Aug. 1st, 2012 02:46 pm
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I definitely need to wait a lot longer before I'm ready to have kids. [She stretches her arms to one side.] I'm exhausted after that event. And I'd like to sleep, really, but- [She places bottles of beer as well as a huge jar of cookies on her desk.] I think I'd rather have some time to catch up with my friends, now that we're not so busy.

[She grins at the camera.] Just drop by my room.


Jun. 30th, 2012 08:25 pm
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[Elaine looks pale in the video. There's a thin layer of sweat over her skin, and her lips are hardly pink at all. She looks distracted, perhaps because of all the vegetation in the garden around her.]

Has anyone seen the deer that's going around? [Her voice is thin, almost wheezy.] It still looks pretty normal even after all of this. I only got a glimpse of it. [She seems to lose her train of thought for a moment.]

...I don't know what to make of this event.

[[OCC: Wheeew had to disappear there for a while, but I'm back! :D]]


Jun. 8th, 2012 07:54 am
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Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Evelyn Carnahan is requested to contact me at their earliest convenience. Preferably now.



Jun. 6th, 2012 04:15 pm
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[Lithuania has three stages of being drunk: Responsible, relaxed and brooding. The second one does not alst very long, and the last forever. You can meet him during the last two.]


[Lithuania is sitting in the kitchen, a glass with beer and one with vodka in front of him, and peers at them as if deciding which to drink first is the next question after the one about the life, the universe and everything else. He seems to be in a good mood.]


[He's still sitting in the kitchen, but now he is just drinking, staring at the table with an aura of gloom. Every once in a while he will mutter something in a voice too low for someone else to understand, but he's clearly in a mood of "everything is horrible and I will tell you about it if you get too close".]
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So like.

Does anyone else kinda feel like they wanna die?

'Cause oh, my God. I totally wasn't even drunk last night!

...Unless I forgot last night. What day is it?
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[Poland has quite obviously been introducing imps to his lancekind abstractus for some time; the area he's in is littered with grist, down to a little chunk of it stuck in his hair. He looks a little exhausted, but surprisingly energetic in spite of it, like he's having the time of his life. He's at a point in his life when invading Russia actually sounds like a fun way to kill a little time; while there are other nations who are more inherently warlike, a little fighting can get his blood pumping.]

So like, why are we fighting these things, anyway? For the stuff they drop? I've got like, a bajillion of these little dealies, but they still just kinda keep popping... up... everywhere...

[Miniboss fight! That's sure a lot of ogres... It doesn't occur to the Knight of Hope to be worried about it, naturally, but perhaps he could use a little hand?]
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[Minato is well aware that he's something of Page of Hope with particular powers, and while that was something he had to focus on or ponder more, he had been more occupied with mastering something else instead. Being God Tier (and in the appropriate attire) was helpful for the former, but more essential for the latter.

The view on the screen was all upside down for a very long time. Then it spun around just once like it had corkscrewed through the air. A few minutes later, scenes had passed by so fast it was hard to see, and came to a sudden stop. Minato had been holding onto his communication device the whole time as he flew with it, practicing this new aerial ability. He threw the comm device and flew to catch it before it hit the ground. This happened several times over. Somehow flying has become easier after experiencing it twice before with wings, although now it felt different without them.

Minato had been out in the checkerboard field near one of the rivers. Now the comm device was on the ground, on an edge where black met white, while he remained hovering beside it. Anyone passing by or seeing him could notice him laying around in the air, one leg crossed over the other, his mp3 player in hand as he was listening to music. He would fight off anything that wanted to battle him (being swordkind and sort of gunkind and--maybe Personakind?--is helpful too), but priorities first to flying and to his music.]
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[It didn't take Minato too much time to transport two small aquariums of blue-colored fish and a bouquet of blue flowers in a blue glass vase back to his room on the Third Floor. Room 100 on the First Floor was now empty, devoid of any sign of life now. Then the image cut out and turned to black.

The next and only image the camera of his communicator had picked up was not black, but a dark hue as Minato found himself laying on the Mansion roof looking up at the evening sky above. But the audio function had managed to capture his voice along with this melody from a silver music box he had wound up and opened to play.]

... Ayanami Rei has gone home.


Apr. 17th, 2012 12:28 am
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Wonderland goes a bit crazy for a few days, brings back the Jabberwocky, and then brings back the Queen of Hearts to deal with it. [She makes a waving movement with her hand out of pure exasperation, as though she's run out of words.] I feel like a... a little mouse that's being experimented on.

[Her shoulders slump, and she sort of mumbles for a moment.] It's not fair. I guess there are some people here who arrived after the Queen was sent away. She may have looked impressive waving that sword around, but she's bad news. A lot worse than the one in the book.

[She leans back in the chair of her room and folds her arms, her expression hardening.] And I didn't see my mirror at all during the event, which is bad news too.
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[Now that everything is settled and back to normal, Rapunzel seems a little nervous, but determined.]

Um...hello, everyone. This might sound kinda strange, but I can heal people, so...so if anybody's been hurt I can heal you!

I'm on the 10th floor, but I can move to where you are if you need me to.

[She plays with her hair a little bit before tentatively asking:]

Um, so...who was that person who killed the Jabberwocky, anyway?


Apr. 3rd, 2012 10:42 pm
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[Sherlock frowns into the video camera. His hair is a curly, untouched mess, he's not wearing a shirt, and--most note worthy of all--he seems to be a child. He adjusts the video for his new height which is substantially less than normal.]

Wonderland has really pulled out all the stops this time. How am I supposed to get a good aerial view of the areas if I'm too short to ride the Ferris wheel now? This is the worst.

[He drops his head on the desk with an over-dramatic thunk, nothing but messy curls and sunken shoulders to be seen anymore as he mopes.]

I don't want to be little anymore. I like being big. Will someone with magic come make me bigger so I can be the best again?

[He sighs, rolling his head to the side.]

This is the worst day in the history of deduction. The greatest event on record and I'm ten.

[With a long suffering sigh he hops down from the table and walks off screen, appearing again after he's grabbed a pirate hat and fake sword.]

If you need me, I'll be searching the shore for buried treasure. Otherwise, I'm indisposed.

[He grabs his device and shuts it off.]


Apr. 3rd, 2012 12:34 am
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Does anyone want to guess why my room is suddenly very... leafy?

[The video is blurry because it's having a hard time catching up with Elaine's speed- she's flying that fast, over the ocean. Far below the clear water are vague suggestions at an underwater city.] This isn't normal.

[After a quick patch of sandy beach, Elaine is soaring over a carnival. The sweep of her camera takes in the flashing lights and spinning rides.] I remember this. [She seems distracted for a moment, then the camera turns to face one of the Quidditch hoops. With a quick dive she darts through one of them, then climbs away in a sharp turn aimed toward the Mansion. The camera catches quick glances at Russian flags.]

[Elaine has to talk quickly over the wind and the occasionally flap of her wings.] And this looks Japanese. This area in front of and behind the Mansion. I remember this too. [The view focuses on a large Japanese garden before being obscured suddenly by the Mansion, as seen from above. This rushes past, to be replaced by the sudden night of the Japanese carnival.] Woah! [The view jostles slightly as Elaine twists amidst fireworks. She angles away sharply, picking a quick exit.]

[Briefly she passes over red gravel and rocks.] Mars... I was with Ganta. [Her tone makes it clear she's also seen this area before. She turns sharply again: there are bad memories from Mars. She was so young back then. The red ground is replaced by sandy dunes and a collection of tents. The air below roils with heat.] Hubb's event. I was blind. [Her tone is soft, almost muttering to herself, then falling silent for a few moments.]

[And then red roofs, and Elaine obviously slows as the camera's view hesitates then descends before she reaches the forest. She lands on one of the rooftops, gently, talking all the while.] So. I think it's safe to assume that all of these areas come from previous events. [She frowns at the screen.] What's Wonderland doing? Is this just random craziness, or is something big happening?


Mar. 12th, 2012 10:56 pm
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[George looks...off. She's usually pretty neutral, but this time when the video starts, it's clear she's not feeling her best. Not that she's sick, but, well.

It's been a rough few weeks.]

Do you guys think there's any point to making friends here? I mean. It's not like we remember anyway.

And maybe it doesn't count as much.

Then again, we all die eventually in our own worlds, right? Well, most of us, anyway. But maybe that means there's no point to making friends ever.

[She looks self consciously away, eyes blinking uncomfortably.]

I...I don't know why I did this. Never mind.

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[There is now a white wolf being broadcasted on the network. She's out in the halls with a few pots of different colored paints nearby. She's painting something with her tail, and when she's finished, she stares at it for a couple minutes. Ammy whines softly before lying down, ears drooping slightly.

Ammy misses her friend terribly.]
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[ Today's video feed is brought to you live and in colour from your local library by a Philip surrounded by notes and books. ]

Erm... so I've been doing some research and I was wondering...

[ Philip clears his throat. ]

Does anybody actually know where this five death rumour comes from?

[ He flicks through his notes, tapping the desk in front of him with a pencil. ]

I'm almost positive most of us were told that, er, that you can "only" [ cue matching finger quotes ] die five times here, but nobody seems to have any idea what happens then and, erm... I can't find any records of that anywhere and--

[ He hesitates. ]

I guess I might has well ask, has anyone ever seen a fifth death? ...Or suffered one?

And while Philip waits for the answers to that, here's a little backdated something for one Dean Winchester. )
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[Minato's excuse for not being around much (while I was on hiatus!) is that he caught a bad cold after being out in the snow, and then spent the past couple weeks recovering in his room, doing his best to deal with the events on top of being unwell. But since everything seems to have returned to Wonderland's sense of normal now, Minato is outside yet again, but not with the intention to get sick once more, not that he had any intention to get sick in the first place.

But then again, he does have snow in his gloveless hands, balling up said snow and packing it together in order to make a snowman that is very reminiscent of a certain mischievous Persona by the name of Jack Frost. At least this time Minato's not sleeping in the snow and actually has a coat and scarf on as is appropriate for winter wear. Just no gloves. Those aren't helpful when it comes to precision with snowman building.

His mp3 player and headphones are resting on top of his comm device that began recording the sounds of the ocean waves and this song, faint and distant and the result of Minato having enough downtime to find new music while sick.

Minato brushed some of the snow and water from his hands before looking out at the sea.]

... A year doesn't feel like a fixed period of time anymore.


Feb. 23rd, 2012 07:36 pm
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I can't really tell if that last event was good or bad. Maybe a touch of both. [Fortunately for Elaine, months of forced maturity has taught her how to control facial expressions. Her body is just a resting place for her soul, the same as any other person- and her past trials have helped her on the way to mastering both. Her expression as she faces the camera is a pleasant smile. She is still telling the truth, of course.]

It definitely raises some interesting questions. The "what-ifs" and "maybes." [She leans back in her chair, revealing her room. It's plain and simple, almost exactly the same as an uninhabited room. The only nod toward life is the steaming mug of cocoa on her desk.] So here's an important one, out of curiosity:

Who's God to you? What's he like? And more importantly, who do you want him to be? [She takes a sip of the chocolate and grins at the hot flush it brings to her chest. She turns her smile to the camera again, eagerly waiting for answers.]
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[Ikari Rei doesn't know what to make of this new reality. It doesn't alarm her, but it doesn't make her happy either. She's stayed mostly because it's where she's found herself--it wouldn't be the first time she woke up in a strange reality, so she doesn't really even question it.

There are no Angels in this dream. No Evangelions, no Nerv, no fighting. She's a normal girl in her second year of middle school. In the evening, she sits around the table with her family, eating dinner made by her mother. Yui, her mother, sits across from her. Her father, Gendo, sits beside her. To her other side is her older brother, Shinji. They love her. Or they say so, and their smiles look real.

But they seem to be in tacit agreement that something's wrong with her. She isn't right somehow. She's too quiet, too blank, too antisocial.

But she's loved.

Maybe that's enough to justify staying.

She hasn't decided yet, but she's running out of time.]
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Mark goes to bed in February and wakes up in August. There's a tang of seasalt to the air, and the summer sun filters through the blinds to lay stripes on--yes--a bed wide enough for two. He's barely had time to take in his surroundings, much less to piece together their implications, when a small blonde cannonball pelts across the floor and hops up to the bed, all sharp elbows and bony knees.



Cut for domestic bliss and daughter angst )

OOC: Welcome to the no-daughternapping zone. As if I'd write anything else. Visitors are welcome to bother Mark at the Montauk house or at the nearby beach. The place you entered will be marked by a bright red light--a glow just outside a door or window, or just beneath the water's surface at the beach, out past the breakers. Amanda and Cindy, of course, won't be able to see it, but Mark certainly will, if you call his attention to it. It is also the exit point.
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[All over the mansion, John has been finding post it notes with poems like the following:

Dirty things. )
On his forehead when he wakes up. In his closet. In his cereal.In the boxers he was currently wearing. All in a surprisingly loving script, though some actually resemble John's own handwriting to a rather scary degree. Did Dave, like, hypnotize him or something? Somehow that's less creepy than knowing that Dave is that good at forging his handwriting...

But what is creepy either way is his sneaking suspicion that these things are all over the mansion. Where people who don't get Dave's special brand of humor might see them. John doesn't really want anybody to see the sonnets and villanelles Dave has been churning out in honor of his various body parts. It's kind of a private thing.

So, well, here goes nothing.]

hey guys uh.
if you find any post it notes today.
just burn them.
do that for me.
set them on fire.
don't even read them.
do whatever zuko does or throw a match at them.
i don't care.
just make sure there is fire involved.
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[Elaine arrives back in Wonderland, feeling strange to have a body again. She can't remember if the last time she had one was ages ago or just seconds, but in any case she's almost surprised at the intricacies of her hand, at the feeling of clothes pressed against her skin, and the bottom of her boots against her feet. It's not a feeling that lasts a long time- and to be honest, she doesn't know if she actually knew it was going to happen, or if it's just something she's rationalizing away. Of course it was going to happen...]

[And the weirdest thing is the chemical- hormonal- influx. Emotions pouring through her unbidden, less controlled. Fear welling up inside of her and butterflies in her stomach, and also recognition that she's been here before, on the Mansion's roof.]

[Anyone who's sensitive to supernatural things will notice that there's something new standing on the roof. Something definitely supernatural- Elaine. A Creator with a capital C... a Presence. Something human eyes weren't designed to see.]

[Although a few minutes later everyone can see her through her camera, a big teenage grin on her face and confusion glinting in her eyes, flushed cheeks. She tilts her head to one side.]

So, I'm back!


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