Feb. 18th, 2013 04:45 pm
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[The video comes on to a shocked look of a less than normal human-looking woman. Okay, wasn’t expecting it to come alive like that. Curiosity gets the better of her, as she begins to carefully look over the strange book. In the meantime, you might notice something important. Like a tail. And the fact she has no legs. And the fact she’s a mermaid.]

Some kind of magic then? [Well, it’s as good of explanation as any. Because what’s technology? One mystery solved, but that doesn’t help with this other mystery.]

The summoner must have brought me here...this isn’t a Field of Justice, is it? It’s hard to tell, dry land begins to blend together after awhile. [And a sigh of defeat.] No matter where I go, there’s always more of it. [Come on, not the time to get down. We still have a mission.] I guess it’s not so bad. At least I can actually hear the ocean from here. And, new dry land means there is a new place to search. Perhaps I will find it here.

[Or, y'know, not. But better to lean on the side of optimism.]


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