ]

I didn't mean to-- Oh gods, I hope it's not broken--

[ An image of a hand over the screen, and then the feed cuts off. ]
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[The woman onscreen is young and willowy, with pale blonde hair and wide eyes. Her dress today is light blue and shimmering, patterned with slightly darker blue crocuses. Rows of shelving behind her make it obvious that she's in the library.

Addressing these devices still feels strange to her--it's been impossible for her to shake off the general sensation of being watched--but she's getting the hang of it all, and she has something she wants to ask, something more than a simple icebreaker.]

I'm sure not all of you enjoy reading, but I always have... it's been keeping me entertained here in Wonderland. The thing is, I don't know what I should try next!

One of the most interesting things about this place is the chance to meet people from different places and times. That means that there must be thousands of books that are worth reading, but I've never heard of them... I wouldn't have any idea of where to start.

So I was wondering whether or not you could recommend a book or two to me? Your favorites, or something you think I might like. I'll be very grateful.

[She looks over her shoulder at the full shelves, then adds, humorous and helpless,]

... I'll be even more grateful if you come down here and help me find it!

[And indeed, anyone who does come down to the library will find her peering at shelves or frowning at the list she's making.]
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[Okay, so using the network isn't really his thing. Hasn't been for a long time, he never really got the hang of it...Whatever (See? He's learned a new phrase thanks to the last event to express his lack of caring. Progress!).

But, now that said event is over, and he's spent a little time mulling over what it all means (he still doesn't get the whole concept of high school), one thing is now glaringly obvious.


And that one thing that is now painfully, glaringly obvious is what's first and forefront in his mind, after allowing some time to pass, to let the idiot think he's safe and in the clear. And he's not going to chase him down, because that's just stupid. Besides, it always ends with one of them punching the other, and while that will be so extremely satisfying, fair warning is fair warning.

Which is all this is.]


[And that's it. That's all his little blip on the network radar consists of.]

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[The camera flips on to show Beiste already in the midst of a very thorough licking. And it's not a fight, of course-- it's an assault of puppy kisses. The puppy in question is almost too eager to interrupt, but Beiste manages with a soft chuckle to pet her into submission in her lap.]

Seems I've been adopted. Anybody know how crocodile babies and puppies get along? That might be a, uh, problem. Though I 'spose we aren't short of rooms for pets, anyhow, heheh.

[The puppy noses at Beiste's chin, snuffling loudly. She looks down at it with a grin.]

Also, assuming these lil monsters don't disappear, I'll need a name. And Beethoven's cliche. Anybody got any ideas?
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I'm not the only person who woke up this morning to a puppy invasion, am I? Found them in my drawers, my wardrobe. Even under my bed. They're everywh-NO! Not the shoes! Or that dress! Come here, you little bugger! Get away from there!

[The feed ends abruptly after that.]


[For anyone who happens to be on the eighth floor around midday, they'll get a glimpse of Bela shooing puppies out of her room into the hall. She's also picking them up from her floor and placing them gently down on the ground outside, praying that they don't decide to come sniffing into her room again and destroy more of her belongings. Suffice to say, Bela looks more than a little frazzled. Still, it doesn't stop her from the task at hand.

Feel free to stand and gawk. Or help if you're feeling particularly charitable.
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[Hello, Wonderland. Have one technologically impaired Viking on your screen. Or rather, part of him. A close-up of one of his bright green eyes as he inspects the device in his hands.]

This is-- Whoa, hold on! [Suddenly the camera zooms away from his face as he realizes he can see himself on the screen.] --Is that me? I mean, it's me, but how--

I've never seen anything like this. What is it? It's amazing! --I think. Er. [The device tilts and turns, he obviously has no clue that anyone else can see this.] Is it some sort of really advanced mirror, or...?

[Tap. Tap. Tap tap tap. He'll just go on tapping the screen curiously to see what happens. He might have to take this thing apart out of curiosity later to see how it works. Maybe he can tinker with it a little...]

Hm. Is there anyone else here? Anyone who can tell me what this is? Or...where I am, exactly? [None of this is directed to the small box in his hand though, rather to the garden around him.] Toothless? Where are you, bud? I was just with you... Astrid? Anyone?

[On his feet now, all you get is flashes of leather as his hand holding the device goes to his side and he stands himself up to get a good look around.]

[ooc: feel free to respond via network or action!]
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Okay, now that all the fun's died down for awhile, I guess now's as good a time as any.

Anyone here even remember the glee club? Cause y'all are so freakin' new, I doubt it. Whatever, awhile ago we had a club, where we all met in the music room and sang and danced. I know, it sounds like the height of loserdom.

[She shrugs. Her memories back home add a touch of nostalgia to her tone.]

But it's actually pretty fun.

Anyway. Since our leaders of the past aren't here anymore, Imma step up. I'm in the music room now, so if anyone wants to stop by, go for it. Nothing super official right now, but if you feel like singing your feelings--which, shut up, I know how that sounds, too--it's open for everyone.

I dunno, maybe later I'll assign a theme or whatever. [She rolls her eyes, clearly not overly fond of that idea, but if she's going to put effort into it, might as well.] If nothing else, you can come see me perform.

[Cause, you know. She's hot and talented and awesome. She signs off with a flirty little smirk.]


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Right, so, now that I've been here a full month - [She pauses, glancing over at the tally marks she's made in her book.]

Give or take a few days here and there, I figure it's time to accept a few facts.

[She holds up a finger to signal that she's about to give fact number one.]

First, the rabbit hole out of here probably isn't located in the ocean or the forest. Which means it's hidden somewhere right under my nose. Just have to work a bit harder to find it.

Second, I should probably bump twice a day up to a bit more than that. [Oh, that one's a big vague, isn't it? She just glosses right over it, and holds up three fingers.]

Third, I desperately need more ways to occupy my time. Anyone with lessons, work that needs to be done, souffles to bake, games to play? I'm your girl.

[A pause, and she grins, something pleading and hopefully charming. Don't you want to do things with her, Wonderland? Come on.]

Also. Anyone else encounter particularly vivid living nightmares a handful of days ago? That wasn't very nice. [Feeling a bit awkward at the last part, she just cuts off and ends things there.]
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[ Aerith pops on screen looking a little winded, and maybe just a tiny bit frantic.

See, she has this Materia - a tiny little ball of glowy magic, courtesy of her mother - and she's managed to lose it.

There's no telling where the thing is. Usually, she tucks it up tightly in her ribbon, but recently she's been pretty distracted with the arrival of some of her favorite people, and maybe she's let her routine slide just the tiniest bit.

Whatever the reason, it's now gone and after she's turned her room upside down in her search, she figures she'll put out a message on the network in case anyone's found it.

I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I've lost something of mine. It's green and about this size. [ And she props her little device on a side table, so she can stand back and make a shape with her hands. ] It's not big enough to really stand out, but it's not small enough to fall through any cracks or vents.

[ She picks up her device again, sighing. In all the time she's had her mother's Materia on her, she hasn't lost it. Not like this. Especially not in a mansion that likes to throw monsters and tricks their way. ]

I'm going to look more through the mansion, but if anyone comes across it, give me a heads up?

[OOC: Just a heads up - she won't be finding it anytime soon, but everyone is welcome to help her. Also, feel free to run into her anywhere - she'll be searching high and low and through the grounds. ]
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It's working, right? Okay, okay...

[Some of you might have noticed that someone's been scarce recently; a certain viking, to be exact. Well, it looks like he's been busy. Hiccup hangs something up on the wall and hurries back to the book-device that he's propped open on the table.]

So...I've been thinking. I noticed the rooms change to fit what we need--fine, everybody's probably noticed that by now--and I thought, maybe I could use one of the rooms and turn it into a workshop. I've been moving some things around, and I think it's ready now...

[Just as he says that, he knocks into something that sends the flame in the forge roaring high.]

Whoa! [Don't mind him, he'll just be grabbing a bucket of water and throwing it over the fire. When the sizzling dies down, Hiccup's left looking kind of sheepish. He sets the bucket back down.]

...okay, it's almost ready. I probably just need to make a few adjustments...ANYWAY, we could probably use some weapons in case something like that thing from the door shows up again. I can make other things, too, like Toothless' tail. If you think you have a project for me, I could use a challenge. I'll be here on the first floor, room ten!

[If anyone approaches from the hallway, they'll notice a rough sign ("The Dragon's Tail") dangling over room ten. If anyone approaches from outside the mansion, let's just say it's hard to miss the new split-doors on one side of the wall.]
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[ The incomprehensible typing immediately switches to a very frustrated America cursing under his breath with language that would impress a sailor. He blinks once he realizes that the video is on. ]

Finally. These damn things-- handy, don't get me wrong, but whatever happened to writing? D'ya know how long it took me to learn how to do that? [ huff. ]

Okay, onwards. Show of hands: who here's American and who's from the much less handsome funsucker known as England? 'Cause it seems like the limeys are crawlin' right outta the woodwork.

[ His sour looks immediately brightens. ]

But if ya are American, I'd like to have ya in my sights! You're my responsibility, being your country and all. Gotta make sure y'all are fine and dandy and whatnot! And uh, all you guys who ain't American. I'm used to takin' people under my wings and... yeah, I know I'm kinda goin' through a lot right now, but my ports are always open. Er, metaphorically. And literally. Don't think it really applies literally here, though.

[ Awkwardly rubs his neck. That got a little more rambly (and a lot more insecure) than he intended. GOTTA SAVE FACE. ]

Anyone needin' some quality doctoring can also talk to me! Even though apparently some people don't think I'm quite up to snuff, I can tell ya that I have a great success rate and can stitch with the best of 'em. Plus, who doesn't want a treatment that prescribes the best medicine of all?

[ Grinning, he holds up a bottle of Wild Turkey.

So quality.
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[When the feed flickers to life Sunday afternoon, Dean is standing in front of a door. Not his door, not the entrance hall door, but a door he's never seen before and one that can only be bad news.]

Aright, I'm sure some of you have heard the news, but in case you haven't...

[He glances over his shoulder and then turns his attention to the camera again.]

It looks like some shit is about to go down. I'd like to start by asking any jackass who thinks they're clever enough to throw out an answer and get it wrong to, you know, not do that.

[A strained smile, which falls flat again in a second.]

I'm sure a bunch of you guys are gonna be down here throwing out answers, so all I'm asking on that one is work together. That's all. Figure out something you all agree on before you start... poking it with a stick.

[He licks his lips a little, shifts, levels the camera with a look.]

The rest of you... I think you know who you are and what I'm talking about. I'll be in the diner on the eighth floor. We need to do a little organizing and put some things into the works. Just in case. Check in with me if you can. We need to be prepared for when that thing opens... for whatever's behind it.

[Text to Chihiro]

How we looking on the network thing?

[Voice to Cas.]

Hey. You think you can get down there and see what your mojo picks up on that door?

[Text to John Blake.]

What do you make of this, man?


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[ Erica's face pops up on the phone, and she seems to be checking her makeup in it—or, well, the black screen that popped up a few seconds before the video started recording. When she notices the little 'record' indicator, she grins, wide and almost feral, all of her teeth showing. ] Pretty swank digs you got here. [ She pulls away briefly to show the contents of her room, all done up like the inside of a Better Homes and Gardens mag. ] I like it. It's like the morons who kidnapped me want me to feel safe and at home.

[ A snort. It's clear she believes this about as much as she'd believe the sky is green. Her face turns to a patronizing little pout, and she tosses her hair out of her face. ] Seriously. You should probably let me go. When my Al-- [ And she actually stops herself, realizing what she's about to say and who probably kidnapped her? Yeah, she changing that subject pretty fast. ] When my friends find out I'm gone, they're not gonna be happy. I'll try to get them to leave body parts intact when they come to get me if you promise to let me go, now.
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[The camera flicks on to Ruby sitting in one of the diner booths, far to the back, almost tucket away. Those who know here will notice immediately that she has an unusually pensieve look about her. Sad almost, worried, maybe even a little resigned. Her shoulders are slumped, and she avoids looking right at the camera.

Considering how much she usually smiles, this is quite the change.

The thing is, she can feel the wolf rearing up within her, a separate entity from her entirely. She stands no chance of wrestling it under control through sheer force of will, not after 28 years and counting of not transforming, of being repressed by the curse.

Ruby shifts in her seat, nervous. Her hands clench, knuckles going white before she sighs and tries a weak smile for the camera. It's shaky, at best.]

Where I'm from, the three nights around the full moon are known as... wolf's time. That means Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night, this week.

[Ruby falters, licks her lips, looks at the camera, then slightly away again.]

Whatever happens, please, please don't leave the mansion on any of these nights. Between sunset and sunrise, just... just don't leave the building. Please. Bar the front door. Just... stay inside.


[Private text to Daryl Dixon]

I need to talk to you, in person if possible. It's urgent. Please?


[OOC: For details on what's to come and plotting shenanigans, please see here!]
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[ When Stiles snaps awake, he's not in his bed like he remembered. He'd done his usual nightly routine--skype Scott till eleven, play an RPG until one and pass out dead until the morning for school. Oh no. Fate is awful to Stiles Stilinski, and Stiles Stilinski wakes up in the middle of a pool, spluttering and gasping for air, the wall unit catching the video of it all.

He looks around wildly, startled, brown eyes blown comically huge as he manages to get his bearings and tread water as the whole situation settles itself in his mind, and slowly, his brows come down and his mouth drops open. ]

This?! Is not funny!

[ Emphatic arm splashing. ]

For all you know I have pool trauma from that nightmare! [ And he's at least trying to get to the side now. Stiles' grumbling and yelling is easily caught on the communicator. ] Look, I get it. Apparently Most Kidnappable in Beacon Hills, but dude, throwing me in a pool for added shits and giggles?! Is kind of screwed up! So let's just get this out of the way, okay?

No, I don't know anything, and even if I did, I am pret-ty sure I would never actually tell you, woe is me, blah blah. So maybe you can come out here and kick my ass--a couple times instead of taking some kind of--dramatically ironic hilarity out of the farce of my life and we could all just move on our way, that'd be--hrrgh--swell.

[ That noise is the sound of Stiles lifting himself, sopping wet and obviously irritated, up onto the poolside. ]

And if there's a paralytic lizard douchebag waiting to swipe me up there, I swear to everything that is holy in this frickin world--[ And he grumbles and starts wringing out his hoodie. Nice to meet you, Wonderland. ]
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[Jo looks unsure as she fiddles with the device’s video function, pressing her lips together before collecting herself and putting on her best resolve face, swallowing down that creeping feeling of uncertainty. Whatever this place is, it’s not what she’d first assumed – at least, she doesn’t think so. She’s positive she died, there’s no mistaking that, but she highly doubts that any afterlife would provide her with a gadget like this one. Which means that now she has questions – a lot of them.]


[Her voice is hoarse, but at least she’s not tasting blood when she talks anymore. A definite improvement over the position she was in less than an hour ago. Puzzling, sure, but an improvement nonetheless.]

I’m guessing there has to be someone out there who can hear me, right? They wouldn’t give me one of these things otherwise, I’m pretty sure, but… if there’s anyone out there who can answer some questions for me, I’d appreciate it. Feeling kind of disoriented. Is—

[She cuts herself off. Oh, this was going to sound all kinds of stupid, but she had to ask. She knows what happened to her. Maybe someone else out there is in the same boat.]

Is anyone else here dead?

[She wrinkles her nose even as she asks it.

Yep. Just like she thought. It sounded pretty ridiculous, asking outright like that. Well. Couldn’t be helped.]
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[Castiel has been experimenting since the last event ended. The resistance now has better ideas about what needs to be done, concrete plans and strategies to proceed further. It falls to him to see if he can force himself on the other side of the mirrors. For the last few days, he has cut into his arm to draw blood, drawn bloody sigils on his pristine white walls, and tried to banish himself through the mirror in his room. 

For the past few days all he has accomplished is hurling himself through the fabric of space. He's crash-landed in maze-hedges, been flung into trees, off the roof, into the water, through windows and onto gravel. Banishing sigils are used to fling angels away and keep them occupied for a while. It's more than unpleasant, draining on top, not to mention that Castiel finds out fairly quickly that he's not healing nearly as fast as he should. The wounds are still more of a nuisance than a proper threat to his wellbeing, but... well. 

It's on the Friday after the resistance meeting that he hits a figurative wall. 

He's tried everything - his own blood, Dean's blood (once), alterations to the sigil, broken mirror, intact mirror, sigil on the wall, sigil on the mirror, and it has yielded no result whatsoever. He's banished, alright, flung all over Wonderland, just never through to the other side. By Friday, he is exhausted, he's tired, and he wants to... he's not even sure. Castiel's eyelids feel heavy. He's scratched up, has dark circles beneath his eyes, his hands shake, and he feels lightheaded, which might also be because his last desperate attempt involved using a knife to cut the sigil into his own chest. That idea might have been a little on the desperate side. 

He admits defeat when he regains consciousness after skidding over gravel outside, in front of the Mansion. The feed clicks on to him struggling onto his feet, shirt hanging open with a lovely view of the cuts, eyes tired, but annoyed more than hurt.]

I require assistance. 

[And explanation for the failed mission won't be offered up via the network, of course. Castiel shuts the video down, but now before slumping back down with an annoyed grunt - little wobbly on his feet. That's sheer tiredness, though, not blood loss. He truly looks like someone who hasn't slept in days, which as most people in the Mansion would know should not be an issue for him. Except it is.]
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[Gee, what's that loud crash coming from your communicators? It sounds an awful lot like some delicate teacups and plates breaking, doesn't it? As the people in the mansion soon find out when the recording unit on the wall flickers to life, it is the sound of delicate teacups and plates breaking. There, in of one of the tea rooms, standing in the middle of a mess of broken china and squashed cakes is a very confused viking.]

Ohh man, those things weren't supposed to break so easily. How do I even... [He trails off, muttering, as he kneels down on the floor and tries to scoop the shards up. Suddenly, he hisses and drops what little he's collected, frowning at the cut on his hand.]

What the--what are these?

[Now that Hiccup's not flailing around in his confusion, the people still watching can see that he wasn't in pristine condition before (presumably) knocking into the table holding the tea and snacks. There are severe burns covering his face and hands, and his clothes look a little singed as well.

Hiccup rubs at his eyes with his better hand tiredly.]

Can someone tell me what's going on here? [From the way his head's tilted up toward the ceiling in exasperation, he's not talking to anyone in particular.] Just...gimme a break already.


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