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Dear Wonderland,

I suppose it is time to give myself a proper introduction to those not familiar with me. My name is Sona, called the maven of the strings by many. I am a healer, if need be, please feel free to contact me velocissimo, should you be wounded or ill.

I am curious to see if any of you would care to come to a small impromptu concert, if not, a simple sitting with tea is perfectly fine. I do not know many of you, and I plan to change that. If you choose the latter, be aware that I cannot speak.

soothingtones: (why the hell)
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[The face of a young woman appears on the screen. The little device seems to be below her face, resting on something. The woman seems..mystical or at least, some entity that has a spiritual presence.]

[Text. Always. Text.]

I give my apologies to whoever owns this.

However, I seem to be some distance from home, and I must return prestissimo.

Can anyone who locates this point me in the direction of the Fields of Justice?

[Some time passes, and it's clear she has no idea how to work this thing.]

Or is there someone who can explain this predicament to me? It was that I simply was one place, then somewhere else, soudainment. A strange occurrence, but I suppose magic can be unpredictable sometimes even in the most deft fingers.


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