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[It would be difficult to say where the Cat is exactly, since the scene is simply of the ceiling and him standing on it.]

You'd best get started on your way up. But don't linger. No, it would be too dangerous.

[The Cat lowers itself, settling down with its paws tucked, eyes closed. It almost seems like it's smiling, but it would be hard to tell, it being a Cat and all. Either way, it certainly looks smug as it sits there, its tail dangling in the air. Its twitching just a little at the tip.]

No matter how high you climb, they'll still be there. Waiting.
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[Replies to this are CLOSED, please see OOC note at the bottom of the post!]

In the wake of our most recent event and regarding the fate of those who lose their fifth life, I would like to propose a new series of data collection on mansion residents. It is my opinion that the instatement of a “death watch” - that is, an archival record of extant resident deaths that have occurred - should be created and maintained, and would serve as a valuable resource for the protection of those who are at risk.

[This is the difficult part: persuading people to share this sort of thing about themselves, knowing what it does to others and how it can hurt, is no easy task. She believed as much when she first spoke with Shepard on the subject, and believes the same now. Evelyn herself does not like to offer personal information unless asked, but knows the burden of carrying that suffering on one's own and how easily an environment can fall to fear.]

I understand that this is very private, very personal information. I understand it is traumatic, and not something that many people want to share. Therefore it is incumbent upon me to stress the critical severity of this situation, and assure you that you are not alone.

I myself have lost four lives here.

In disclosing as much, I hope that others can be swayed to believe in the efficacy of this database, and would urge residents to volunteer their respective death tolls to build the record. Residents who submit information to the watch on their numbers may do so to me privately, if there is concern about embarrassment or persecution from peers.

[It is a valid concern, and one which she has agonised over.]

Commander Shepard’s confirmation from the Queen of Hearts that those who are remade after their last demise are conscripted as spies is extremely troubling. Regardless of the veracity of the information given its source, we as unwilling residents do not have the luxury of allowing for that liability. For those concerned about their safety, I will be actively working with the commander, who is well-equipped to establish and manage security procedures once the record has been transcribed and analysed. This is a living document, and is expected to require additions over time.

I am aware that this is a drastic measure, but a measure worth taking. Please feel free to direct all responses and queries to myself and Commander Shepard.

[OOC NOTE: I realize this is a hot button issue as has generated a lot of replies, which is great! In order to keep myself sane, I'm going to have to cut it off here and request that no one else respond in this post. Messaging Evelyn's inbox is cool if you want to drop a line there instead, but replies will be slower there.

Anyone who did not get to respond in here before the cut-off, I'd really like you to at least drop a comment HERE if you believe your character would still share their information with her. Thank you for understanding!


Oct. 1st, 2017 03:34 pm
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Right so... Wonderland is so fucking great. I mean, the murder attempts, the zombies, the death traps, the mirrors. It's fucking great.

Oh, right. Yeah. Richie's gone. So, I don't know? Rocket and Clementine? Just thought you'd want to know. No more special pancakes then, Chloe. Thanks though.

If anyone needs me, I'll be drinking copious amounts of cheap whiskey and maybe going to the maze and blowing shit up.


Sep. 17th, 2017 11:05 pm
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[Given the background, Seth is obviously in Deux Lux. They're are lights behind him, a drink on the table in front of him, and he's leaning back in one of the booths.

And looking a bit perplexed.]

Right so, I'm the only paranoid bastard around here, I guess. Not that I got a creepy package from a secret admirer, but that's a good thing. I'd probably have left it on the doorstep.

[He probably would have soaked it in the tub and then shot it, if he is being honest.]

Because the way I see it, everyone talking RQ or some shit like that makes me wonder if the Wonder Twins from the other side of the mirror haven't been back. That went so well for me last time. About as well as it was for a few others too, I'm betting.

Maybe I need a tinfoil hat or something, but I'll keep with the idea that paranoia keeps you alive.


Sep. 16th, 2017 10:14 pm
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Apparently I'm not the only one who randomly got something today. As pretty as this is, it's not my style. Is anyone missing this?

[Daisy held up a blue pendant in front of the camera.]

Looks like it was hand made, not sure if the camera is really picking that up.

Also it looks like at least one other person received the note I did with mine. So my guess is someone, or something, is messing with other peoples belongings. Nothing of mine seems to be missing.
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[Dipper's sitting in his room, holding a red-wrapped piece of paper and looking very seriously at the camera.]

So, I just received a very interesting package–Mabel and I both did–I mean, we each received a different package, and… [He holds his up, then holds the note up to the camera.

It reads: In the search for something lost, do what you know you must. -RQ]

So clearly they're important, and I thought it'd be best if we open them nice and slowly and everyone can have a chance to see and weigh in, cause this is definitely a puzzle, and–

[–and Mabel shoves her way into frame violently, pushing Dipper aside and slamming a jar in front of the camera. The jar contains (1) blue eye that darts around in confusion at being jostled so savagely!! For a hot moment, Mabel does not care about that. She’s too busy looking a bit frantic.]

THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. This is the moment I’ve been training for since I first met Alice. [She balls a tiny hand into a fist.] I have one of her eyes, man. But that’s one more eye than I had before!

[She’s… definitely going at this with all the passion of a drill sergeant.] So my question is… Who’s got the other one? [SUSPICIOUS SQUINT. YOU BETTER NOT BE HIDING IT FROM HER. SHE WILL FIND YOU.

Dipper looks annoyed at the intrusion until he sees just what it is she has, at which point he looks shocked and amazed, one hand going to his head.]

Mabel, that's amazing! Oh my gosh, we have to find the other eyeball and figure out where the heck she hangs out when she's not announcing events… I'm going to get a clipboard!

[Whoops dashing offscreen now. There's a thump. Followed by an "I'm okay!" then another thump.

Mabel watches all of this with increasingly more pained flinches at Dipper tripping over everything, all while hugging the jar close to her chest.]
Um… We’ll be right back, guys.

[She flicks the camera off.]
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[if wynonna had any close friends here yet she might ask them but she doesn't so she's going to try that anon thing she's seen other people do and try to play it cool.

she'll probably fail and it'd be pretty easy to figure her out if you've talked to her and/or her boyfriend who is actually doc holliday enough

so. say you're dating someone who is kinda famous. like there's books written about them. and say you know something like their birthday from those books and not them. do you do something?

and if you do like what's the appropriate gesture here? cause i'm kinda at a loss.

[has she ever celebrated the birthday of someone she's "dated" before? her own birthday last year was....pretty bad between curtis dying and the curse triggering and waverly shooting at her so it's not even like she has a frame of reference to work on]

i mean maybe they never told me because they don't want to celebrate. but what if they're hurt they figured out i knew and didn't say anything?

i'm really shitty at this.

[being anonymous? being a girlfriend? not being obvious? a little of all three?

it's anyone's guess, but that's it, that's the post.

ooc: if you think your character could figure out who wrote this and/or who this is about and would call them on it, feel free to do so.
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[The Unknown isn’t exactly a normal place, so Beatrice isn’t a stranger to the… well, strange. However, she isn’t exactly a fan of new things. She likes to know everything that’s going on around her and she likes to know that she is in control of absolutely anything and everything. So, when she awoke to find herself in a strange oak tree in a strange forest facing a spooky mansion, she wasn’t exactly thrilled.

She flew erratically for a few minutes, screaming for help at the top of her lungs, before she started to calm herself down and really think. Where is she? Where is Wirt? She had “run” into him just moments ago (at least, flown into him). He’s gotten into the habit of leaving at the most inopportune times, she really needs to talk to him about that when she finds him.

Well, it’s more likely that she’ll find help in the creepy mansion than in the creepy (and also abandoned) forest. She flies to the door and realizes she can’t realistically lift a knocker (sometimes lacking arms and weighing only an ounce is really inconvenient), then starts frantically pecking at windows. Someone has to be around in this gigantic and creepy mansion, right? Hopefully they aren’t some weird people who eat bluebirds or… something else like that.

Wow, what Beatrice wouldn’t give for arms right now. She’s flying around, pecking randomly at windows and flapping her wings so hard she could create a small whirlwind. Finally, she finds an open window on the third floor and makes herself at home. She’s flying around the room, taking it all in, when the wall unit turns on all by itself. It manages to record her talking to herself like a madwomanbird.]

Okay, Beatrice, you can handle this. You’re just stuck in a creepy mansion in the middle of a completely unfamiliar forest where there is no escape. You’re probably going to die, but whatever, it’s not like life is that great anyway, death can’t be much worse. Oh well. That’s it, you’re going to die here, completely alone and hated by everyone who loves you. I’m sure when someone eventually DOES open that door, they will be some sort of deranged killer and they’ll try and bake you into a pie or something. Would bluebirds even taste good? WHY ARE YOU THINKING THIS NOW? I guess I could claw at their eyes?


Jul. 21st, 2017 03:01 pm
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[ After the past few events, Caitlin feels like they all could do with being a little more prepared. Or at least, they could do with knowing who to go to for certain issues. She's already well-aware of the scientific community in the mansion, but there are other fields, right? Others who can lend a hand with... anything.

So she's trying to appear very professional here, in her lab. With her lab coat on.

Hi! So, a while back, Claire made a post asking if there were any other medical professionals here. And given the flavor of the last few... [ how does she phrase this ] incidents, I thought it may be useful to get an idea of who can do what around here.

[ She waves a hand, as if to cut off the question. ]

And I'm not asking if you have any special powers or anything. Though if you do, kudos. Even more so if you're comfortable talking about and using yours. [ Cause she is decidedly not. ] Think more along the lines of skills. Talents. Things you have specialized training in. That kind of thing. This way, when things go a particular sort of pear-shaped, we may all have an idea of who can help.

[ And then she smiles nervously. ] Okay. That's all. Thanks!
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[The camera starts to find Seth standing by a window, staring out at the snow with a look that seems a mixture of disgust and frustration.]

I bet some of you think this is fun and enjoyable to, huh? Have at it. For those of us that would much rather we'd ended up on a Mexican beach like me, I'm going to be camped out by a fireplace with my newest play on a hot toddy and cards.

I see no point in stepping out that door until this is gone and over with.

[Awww, someone's cranky. Feel free to join him... or mock him.]
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( action » closed to rip hunter )
the last thing she remembers is an argument with chief thompson... )
( network » open text )
[ later, after she's been briefed and has (mercifully) located her own damned room: ]

Good evening -- I understand the mansion is undergoing a spot of upheaval at the moment, so I'll be brief. Can someone lend me some steady hands and a bit of medical experience? Actually, simple first aid will more than suffice.

It's not an emergency. Rather, I've got some bandages that need changing. Nothing too fussy: abdomen, off-centre, and on a wound that was a clean through-and-through. Unfortunately, those bandages are a challenge to change alone. Believe you me, it's hardly my ideal way to make anyone's acquaintance.

That said,
[ down to brass tacks, ] I'd love to know what's the cause behind the current havoc. My arrival -- quite unwilling, although I'm told that's the way of this place -- seems to also be spectacularly ill-timed. What on earth is happening?

[ even through text, the words are brusque an just a twinge demanding. ]
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[The door Dipper and Mabel are standing in front of might be familiar to people who have been here for a long time, or who are fond of walking around on the fourth floor and looking at doors. It reads Angel's Investigations. It's closed, and has been for a while. But the twins look excited.]

Hey, everyone! Dipper and Mabel, the last staff standing of Angel's Investigations here. As you may know by now, Angel and Faith are gone, leaving us in charge. We've been working on the best way to use the space for a little while now, and we're finally ready to open the doors of the new Angel's Investigations to the public!

[Mabel pulls a handful of confetti out of her pockets and throws it up in the air.] Boom! [And it falls back down, giving them both a nice smattering of confetti on their heads and shoulders. Yaaay.] We thought about changing the name, but we figured it would be disrespectful to Angel’s legacy and also Cordelia’s logo, which totally does look like a little old man with whiskers.


Dipper brushes confetti from his hair, then pushes open the door, revealing the office.

It looks a lot like it used to, the old hotel lobby feeling is still there, but there are several bookcases shoved up against walls, as well as several large conspiracy boards, white boards, and a projector.

Dipper beams as he walks in, panning the camera over all the additions.]

We're still investigating, but what we're specifically investigating is the Mysteries of Wonderland. I know, I know, who isn't doing that, right? But what we're specifically doing is consolidating research. I've made copies of all the notes in the library and started to try and organize it. It's… a process. But I think we might really be able to make some headway if we all work together!

[Mabel walks over to the desk chair and flops down on it, giving it a good spin.] So when stuff doesn’t add up or if you find some weird new clue about Wonderland, you can bring it to us, and Dipper’ll put it up on his mystery board, so we can all stare at it. [She stands up in the chair, which seems very dangerous, and gesticulates wildly.] Ooooh. So mysterious. So. Many. Questions~

Mabel! [Take this seriously Mabel, oh my god. Dipper shoots her a glare.] So. Uh. Yeah! Come on down. We're here to clue in the clueless!
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What the-

[ When Chloe appears on the network, she's cast largely in shadow and looks a little wet. Every few seconds she shivers, pretending like she isn't scared, but not bothering to hide that she's pissed. The signature stalactites of the underground caves can be made out above her, although at the moment, she is more interested in the device in her hand and whoever she may be speaking to. ]

Finally. This is Detective Chloe Decker of the LAPD. I just... found myself in this horror cave and I don't know how to get out. I don't know if this device is meant to communicate with whoever brought me here, but if it is, it would really be in your best interest to let me go.

[ As if this week couldn't have gotten any worse. Chloe feels like she just can't cut a break anymore, not that she ever really could before. ]

If anyone else sees this message... I need some help.


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