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[Chloe adjusts the camera so that it's pointing directly at her face. She angles her device just a bit more.]

So, hi.

[She shifts in her seat, a little uneasy. Jeez, this is awkward. Chloe clears her throat.]

Right. So, I was hoping to get a little help--

[Chloe stops abruptly, realizing that Max could see this video. She briefly adjusts the settings on her device (her face suddenly out of focus) and locks the video from Max. After making sure that her settings are updated, Chloe angles the camera one more time.]

[Locked from Max]
Right, sorry about that. Didn't want Max to see this. But anywaaaay...

[She stretches the last word a little longer, then returns to her usual clipped tone.]

So, the thing is, I wanna take my girlfriend out on a date but I have no fucking clue where to bring her in Wonderland.

[Yes, it's Chloe's fault for not exploring. But the lure of her bedroom is always sooo tempting.]

All we've done is watch movies.

[She tries not to roll her eyes, but fails anyway.]

Max is a real geek and all but I really wanna take her somewhere more exciting. Ideas, anyone?

Entry #88

Sep. 12th, 2016 12:04 am
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[The video feed clicks on to feature an unassuming shot of the crisp gray sky, accompanied by the restless crunching of footsteps drawing closer. Abruptly, someone picks up the thing and spins it around with a faint flare of static that's gone as quickly as it flickered up.

There is, briefly, a face visible on the screen, dark hair and dark eyes and brows knit together in an expression puzzlement and concern. Then the feed flips around again and starts panning around the area in a slow sweep, handled in the same way someone might a handheld camera. It's both too familiar and too surreal, and he fumbles at the last second, dropping the angle so the network instead gets a lovely view of scuffed sneakers crunching through a patina of fallen leaves.]

So seasonal change sure is a thing. Like, really a thing. Place doesn't mess around.

[His tone is dry, the words drawn out with a slow, weary indolence. He doesn't seem to realize he's actively broadcasting at the moment. He's just taking video in the same way - how Jay would, and even now the memory is painful and sends a pang of regret thrumming all the way to his bones. It's just such an easy, obvious reflex. Practically instinctive.

The crunching of his footsteps halts abruptly as something seems to occur to him.]

So I can post now instead of reply, is that it? Wait, why now? What makes this so -

[The feed snaps out, evidently by mistake.]
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[The video swings back and forth to the rhythm of Max's footsteps. Sticks crunch underfoot and golden rays filters in through the forest canopy, coating the ground in dappled morning light. It's not quite autumn, Max's favorite time of the year- the green forest stretches on into the distance, no trace left of the party that had been in full swing only the night before.

The video turns this way and that as Max scans the forest, apparently trying to find one specific area. Having chosen a direction, she then continues walking, the camera jerking up and down slightly as she does so.]

I think this is near where I first woke up in Wonderland. We're all familiar with what that's like: wowser, enchanted forest, big fancy mansion over yonder, etcetera etcetera. [The words are light, but Max's tone is strained, tight; reminiscing but also purposeful and laden with restrained emotion.] I stumbled through here- I think this was it. And- and standing over there- [She points the camera out of the forest now, where far away the mansion looms. The smaller second mansion is partially obscured behind it.] was Alex Kralie. Right where the trees end, big flashlight pointed right at my face.

[The video becomes still as Max stops walking.] It was winter and I was soaked, and he didn't offer me his coat. He's not what you'd call a good Samaritan. [She sits now, and lays her device next to her, the camera pointed at the forest ceiling. Blue sky, clouds, and sunlight peek here and there from between the leaves. Max lets out a long sigh, self-conscious about speaking for so long to an audience. But this... Wonderland needs to hear this.]

...So I dunno how it happened, but he ended up being my first friend here. And one of my best friends. And... and now he's gone.

[A wind rustles through the trees, blowing away a stray leaf here and there. Max gets into her stride and keeps talking, her voice becoming softer now and then as she shifts position.]

I'm not sure how much he ever told anyone, but home for him is a pretty screwed up place. He's... He was going through a lot. Everyone here is, right? [Max has always noticed that, at least.] And believe me, I know that he could be a total ass about it. Or just... in general. But that's because he wasn't okay. And he needed help, but... didn't know how to ask for it, or accept it even. Like I think... somehow he knew he was going home. And he never told anyone... or, or me. But what I- I liked about him was that he- he was never... selfish about it. He never did anything just because he wanted to... in fact, a lo- lot of the time, he didn't want to. But he felt... like he needed to. A-and that, you know, to give up the things you w-want or love, and-... and even yourself, because I think toward the end he was sort of... of letting go... that's... hella brave.

[A short pause here as she drags in a shaking breath.]

I just... wish he'd told me. And I w-wish that I... knew how to- to help him. Be- because he needed it and- and I- he-... w-we never got to shoot off fireworks like he w-... wanted.

[Another shaky breath.]

W-wonderland doesn't make much sense. And it's so- so cruel to send him home. I don't... I don't get why he was even here. Why he was even... fuck...

[She jams some sort of jewel in front of the camera, and her hand shakes as she holds it.] Someone- someone has to tell me what the f- fuck this is, because goddammit Alex this is the worst fucking goodbye gift!

[She drops it and fumbles with the camera to turn it off, though it catches one last, shaking mumble, followed by a sniff.] A-asshole!
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[Trish is outside with her back to the mansion at the moment. She's looking quite dressed up and speaking like she's got somewhere to be.]

Listen up. I know there's a lot of parties going on right now, but I think we can all agree that they're just okay, right?

Fortunately for you guys, Giorno and I are here for you and we know how to throw an amazing party because we understand that good parties need lots and lots of two things: style and alcohol. We happen to have both of those things in abundance.

So, if you're sick of the heart themes and the sub-par food, I suggest you come on out towards the edge of the woods. The party goes until the last person leaves and you can help yourself to as much food and wine as you'd like. Hell, take some with you before you go.

[Trish smiles and she looks almost downright devious.]

We've also got a karaoke stage and trust me when I say, we've definitely got your song. Even if you don't know which one that happens to be just yet, we've got it.

[She starts to make the motion to end the message, but stops abruptly.]

Oh, and come dressed to the nines. It's gonna be your night and your time to shine, so look the part, alright? If you need any tips or advice on what to wear, I can help you out. Giorno might even pitch in his opinion, too, if he's not too busy with the finishing touches.
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[If you happen to be awake during the early hours when anybody in their right mind would be sleeping a sharp thud manages to turn on the signal of Dean's device. There's no words, instead just a few good seconds worth of music. It isn't much, almost a full minute because that's all it takes for Dean to realize the phone is on the floor recording audio.]

... Aw, Crap.
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[When the video feed starts, Chloe is standing in the middle of her room, dressed in her ghost-makeshift costume. She sees herself in the mirror.]

Shit. Sorry, I forgot I was still wearing this. Hold on.

[She places her device on her bed while she removes her costume. The video captures the stuff on her bed, like a bowl filled with clear liquid, a few empty bottles and a bunch of the homemade gummy bears she and Max worked on earlier today.

Chloe picks up the device again and this time, she's no longer wearing a bedsheet. Her blue hair is slightly disheveled from removing her costume.]

Hey everybody. A lot of people don't know me-- and those who do might have forgotten about me because I've been kinda MIA over the past few months-- but my name's Chloe.

I heard this new event in Wonderland is coming up-- Summerween.

[Chloe makes a face.]

And even though the name is pretty... disgusting, free candy is always cool so I decided to join in the fun.

Before Max and I start going around trick-or-treating ourselves, I'll be in my room on the 3rd floor, giving out some special gummy bears.

[She points the device at the stuff on her bed.]

I'm already prepping the ingredients. Max and I made gummy bears in the kitchen although she doesn't know I smuggled a few packs on the way out. The bowl is filled with vodka by the way, in case you're wondering.

[Chloe points the device at her again.]

In a few minutes, I'll be rolling out some booze-flavored gummy bears so to those who want some, you can just knock on Room 308. Better get some now because I don't think Max is gonna let me take more of the gummy bears when she finds out what I'm planning to do with them.

[She chuckles then winks at the camera.]

Sorry Max. I just couldn't resist. Anyway, to everyone else, see y'all soon and happy trick-or-treating!
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[He's going to regret this. He already knows he's going to regret this. But he has questions, and he's not exactly sure who to go to. Not his moms, not...anyone who would tell his moms, probably? He's going to regret this.]

So. Hi, Wonderland. Good afternoon.


I just...I had a question. So. Here it goes. My question.

How do you
I mean, when you want to know what or how, or
I mean

[Stop saying 'I mean,' Henry.]

Girls. Girls and the things that make them girls.
When do you get to see those things?

[Oh, man. He's going to have a panic attack over girls and boobs.]

I'm not trying to. I mean I just. How does anyone ever get to see them if you're also trying to be respectful?

[This is all Kenzi's fault.]
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[ Some people, when they first come to a brand new place, like to introduce themselves. They maybe get to know people, socialize and make friends or at least make nice with those who have been around longer — you know, that sort of thing.

And then there's this guy.

Tell me you have a clinic here.

Or a bar.

I'm not picky at the moment.

[ There's a newcomer wandering the halls of the mansion today, the brim of his baseball cap tipped low, body language cagey at best. He's doing his best to keep his head down and his hands firmly in his coat pockets — except for when he's got his device out and is tapping out messages to post to the network rapidly. It isn't long before he comes to a stop at the stairs between the fourth and fifth floor, lifting a hand to rub at his temple idly as he lowers himself down to sit for a moment.

He seems tired — exasperated, almost, but run down more than anything else. And if he happens to bear a resemblence to another recent arrival, well. That's probably entirely coincidental. Probably.
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[It's probably a silly instinctive thought to have because the danger has obviously passed and she knows Giorno and Mista would never let anything happen to her, but Trish can't help but jump to the obvious conclusion that this has something to do with Stands. How the hell else is she supposed to explain this? She decides, in the end, to keep it as a possibility, but not as a definitive. She'll just have to see what answers she can get out of the people here.]

[So when the feed flicks on, it's a pink-haired girl who seems completely nonplussed by the whole situation. Perhaps even like she's got her nose up in the air a little as she sits there with folded arms.]

The name's Trish Una. I'm sure you guys are sick of answering questions, but you haven't answered my questions. We'll start with the basics: what does a girl have to know about this place to survive?

I'll leave that open to interpretation, but don't waste my time with asinine answers.


Jun. 15th, 2016 12:30 am
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Dear Wonderland.

[She says it like she's starting a letter. To all of you Wonderland girls and guys! She's obviously in her room, the wall of pasted-on Polaroid photos behind her, with softly lit lanterns hanging across the surface on thin wires. It's late at night- or rather, it's the wee hours of the morning. Max has no idea how much the old midnight gang of insomniacs still prowls around the network. She used to be pretty active at this time- not so much anymore.]

This is gonna sound kinda weird, but I swear I'm not off my rocker. Maybe groggy and craving for food, but not crazy.

[ Come on Max, stop embarrassing yourself on the network!]

I was just thinking that I would've graduated by now, since it's June. I'd probably be scrambling to find some sort of arts college that I can afford or that I can even get into. [Or not. Spending a year traveling and taking photos sounds great, too, but college seems pretty important.] And it sucks that I don't have school here.

But... obviously a lot of things suck about Wonderland. Nutso mirrors, certain newbies showing up, all kinds of scary mystery type stuff, nasty events. I mean, sometimes it's... just shit. [Like the past few days, for a lot of people. The network's been full of downers. Her brow furrows as she looks to the side, and her mouth curves into a slight frown.] And I'm sure some of us are bringing in a ton of messed up baggage from back home, too.

[She holds up a stack of instant photos, maybe seven or eight. She angles the stack sideways, so only the sides can be seen by the camera. The girl's still a little too shy to show the actual images.] But see this? Each one's a photo of a... a friend I've made here. People I could actually hang out with. [She waves the little stack at the screen, preparing herself for this next admission.] That's more friends than I had- have in my school.

So yeah, Wonderland totally bombs sometimes. But there's some pretty good stuff going on, too. And I know this is gonna be really hard right now, but I want to hear it- what's something you're super grateful for? Something you might never have had if you hadn't fallen down the rabbit hole? [She tries to make it sound like it's fun challenge, smiling timidly at the screen.] Cuz I'm sure you could name at least three things.

[[OOC: After the post, she leaves her room to roam around the mansion, phone light in hand. Feel free to bump into her wherever! Also, she'll be replying to all responses, even the ones after sunrise.]]
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[After months of attempted planning (most of which was frequently cast to the wayside in favour of dealing with whatever fresh Hell decided to make itself known to them all) Evelyn has come to the conclusion that there will never be a "Good Time," and has therefore decided that with that being the case, it is simply easier to set what she likes, when she likes.

This is all a very runabout way of saying that Evelyn has politely asked the Mansion - which, as we all now know, is practically sentient - to deliver the following invitation to everyone's door:

[Intangible* attachments have also been forwarded to each resident, supplemented by the following transmission:]

I'm holding a fête this Friday evening - there isn't a particular time for required attendance, it should be ongoing for several hours after dinner - and I should like as many parties as available to come. It is themed, as there are a number of us here from time periods before 1950, so appropriate attire is encouraged, but not mandated.

[This is in part due to a withering homesickness that Wonderland itself has been unable to satisfy.]

Kindly respond if you do plan to join, and I hope to see you all on Friday.

[*Evelyn is having a difficult time remembering to call them "digital."]
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( this is far from his first "event" in Wonderland, but somehow that doesn't make it any easier. he's seen a lot of demented creatures in his lifetime, that simply happens when you're as old as he is. he's not interested in sticking around to let them gnaw on him, and he's got a very good escape route to get away from the madness. )

Listen. I don't know what these things are, but I'm willing to bet they can't swim. If you can get to the docks, we're taking off in under an hour.

( he doesn't know most of the people trapped here, but he's not heartless. his ship could get rather cramped, but when it's life or death on the line, he'll take anyone who wants the shelter. )

If you damage my ship you'll be fixing it yourself. Worry less about what you're bringing and more about getting here safely.

( that's it, that's the message; he probably won't talk too much to anyone that responds, other than to answer questions. )

When the man says an hour, he really means it. As soon as everyone pertinent is aboard, including some individuals he wasn't exactly expecting (a friend of the people he cared about was good enough to grant passage), the ship sets sail. It's easier to get The Jolly Roger moving when there's more than just one person running about her decks. Don't know how to sail? Well, get ready for a crash course lesson, because all hands on deck.

After that, it's more or less a waiting game. There's a barrier to protect the ship and after that, it's up to the people aboard to keep themselves entertained. There's more food than one would expect, between the pirate and the stores people brought along. One can expect to eat, though perhaps not eat well. When it's survival on the line, though, do you have any room to complain?

There's not a great deal to keep one entertained, though. There are hammocks to sleep in in the crew quarters, a deck to walk and places to explore. The captain's quarters are very much so off limits and if he finds you there he'll be displeased. There are a few games, trinkets, things here or there. Maybe you can get some lessons in sailing or swordsmanship while you're aboard... Make the most of it, because it's hard telling how long you'll be stuck on the steadily rocking decks.

( ooc: use this post as desired for ship shenanigans! if you want the pirate involved in an action, please say so in the title! otherwise use it as an open to interact with each other as you see fit. )
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[It's hard to trace exactly how Max got where she is now. Very early in the morning, in the cold dark, they'd heard some noise (distant, formless moaning) and gone to investigate. But they stopped somewhere on the first floor when they saw far in the distance some kind of... shapeless growth. When the air further down the corridor seemed thick with some sort of gas.

And when the distant moaning turned into rabid, strangled growls.]

Cut for length )

[[OOC: Replies will be from Max or Chloe, or both. Posting this 12:00mn EST because we're just so excited! :O]]


Apr. 5th, 2016 11:11 pm
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Alright, how many of us got roped into taking care of a cat?

[Us, because there's a sweet little kitten climbing up her arm. Black fur, bright eyes, and an obvious talent for clinging to her new owner. The cat seemed familiar in a way Emma couldn't walk away from. Maybe it was because she needed a home, maybe it was because she's clearly a troublemaker covered in fluff.

Only time will tell whether or not it was a good idea. She's still wondering how Henry's dog will respond to her, and whether or not this is going to be the disaster Emma thinks it could be.

The sad eyes got to her; the truth is, they work every time.]

And what did you name it?
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So many feelings, so much more trouble than they're worth.

[It's bad enough to have to feel them to their full effect, to have to deal with her own, but to be able to sense and hear and see what goes on inside the heads and hearts of others, to have emotions beating down on her from all sides-- it's too much, too much on any normal day and certainly too much more, with everything amplified, everything brighter and louder and so much more than it should be.

And so Wanda has turned her own off, an attempt at gaining peace of mind, and in a way, it's-- incredibly freeing.]

It is so much quieter with them gone. No more worries, no more pain. No fear, no grief, no hysterics.

[She's seen the messages that have come through on the network over the weekend, some excited, some distressed, but all seemingly exhausting in their own right.]

Take advantage while you can. This will not last forever, but for a time, you can save yourselves the trouble. Still, for those who have chosen to hold onto their emotions regardless, I cannot help but be curious. Why?

[The question is honest, rather than condescending: inquiring minds want to know.]
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[Chloe is pacing in her room. There's blood on her bed sheets but it isn't hers. She can't keep still, she can't think straight.

If I ever find out who this son of a bitch is, I'm gonna put a bullet in his head.

She told her she was going to protect her. She told her she was going to save her.

No. Fucking. Way.

Chloe will save her and make whoever did this to her pay.

There's also blood in her fingertips. And it gets on her phone as she picks it up to send a text--

No, wait. A video's gonna be faster.

She turns on the front camera of her phone and starts recording. She's in her usual outfit-- leather jacket, white top with her bullet necklace. Her eyebrows meet in the middle as she starts to speak-- practically shout-- in the recording.]

Bitches, I fucking need a doctor right now. My best friend got stabbed by some motherfucker in this hell hole and she's bleeding badly.

[She shows the stained bed sheets before continuing. This time she is shouting.]

And to whoever hurt her, you bastard I'm gonna come for you. I. Will. Fucking. Come. For. You.

[The video ends, but not before Chloe can show everyone her middle finger.]
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[River has done everything you are supposed to do. She has wandered the grounds, played with the fish, admired the flowers, then suddenly took notice of the giant mansion that had been looming at the corner of her eye the entire time. She then dutifully entered and took a long walk straight to an empty room. Because that's what she's supposed to do.

It's then that she addresses the communicator that's been in her hand the whole time.

everyone gets bored always saying the same things
i got told i wont wake up and this planets in a corner of the verse no one can reach
no need to threaten anyone

[She pauses to gather her thoughts. There are a lot of them and some of them aren't hers and those ones are making her brain itchy. She's trying her best to be clear.]

people say strange things that have nothing to do with this place
but thats only as important as you make it
whats important is

[What is important? River is not sure she even knows. She scratches at her head and continues.]

too empty for a place thats full
wish i was lost

[That's enough for now. She hits send and leaves the room, and sets off wandering the mansion the way she did the grounds. Her footsteps are heavy in their big combat boots, but she gives a kind of grace to it regardless. She can be found anywhere, looking very lost with big confused eyes that stare like she's constantly in the headlights. She pointedly avoids the labs and the clinic, but has no qualms stepping into, say, the bar or the magic study, although she has no place in either. She touches things a lot.]
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[For the first few moments of the video, all that's visible is what looks like a little makeshift shooting range set up outside. It's the kind a kid who just got a BB gun for Christmas would set up, just a rail with some cans and bottle set up along it. Someone shoots down three bottles off the display, then John moves the camera to show his face. He looks like he hasn't slept in days and then got run over by a truck.]

Okay, here's the deal. It's pretty obvious by now that this place is a goddamn death trap just waiting to snap. And too many people are showing up unprepared. [In his humble opinion.] So, I'm gonna be offering free shooting lessons to anyone under 18. If you're over 18, you gotta provide your own weapon, but I'll take you.

[He's more worried about the kids, truth be told. Adults, they, but minors are...well. He's spent too long hunting to let kids just go on unprepared for things coming at them. It's not fair.]

There's one catch. You gotta prove to me that you're not gonna be stupid enough to blast a hole in your own foot before you can hit a target.

[That's fair, he thinks. He's not going to just put guns in kids' hands. Right away. Even Dean was seven before he let him shoot a real gun.]

And bring your own bullets.


Mar. 7th, 2016 01:43 pm
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[ The comm is propped up against a paint can, and Sharon sits in front of it. Her hair is askew; tendrils have escaped from her ponytail. Wet trails testify to not only how much dust is on her face, but also how much she's sweated.

Sharon Carter does not admit defeat often, but when she does, it's because she's in over her head. Disastrously in over her head. ]

So. [ Her voice is tired. She wipes her forehead with a forearm, leaves a smudge in its wake. ] I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to get some training sessions off the ground. There was enough interest that I realized we would need a bigger space than the gym.

There were some rooms available on the first floor that I've taken over. And that's where the problem came in.

[ She leans forward and tilts the feed toward a hole in the wall. A sledgehammer rests against part of the wall that hasn't been knocked out. She turns the feed back toward herself and blows some hair out of her face. ]

I don't suppose there are any construction people here.


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