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[ The device is easy enough to figure out, and in fact, she's grateful for some piece of tech that's familiar to her. Trapped in some strange portal dimension, she could have been stuck with only an antiquated rotary phone to communicate, or...telegrams. Though, being transported back in time might have at least been somewhat interesting. Being here in actual Wonderland is just insane. ]

I've gathered that there a lot of other people trapped here, too, so I'm totally including you in all of this when I say - if we had to get stuck somewhere, did it really have to be Wonderland? Couldn't whatever grabbed us from home have dumped us - I don't know - on a beach somewhere?

Is that too much to ask?

[ Overall, she's adjusting to this fairly well for right now. Because of course, of course this is her life now. Finally take down Sandstorm, feeling like she can catch her breath at last, and before she can fully lift her head above water and enjoy life again, she's dumped here. ]

Is everyone...okay? Anyone out there hearing this - did you just get here, too, or have you been here a while?

And I'm really - really hoping some of my team is here. Anyone. Please? I'll here in the lobby. Not moving. Hoping this is some really, really terrible dream. No more combining tequila and Doritos for me, seriously.
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So, while everyone's recovering from last month's bullshit here's an idea:
It's my brother's birthday: Sam Winchester. Maybe you've heard of him.
Looks like Sasquatch, dresses like Mr. Rogers.

He likes clowns, greasy food, and lingerie wrestling.

Anyone else looking to pitch in, you can leave open bottles of alcohol, barrettes, and scrunchies outside his room door for the next 24 hours. Whoever can get the most parked by the door jamb without him catching them, gets a favor, winner's choice. Proof or it didn't happen.

He's also a big fan of taxidermy and stetsons.
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[The video feed turns on, Turing is really close to the screen. The screen itself moves, as if they're adjusting it.]

There we go, the tablet should be steady now…

[Turing takes a step back and you can actually see them this time! They’re wearing a brown beret and a smudge of paint is on their right side of the system. Looks like they’ve been painting.]

Hello again, Wonderland. Adjusting to this place has been…difficult, although I have the feeling that this is a normal reaction to newcomers. I have taken a look at the network, specifically at previous network posts of people that are and were here, and it seems that this is the most common reaction for people just settling in. Nevertheless, I have tried to set a routine for myself. So, I’ve been painting again! I’ve missed doing it, and I’m both eager and anxious to show off a few of my pieces to the network.

I have so far created three pieces, two of which pertaining to the previous two events. I hope that you will be able to view these pieces with an open mind.

…oh, and I should also mention: don’t expect anything photorealistic. That’s too simple and not at all thought-provoking for me. I take a more abstract approach with my paintings. Without further ado…

[Turing starts to pull out three paintings.] )
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[Winter was now over and spring had just started. Minato kind of missed the snow, but at least the weather was cool and comfortable instead of being too cold. For a change of pace as he wandered outside, now that the space event was over, he decided to head to the Checkerboard Hills. He hadn't been there often. It was time to check it out again.

That is, if checking it out meant doing a once-over on the checkered patterns from dark to light, then ending up laying in one of the darker square patches, his comm device off to the side as he looked up at the sky.

It's spring here and spring at home. School would be starting again, if he were there and time progressed.

Were these questions even fair? Did he have too much time on his hands, playing around with or thinking about 'what if' in a place that may make him forget his existence here at all?]

..... Would you rather be dead at home or alive here?
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[It hits her when she's sitting in one of the space bars, staring out at the stars and marveling at the newness of it all. It's very rare that there's something that takes her so completely by surprise that she almost forgets the monumental occasion that this day is.

It's been a year. A year, without trying to shove as much life into it as she can, a year that doesn't end with the weight of her aunt's spell crashing down around her and claiming her consciousness with it. A year that wasn't an end so much as it was a beginning.

A year that didn't end in sleep, for her at least, is a rare one indeed.

So she intends to celebrate, and by celebrate, she means drink and talk to the rest of the Wonderland residents. The video feed clicks on to Freya's pretty face and she rests her chin in her hands.]

So. As of today, I have present in Wonderland for a full year. Which, while I know is small in comparison to some of the residents here, is actually quite the accomplishment for me. It's been a long time since I've seen longer than a year anywhere.

[She nods once with a smile.]

Therefore, I have a question for you, Wonderland. If you only hand one year before the world as you knew it completely and irreversibly changed, what would you with that year? It could be anything you want - no limitations.

Call me ... curious.

[And with that, she will sit back with her drink and wait for responses.]

3 - text

Apr. 1st, 2017 08:36 pm
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[It's not that he hasn't learned how to use video by now, it's just that he's... still a little awkward about presenting himself to the public. But something like this - something that was so absolutely impossible back home - it's enough to pull him out of hiding.]

This is space.

[Maybe it's some kind of illusion of Wonderland's. Maybe it's not real. But...]

it's really space isn't it

[It's impossible. Cid couldn't do it, not without really, really trying. ShinRa couldn't do it - or as much as they cared about it, anyway. It wasn't possible. Things like space don't just happen.]

it's not fair. i shouldn't be the one to



Jan. 19th, 2017 11:21 am
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has anyone ever attempted to shut down travel by dimensional tear or portal or what might be referred to as some meta-physical means within wonderland or without it?

degree of success is unimportant-- i'm looking for anything pertaining to travel into wonderland, out of it, within it, to the mirror side, etc.

data is good, personal accounts are better. if you've gone to the mirror side (during a time where not everyone was invited over en masse) and are willing to offer information about your experience, that could be helpful as well.
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[Sam knows this isn't a dream, he doesn't have the imagination for it. What he doesn't know is where the hell he is and if anybody from home is here, too. He should play it cool right? Yeah, he should play it cool.]

So, I'm lookin' for a guy, well three guys. One's always on my left.

[Nice. Kinda cryptic, too. He's not much of a spy, but it might be enough to make Nat proud.]

The second guy's real small and no fun at picnics. [Even better.] Third, uh, likes birds? Might've been a bird at some point, it's hard to tell.

[There's a pause. He's gotten off track.]

And there's a girl. Sweet, has an accent, could kick your ass if she thought about it long enough. If anyone has any idea what I'm talking about, cause I sure don't, hit me up.

[Here's to hoping they can crack that code.]
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[ it took her forever to hit send on this one, agonizing over whether or not she really wanted to hear the myriad of potential responses. she talked to bonnie (and to some degree, daenerys) about it last month, but there's a part of her that's curious -- that wants to know where the rest of the mansion stands. ]

i'm not homesick.
i'd like to find a way out, but i don't really want to go home.
is that bad?
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[When the broadcast starts, it goes from silence to the immediate noise of two people screaming, punctuated by the sound of laser gunshots and mechanical whirring. It seems the device is on a side-table, giving a flat view of Ford and Alphys… perched on another table. Alphys is curled up, hands over her head, looking incredibly distressed, while Ford seems to be shooting at something off-camera.]

Oh m-my god, oh my god, we’re going to d-die here, I’m so s-sorry, I didn’t know they were all going to start...

Don’t worry! I happen to have excellent aim.

[All of a sudden, something takes a flying leap up onto the table, and Alphys yells as Ford shoots it down. The ensuing shot causes the device to fall over, revealing the floor is absolutely covered in knife wielding box tentacles, some with multiple arms, some with multiple knives, all running over each other and stabbing the floor, themselves, and the table. Alphys is still yelling. Ford is still shooting. It looks like an absolute catastrophe.]

Maybe we shouldn’t have prototyped them with the basic ability to learn--

Well it w-would have been fine if it was just, y-you know, one of them! They weren’t all supposed to turn on at the same time!

[Suddenly, Alphys turns her head and seems to notice the device, turning herself around and reaching out to grab it, bringing it in close to her and Ford.]

Uh, t-this is totally under control! No need to panic! I d-don’t, uhm, know how long this has been broadcasting, but, it’s f-fine! … And m-maybe don’t come to Ford’s room for, uhm, a little bit, for uh. Reasons.

Is that thing on? Uh, I mean-- Yes! Everything is absolutely, 100% under control. There is no need to worry about anythi-- [Ford cuts himself off and hisses.] Watch out, Alphys! I think it just tasted my blood!!

Oh g-god please don’t let that do anything new.

[And the device blinks off, cutting out the mechanical whirring sounds with it.]
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Greetings. I am Legion, a terminal of the Geth.

During the event, I encountered several individuals I had not met previously. As the nature of the event may make it difficult to identify those with whom I interacted, I would appreciate they identify themselves.

In addition, I am curious about efforts to research and document the properties of this location.

02; text

Oct. 9th, 2016 02:51 am
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[ it's been a strange few days since the end of the hogwarts experience and tali has been uncharacteristically keeping to herself, quiet when she usually isn't. working on projects, she might insist, or just catching up on sleep. she is tinkering and sleeping more than anything else, but only because she has a lot on her mind and bringing it up unprompted is difficult. eventually, she goes to the network: ]

I knew that Wonderland could alter memories or abilities, but I didn't think that changing who you are entirely as a physical person was possible. Goes to show how much I know about this place, I guess. Or how little Wonderland expected me to be able to fit in as an alien witch. Who knows. It might have been fun.

I'm curious now: what is the strangest thing that's happened to you during one of Wonderland's little fits of reality bending? Tell me your best stories.

Oh and if anyone made friends with a Ravenclaw whose face isn't familiar now, it might have been mine. Let me know.
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'Sup! For those who have no clue who I am, the name's Darcy and I'm gonna try to keep this short and super sweet. [ Guess who thinks she's super clever right now. Guess, just guess. ] The coffee shop is going to be celebrating its two year anniversary next month and normally, I'd have held off on making a big stink out of it... But, with the whole clue party and explosion of people I figured I'd just get things going a little early.

[ Because she remembers what happened the last time there were clues given around the mansion to find a thing: she died. Guess who's not all that keen on repeating that, especially in the coffee shop. This girl. BUT the show must go on and honestly, she'd rather keep the place packed thanks to the sudden influx of people - better chance of not letting history repeat itself.

And without missing a beat, she begins a virtual tour of the changes to the coffee shop. ]
We now have a tea wall! [ You're welcome, Bruce. ] And a wall of various flavors of beans with some little customizable keurig cup doodads to use at the keurig station. There are even little mini grinder things for the beans if espresso isn't your thing and you're more of a straight up coffee person. [ Also, they were hella cute and ok she might have gone a little overboard. You're welcome. ]

There're also gonna be various treats and sandwiches and things throughout the next two months. And because of my actual job -- [ Can she even call it that if it's more of a lifestyle than a job? ] There are some nerdy space themed treats available for all you science lovers. [ Is that everything? Wait. ] Oh! Also, everyone block out your calendars for October 13th since that's the actual 2 year mark. [ And her 2 1/2. ] So actual party of some sort then, I think. Stop on by if you're bored or need a brain boost for the riddles, lots of table space. I can also spike almost anything for those of you old enough to imbibe because why not. [ #yolo. Yes, she totally popped the b on imbibe because it's such a great word, everyone should use it more. ]

So come hang out, we're on the first floor next to the gym. We don't really have like, set hours... So yeah. Hope to see you soon, bye!


Aug. 3rd, 2016 09:58 am
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[ When the video feed goes live, it focuses in on a man some may have seen skulking around the mansion over the past month or so, wearing a long black coat and a baseball cap that helpfully ("helpfully") obscures some of his face. There's a long stretch of silence at first as he shifts uncomfortably. And then, he reaches up and pulls off his cap, running a hand through his hair. Some residents who have been in the mansion for at least a few months may recognize him from a previous feed, though something seems . . . different. Off.

He clears his throat before he speaks.

I didn't properly introduce myself before. [ A beat. His eyes flick away from the camera for a brief second before he fixes his attention back on it directly. ] My name is Harrison Wells.

[ At that, Harrison reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pair of glasses, sliding them on before crossing his arms. A soft huff escapes his lips. He'd been over what he was going to say already, and the words were still hard to find. Speeches about tech to an audience that ate up every last syllable were easy; a brief statement about himself was another beast entirely. His words are clipped, like he's choosing them very, very carefully. ]

My doppelgänger was here for a brief period of time as well, though it appears he's left. Before anyone asks, no. I'm not his mirror. He was not mine. In our— [ There's a slight pause as he grapples with how exactly to describe it. ] —shared world, we're from parallel universes. So. [ Harrison gestures vaguely at that with one hand. ] I'm not him. He wasn't me.

[ He shifts again, glancing off to the side. Was there anything else to add? To say, really? A million things, maybe. But all the same— ]

That's all.
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[ ooc: Darcy is blue, Fitz is red, and Jane is purple. ]

[ Darcy hadn’t really been spending a lot of time in either of the labs after this whole mess, not wanting to be around someone who was so good at getting under her skin it should’ve been an art form. But, even with everything that happened, she couldn’t stay away forever. Besides, she was helping Jane with the aether research while everyone else handed other Wonderland related things. You can’t just magnetize glitter and then ditch someone. Of course, maybe she wouldn’t have been saying that if she’d known what was going to happen.

Which is what brings her to addressing the network with a slight look of panic, even if she’s trying to maintain her cool. For those in the know, she’s not fighting with Fitz right now, so… Progress? ]

Houston, we have a problem. Slight complication in the lab, may turn into a much bigger issue depending on how this goes. [ Despite her best attempts to play nice, it’s hard to not shoot Fitz a dirty look and let her tone take a turn to the salty side. And though her sass levels are reaching critical mass, the offscreen brogue that replies doesn’t rise to the prodding. He’s softspoken and quick instead, because there is literally no time for this. ]

The area of effect seems to be a column in shape. Rooms along the fifty-two block might want to strongly consider evacuation.

Darcy, do you have a hairpin?

Yeah, for once. And just for a little clarification on that, we’re on the fourth floor. So if you’re around this area either below or above, it might not be a bad idea to listen to him. [ Considering she normally wore her hair down, it was rare for her to have much of anything on her. But, a few things had changed over the past weeks - including her wearing her glasses more often than contacts and her hair pulled back. She removes the one that had been keeping some of the shorter strands out of her face, quickly handing it over before returning her attention to the small device in her other hand. Guess who’s really trying to not draw attention to the fact that they’d agreed on something and she actually said the words listen to him. ] Something happened that set the aether off. We’re trying to keep it from damaging anything other than the lab, but it kind of has a mind of its own. [ She gives look offscreen to check to see if she actually has time to explain or if she needs to just ask people to trust her on this one with a promise for answers if they survive it. ] It turns things into dark matter. There was a convergence back home that opened up weird portals and then Dark Elves tried to plunge the universe into darkness using it and -- It’s bad news bears. [ Less ramble, more to the point. She can do this. ]

While you talk to the rest of them, could you apply pressure to this piece? I’m running out of ways to complete this circuit.

[ For much of the remaining feed, Darcy’s face is lit with a tint that alternates between blue and red. It might be best not to ask. It tends to be a good rule of thumb that if Darcy’s not questioning something, it’s either because she trusts the other person or the situation is just starting to head in that bad of a direction that there’s no time. ] Yeah, I -- [ She complies with the request before looking back to check on Jane, not expecting an interruption. ]

Darcy. [ Jane's seated, weary as evidenced by her slouch. The camera pans slightly to show her as Darcy’s full attention is turned with her name. Jane’s eyes shine unnaturally as she looks up, the still flashing red and blue lights not helping at all. ] It's happening again-- get down!

[ The camera still has Jane somewhat in view, Darcy no longer paying attention to keeping it on any one point. Red tint envelops the feed, the atmosphere around the trio cloying with the unnatural hue of the aether spreading its influence against Wonderland's magic and rippling outward through the mansion. Darcy doesn’t hesitate to grab Fitz and hit the ground, hoping whatever he’d been working on helps in keeping this from destroying a solid chunk of the mansion. Objects seem to turn at random to dark matter. The stool beneath Jane seems to dissipate into nothing, as do various pieces of equipment and assorted belongings around them. Sensors and alarms ring out through the lab, electronic panic ineffectual against the power of the infinity stone at work. And that’s when the feed cuts, suddenly and almost violently. ]

[ ooc: For those who are canon blind, here’s a handy dandy link about the aether. If you’d like your character/your character’s objects or room to be hit by a bad bout of dark matter, feel free. It’s totally up to you on how much or how little or maybe even not at all. This will be affecting floors 3, 4, and 5 for dark matter shenanigans per mod approval. Action is welcome to come to the lab afterwards. Please specify if you want a particular char response, otherwise one or all will respond. ]
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[Being here is impossible. Simply being is impossible. The large, alien woman had given up her physical form to allow her son to inherit her gemstone, the source of her very essence and abilities. There's no explanation for her returning to herself, just as there's no explanation for her appearance in his Earthly -yet unearthly- place. The last thing Rose remembers is the birth, followed by simple and otherwise indescribable nothingness. Time passed, but she can only recognize that now that she's herself once more. Yet...the thought of her son weighs heavy on her mind, taking precedence over any concern she should be feeling for herself. Was he born safely? If she's here with her gemstone, was he still born half-Gem? She knows he would have been born regardless, but that doesn't ease her mind entirely. Human infants are so frail...

However, Rose Quartz knows she can't dwell on what-ifs and personal, anxious conjecture. That won't solve anything, but gathering her bearings and facts will. Small communication device in hand, she steps into the foyer of the imposing mansion, all eight feet of her (plus massive hair) making her equally imposing in her own right. She doesn't know who lives here, but if no one responds to her impeding attempt at communication, she can hopefully catch residents coming and going from the building. It's a simplistic strategy, but it's all she has until she knows more.

Without further pause, she places an all-call. Despite the warm, bell-like quality to her voice, there's a distinct unease and uncertainly based below the practiced calmness.]

This is Rose Quartz, calling all who are able.

I'd like to ask about this place, if anyone has a moment. I'm not supposed to be here. I'm... not supposed to be anywhere. So any explanations of what this place is and how it's able to do something so impossible would be greatly appreciated.

I'd also like to ask if anyone has met anyone by the name of Pearl, Amethyst, Garnet, Greg, or... by any possible chance, a boy name Steven from Beach city.

That is all. Thank you.

Rose Quartz out.
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--s like Facebook? Vine or something? Am I broadcasting live? Ah, yes, here we are.

[The feed cuts from audio to video, showing a young man holding his phone at arm's length so it can record him. He hopes he's doing this correctly as he'd hate to make a fool of himself. Being separated from his landmass and people is extremely disconcerting if not outright uncomfortable. He's met other people here, but he'd like to put a few words out there just to cover his figurative bases.]

Hello! [He smiles. His accent is very... Londoner. His eyes, if anyone cares to look into them, aren't very young at all. It's not that he doesn't seem trustworthy... just that some things don't seem to line up. And anyone who is of British citizenship may think there is something off about this young man. They may even know who he is--or not.]

I've only just arrived and I'd hoped someone would be kind enough to provide information about where we are and why? I've already heard about the closets, and that this is a twisted sort of "Wonderland." Hah! The thought is laughable.

The assistance is very much appreciated. Thank you, and good day.

[If anyone wants to approach him, for a while he'll be in the halls with a book on European architecture in his hands.]
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[ The feed snaps on, and the frame is on the crowded side. In the foreground Steve and Wanda are seated, arranged on a couch in one of the mansion’s tea rooms, while Natasha stands behind them, leaning against the wall near the door. Steve has his phone tilted so that all of three them are visible, Wanda’s arm linked with his.

Steve’s in civilian wear, his expression composed and collected. He isn’t here to give out orders or make any speeches, though. ]

So it looks like Wonderland sent all three of us home at once. Sorry about that. [ As if they had any control over it. ] But we’re back now and more or less in one piece. [ Which isn’t the full story at all, but that isn’t something that needs to be shared with all of Wonderland.

Natasha pushes away from the wall at this and moves closer into the frame of the video, leaning on the back of the couch over Steve’s shoulder, expression mild. ]
I don’t know if any others of us were sent home recently, but if so, letting us know would be greatly appreciated.

[ Her lips quirk briefly. ] Either way, I think some of us will need to be assembling for a SitRep soon regardless. But we wanted to let you know we were back to keep people from worrying.

[ Steve glances over his shoulder at Natasha, nods, and then returns to looking at his phone. ] Let us know if we’re needed anywhere.

[ With that, the feed cuts. ]

Action option for Steve )

Action option for Natasha )

Action option for Wanda )

( text )

Apr. 13th, 2016 10:26 am
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I need a few people who can dedicate about three hours of their time daily and are interested in learning anything from basic data analysis to mechanical engineering to anything related to the cosmic sciences.

In short: if you’re good with your hands or good at recognizing patterns and you’d like to put those skills to use, we can help each other.

And obviously you’re more than welcome to work more than that and are exempt from working during events.

Thank you.

-Dr Jane Foster


Apr. 11th, 2016 01:44 pm
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[There's some fumbling with the camera then, the usual motion blur that can be associated with a newcomer exploring unfamiliar technology.]

Right, so that's the camera there. And the microphone is... Oh, well that's a bit on the nose isn't it? I suppose that would make it easier for the lay user.

[A bit more shifting then, until he sets his device on a flat surface. The image is a small, softbodied man with a pointed intensity in his eyes. He speaks softly, in a thick Scottish brogue.]

H-hello -- to whomever might be listening. I apologize for this interruption, but I'm searching for someone in particular. I have reason to believe that Jemma Simmons has been staying among you. If you know her, it's imperative that I make contact with her. My name is Leo Fitz -- I followed her here.

[He doesn't mention SHIELD or their duties, though. The agency is such a touchy issue in the public eye, it might be a condemnation to draw unnecessary attention to it. There was no telling what kind of people lived here.]

Oh, I hope languages won't be an issue. Though I suppose it should be fine if we utilize this text function...

[His stare shifts pensively from the display to the camera and back again. His instinct is to pull apart this hardware and improve upon the flaws, but that would be entirely counterproductive to his means.]
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( the video opens with a pair of bright blue eyes, far more fur than any one creature could need, and a practically thunderous purr. it's not surprising, seeing as Hook has tried about 5 times to set the thing up to record and the damn cat keeps knocking it over. his company is painfully exposed as he scoops up the purring beast and puts it on the floor.

no he's not going to mention or talk about the cat. that's not important, all right? thanks to that bloke with cat fantasies practically all of Wonderland has a cat. that's not what he's trying to talk about.

the pirate looks tired, but anyone that knows him knows that's a 24-7 thing for him. he's been tired since he arrived, months ago. that doesn't seem to be stalling anytime soon. not sleeping doesn't help, but his busywork does, at least a little. busywork for a pirate means making maps, which means... )

Is there a proper map of this place? I haven't spotted one yet. If there's not, I've been considering starting on a draft. It won't do us any good once the place is tits up on these events, but it's not a horrible thing to have on hand.

( he rubs at his forehead, as Dave jumps back up onto his desk and paws at the many pens scattered there. )

I'd ask for a star chart while I was at it, but speaking of things going tits up, the stars here are absolutely mad. I don't remember them being like this when I arrived, does anyone know what happened to them?

( the stars running wild bothers him more than he cares to admit. stars shouldn't move nightly... it's utterly ridiculous. Dave seems to have decided that the first eight times he was put on the floor for messing with the camera were just a cute joke, and tries to nuzzle it with more of those dementedly loud purrs. the pirate sighs and plucks it back off the table to the floor. )

If anyone has experience with cartography, I suppose I'd take the help. Making a map from scratch is difficult.
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[A woman appears on the screen, mid-twenties, roughly 5'6'', a naturally tan-ish skin tone. She's dressed in her SHIELD uniform (since that's what she was last in at home), which may or may not make her stand out more; she doesn't know the rules here. Her accent is American -- mostly midwestern(ish) -- when she speaks: ]

This is either the coolest SHIELD base ... or the worst day ever. Not sure which. [That's muttered more to herself as she glances tentatively around her before fixing her eyes back on the screen.]

Right. Enter one confused Daisy Johnson, hi. [And there's a small wave from her.] If anyone feels like telling me where I am and-slash-or why I'm here, that would be awesome and I would appreciate it. I feel like asking if there's a way back home is going to produce zero results since I came here without knowledge or consent, but bonus points if you have one of those for me too. Or, you know, other tips for a newbie here.

[A pause of a couple of seconds before she adds something on: ] Aaaand if there's any of my SHIELD team here? Check in, please.

[With that, she ends the video.]
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[Download full-size.]

Back in the summer of last year I made inquiries about the experiences of Wonderland residents who hail from time periods before a more "modern" era, in the hopes of creating a guide that might best facilitate the transition for them to contemporary advances. The project fell through for a number of reasons not long after-

[Primarily because she left, died, and came back, which tends to put a bit of a damper on personal research, but that is not known by the general public.]

-but I am happy to have produced a pamphlet that I hope the rest of you might circulate with the...ah, existing one [that nondescript abomination] should you meet someone unfamiliar with the communications devices, or the appliances in the kitchen.

Please feel free to refer anyone with questions about bookkeeping and records to me, I've recently reorganised our archives in the west wing of the library.

[With that, Evelyn cuts the feed.

The project came as a distraction more than anything, something that had been pushed to the backburner in her grief, practically forgotten while she dragged herself through the days following her death in August. Being someone with an immense proclivity to work that others might find tedious or mind-numbing she weighed the options before her following the morning six days ago when she had woken up to find her bed empty again, the only belongings left behind a linen shirt and a cup of cold Turkish coffee on the counter.

It almost came as no surprise as she had sluggishly poured the beverage out in the sink, rinsing the porcelain. Why should it, anymore?

Later in the day Evelyn can be found in the unlikeliest of places: Wonderland's fifth floor bar, drowning dismay with whisky and rye.


Feb. 18th, 2016 09:09 am
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[ The young woman who addresses Wonderland today looks considerably less dirty than she had when she'd arrived. A bath and clean clothes are two things she has been without recently, and although she still distrusts the mansion's generosity, she finds decent hygiene a siren song that's hard to resist.

She's embarrassingly professional as she speaks.

I've been here a little while, but I don't think I've introduced myself officially. My name is Clarke. I'm not a doctor, but I do know a lot about healing. [ The non-magical kind, although it doesn't seem necessary to clarify. (It probably is, what with all the strange people from strange worlds here.) ] So if you need medical assistance, you can always let me know and I'll come as soon as I can.

I don't think I've met most of you, either; there's a lot of questions I don't have answers to. What is it like, where you're from? What year is it? What do you know about space?

[ After her whirlwind of questions, she takes a much needed breath. ]

Oh, and... tell me as much as you know about magic. [ It takes all she has not to say "magic" with air quotes and rolled eyes. ] From everything I know, it shouldn't be scientifically possible.

Thanks in advance.

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[It's right around 3 am when this post goes up, when all responsible people (especially 13 year old people) should be asleep.]

Why are people always telling us not to look at the sun? What is it hiding? I think there may be a conspiracy there. Someone's going on with the sun.

Why do we say "follow your dreams" when dreams are either stupid or terrifying like I know we also use it to mean things you want in the future or whatever but that's not how dreams work I mean really

Has anyone ever sneezed and kept their eyes open? Cause I've tried and it never happens. I wonder if that's to keep them from falling out.

What if we're ALL fictional? What if the reason there's no rhyme or reason to Wonderland is that we only vanish when it's convenient to the plot? What if it's even worse and we're an MMORPG and some of us are NPCs and that's why there are so many people who know each other and how would you know if you were a PC or an NPC and that's why we have so many lives oh my god Wonderland is a video game.

Who the heck named pineapples they're not pine-related or apple-related.

[................go to bed, Dipper.]

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[ Steve's given it a few days.

There hadn't been any real reason for it. The moment that the door between his room and Bucky's had disappeared once more, he'd known it in his gut. Finding the room completely vacant had only made it concrete. He could have announced it right then and there, but he'd needed some time to compose himself, and...

Maybe a tiny part of him had hoped to be wrong, even though he knew Wonderland's pattern all too well at this point.

He doesn't have it in him to show a strong face right now, so it's only his voice that he broadcasts to the network. That, at least, he should be able to keep steady. ]

To anyone who knew Bucky Barnes — some of you may have known him as James — he's left the mansion. All of his belongings are gone, including his phone.

[ Steve has to do this, as painful as it might be. Bucky had made real friends here, he'd gotten close to other people, and they all deserve to know what happened. Everything that Steve and Bucky had grown here, it's gone now, but for a while it can live on in the memories of each person who'd considered Bucky a friend. Except that bit by bit, those people will disappear too. Steve knows how this goes by now. ]

I'm sorry you had to find out this way. [ But most people probably haven't noticed Bucky's absence yet. He hadn't been one for routine, and he hadn't let people into his room when he wasn't there. ] He would have at least wanted the chance to say goodbye. [ But now he's gone, and all of that recovery, all of those new memories, are gone with him.

Steve can tell that he's spiraling, negative thoughts feeding on each other, and so it's better to cut this off before he slips. ]
That's all. [ And with that, the recording ends.

Rather than in his room, Steve is currently at the bar, figuring that most people wouldn't think to look for him there. But it's tempting to try and get his hands on some Asgardian mead. Just like the last time he lost Bucky, he has to struggle with the fact that he can't get drunk so easily. ]
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So I'm pretty sure people have asked these before me but I couldn't find an archive of FAQ anywhere and I just want to be on the safe side:

1. can we assume all food inside the mansion is safe? I'm p sure the rule was some would make a person smaller and/or bigger and I'm really not feeling the whole different perspectives experience.

2. is anyone here somehow experienced with traveling through the multiverse aside of arriving here? if so, I'd like a word. I'm Barry Allen and I'm @ third floor.
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The last time Liv woke up at the beach was the day she woke up in a body bag.

Liv sat up quickly, brushing the sand from her jeans. She didn’t remember driving to the lake but it really didn’t surprise her she was here. This was the last place anyone would think to look for her and she wasn’t in the mood to be around people right now. Plus, the last brain she ate had been from the stoner kid. Peppy Cheerleader wasn’t going to cut it with the way she felt now. She needed something that was inclined to drown her problems in whatever pharmaceutical she could get her hands on. Too bad she didn’t still have a sample from the alcoholic brain.

Liv had rushed back to the morgue the moment her mother had burst into tears. She had killed her brother. It was the icing on top of the shit cake of her life. What else was she supposed to do? Major hated her for taking the choice away from him. There wasn’t any more cure left. If she allowed the doctors to take her blood and give it to Evan it was dooming him to a life of a monster. And that was actually the best case scenario. What if the doctors decided to use her blood for another person? Or a nurse mistakenly stabbed herself with a bloody needle? There were too many variables for Liv to count. As much as she wanted to help Evan, she couldn’t. Damned if she helped and damned if she didn’t – there was no denying it anymore: Liv was a monster.

She’d eaten the last of the stoner kid’s brain, only stopping to dump half a bottle of Siracha on top. She scarfed it down and stopped at the nearest liquor store and picked up the largest bottle of Fireball Whiskey she could find. That was the last thing she remembered until now. The bottle of Whiskey was gone – possibly floating in the lake – but the strangest thing about it was she never remembered Lake Washington having waves before.

She reached into her pocket to pull out her cellphone. It was gone, replaced with a black looking device. It was relatively the same and she was too confused to care. Still, even though she spent the evening in a black out haze, she needed to know how Evan’s surgery had gone. Punching in the number for Ravi’s phone, Liv placed the black device up to her ear.

Silence. Not even a damned ring tone. Instead of being scared, she was pissed. Someone had grabbed her phone and replaced it with some broken piece of junk. She flipped through the files, grumbling when she didn’t even see an icon for Facebook. Who didn’t have Facebook? Not that she was on it regularly anymore – just the principle of the matter.

Liv pressed the nearest button that looked to be some sort of video mail and sent it out to anyone who was on this joker’s contact list. It was much easier to focus on the moron who stole her phone than anything else. Anger was a perfect distraction.


[The video comes into focus. A pale girl with limp blonde hair and dark circles stares into the camera. She looks pissed.]

To all the Asshats that have the misfortune of being on numbnuts friendslist – I have his, her, whatevers phone. It sucks. I want mine back. You have this number so text me back an address.

[The girl looks up, distracted. She squints her eyes as if she can see someone in the distance. Flipping her hoodie up over her head she looks down at the screen.]

Seriously, I will spam your mailbox until I get a reply. Don’t think I won’t.

[The screen goes black. Liv slips the black phone into her pocket. Someone is walking towards her and she puts her head down, not really wanting to make eye contact. Maybe it was a bad idea she came to the Lake. Too many bad memories here. Of course, the moment she starts walking and sees the strange house in the distance, it dawns on her that all of the lake side houses are on the opposite shore. It doesn’t make any sense. If she isn’t at the lake, then where the hell is she?]


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