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[If there's one thing Jay doesn't like, it's being out of the loop. He spent a little over four years trying to piece together what happened back home himself, while the people who knew more than he did dangled clues over his head to watch him jump.]

[This past event, he was in over his head, and he knew it. Tim ended up with a second soul (SOUL?) and a new set of monstrous features to boot, and Jay had no idea how to help. Clearly there are things going on here in Wonderland that Jay hasn't even started looking into, and now he's been burned for it.]

[He takes to the network several days after Asgore and Tim recover.]

How do souls work in your world?

Back where I come from, people talk about them. When you die, they say your soul goes to Heaven or Hell (or Purgatory or whatever afterlife you believe in, I guess). But it's not like anyone's actually seen one.

I get the impression that's not how it works everywhere.


Aug. 30th, 2017 08:44 am
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[The woman who appears on the feed might be familiar to a few people. She's sitting at a table or a desk and facing the camera, composed, but a little worse for wear. She looks tired.]

You sure know how to make a girl feel at home. [Not that she's faced frost giants or dark elves before, but dropped into the middle of a fight she wasn't expecting and wasn't prepared for? One that probably should be left to gods and super soldiers? That is familiar. The last two days haven't been boring] Is that normal?

[Natasha taps the table in front of her twice, drawing a slow breath as she considers how she's going to play this. If putting her face on the network is a mistake, then she's already made it.]

I think I'm ready for the welcoming committee now.
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( action » closed to rip hunter )
the last thing she remembers is an argument with chief thompson... )
( network » open text )
[ later, after she's been briefed and has (mercifully) located her own damned room: ]

Good evening -- I understand the mansion is undergoing a spot of upheaval at the moment, so I'll be brief. Can someone lend me some steady hands and a bit of medical experience? Actually, simple first aid will more than suffice.

It's not an emergency. Rather, I've got some bandages that need changing. Nothing too fussy: abdomen, off-centre, and on a wound that was a clean through-and-through. Unfortunately, those bandages are a challenge to change alone. Believe you me, it's hardly my ideal way to make anyone's acquaintance.

That said,
[ down to brass tacks, ] I'd love to know what's the cause behind the current havoc. My arrival -- quite unwilling, although I'm told that's the way of this place -- seems to also be spectacularly ill-timed. What on earth is happening?

[ even through text, the words are brusque an just a twinge demanding. ]


May. 10th, 2017 11:14 pm
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[The Astrophysics lab is a bit of a mess at the moment, covered in alarming mechanisms that aren't fully installed yet. To keep people from jumping to conclusions, Fitz is opting for an audio-only message today.]

Apologies for the interruption. I just wanted to give ample notice that the lab will be performing some testing on this coming Friday. Please be advised that the fourth floor might be excessively noisy during the proceedings. We won't be working with anything particularly dangerous, so please don't be alarmed by anything you hear.

We're quite sorry for any inconveniences this might cause. It might be a good day to stay outside to avoid the noise pollution.

Thank you for your time.
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[ It's late and, rather than lay awake in bed, Caitlin's curled up in a tearoom and messing with her device. The questions she pose aren't pressing, not really, just idle curiosity finally given words. ]

I think it's amazing how someone can develop feelings for someone else here, especially if you both come from different worlds. Wouldn't you be worried that Wonderland would suddenly decide to send you home the moment you found actually happiness? Or plagued by the fear that the person you've fallen for isn't who they actually are? Just who they present themselves to be here.

[ She knows something of that, herself. The danger of falling in love with the idea instead of the actual person. ]

If you found yourself in that situation, would you hold back, keep your feelings to yourself? Or would you jump without thinking twice?
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[It's a softspoken man on the network tonight, one presently struggling to cope with a world of disappointment and anxiety. There's some stammering at the start of the message, but as he collects himself enough to share information, his cadence relaxes and grows more confident. This isn't about him right now. It's about everyone else.]

Pardon me -- if I could have everyone's attention for a moment? I'm sure we've all gotten a glimpse of what's gone on. I've some reason to believe that this might be a particular incident related to -- well -- that's not important. But I'd like to urge everyone to be mindful of the level of air presently available to you. As long as the number of available rooms continues to be infinite, it ought to be possible to make it through without incident as long as we stay in motion as necessary, provided that the doors continue to resist the rules of water pressure upon opening. I've done some calculations using what we know of the average unclaimed room. I believe that humans ought to be able to sustain themselves without incident for about eight hours without incident, though this is most likely variable for those of you with alternative physiologies. With that in mind, we may wish to consider that longterm planning might be an element to our survival. We may have to make efforts to organize our activities and movements to ensure we can all stay prepared for the week ahead of us.

[He pauses to take a breath, squeezing his fingers into his palm before continuing.]

Please be aware that since the oxygen-to-square-footage ratio provided is a rough estimate that may be impacted by people collecting together in groups, vigilance will also be important when it comes to recognizing the early signs of oxygen deprivation. If you notice an increase in heart rate or shortness of breath, please consider setting yourself into motion sooner rather than later. The same applies if you're with others and notice dilation of the pupils, or that they've started to display visible motor impairment.

I also hope that we can utilize the network to communicate distress when needed. I'll be in touch with a few of you soon with regards to some plans for relief and rescue.

Let's see if we can't all make it out of this in one piece, yeah?

Text to Peter Parker )

Text to Philip )

Text to Steve Rogers )

[OOC: I think I'm also going to use this as Fitz's catch-all for the event this time around, so feel free to throw action-sized stuff in here too if we've discussed anything that ought to take place later on.]

[001] text

Dec. 6th, 2016 07:25 pm
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[sylar has a lot of experience in treating the world as his diary. he's like a teenager with a xanga in 2005. i mean, instead of xanga, he had claire bennet, but now he has this whole other captive audience of people. to shitpost to. how nice. it really is the little things, huh.]

I'm still not entirely convinced this whole thing isn't a dream. I've had a lot of experience with bad dreams. Getting trapped in dreams. Have you ever been trapped in a dream where you can't wake up? It's literal hell. And I'm an expert. But since I've gleaned that we're all trapped here together, I guess I'll just have to learn to live with it. Something I'm also an expert in.

Do you ever think you can overcome your true nature? Or is "true nature" even real?
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[Oh look, it's that guy again. Yeah, you know the one. Or, maybe you don't. It doesn't matter. He's addressing everyone in Wonderland from a large, open room. It isn't his usual workshop, cluttered with tech. This looks more like a conference room...]

Some of you know me as Tony Stark. Some know me as Iron Man. Some know me as an Avenger. Some know me as just that pompous dillweed that keeps addressing the network like you should know me. Or, y'know, your Flying Professor. I'm all of those things, honestly. --except the professor. God forbid. No one in their right mind would let me teach kids. But more importantly, I'm observant.

See, as an Avenger, we're supposed to protect people. We're supposed to be there when you need us and I'm looking around right now, seeing mentions of deaths and honestly, we're doing a pretty shitty job at our job, aren't we? Granted, that was prior to our little magical vacation that I'm still coming to terms with. Anyway, it's true, we're just a few people with extraordinary skills, but we can't be everywhere at once. Some of us are too self-involved to notice when shit is going down around us and focusing on our own issues is putting us in a position to let everyone else down. For the record, that's me I'm talking about, not pointing fingers at anyone else.

So, when the mirrors dissolved several weeks ago and that massive influx of people flooded our not-so-peaceful little Wonderland, people died. I, myself, had a rather unpleasant interaction with my mirror and it occurred to me that I got off lucky. Now, you're probably thinking, What does this jerk know about my plight? Okay, fair enough. But I've seen whispers of mentions of needing a police force, or some way to hold people accountable for their actions in the past. Nothing very put together seemed to have been done about it. Until now.

Where I'm from, you have an organisation called SHIELD. Strategic Homeland--well, the acronym doesn't really matter, because it's an ideal. Yeah, there is always trouble in paradise, but having lived it, I know what to look for. SHIELD, Wonderland Division, would be an active group of people you could call upon for help. A research and development team would work on ways to passify rogue mirrors that happen to our side of town. We'd look for ways to help you without pushing the boundaries of invasiveness. It's a delicate balance, and I'm not saying it would be easy. There will be trial and error. There will be people who disagree--there always are. But I'm proposing a possible solution to work alongside the Avengers to protect the people.

Anyone with skill and proper training would be eligible. You'd have to be willing to be on call and you'd have to be willing to put aside some of your time to train with other skilled agents. I'd outfit everyone with the most effective, lightweight gear with the only stipulation being you use it to help, not hurt. Any abuse of power would be dealt with swiftly. If you think I can't deactivate my own tech, you'd be wrong. I once hosted a spectacular Christmas fireworks show using my own suits. I want this to work. I want Wonderland to be as safe as we can possibly make it so we can focus all our resources working to keep the public safe when Wonderland throws its little events at us.

If you're interested, please contact me. If you have any questions or concerns, I'm here to answer them. I've already constructed an emergency call line that will, with the help of a special device, transmit your location in relation to transponders I've located in a grid across the grounds. One press and a specialised team will dispatch to your area immediately. It's not a flawless system, and I have my doubts it will do much good during these events, but it's something.

Consider this the act of someone who has made his fair share of mistakes and wants to do what he can to prevent future ones.

Stark out.

Private to Darcy )
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Hi. [ This isn't awkward at all. ] My name's Peter Petrelli.

[ A few hours ago, he had walked through Isaac's front door, expecting to confront the painter in his loft only to end up in Wonderland. He had wanted to get out of New York, but this place (whatever it is) isn't what he had in mind. ]

I need your help. It's important.

[ If he's going to explode, he can't risk being around people. There's a slight chance that he's just having another one of his dreams right now, but he has a feeling that this is all very real and he needs to be prepared for the worst. ]

I've been walking around and aside from the forest, is there any place else a person can go to be alone if they needed to get away? Preferably somewhere miles away from civilization... [ It's a weird question to ask, but hey -- stranger things and all that. ]

Also, if anyone has any idea why we're here or what we're supposed to do, I'd appreciate any information I can get. [ Back home, he thought he'd finally found his purpose: save the cheerleader, save the world, but things hadn't turned out the way he hoped it would. Still, he'd like to believe there's a reason why he's here. That there's a reason why they're all here. ]

I could really use someone to talk to. [ It's been a hell of a day. Or month, more like. ]


Sep. 16th, 2016 08:35 am
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Recently I realized I've been here over a year now. At least, I think so. With the way Wonderland alters our memories, it's hard to be absolutely sure about anything.

This time last year, I was supposed to be going to my new school. It was supposed to cultivate my talent as a nurse and make me become even better at nursing. It was supposed to make me a better person.

So I guess what I'm asking is, what do you think it takes to make someone 'better' than they are? 
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[Arya looks very serious as she addresses the network today. She's still on the brink of fury, unable to shake off what had happened with Frisk.]

How many others of you had their Mirror try to murder them while the parties were going on? They have the advantage here, they know far more about us than we do them -- how do you even prepare to fight someone like that?

[She's about to switch off, then something else occurs to her and her face hardens.]

If you see my Mirror, promise me you'll kill them.

[ text ]

Sep. 11th, 2016 12:20 am
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[Almost exactly a day after Darcy's note mentioning another murder, there's another brief text. Fitz doesn't bother leaving identifiers; it'll post with his name attached, he reasons. He considers filtering it to pertinent parties only, but thinking about who he needs to contact and what their projects were makes him queasy. This is faster.]

My apologies.
I've taken on projects for many of you who needed mechanical engineering done.
Unfortunately, there's been an incident. A substantial amount of materials were lost.
Damages have not yet been calculated. But assume there will be delays on any project ETAs previously submitted.

Your patience is appreciated.

[That's all there is to the message. It's all he can handle. Replies are slow from his end, and will be exclusively in text.]
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[When the video turns on, it's a downward view of whoever is holding the device. Shoes on the path, dirty and scuffed, the sound of gentle breeze blowing.]

Oh, what the -- I never, what sort of phone these days doesn't have a front facing camera...

[Unless it's not a phone? She doesn't remember seeing the familiar phone icon, but she could definitely record...]

Oh, I see, there we are.

[At least it's a decent interface -- intuitive and easy to use. One flick on the screen, and the camera shows Jemma -- still a little dirty, tired, and worn down, but determined.]

I'm not sure what this device is or to whom I may be speaking, but my name is Jemma Simmons. I'm an agent of SHIELD, and was until recently on an alien planet. My team managed to retrieve me, in particular -- in particular, my... Leo Fitz. We left by the portal he entered, and I wound up here.

[She pauses, swallowing. She hopes she is showing herself to be calm, but feels like it might all be written on her face. And to someone especially perceptive, it may be.]

I'm assuming -- hoping -- that he was dropped elsewhere, and that one of you might know where he is, or he might have the same access to this... network that I have.

I suppose I'll... I'll be waiting to hear. One way or another.
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[ OOC: tw for mentions of blood and a corpse ]

[ So far, Jemma's managed to avoid accidentally broadcasting anything, both here and at home; she never had any sort of bathroom-microphone mishap, or even a misdirected email. Today, however, her luck changes, and she switches her communicator on as she rummages in her pocket. The camera peeks over the fabric, giving a slightly swaying view of the hallway as Jemma makes her way to her lab.

Well, her lab by way of Darcy's coffee shop, as she runs into Darcy, and she agrees to tag along with her for a bit first. ]

I was wondering if you've considered partnering with the school, or Pepper's art gallery, maybe to establish some sort of art classes? [ It's something Jemma's been thinking about since speaking with Pepper, shortly after Tony's disappearance. ] It seems like it might be a nice distraction here.

Dude, I don't think I could be a teacher or anything. At least not on a legit scale. Maybe a TA... [ Which is something she’s actually offered. She'd put in the work at college, she might as well try and use it for something -- maybe not full-blown art, though.] I could teach them about the wonders of macaroni art. Seriously, it's severely underrated.

I thought you could advertise for a teacher, if there isn't already one offering classes. It might generate some business for you, and some more artwork for Pepper's gallery. Art can be therapeutic as well -- Oh!

continue for the triggery bits )
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[Do your reading before you start asking questions. It's something that gets beaten into you in the clinical half of medical school, Maxine guesses, as she catches herself scrolling back through the network for going on half an hour before supposing that maybe she might want to post to it herself.

There hadn't seemed a real rush, though. The view from the roof is both impressive and almost disorientingly free of zombies, and once the odds of being bitten, shot, or otherwise endangered had proved to be apparently minimal, there was all the time in the world to sit and think through her situation.]

Okay, then. [She looks down at the device in her hands, bemused and uncertain. Communicating with actual video feels like something from a lifetime ago.] I guess the only real option is to jump right in, huh? It looks like I'm not the only new person here, but hey. It's kind of nice seeing the consensus answers to the questions I was going to ask myself.

Anyway, I'm Doctor Maxine Myers, from . . . Abel Township? England? Chicago, America, Earth? And, uh. If there's a local barter economy, I'm glad to work as a medic. Heck, even if there isn't a barter economy. If all of this didn't make me crazy, retiring probably would.
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 [Skye, is first looking down when the feed clicks on and then she looks up, all wide eyed wonder.]

There we go. 

Okay. So this is not the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me. 

And that's really saying a lot. 

[She looks up and around, because she's still trying to figure out where all she is. And recognizes approximately nothing. And the helpful little info packet only made her more confused.]

Still I have to get back? It's not like I get paid vacation time and I am pretty sure that no matter what is going on here, it's weirder back home. So if I could get directed….somewhere to the nearest shuttle back to normal that would be awesome.

[Skye smiles, somewhat mostly because she's not going to be a total jerk just because this is not her favorite thing that's every happened.]

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[When the feed clicked on, Fitz was still in the midst of a panic attack, the young scientist barely able to focus on the device as he fiddled with the settings some, hands trembling.]

Director Coulson? Agent May? Anyone? Please tell me I'm not the only one here.

[Because that's the last thing he needed right now. He didn't want to believe his was happening right now. It just wasn't plausible.

Trying to pull himself together, Fitz set the device down for a moment, scrubbing at his face and letting out a breath. It took a moment for him to get himself together, his hands still trembling but it wasn't near as bad.

Breath in. Breath out.

He could do this.

A little more composed, he picked his device up once more, trying to put on a neutral expression.]

This is Agent Leo Fitz of SHIELD. Can anyone hear me? I'm not sure where I am but if someone...if someone could please contact me....please?
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Discoveries and Introspection )

For those who know him, Tony Stark has gone back home.

[She says it calmly, as she would any other announcement; as she has, when she's pushed through bad news in the past. And though she's tired, always feels tired these days, Pepper still continues with her original intention. She doesn't want to drift back down into that same darkness she's fought so hard to struggle out of. So she glances down for a moment, then looks back to the phone, quietly determined to get out the rest before the inevitable replies from their friends.]

I was wondering if someone was taking care of the art gallery these days. I know Lord Buckingham had originally run it, but I haven't seen him in quite some time. If no one minds, I'd like to take up the mantle. I have experience curating art collections from back home, and I think it'd be worthwhile to maintain the one here.

[To give herself purpose, and focus. Something from her old sense of normality to fold into the new. She needs that, and more importantly, now she's ready to take it on.]

Thank you for your time.

[The feed ends there, though of course she's listening for replies. Pepper's planning on spending a fair amount of time in the gallery that afternoon, to get a feeling for how things were set up and what she might want to change in the future.]


Oct. 12th, 2014 09:07 pm
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[ The video shows a dark room. It's like all the lights are out except the flash on the camera and someone's pulled dark curtains over the window. All of a sudden you hear a voice: ]

I've been a bad bad girl

♫ song lyrics within ♫ )
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[Martha's opened up video recordings like this before. She's in the clinic, in her labcoat and sitting at her desk, though at least this time there's no monster raging and so it isn't strictly a crisis situation.

Except for the fact that there are Mirrors seeping into their ranks, which is not something they can outright ignore. It's a race to see who gets the vorpal sword, and yet Martha wonders if they should be thinking of it that way.]

Hello, everyone. The word's out, we have some Mirrors in our midst, so I hope you all know to be careful. Some very dangerous people could be posing as friends or family.

[With that warning issued, she quickly moves into the heart of this message.]

But I can't help but ask... aren't we all looking for the same thing? The vorpal sword, I mean. I doubt that you Mirrors want to be torn apart by the jabberwocky any more than we do.

[As preposterous as it might sound, would it be so horrible to actually try and work together on this?]

I know that I can't ask everyone to get along, though, so if something does happen and you're hurt -- whether you're from this side or the Mirror side, mind you -- I'll be here to see to your wounds. [That's no doubt going to be a controversial statement -- in fact, most of this broadcast falls into that category. Martha won't relent so easily, though.]

I hope it doesn't come to that, but I am prepared. [And with that, she ends the feed. When Martha isn't on riddle-solving duty, she'll be working long hours in the clinic in anticipation of any of the issues that crop up when Real Things and Mirrors mix.]
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[Look at that, he's on the network and not under the influence of an event. That's a rare sight to behold. He's no longer hiding and he has an inquiry on his mind.]

Greetings fellow unwilling... and perhaps willing inhabitants. Allow me to pose a question to any and all willing to answer. But first, I must clarify something. The definition of a lie is an intentionally deceptive statement. The intention to mislead or deceive. A falsification or a fabrication. Put simply, something untrue.

Now, many of you are aware of who I am and of what I am capable. Others may know just my name and the implication it provides. Fewer still actually recognise my face or the sound of my voice. [Yes, he's talking to you, dear. Fandral, honestly. Lovely, intelligent, but so gullible.] For those of you with that knowledge, fear not. This is in no way malicious. I have no hidden motive or deceitful purpose save for the slaying of my unyielding boredom. Truth? ...or a lie? [He smiles somewhat knowingly, but doesn't provide an answer.]

What I wish to ask is, for those of you with such self-righteous morals, is there any here that can claim not to be guilty of a lie? The answer to that is a simple 'no'. Lies take many forms, be they malevolent or innocent. Withholding the truth or altering it, both qualify. Omission of truth or using the truth to paint a different picture are both still considered deceitful.

Lies are not only used for ones own benefit. They can be used to protect others. Tell me, would you lie to save a life? To save the lives of many? I'm curious just what would be the breaking point?

[He raises an eyebrow, inviting an answer just before he ends the feed.]
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[She's heard before of the phenomenon where things happen both incredibly fast and slow all at once. She's even experienced it to some degree, staring at flashing red lights or down the arm of a massive mechanical suit ready to kill her. But this, this is something new, and all the more horrible for it. Wind and heat wrap around her body, flames from below that promise her doom. She's falling, faster than any person should, too fast for Tony to summon a suit to save her.

And the worst part is that they both know it. That's the part that happens slowly for her: what she sees above, the horror and shock etched so perfectly on Tony's face when their fingers just miss. She knows, knows in her heart what's going to happen then, her body clenching as his eyes send the message home even more certainly than the pyre beneath, the ground too far below.

She's going to die.

But even though the fall only takes seconds outside of her own head, that's still enough time for things to change. Just as fire surrounds her, burns her flesh and blinds her eyes, the world shifts in an impossible way. She should have landed among oil drums, brought down during the dark night just before Christmas. Instead Pepper falls from a clear blue sky, not into fire but the fountain, sending up a wave of water and steam with her landing.

That shouldn't have been enough to save her, however. Not that she knows it yet; her world is comprised entirely of pain, her body glowing bright as it stitches itself back together. Broken bones set themselves and mend, burnt flesh reforms with a different brand of fire. The heat surrounding her is immense, and any who have already arrived would be wise not to touch her. Even after she stands, when Pepper can finally try and figure out what's happened, she's still burning under her skin.

Eventually, her mind clears. Memories of Wonderland return, and whatever calmness she can find knowing that Killian hasn't truly killed her, neither here nor at home, manage to make the heat of Extremis ebb. She won't go to the clinic--no matter who tries to take her there, no matter how much they swear she needs to be looked at, Pepper staunchly refuses. She's had more than enough of people examining her, and other things that are fare more important. She has to find Tony, to replace that last memory of his eyes with something far better, to tell herself that things truly are and will be okay--eventually.

But there's still the virus inside of her, the danger it presents. Pepper can't remember much from her time spent as a captive, but she knows why Killian and Maya were after Tony. They needed him to stabilize Extremis, to keep people from dying. The future's promise, that in a few months back home she's going to be lunching with Natasha, only does so much to ease the burden of the presence. She needs a sense of control, which is why for almost everyone else, her reintroduction comes in the form of a video message. She's put herself together as much as she can, showered and dressed, looking as far removed from the woman who fell from the sky hours before as she can manage.]

This is Pepper Potts; I'm back now. [She hesitates, on the verge of apologizing for any inconveniences her absence caused. That's too formal though, too businesslike. She's talking to people who care about her, friends who are going to see through whatever facade she tries to put up, because she's never been good at lying, and some of them are very perceptive. Her lips pressed together, Pepper takes a breath, then manages something close to a smile. She won't stop people from visiting, and she can't stop them from asking, but this way, hopefully, she can manage the conversations.] I guess I should ask what I've missed. I've heard it's been over two weeks since I was gone?
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[ Simmons smiles a little nervously once she sees the camera is working, though her face is a little pale, and her hair is probably a little less straight now than it was this morning. ]

Oh. Hello. I'm Jemma Simmons, Agent of -- [ She blinks and mutters to herself. ] Well, I suppose that doesn't matter anymore. I've just arrived, and I've read this handy little pamphlet I found, but I have a few questions, mainly how is this possible? Because it shouldn't be. Is this alien technology? Asgardian? [ Her expression flickers a bit. ] Chitauri? Are we in a pocket dimension? I suppose that might be possible, but I'm very curious as to how the time flow here matches up to the time flow in our home universes --

[ She stops, suddenly aware of how she sounds, and she smiles, though it's a little more confident this time, but no less sad. ] Right. Basically, my question is, is anyone here looking into the science of this place, and may I have a look at your research? Thank you.

[ Simmons hesitates. ] And... This is probably a long shot, but... Fitz? Fitz, if you're here -- [ Her words get tangled in her throat, and she inhales deeply. ] Just, please be here, Fitz. Please.

[ After an awkward pause, she switches the camera off. ]


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