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[Kazuki, like nearly everyone else, is highly enjoying this event.]

[After pulling out his trumpet for a little outdoor practice, he found that the local wildlife also had a penchant for music. Now he has a tiny choir of birds, bears and fish all singing in harmony with his tune. This could literally occupy him for hours-- heck, maybe even the whole day. But he'd be more than happy to be interrupted all the same!]

[Anyone have any requests? This musician is here to entertain!]
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[The camera starts recording, from wherever the heck the Once-ler tossed his journal, and he's outside among the Truffula trees, in green work gloves. He's humming to himself, and there's an extra spring in his step as he reaches into the trees and takes tufts from the trees. He's been casually tossing them in a harvesting basket nearby.

Eventually though, he notices the little blinking red light, but it doesn't seem to bother him. He just waves, tufts and all.

Hey guys! Isn't this event great?

I can say with total confidence that this one's from whatever world me and the Lorax came from, and that it's probably not going to be trying to kill us any time soon. Which is awesome, because all that almost dying stuff was starting to get pretty old.

[Events aren't usually fun, but the Once-ler seems to be taking a lot of pride in the fact that his event isn't a terrible one.]

So, uh. Welcome to the Truffula Valley? Kick back, relax...oh! And buy some Thneeds! I've got a chance to actually be near the raw materials [He shakes the Truffula tuft at the camera.] so fully expect me to bigger my entire inventory. I'm in a pretty generous mood, so maybe I'll even throw in a Peaceful Event Discount!

[And with that, he goes back to humming and harvesting by hand (you're welcome, Mustache) until the camera shuts off on its own.]
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[ The network feed opens and Wonderland is treated to a whole lot of shaking video (apologies to those with motion sickness). When it finally stops, it stays on a crooked shot of a hallway and a girl. A girl who is looking particularly fed up and isn't even paying attention to the screen. Probably because to her it's nothing more than a bizarre and useless box. ]

Koubun! Are you here? Hello? [ The video starts to move back and forth as she walks-- no, stomps her way down the hall. Her assistant has a lot of explaining to do. Honestly, going to sleep and waking up without knowing how she got from point A to point B was something that was happening a little too often for the poor princess. ]


Apr. 8th, 2013 10:24 am
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[The video blurs at first, the picture turning and twisting between colors of blue and white as the owner of the device tries to figure out its workings. Finally the video clears and stills in an upright position - but maybe it would be better for all if it hadn't.

The face isn't a particularly scary one, but neither is it at all attractive. A whiny laugh accompanies the picture's clearing, sharp pointed teeth, an expansive white matted beard, and obscenely long nose are all suddenly visible. Ouch, yes, the view might physically hurt anyone with keen dislike for anything on the ugly or disgusting side of the scale.

There we go, there we go. All better now, huh? Though I'm not really sure who I'm talking to. [Faintly crazed laughter.] Maybe- oh, could it be? Has a princess finally kidnapped me for once? That must be it! Oh finally, I don't have to do all the work for a change! [His whining, scratchy voice almost cracks with anger on that last part, then immeditately softens.]

Oooookay, Princess. I'm ready to meeeet you! No need to be shy, I mean, I won't bite unless you ask me to.

[One eyebrow waggles. Yes, yes it does. He's old enough to be most individuals ancestors and he's implying- yes, yes he is.]


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