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[ the last time dean had addressed wonderland, he’d been all leery smiles and compliments— with a set of nice inky eyes, too, that is. today finds him in entirely different mood, face set to a carefully guarded neutral expression, as he sits by a table somewhere within his own room. fingers drum a steady beat against the wooden surface, the only cue that not all may be as well as he’d like for it to appear. ]

Now that we’re all done hating each other, I got a small refresher as far as our feathery ranks in Wonderland go. Looks like Cas — uh, Castiel — has fluttered off back home, leaving this place without any flying nerds to bark about Heaven. [ which should be great, sure. but it was cas, and anyone who knows anything about dean also knows how much said nerdy little dude meant to him.

it’s as if that very thought crosses his mind, too, as his sets his jaw into a harder line some seconds later, then attempts to brush off the topic. ]

He didn’t have a lot of stuff, perks of wearing Heaven’s badge, but it turns out he did have this. [ the feed drops a little lower on the desk, where placed neatly right in front of dean is the first blade. the drumming intensifies, but dean firmly keeps his hands away from it— hell, he doesn’t even look at it. ]

I need someone to take it.

[ before i jam it into someone’s throat. ]

That's it.

[ end feed. ]

private to crowley. )
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[ Something’s not right in Wonderland today--if you can call being dropped into the middle of the desert not right. The video flickers to life with a strange sense of urgency. Both Charlie and Michael can be seen somewhere in the entrance hall, breathing somewhat heavy. ]

Hey. [ Charlie speaks first, glancing at Michael and then back to the screen. ] I dunno if anyone’s noticed, but we kinda have a problem. They’re, um… [ She looks to the archangel for some help, still trying to catch her breath. ]

Wonderland is under attack. The lower angels of our world are here.

[ Charlie elbows him a little. ]

What he means is these things are angels, but there’s nothin’ fluffy about them. They’ll kill you if they get the chance, and it ain’t a walk in the park. [ She lifts up a dated cattle prod. ] Electricity can knock ‘em out, but bullets are sort of useless against them.

[ From off to the side, you can hear a muffled female voice that sounds like Claire. ]

Empyrean steel will kill them. [ Claire’s hand appears into the video to hand him something. ] Claire asked for a weapon and the closet gave her this. It is made of the steel, but the format is useless here.

Do not try to fight them. They may look like someone you know
- except the real ugly faces - but they are inhumanely strong and fast. There is another way to stop them, but it requires

What the--

[ Michael’s cut off by both Claire and Charlie’s raised voices, and there’s only a second before the video goes dark, the image of Charlie struggling as she’s dragged through the front door by her hair lingering to those that see the post. ]

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Well. I guess I missed a hell of a party didn't I?

[And got his djinn theory kicked right in it's ass too, to boot. It figures, the hunter would miss all the action and get set back at square one when he came back.

And, unfortunately, that's why he;s making this announcement now. John hates showing his face in public, he's put it off so long. He’s never been very good at technology anyway, could never program his VCR without a child holding his hand the whole way. Just give him an old fashioned rotary, or a payphone. Something easy that won’t show his entire damn face to the world.]

I got a request for everyone here. [His face is sour then, like he’s mortified he has to stoop to this. He pauses to take a drag off of a previously unseen cigarette, deflating a little like a human balloon.] This library, it’s not really….it takes a while to get through. And you never know what’s gonna be relevant or not, or when you theory's gonna get ripped to shreds.

[Sorry Evie, your baby sucks.]

What are your homes like? The magic crap, the supernatural, everything. You have lizard people? Gravity backwards? Whatever. If you’ve found out it’s different from someone else’s world, I want to know about it. Just professional curiosity, promise.

[Unless you’re a monster. But no one needs to know that, don’t they?]


Jun. 6th, 2015 12:19 pm
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[ Suffice to say, things have been a mess lately, and Charlie's sort of been all over the place. This time, she has a reason to address Wonderland. It's not really a new one. ]

Hi, um. [ She frowns just a little. ] Some of you probably don't know me, so I guess I'll start with that first. I'm Charlie. Been here for a while now. [ Not nearly as long as some, but long enough for her. ] I wanted to ask about all the people who've been leavin' recently...

[ Trailing off, she looks away from the video for a second as she tries to figure out exactly what it was she was going to say. Losing people is never easy, and with the amount of things she's seen lately, it doesn't look like it gets any easier. She's still sore about Alex leaving, and it sits hard in her chest. She takes a breath. ]

I know it ain't easy, and I was wondering if anyone knows exactly what happens when those people leave Wonderland. I just keep thinking that, I dunno. Do they really go home, or do they send them somewhere else? How're we even supposed to know? I-- [ She looks down. ] I've lost a lot of people since comin' here. I guess it's easier to say that I wouldn't mind talking to anyone who's looking for a distraction.

Or maybe a drink or three. [ There's a soft laugh, and she shakes her head. ]

Maybe it doesn't mean much to some of you, but I could use some advice.

[ Is that all she wants to say? Probably not, though she can't get over the fact that everyone she has here is starting to thin out, and it's worrying her. It probably translates on her face despite the short smile she gives before cutting the video, leaving the rest of them with an expression that looks as if she might cry. ]
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[ Elijah’s device comes to life for all of Wonderland to see. This time he’s not alone. He appears to be seated in the tea room with a certain witch and Mikaelson. One that he quite recently got into a little family squabble with. Just another day in the life of the Mikaelson family. It’s a miracle if they’re not fighting. Or perhaps something is very wrong. ]

It is with great sympathy that I announce to any and all who knew him that Niklaus Mikaelson has returned home. To be with my recently departed sister I hope.

[ And Hope. He won’t say that part verbally though. Hope’s still a bit of a secret. Something Elijah will kill to protect. ]

At least I hope he’s returned home. If someone’s done something to him--[ He shifts and clears his throat. ]--this is not a battle you want to start. [ Talking to you Dean Winchester. ]

What my brother means to say, [ Kol begins, easily enough once Elijah finishes. ] is that if either of us learn that this was some sort of attack on our dear brother, I won’t hesitate to hand you over to me brother here in a handbasket, as a nice tasty snack. [ Seriously, vampires are kinda gross, man.

Despite the seeming alliance with his eldest brother, Kol looks tense, and downright agitated - whether he’s as bothered by Nik’s disappearance as Elijah is or if he’s just bothered to be near Elijah, well, that’s anyone’s guess.
] Or I might just finish what I’ve started if you’re a certain hunter. [ Because GOD DAMN IT CAMI. But he had better things to do than hunt down errant hunters, and honestly Klaus made enemies by the second; he didn’t have time for them, not when he was trying to figure out how to soothe Davina’s nerves on the matter of Angelus.

The Mikaelson witch shook his head before turning his unimpressed gaze back to Elijah. He’s played nice, threatened the locals, can he go back to his girl now?

Must you? [ Elijah’s attention turns from Kol to the device. Don’t spread it around that Elijah eats people for fun. Any lives he takes have a reason behind the attack. ] I don’t drink from the vein, but if I suspect you had anything to do with my brother’s disappearance I will handle you accordingly. [ Which means he might just tear out your heart or just bat your head off. Whatever feels appropriate for the situation. Elijah gives a cordial smile before he nods his head. ] That’s all I have to say on the matter. Have a lovely evening.

[ ooc: the brother's will be responding accordingly. if you want a specific one make sure to designate in the title. otherwise it's possible you'll just get both. ]
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[The video feed turns on and Katherine tries for a smile, attempting to look and appear friendly even if she deliberately seems visibly concerned. She's been back for a few days already with memories intact and unlike before she's a bit more prepared. If people assume she's Elena then it's totally just a coincidence don't mind her as she goes along with it.

However, she isn't going to reintroduce herself the same way she did last time, that would make it too obvious so instead she goes with a different approach along with pretending she has no clue about being here before]

So I definitely think I'm lost here— one minute I'm back home and the next I end up getting kidnapped to— Wonderland? [Things she never though she's say and that shows from the skepticism on her face before she lets out a sigh] I think I heard a mention or two of that from some people.

Is anyone else from Mystic Falls here too? I really don't know what to make of this whole situation but either way if anyone has any answers about this place, our kidnappers or a way to leave then I'd like to hear it otherwise hi, it's nice to meet you?
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[ He's been gone a week. When Elijah returns he's not in his room. He's bobbing in the pool with no idea how much time has actually gone by. He's heard of people going away and coming back. Some with memories and some without. Luckily this time Elijah remembers Wonderland. He also remembers his time at home. What happened with Hayley and his family. What his mother did to him. Kol. Finn. All of it is fresh for Elijah. Kol's here though. They were on their way to making things right here. Even if Kol still insisted that Elijah was still trying to harm him. So much resentment.

Elijah pulls himself from the pool and in his wet suit he returns to what he remembers is his room. It's still the way he remembers organizing it which is comforting. He strips himself of his wet suit and dresses himself quickly. He wants to check and see if his family is still here. After everything he wants to make sure they're all still whole. That Rebekah is still here. She suffered the most.

The feed comes on and Elijah is dry with the exception of his hair. It's still wet and slightly out of place. It seems that Elijah's carefully crafted control has melted away. He's not sloppy, but small noticeable things are out of place with him. ]

It seems I've returned. Plucked away to live out a very lengthy time back home. I trust my siblings are well. And unharmed. [ Looking at you, Dean. ] I do hope I haven't missed anything of grave importance. [ He reaches a hand up to rub at the stubble that's grown while he was away. ] I assume the standard week has passed, but I could be mistaken. If you've tried to call upon me in my time away I do apologize. [ He nods. ] Feel free to get in contact with me now. Have a lovely evening.
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[Michael's never been the social type, he speaks to others when it is necessary, but he's not the shy sort either. He's just reserved, and he's kept to himself, observing Wonderland and all its ways. The archangel has noticed a few things, though it is nothing that Wonderland tries to hide, but he's noticed them anyways, and he's a little hung up on one of its most obvious quirks.

People come and they go. With no warning. There one moment, gone the next.

The appearances and disappearances happen at times that seem almost random, no method or reason, but if it were all part of some grand plan, what better way to hide it than a seeming lack of design and purpose. When he decides to address the network (via video), he's stern, as usual, but more resigned than is typical for him.]

This may come as no surprise, but more of us have gone home.

[At least that is where he assumes they have gone, as it is just as likely that they've gone from one Wonderland to another.]

Alex Lannon. [A short pause.] Gabriel and William before that.

[He sighs then, they'd all gone pretty quickly. Though Alex was the most recent person that he was aware of.]

It is also my belief that there aren't many angels left as well. [Heavenly intuition, he likened it to, but he could feel that most had gone home.] If anyone has any thoughts on the subject of the way everyone comes and goes, may they be hypothetical or otherwise, it does not matter. I would like to hear them.

[Michael lets the feed end there.]

[ooc: Video, action, text. Anything is welcome.]
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[ This is her first disappearance and return. After vanishing for a week of Wonderland time, Snow White returns looking... well, exactly the same. One might never know that years have passed for the dark-haired Fable. The only exceptional difference, one not seen especially well in the video, is the cane she holds in her hands.

She looks collected enough when addressing the network, but there's a slight edge to her voice, a warning tone meant for her captors. ]

I remember... [ sigh ] After so much time, why bring me back? Why tear me away from home, when I finally--

[ Oh. Snow seems to realize something, then quickly clears her throat and straightens up, all business. ]

Well, depending on how much time has passed, I don't know if you'll remember me. My name is Snow White; I was here some time ago, though I don't really know how long it's been. I hope there's less of a demonic infestation this time, for everyone's sake.

[ to Emma Swan: ]

Could I speak with you? As soon as possible, if you're free.

[ to Bigby Wolf: ]

Please tell me that you're still here.
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[ a little while ago dean brutally murdered one demon king of hell, crowley, and hurt john blake in the process. before that, he murdered both his best friend and brother, and attacked a whole bunch of people once near and dear to him. today, thankfully, finds him doing something entirely different as dean addresses the network with a lazy smile on his face.

he’s looking way too pleased with himself, beer in hand and leaning against a familiar looking car... ]

This place is kinda morbid, right? Murders and fights and scheming going on left and right— leaves your head spinning even on a good day. So I figure I should try to shake things up a little, and offer something… uh, nicer to the public.

The female public, anyway. Here I’ve attached a collection of potential good times, so if you see your name and wanna have fun — which means get laid, for the less savvy people — then lem’me know. No strings attached, no flowers and chocolates bullshit. I’m easy like that.

[ he is a gift from god. and he promises no one will get murdered. unless they try something stupid. ]

attachment: dean's handy-dandy do list )

[ he never did say he hadn’t put down a few notes along with the names. ]

Now if you’re worried ‘cause your pretty little name ain’t on the list, fret not. If you’re easy enough on the eyes and old enough to know what fun is, get in contact.

[ s m i l e! and dean cuts the feed. ]

( ooc: note that some threads in this post might include heavy violence and/or dub-con/non-con type elements! read at your own risk. )
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[ Boom. And just like that, as if he'd been asleep the whole time, Sam wakes up. It's a startling moment from death to life, though it's happened so many times now that he should be used to it. The younger Winchester takes a full twenty minutes to gather his bearings, flex his fingers, put a hand to his head where he feels a dull throbbing. Then, once he can get to his feet, he realizes he's been lying on his own bed, covered in blood (his own, probably) for some time. So he'd like to shower, get on fresh clothes, take another long period of staring at himself in the mirror, only faintly able to recall what it felt like to have his head beaten in by his own brother.

All he does, though, is slip the devil's trap handcuffs into his pockets, does a few stretches for the sake of doing something with his (living) body, and then pull up the network. ]

What the hell happened to my room?

[ It's a friggin' nightmare. It matched his corpse well enough, he guesses, but Sam isn't exactly in the mood for that kind of humor at the moment. ]

Oh, yeah. I'm alive. In one piece and everything. [ Tone: flat. Tired. ] And if you haven't figured it out yet, Dean's a demon, and he's probably trying to either kill or sleep with you, if you're talking to him. Or both. So don't do that.

[ Tone: flat. Tired. Very tired. ]

My room's, uh. Not my room, so I'll be mobile, but I've got holy water for people who want to piss him off. Generally I'd advise against, though, since he's pretty damn strong and is really into bashing people's heads in. Normal weapons don't do anything against demons, so, again, just avoid him like the plague. Which he basically is, right now.

[ ... ]

... Uh. Sorry to anyone who had to see me the other day. Like that.
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[ It's late when Jeep makes this post. His room is dark except for a single lamp on the desk and from the camera angle it's easy to see sheets of paper scattered. All of it is covered in scribblings, notes that Jeep has been taking, there is a stack of books nearby on old languages. Going by both the multiple empty coffee mugs and his tired voice he hasn't slept in a while. ]

...I'm wonderin' if anyone here's any good with old languages. Really old ones.

It's a long shot but I figure if I'm in a place with people from other world's then maybe they might know somethin' I don't.

[ He sighs and rubs a hand over his face. ]

Hell, at this point I'm willin' to entertain any ideas. If you're any good with this kind of shit let me know.
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Introspection and Action. Content warning for murder aftermath. )

[She stands up, takes a few steps away from the body. Her eyes keep a constant watch on the hall around her, even as she turns on the phone to send out a message--audio only. She won't subject anyone else to this sight if she can avoid it.]

Um. I'm sorry, but--there's been a murder on the fifth floor. [There can be no other word for it. This violence, this cruelty can be no accident.] I found the victim. Sam. It's Sam Winchester.

[God, what is she even saying? Cami, of all people, should be able to put these words together better.]

Please don't come up here unless you absolutely have to. I'm near room--[A pause, as she looks for the nearest door] Room thirteen. I don't know who did it; there wasn't anyone here when I found him, but someone did. So please, be careful.
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[It was an accident. Entirely the fault of the small, green eyed kitten that Wonderland had gifted him via his brother. He was not usually so careless, but he had become lax in his behaviors, and less than diligent when it came to his communication device. His pet had played with the device, turning it on. The feed records and broadcasts for hours.

Around three a.m. Saturday morning, Wonderland will be blessed cursed with a startling vision displayed across their devices. Wings out, stretching them, Michael walks past the screen. He's not dressed, but, fortunately, the screen was angled just right that only from his abdomen up will be visible. He sits in the middle of his room - now the top of his head can be seen - legs folded under him, and begins to meditate.

An hour passes.

Then three more.

He remains still the entire time, eyes closed and focused.

Twenty minutes longer, and the feed cuts out; the cat, aptly named Cat, hits the button again and turns off the device.

When the feed begins again, Michael is dressed, and is standing by the window, looking out. He does this, then sits again and meditates another hour without much movement before deciding to sit on the edge of his bed and begin to whittle. It's a hobby, random in nature, that he'd taken up to pass the time. He has a small collection of carvings piled up on a table in his room.

After another hour, wood shavings flying as he cuts into the soft block with a small knife, Michael looks up to see his cat playing with the device. He stands, and goes to pick it up. Sighing, and realizing it's recording, he turns it off.

Wonderland has just been subjected to the longest, and most dry, look into the daily habits of an archangel.]

Mass text sent out later that day;

I apologize for the video.
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Hello, everyone; this is Snow White. After this most recent... "event," as some of you call them, I've come to see for myself what kind of power Wonderland, its mansion, and/or its rulers have. Well, aside from the fact that they're able to capture and contain all of us without any trouble.

I've been looking through the records and heard about your fight with the Jabberwocky and I think this is a good time to say that we have the Vorpal Sword. Back in the Business Office of Fabletown... well, as far as I know, it's still there. I know that the Sword which used to be here is... indisposed, so--

Is there a way, aside from the closets, to obtain an item from our home world? It would be in everyone's best interest if we could come up with an answer as I really doubt we've seen the last of that monster.


Feb. 13th, 2015 08:21 pm
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[ So, it's been well over a month since the network's last seen or heard anything from her besides the fact she had kicked Gabriel and run from him, but that's not really here nor there. Between all the weird things that have happened and the lull of what's supposed to be normal, she's actually been... kind of bored. The smile she gives reflects that too. ]

Hey. Uh-- [ Wow, way to start this off. ] In case anyone missed it, my name's Charlie. I haven't really been around all that long. Maybe a month and a half? [ She shrugs, looking down at her hands rather than the screen. ] Longer than some, less than others.

Anyway. I guess I wanted to... [ A shake of her head. ] This probably gets asked all the time, but what's there to do for fun? I mean, considering it's close to V-day and everything-- [ Oh god, that's a joke. ] Feels sort of wrong mentioning hearts since we're in Wonderland. [ She laughs then. ] Not that it's really a day of celebratin' for me since I'd be cleaning up if we were lucky enough to get some people passing through back home, but you know. As nice as all the weird stuff is, finding things to do hasn't been as exciting as I thought it might have been.

[ What's there to do besides wander the gardens or walk the beach or explore the mansion? Reading's not much of a thing for her, and trying to keep to herself just makes it worse in the long run. Charlie sighs, letting out a breath. ]

What I'm getting at is if anyone's free for a drink or some conversation, I wouldn't say no? Ain't got a whole lot to do right now, so... [ She frowns, reaching to try to stop the feed. Before she manages to end it, she adds: ] Startin' to sound a little desperate, huh? How's that gonna look?

[ Charlie realizes what she's just said, too late to take it back now, and she flushes, immediately ending the video. Never mind she's basically asked out almost all of Wonderland. Oops. ]
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[ The video feed is particularly shaky at first, focus blurry over the sharp green of the grass. When it jerks upward it reveals the face of a very beautiful woman, one with, say, "skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony." For example. But at the moment all those features are formed into an expression of mild, but controlled, panic, brows pinched and eyes sharp, darting often over her shoulder as she moves hurriedly out of the woods. ]

I know there isn't any connection-- oh. [ She exhales roughly; there is blood on her face and blouse which any mildly-practiced detective will note as a spatter and not any kind of cut of her own. ]

I need to reach the Business Office, we need to send help up to the Farm right away-- dammit!

[ She stumbles; it's apparent from her breathless tone and stricken look that she's been running for quite some time. ]

Please, it's urgent. This is Snow White and I really do not want to deal with any more tigers.
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[ Jeep taps at the screen with a frown, he's less confused than he is frustrated by the fact that he has no goddamn idea where he is. He's been lost before, he's never been lost someplace like this. ]

Cute as all this is, I'm hoping somebody here knows where the emergency exit back to Vega is. I've got... well, I got things I need to do that aren't gonna get done here. [ He runs a hand over his face, looking rather tired of well... everything. ]

What I need right now is to know if there's anyone from that can tell me what's going on. If you can manage it without acting all squirreley it'd would be a bonus. Barring that, [ He manages a wry smile now, softening hard features into something more friendly if still more weather worn than a man his age usually looks. ] I'd like directions to a place to get a decent drink.

[ It takes him a moment to figure out how to turn off the feed, a bit of fumbling and a quiet curse before it cuts off. ]


Jan. 17th, 2015 06:39 pm
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My name is Claire Riesen, daughter of General Riesen, the ruler of Vega. [She's taking a huge risk, announcing herself like this. But Claire can't stay here.]

I'm looking for any information on a way to get out of this place. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

[Spoken like the future lady of the city. Always good to get some practice in before she undertook her role after her father had set off for New Delphi. Which might be sooner, given what had happened recently back home. Claire had her baby to think about and the city, the people relied upon her.]

The sooner, the better.

[She promptly ends the feed there, hoping that her last few words would have more of an impact than the pleasantries.]
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[Some citizens of Wonderland will be given a special treat today from the Archangel in the form of a slip of the thumb over the record option. He's not yet realized it either, he's too distracted by someone off screen. The expression he wears is one of surprise, like meeting an old friend you haven't seen in ages, though his smile doesn't quite reach his eyes.]

Charlie. My but it's been a long time since Paradise Falls.

[The device drops to hang lazily at an upside down angle from his grasp near his leg so you get a view of the young woman who looks disgusted and none-too-happy to have met the Archangel in the hallway.]

Like you have any right to say that to me. Go to hell.

[In that moment the young, former waitress manages to catch the Archangel off-guard with some well-deserved karmic retribution in the form of a swift kick to the balls. Her bold, knee-jerk reaction is unexpected, so he'll give her that one. There's a gut-wrenching grunt of a noise as the air leaves his lungs and he crumples, dropping the phone in favor of grabbing himself and squeezing his knees in tight. He uses the wall as support as Charlie goes running for her life down the 10th floor hall, calling for help.

He wheezes, teeth grit for a few seconds as he glares after the young woman for a few heartbeats to recover. When he can breath he starts laughing, low at first then loudly. He'll then slowly push off the wall, hobbling a bit as he stoops to pick up his device and frown at it.

I hope you're all satisfied.

[He grumbles, realizing that was caught on camera and then turns the feed off.]

((ooc: Anyone on the 10th floor is welcome to hear that and poke their head out or come running or what not.))
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[ So, first of all, the image quality on this thing is so much better than the cellphone she's used to. Nokia is still pretty much in charge in the early 21st century and anything other than your standard LCD screen that was better for Snake and Pong than for FaceTiming. Speaking of faces, there's one up fairly close to the camera, brown eyes wide. ]

Oh. My. God. This is amazing. It's super high quality video like right out of a Sci-Fi movie--

[ Her eyes narrow, brows pushing together as she leans in closer. When she speaks again, it's in a low voice, somewhat astonished and grossed out at the same time. ]

Are those my pores?

[ Maybe the image quality is a bit too high. Cue Cordelia pulling back as she scrunches her nose. ]

Okay...unscripted dramatic close-ups aside, I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be my S.O.S. for winding up in some random, very big, very well-decorated, and likely expensive to keep up mansion. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a sort of kidnapping or rescue from dated paneling? As far as gilded cages go, this is pretty gilded--which I prefer over a stinky dungeon, thank you--but...the whole "magically transporting" at a really awkward moment kind of ruins the chivalrous effect. So if someone could page the property manager, or duke or count--preferably not the kind with pointy teeth and ugly satin capes--you know, whoever holds the deed? That would be great.

[ Have a smile for effect. And then as an after thought... ]

--Hey, does this place do room service?


Dec. 29th, 2014 05:20 pm
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[ She’s been poking at the device as if doing that would help her understand and figure out what’s happened to her. She can handle a little conversation, probably, and Charlie’s mouth thins in concentration, turning the thing over so she can record herself. Her blond hair is curled and still somewhat of a mess, having pulled the bandana free. ]

Hey, uh… [ What’s she supposed to say? ] I know y’all probably get this a lot, but it’d be real nice if someone explained what was going on. Last I checked, the world hadn’t exploded -- thank God, whatever, I know -- but everything’s a little upside down for me right now.

[ She rolls her eyes up, looking around as if trying to get her bearings, and the video shows off one of the many hallways--close to her room on the fifth floor. ]

Lookin’ for someone too. Can’t say for sure if he’s here though… [ And she bites at her lip. Should she even say his name? ] So, lost and found. I guess? Anyone want to tell me where that’s at? And maybe where I can get a cigarette too. [ She needs a whole carton by now. ] Um, yeah. Thanks.

[ She cuts the feed before bothering to give her name as well, doing her best not to freak out in public. ]


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