03 [Video]

Feb. 15th, 2013 10:16 am
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[Much like the last time Harry made a post to the network, he looks like he's deep in thought, or at least, really concentrating on something.

He's got his wand out, and he seems to be in the middle of casting a spell. A blast of red light comes out of the end of his wand, and he smiles in satisfaction before leaning over a piece of parchment and crossing something off what appears to be a rather long list.

With nothing better to do, and a lot of time to kill, Harry's started going through the list of spells and other charms he knows and trying to brush up on them. Hermione would be proud, if she were here to see it.

He's not exactly hiding what he's doing, so onlookers are more than welcome.]
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[The recording starts off showing Daiki with an annoyed-looking expression on his face. Clearly, he is not amused over what is happening at the moment. He does look a bit beat-up, though-- torn clothes, split lip, a few bruises here and there. Well, he just got his ass handed to him by both the Riders and Sentai-- his own fault, really.

His eyes shift around his surroundings for a moment before the frown on his face flips itself into something like a smirk, his eyes now aimed at whoever is viewing the current feed.]

Now this... this is new. I won't bother with asking questions or trying to get an explanation as to what's going on, because I have a feeling that won't get me anywhere.

[He sighs, and the feed is now pointed outward. The viewer can see a blurred-over, transparent wall appear inside the room he's currently in. He holds the feed there for a few seconds, and then continues to walk through the newly formed wall. There's a change in scenery then-- he's now outside, in what looks like the Gardens. The feed focuses back on him again, who is sitting with his back against a tree.]

See, if that were to happen anywhere else, I wouldn't be here anymore. Then again, I'm in no hurry to leave. At least, not yet... but I suppose I don't have a say in that matter, do I?

I guess I'm just going to have to pass my time here somehow, unless someone out there can point me to the exit. I wonder though, just what makes this place so interesting? [He chuckles softly.] Besides the obvious, of course.


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