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[ it's laaaate when Rachel turns on her feed, and it's obvious she's sitting at the edge of her bed, her face only lit by the backlight of her communicator, dark shadows under her eyes and hair a mess. she's even a little out of breath, obviously just woken up in a bad way ]

Hey. Okay, okay. [ hhhhhuff ] This is probably annoying for everyone that's sleeping, sorry, but I had to get this out there, I had to record it before I forgot the details. Quick backstory, I have the sight, I have prophetic dreams, and it's real and you have to believe me, just for a second, please. It's the Jabberwocky, like, the Jabberwocky, and it's like he knows I can see him, that I've been dreaming about him, and he doesn't even care. He's not trying to hide anymore. I don't know if he's planning something, or if he's just waiting, buh-

[ she huffs again, only it's not a pause for a breath, it's just a long release of air. her eyes fall shut, followed by her head dropping forward, and it's almost like she fell back asleep again, right there sitting up. almost! right up until her head picks back up, eyes blown wide, and they're definitely glowing. bright green, to be exact. so basically yeah, she looks completely possessed. and when she speaks again, her voice is tripled, like three Rachels are talking at the same time, in a low chant ]

A threat well known beyond great lore
Returns to Wonderland once more.
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch
Defeated only once her blade rejoins its match.
Convince the side who hides in shame,
Or kingdom's destruction shall be your blame.

[ aaaand then she's out again. only this time, after her head drops forward, she snaps back awake, totally back to normal. well, she looks like she's about to barf, but at least she's not flowing anymore. ]

Whoa. Did anybody catch that? What did I say? H-ang onto that. [ she points at the camera ] I'm just going to-

[ pass out again, whump, back onto the mattress. just give her a second, she'll come to pretty quick ]
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[ good morning, wonderland. have one ren-faire lady. her closet had supplied her with a few gowns and as the weather is fair, she wears one in the Southorn style. it has also, thankfully, supplied her with hair dye and today it is loose in chestnut brown waves down her back. ]

People of Wonderland, most gracious and kind.

[ a small smile, perhaps she is a bit more confident. ]

I come to you with a question which may strike as an oddity. The hours of the day are many and long and I am unaccustomed to idleness. The Mansion cares for all our needs, as per our hosts' graciousness.

[ kidnapped or not, at the very least they were not left to starve. ]

Yet I find myself with a lack of a way to help. I am but a baseborn girl, unfitted to assist in the efforts to shield our Mansion from beasts such as the Jabberwocky. To those who do attempt such, Lord Crowley and others, I offer my sincere gratitude.

[ another smile as she inclines her head. ]

I have taken to reading and needle work. I was told to be quite gifted with a thread and a needle. The Mansion sees to our clothes and yet, if you find yourself in need of able hands to stitch and mend whatever clothes you have, you may come see me - On the tenth floor, room 002.

[ a pause. ]

I am also in search of an escort. I wish to see the vendors' offers of fabrics yet I find it unfit for a young girl to go on her own. If there are any who walk there, I would care to join them on their journey.

[ she offers a quick, elegant curtsy. ]

I wish upon you a fine day and a finer week.
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[When the video feed starts up, it shows a man seated at a desk in a rather nondescript room. Not much can be seen behind him beyond a bed and closet. Much more noteworthy is his face, which has a few bruises and a line of stitches extending outward from the corner of his mouth.

Despite that, he has a bright, open look on his face, though the fact that he's sitting up straight and looking head-on at his phone's camera makes it clear that he means business.]

So... had a few days to take everything in, read what information I could find. It's been helpful, it really has. [A lot of the work and investigation had already been done for him, though that hasn't prevented Steve from doing his own exploration.]

Just a few questions, if anyone can help. [And so far, most everyone has been helpful.] I can only assume there's some escape effort that's been put together here. A group of like-minded people, working together to get everyone home. I'd like to be a part of that. [It might seem overly transparent to ask about something like that over a network like this, but Steve has no interest in secrecy, especially not after everything that he's been through.]

Secondly, I've heard a lot about people being from different worlds. I'm trying to get an idea of how many we're dealing with. [He knows about Asgard and has heard vaguely of the Nine Realms, but beyond that he's clueless. He needs to determine the scope of this operation.]

Oh, and the name's Steve Rogers. I'll do whatever I can to get us all out of here. [It's meant mainly as a test to see if anyone here is going to recognize him, or if he actually has some manner of anonymity in this place.

With that said, he offers a small smile and then ends the feed.]
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[ Waking up in an unfamiliar room when her last memory had been dying on a train isn't even in Lucy's "Top Ten Weirdest Things To Happen To Me." At least this time she's not waking up pregnant with a corpse head. Her hands immediately reach to check, finding nothing but a flat abdomen. Next her fingers fly to her face (skin is still there, no shards of metal growing over her like armor to constrict her breathing). She can breathe, she doesn't feel ill, and there's no President Valentine in sight.

But that doesn't mean he isn't lurking around. After a frantic search of the bare room, she finally emerges into the seventh story hall armed with a small pistol and some technological device (Some sort of phone? Judging by the little symbol in the corner). Barefoot and sweating buckets, she looks like the human equivalent to a Chihuahua that looks like it's either going to pee or bite someone or both.

Yes clearly this is a sociable, happy addition to Wonderland's collection of well-adjusted individuals.

Cautiously making her way down the floors, the sound of voices causes her to duck into the nearest room. She doesn't check to see if it's occupied or not. At best, you can catch a flash of a frightened young girl fleeing behind a door; at worst, a panicked, sweaty girl with a gun just ran into your fucking room for no apparent reason.

text (and more action if you're in the kitchen)

[ And once she calms down enough (or finds a nice hiding space under a kitchen cubbard) she finally examines the strange phone. No time to figure out why it looks the way it looks or what all these other buttons mean, but one button brings up an alphabet to type with. Who this message goes to, if anyone, is a mystery. It's a risk, but what other choice does she have? Besides, it's no riskier than going after the President. ]

Looking f or of race contstants johnny joestar an dgryo zeppeli. Promoter stephen steel shot and severely injured and whhereabouts unknown.please help.

[ If you're looking to get some cooking utensils, you'll be pleased to find Lucy crammed between the mixing bowls and Tupperware. In hindsight, this was a terrible hiding place. ]


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