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Sep. 14th, 2013 04:28 pm
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Alright, whoever the hell is in charge here seriously has some explaining to do. I mean what kind of freak just kidnaps people and brings them to this place? I’m sure it’s just great here and all but I’d rather be at home right now. People need me. This is a matter of life and death here. No one is paying the least bit of attention to me, are they?

[She sighs a little]

And another thing, where the hell are all my things? I need my tape recorder. And my stash. I refuse to stay here without either. Honestly, whoever’s in charge here? You do not want to fuck with me. I’m going to figure out what whacked up shit is going on here and I’m going to get to the bottom of it.

[And with that Elfie is gone.]
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[Crowley is only mildly exasperated now that the event is passed.]

There, you see? That whole event was one big, pathetic bluff. I never revealed my secret and never had to kill any poor blighter to keep it. Yet here I am, secret intact, and past the deadline now, yes? I imagine it's the same for many of you as well.

Seems like a fair few people here became killers for no real reason.

[But that's humanity for you. Weirdos, the lot of 'em.]

But all's well that ends well. I say we all hit the pub, or have some kind of "we have escaped high school" celebration. I've seen other people on the network who have about the same idea. Party, then?

...And just out of curiosity, how many of you managed to keep your secrets without resorting to murder?


Sep. 5th, 2013 02:39 pm
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[At this rate, Donna's going to get a reputation for being the mansion's crazy cat lady. She's sitting cross-legged on the floor in her room, a different cat than last time - a tuxedo kitten - romping around behind her and a small fire extinguisher in her lap.]

I don't usually set much store by magic, but I was wondering if anybody out there maybe had some sort of, I dunno, spell or something to make everything in my room - and possibly my other cat - fireproof? And me, I suppose, that'd be nice too. Or if anybody has any ideas on how to go about training cats, but they don't really seem like terribly trainable animals, really. And how does one go about-

[The kitten suddenly bursts into flames, and Donna glances over her shoulder to make sure it's not setting something on fire. From her lack of surprise, it seems like this is a fairly regular occurrence.]

-teaching a cat to only set itself on fire on command?

[After a few moments of burning merrily, the flames extinguish themselves, and the kitten - apparently unharmed - settles down to lick one paw.]
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[If there's one thing that Blaine's learned, it's that every minute of every day is filled with choices. And for most people, the majority of those choices come easily to them. When it comes down to choosing between whether to heat up a frozen dinner for one or to whip up a batch of macaroni and cheese, most people have no problem deciding between the two.

But for Blaine, things are a little bit different. If he feels like cooking for himself, he has to make sure he has enough time to devote to the entire process: the process that starts with gathering the necessary ingredients and cooking supplies, and also familiarizing himself with the layout of the room he's in.

All of this takes some time, and a simple thing like making scrambled eggs for breakfast ends up becoming quite the endeavor. But the way he sees it, he has nothing but time on his hands, and what's three minutes or thirty when there's no appointments or classes to rush off to?

So, after the lengthy process of making sure everything he needed was prepared and within easy reach, Blaine settles back to wait for the stove to finish heating up to the proper temperature. He doesn't go very far away, because causing a fire this early wouldn't be great for anyone. He stays near enough that he can still feel the heat rising from the stove, working off instinct to tell when it's hot enough to cook the eggs that are sitting in a bowl to the right of the pan.

But in the meantime, he's just going to see if anyone's awake and in the mood for conversation, so he fiddles with his communication device until it flips to the video function. He manages this fairly well, only fumbling once or twice as the buttons prove difficult. It's something he's gotten used to, though, remembering which button he needs to push to get the function that he wants, but sometimes, he doesn't mesh well with technology. At least today, it seems to be cooperating.]

Morning. [He smiles in the direction of the screen.] It feels like it's going to be a nice day, doesn't it?

[He can't really tell by looking, of course, but there's something in the air that makes him feel like today's going to turn into a pleasant one.]

Listen, I'm going to be in the kitchen for awhile if anyone wants to stop by. You might even get some food out of it if you do.

[He's cooking for more than one person, because in his experience, the smell of food acts as quite the powerful lure, and really, it's a win/win all around. They get fed, he gets some company for a little while, and if they hit it off, an enjoyable conversation might end up happening.

And if they don't hit it off, well, sometimes that happens too. But whether they get along or not, it's not about that for him. Having someone else around to talk to, even if they're the grouchiest person on earth, really helps Blaine out in ways he never thought possible.

He puts on a brave face most of the time, but not being able to see definitely has its pitfall moments. He's come a long way in terms of taking care of himself, but the adjustment part of things is something he has to wrestle with on a daily basis.]
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((Backdated to just after the hellhound event. I know this is way late, but I was going to wait for a thread in my last post to finish, and it hasn't yet, so I'm gonna start posting again))

On the second day after the hounds disappear, Mordecai finally leaves his room again. It's a bit too much to be alone with his thoughts while boxed in there, so he slinks about the hallways, trying not too appear too twitchy even though no one's really around.

He'd awakened the previous day with a long gasp. He only moved his eyes at first, looking frantically around at nothing while his skin buzzed horribly and he gradually remembered the fire. He'd been around plenty of fire in his time, but never imagined he'd get stuck in it. Another thing he remembered is the horrible sensation of knife-sized teeth punching through his flesh, and plenty of yelling which could have been anyone's. The events started to piece together, though he wished they wouldn't.

The kitchen is where he ends up, probably because he's too distracted to find a secluded tea room like he normally would, and tea is what he searches for. Robotically opening each cupboard in order, he hopes to be able to stop dwelling on his life before Wonderland (apparently death really will do that to you), though that doesn't seem to be in favorable odds.

((Open; feel free to encounter, message, or what have you! <strike>Who wouldn't want to approach a sour sociopath with frayed nerves</strike>))


Aug. 4th, 2013 02:54 pm
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 [There's a moment of tense silence before he speaks. It's not that he's nervous or anything, just concentrating really hard. Yes.]

I seem to recall that one of you has powers over wind. perhaps that could be of some use in our current predicament.

[he stops briefly, and an intake of breath and a few distant howls echo through the feed]

I know... that it is wiser to avoid the hounds entirely, but if they were at least visible, it could help us. To see when they're coming.
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[As soon as the Red Queen had mentioned the impending onslaught of whateverthefuck they are from the woods, Daryl had wasted no time in hauling his ass out there.  Armed with whatever he could grab out of the closets to rig up some homemade explosives (and also a few of the sorts of traps he'd left all over the place during that event), he's making it a point to try and cut this off before shit hits the fan.  Since they've had a nice straightforward warning, and all...

And this time he's issuing a warning of his own via text:]

set some traps out in the woods to stop these things before they make it to the grounds. aint convinced its gonna do much good but its worth a shot. watch your step if you gotta come out here

[And then, because he'd noticed the curious glinting in some of the trees- mirrors, upon closer inspection and much to his considerable aggravation- he sends another message, a safer one to the resistance via notebook:]


[[OOC: Resistance stuff is open to anyone who wants in!  Feel free to assume your character has received a notebook to respond with.]]
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[Chell's wandering the Realside, trying to see what damage was left behind. Specifically, what her mirror must have done. She had not seen a lot of her - granted, some of that was because Chell was busy with her own... activities. But she knew her Mirror must have done something on this side... Or maybe she was just paranoid. Or--

It's while Chell's wandering the orchards that she spots it: a... fruit??]

[The video is simple. Chell is pointing her camera at the the fruit she's holding. Asking something so... vulnerably, admitting that she doesn't know something and opening up for answers, it's strange, but this is bugging the heck out of her. She almost knows something about it, she's sure, but... She can't quite figure it out. So, she asks the network:]

"... What is this?"


Jul. 5th, 2013 01:52 pm
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[ Normally Vincent does not like to make use of the video function, but he does now if only because it seems the best way. He is outside, on the beach or the dock, if the sound of the ocean in the background is anything to go by. ]

I am aware that not everyone here has had training with firearms but that there are some who are interested in learning... In addition, I imagine that those who are experienced would not refuse the opportunity to practice....

Consequently... is there anyone here who would be interested in assisting in the construction of a shooting range?
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[It's been a while since Dean's bright and shining face has graced the screens of the communicators. Graced being a... strong and slightly ironic word. He looks distinctly less morose than he did the last time, but he's still got an expression on his face that clues the observant in rather quickly that it's going to be serious business this time.]

First off, I wanna to apologize on behalf of all of the idiots from back home. Not sure which of them it was, might've been me, but that last event was all on us.

[Actually, it's all on Dean, but he's not one hundred precent on that. Considering Gabriel's here, and he's... tricky? Not exactly the word he's looking for, but anyway, moving on, he can't be sure it wasn't him, Cas, or Sam. He'd like to keep the latter two from being thrown directly under the bus, though.]

Second off, I'm thinking it's time we had a little pow-wow.

[He shoots the camera a significant look. It's not hard to guess what he's hinting at.]

Time to step it up a little, be a little more proactive, see if we can't start heading these things off at the pass.

[He shrugs a shoulder. Might not be possible, but hell, it's worth a shot, right?]

Either way, we're taking this somewhere a little more private. If you're interested in a hike, be out front in a couple of hours. Someone'll escort you to the party. Bring a pen.

[And that's all awesomely vague except for the places where it ain't. The feed ends rather abruptly. A few hours later, Daryl Dixon will be making a few trips back and forth leading groups of people to secret place out in the middle of the woods. It's there that the real fun begins.]

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I know this place is hard to deal with at the best of times, and the past couple of events seem to have been especially bad. If anyone is interested in getting together in a group setting to discuss the things that have happened to them here and share knowledge, coping skills, and emotional support, please respond.

Private to Sherlock Holmes )
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[Mordecai had done a spectacular job of making himself scarce as of late. A little too spectacular, perhaps. On a number of mornings, he'd awakened to find that days and even weeks had been passing him by harmlessly. Odd. But anyway.

He had suspected his worrisome new doppelganger had been a symptom of, or a punishment for, his reclusive behavior. Said shadow certainly seemed to think so. He had made his most exasperated sound when he found out this was just another event.

The video starts off pretty uneventful, as neither of them are speaking. Mordecai was just about done patching some bullet holes on one of his walls when the shadow sneers and finally pipes up.]

You know the mansion can repair itself. But you just couldn't wait.

[Mordecai tunes him out, or at least does fairly well in pretending to.]

And you couldn't just wait for the event to be over to be rid of me. You were in such a hurry that you had to shoot me? Oh well, at least a wall is easier to fix than a bloodstained carpet.

Well, it's true. And you were being obnoxious.

[The shadow just makes a dismissive "kch" sound while Mordecai tidies up after himself. Cleans up after the cleaning up. His eyes catch the glint of a small, club-shaped pin in the drawer he was closing. He thought he was quick enough in forgetting about it and resuming his chore...]

You still have that? You never keep things around that you don't need.

...That's right.

You definitely don't need this anymore. Even when you needed it, you didn't need it. You can't tell me that you still want it because of some abstract, inane reason. That would require ~feelings~

[Mordecai doesn't face the shadow for a number of reasons, but his reply sounds severe;]

Be quiet.

((ooc: feel free to reply via the network for any reason, or to run into Mordecai and Friend in the halls... he's going to be doing a bit of storming off.))


Apr. 30th, 2013 04:58 pm
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[Kirigiri turns on the feed; the camera is sitting on her desk. She has a pencil tucked behind one ear and a pensive expression. She's wearing short sleeves for the first time--it's getting warm, okay?--but the hand her chin is resting on is still encased in a dark glove.]

Some of you may already know about the database I'm compiling. I have only been in Wonderland for two months and alone, there is no way I can gather enough reliable data to create a wholly objective record.

In light of this, I would appreciate any information about Wonderland, current residents, and past events that would fill in the gaps. Observations regarding the various specters who appeared yesterday will also be recorded, if offered.

Once I--

[Kirigiri is interrupted by her pencil falling out of place. She blinks in surprise as it clatters on the floor, staring down at it, then looks back at the camera without skipping a beat otherwise.]

...Once I have compiled the information, I will create several copies of the database to distribute to any who are interested. They will need to be updated and redistributed regularly, but it is more secure to have several copies circulating, in case I leave this place. And...I don't trust the security of this network enough to upload the database and make it generally available.

If you would like a copy, please let me know.

[She pauses, then nods. Yep, that's all she had to say. She stretches out a gloved hand and shuts off the camera.]
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[Having only been in Wonderland for a few days, the change of scenery was strange to Henry, but he doubted he was the only one affected. Waking in his little tent, he looked around at all the trees and the animals and grinned.

It was certainly a welcome change. Anyone can find Henry playing with all the animals and is welcome to join in!]


[He's sitting under a truffula tree, face flushed from running but also grinning.]

So, anyone who's watching, does this happen often? I can't see the mansion anywhere. Is it gone for good or have we just taken a little vacation?
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[Somebody has to make up for not pranking on April Fool's Day. Somebody is going all out to do so.

Watch your step coming out of your rooms-- some of you have whipped cream pies set up right in front of the door. Others have the classic bucket on top of the door-- of course, this one is filled with flour rather than water. And you might need to hop a little to avoid that trip wire-- and the ghost (sheet with holes cut out) rigged to swing down and spook you.

Oh, and you might want to check your beds. There may or may not be some itching powder, rubber snakes and spiders, or plastic vomit there to greet you when you get in.

And if you happen to here some giggling from around the corner after you're hit, well. You might just catch the perpetrator before he flies away.]
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[No matter where he goes, it keeps happening. It had begun yesterday morning. He had sat down with a modest breakfast when the video feeds started trickling in. It seemed the other mansion residents were experiencing disturbances in their senses that others were not. Everything looked and sounded normal to him, and he'd started on the food with a mild vexation. It stopped being mild when what should have been a warm crispy piece of toast felt more like a rubbery slab of raw meat in his mouth, and he dropped it with a surpised "GACK" sound.

He'd retreated from the kitchen, and everything he touched that day including his possessions felt increasingly unlike itself. He'd spent the night laid stiffly on the sticky, veiny floor of his room with his arms crossed tightly on his chest.

He finally rose the next day (he hadn't slept) when he could have sworn he could feel the blood coursing through the floor-veins under his back, and felt like he was going to be sick. Almost impulsively, he headed for the shower. The tile was sparkly and the water clear, but he recoiled from it immediately... not even the water was safe. It was thick, tacky, and body temperature regardless of how he set the taps. Blood.

He now roamed the halls with a desperate pace, forcing himself to start an audio feed on the slick, pulsing device.]

I cant. Touch. Anything. Is anyone else having this problem?

[Maybe... maybe he didn't have to touch anything. He tries sliding his hands into his gloves like many, many times before. Slimy, a disturbing soft sort of grit, uncomfortably warm, hard points they feel exactly like mouths]


[It's all he can do not to hyperventilate as he wrings and flaps his hands frantically, the gloves flinging away haphazardly]
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[There had been a few video feeds after the mysterious announcement concerning objects falling out of the sky on top of the residents, as if aiming for them specifically. Mordecai Heller certainly way not going out of doors this day, no sir.

Lord knows how he was so neglectful as to leave the window of his room open.

He had been sitting and mending his gun holster when there was a blurry streak in his peripheral vision and a soft thump. He reflexively rose to a half-sit with his fingers around the gun on the table in barely a second, but it took him a few more to find the intruder.

A dazed rat of a disturbingly healthy size stared back with its awful little blood-droplet eyes.

Mordecai grimaced almost audibly. Oh boy oh gee what to do why the window, who would do this? He hated when a crawly thing was too big for a shoe. This was too much for even a broom.

While he was pondering how to rid himself of the vermin without an inconvenient splatter, the rat had the nerve to disregard him and start going about its ratty business. What's it doing, why is it worse when they aren't afraid of you, so help me if you start chewing on anythoh no it's coming near me

His arm shot out for something clothy that was resting on the table, and he lunged at the creature with it, somehow managing to capture in in one go, and it shrieked.]


[Mordecai practically wailed as he made it to the window in two and a half strides, launching the squirmy handful out into the blue. He didn't have time to catch his breath before the startling smack against his chest. Upon automatically checking himself for blood, he discovered only an odd greasy smudge, and at his feet, the foulest-looking sandwich he had probably ever laid eyes on.


Oh no.

[He slammed the window shut just in time for a flock of expiring tomatoes to slam into it from an angle, not unlike rain in high wind. He made a long, unsettled groaning sound in his throat, like... well, kind of like a cat.

Relenting and taking out his device, he reports:]

It's happening to me too, now. I... I have a hunch that the falling objects might be... personalized.
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[ A high pitched, somewhat robotic voice can be heard singing over the network feed. ]

"Happy birthday to you~! Happy birthday to you~!"

[ As the video comes into focus, a room comes into view, filled mostly with computer systems of every kind - servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, etc. - all running and displaying arcane data of some kind or another. On one laptop screen in particular, the image of a cheerful face continues to sing. ]

"Happy birthday, dear Chihirooo~! Happy birthday to yooou~!"

[ Chihiro smiles brightly, sitting across from the laptop. A slice of cake lays on plate between them, adorned with a single candle. ]

Hehehe! When you sing, you sound just like a Vocaloid, Alter Ego... Oh, I should make a birthday wish, shouldn't I...?

[ Closing her eyes for a moment, Chihiro brings her hands up to her chest, envisioning the one thing she desires most - to be strong enough to help all of her new friends. With that, she takes a deep breath and blows the candle out, to the sound of Alter Ego's cheering. ]
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[The impossibly large interior of the mansion contained bizarre artwork, and something about the architecture felt... off, though he couldn't place why. Both of these features received ample brow-knitting and lip curling as Mordecai crept through the halls. Although the place kept a refined, elegant look, he couldn't help but feel a little paranoid - there was definitely something, ugh, wacky about it. It infuriated him. On top of all that, this was turning out to be a rather long dream. It still didn't feel quite like one, but the less sense things made, the more he was hoping it was one.

Mordecai's stomach wound tighter as the day wore on, and he felt an increasing need to withdraw into a space of his own. The ninth floor of the mansion looked like it was almost completely empty, with plenty of unlocked rooms for anyone to just waltz in. Perfect.

Trying not to agonize over the number for once, he chose the eleventh room. Not an even number, but it was prime, as well as symmetrical (never mind, there he goes). He found the room mercifully neat and free of irritating tchatchkes. In fact, it was almost suspiciously to his liking.

After a rest and a somewhat botched attempt to gather his thoughts, it began to dawn on him that he would eventually need sustenance. His actual appetite was still practically nonexistent, but it was probably prudent to at least try to find a place to get food. He also had more prowling to finish up.

After cautiously peering out, he locked the door behind him (there happened to be a key inside) and resumed slinking though the halls, hoping nothing ... uh... whimsical jumped out at him]
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[A gentle breeze passed over the grounds, causing the grass to flutter, which tickled Mordecai's nose. He woke to find himself face-down on the lawn by the mansion, snorting and starting. He scrambled hastily to a wobbly stand, trying to remember where he was and how he got there. He didn't feel injured, just dizzy, so it likely wasn't the result of an altercation. That was less comforting that he'd have liked... it was unlike him to carelessly catch a siesta at random. Out in the open. Outside.]

Wh...what the...

[What had happened? Had someone gotten him to consume another ridiculously named drink? The bunny-hug incident had been embarrassing enough... but, no, there were no hangover symptoms or foul aftertase. He was frantically confirming that he still had all his possessions when he spotted the mansion.]

Oh... oooh no.

[It was starting to come back to him. He remembered that someone had sent him on an errand, with poorly written instructions, and his searching had brought him to what seemed like nowhere. Seeing a mansion, he thought, that can't be right. I should turn around. Walking for a while in the opposite direction, he came upon the same sight as before. Determined not to be lost, because that would be foolish, he tried again. He couldn't possibly be wrong. He remembered a building anxiety (that's an understatement). And now, here he was. And he just found a ... thing in his pocket that definitely wasn't his.]



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