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One of the most festive and sexual holidays of the year is coming up and I'm here to help you find your perfect costume idea. I'm sure some of you already have ideas, but for those of you who need a hand, just look at some of the suggestions I've come up with for my friends:

For Sam Yao:

For John Blake:

For Dean Winchester:

For Sam Winchester:

Who's next?
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Private Message to Billy

Hey Billy. I uh- I went to see Teddy today but... I- he's not here. His room was empty. And I mean really empty and I think he's gone home and I thought you should know and-

Uh, he left a letter for you.

I- yeah, I'll bring it over or something and-


[It's a very tired and sad looking Sam who appears on the network. He looks exhausted, his eyes red and sore-looking, although he's not crying at the moment. It's pretty obvious that he has been.

He makes a few false starts, opening his mouth to speak and then stopping, before he manages to speak.]

Uh so, anyone who knew him, Teddy Altman... he went home. I went over to his room and it was- it was empty.

I- I'm sorry. He- I'll miss him.

[It cuts off quickly, but there's a few more messages sent.]

Private to Kate and Tommy
I know you don't know me very well but Teddy left messages for you both and I'd like to pass them on.

Private to Maxine
Maxine... hey Maxine. Um, are you busy? Fancy getting really drunk later? I think I could use it.
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[Yes, hello network! Fellow captives of Wonderland, a very intent face is greeting you a little closer than what one would call normal, but not so close that his face doesn't fit in the screen. He seems to be staring very, very sceptically at the camera, as if he isn't aware he's being filmed. Except, he's very aware he's being filmed.

More than aware, this is deliberate. And that much is obvious when he suddenly just smirks almost knowingly. The face pulls back, he lifts a single eyebrow then lets it fall back down again in a quick gesture, waves a the screen, and ends the feed without saying a word. The message would get across to anyone who knew his face, and the message was a simple one: Roll Call!

He's also fishing for attention from anyone curious enough to respond. He's confident in his ability to draw attention to himself without saying a single word.]

Private to Steve Rogers )


Oct. 1st, 2015 09:21 am
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[Billy stood in the middle of an empty room, what appeared to be a book on Norse mythology clutched to his chest. He looked at the camera and cleared his throat, trying to keep his expression neutral and his voice steady. His friendship with Loki was never exactly approved of by most people and Loki wasn’t exactly the most popular resident in Wonderland.]

For those that knew him, Loki Laufeyson has returned to his world and the fate that awaits him there. [Which as far as Billy knows is death. He pauses for a second thinking of something.] That would be the older Loki, not the younger Loki.

I just thought people might want to know.

[There wasn’t much else to say. So he gave the camera one more nod and clicked it off.]


Sep. 14th, 2015 09:33 pm
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You know what this mansion needs after all these dour "events"? Something fun. Unfortunately, there is no room for an amusement park and apparently the Mansion does not keep up with video game release dates, so we will have to do something a little more low-key.

So, before the next time we all lose our minds and decide to start killing each other, who would like to participate in an evening of speed dating? Yes, before you ask, you can just come looking for friends. I promise not to try and marry anyone off. Probably.
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Not cool, Wonderland.

[Kate gives a meaningful stare like her Momlike Disappointment might stir something in the heart of Wonderland. It won't, of course, but A for effort, I guess. After a moment she sighs. The video is mostly focused on her, but there's vague forest like trees behind her. It's intentional, obscuring her location. Either that, or she's just out on a stroll, you know, whatever.]

So you know those recruitment attempts all over the mansion? Yeah, you may have also seen the other post about them. Here it is from another source: H.Y.D.R.A. sucks. Don't trust them. Seriously, these guys have been trying to take over the world since they started their club meetings.

Unfortunately, it looks like the whole memory-shenanigans of this place means we can't trust each other. Heck, I'd probably tell you not even to trust me. I could be lying to you to get you to work with me and then BAM. Recruitment time.

That's not actually what's happening here, fyi.

Find a weapon. Preferably a blunt one, so you're not harming anyone permanently. Cricket paddles are cool, I guess? Blunt arrows. Know how to defend yourself. Don't be afraid to knock someone upside the head. (Carefully, because, fun story: you can kill a guy if you hit them too hard in the right spot. Use google, it's your friend.) If you can't defend yourself, lock yourself in a room. Those closets are a godsend - much easier than being an actual fugitive. If you need assistance, I'll do my best to provide it.

Good luck, Wonderland, stay safe.
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08/28 - TEXT | CLOSED Wonderland Avengers + Peggy, John, Sansa, Sharon, and Evelyn.

Steve has been brainwashed - I don't know how. He doesn't remember anything, and thinks he's an agent of HYDRA. Stay away from him.

I think this event is based on my memory, and if that's true... We're in for a lot of trouble.

08/29 - VIDEO | OPEN

[ The video opens with James in full combat gear. He's using one of the wall-mounted monitors, but the bulk of his body blocks out most of the room. There's a fading purple bruise just above the high collar of his vest; it obviously isn't fresh, but he's fighting to control his breathing, like he just got into a fight. He closes his eyes briefly, takes a breath. ]

Some of you might have noticed that people around the mansion are losing their memories, becoming violent, attacking friends... And these - [ He holds up a red banner with a particular logo on it. ] Have started to show up in the hallways. They belong to an organization called HYDRA. They're from my world - from my memory.

[ He looks directly into the camera. His expression turns softer, something weary in eyes. He knows he's addressing the whole mansion, but he's speaking to a few people in particular, too. ]

HYDRA wants you to believe that you're working for the greater good. They tell you they can put a stop to all of the violence and the chaos. [ Another breath. It's been almost a year, and he still feels cold sweat prickling at his spine, talking about this. ] They'll tell you that you need to help them do it, and once all of the dirty work is done with, we'll have peace. They'll tell you that you're doing good by helping them, that there's a reason for it. They'll say whatever it takes to get you to believe them and excuse the things that they do.

Listen to me - I've been there. It's not true, no matter how much you might want to believe it.

This is what they do.

[ He moves to the side. Behind him, a chair is visible. It has straps built into it, obviously made to hold someone with considerable strength, and a halo of machinery ringed around the top of it. There are monitors arrayed nearby, currently silent. ]

They use this to brainwash people. You forget everything - your history, friends, family - right down to your name. Your entire existence revolves around HYDRA and furthering their cause. They don't want peace, they want obedience.

Anyone they can't manipulate or brainwash, they'll kill.

[ He exhales softly. ]

I'm sorry I brought this down on your heads. If you still know who you are, be careful. Switch rooms if you can. Lock up and stay safe.

[ He touches the edge of the monitor, thinking he's turned it off.

He walks over to the chair and stands in front of it for a long moment, the fingers of his left hand skimming the machinery. It's been months, and even after all he's just said, he knows that if he lets them take him, it's back to quiet oblivion. He wouldn't have to think about what his memory has done to Steve, and what it will do to so many people who have nothing to do with it. They could just wipe him, start again.

If HYDRA taught him anything well, it's that anything he cares for, he will lose. Being what he is, he has no right to it. How many times did he convince himself, in the end, that pain was a necessary lesson? He was nothing. It was better that way. He was a weapon.

Maybe this is his reward for daring to think he could be more than that.

There's a metal-on-metal screech as James' fist tightens. He rips the upper half of the machinery off the chair, then swings it into the bank of monitors nearby. He could take the whole damn thing apart with his bare hands, but he stops there, watching the sparks fly, his expression utterly blank.

The terrible truth is that he doesn't feel angry, seeing the chair again for the first time.

He feels a bitter, self-hating kind of regret. ]

[ ooc: action log here ]


Aug. 11th, 2015 11:10 am
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[It takes Billy the better part of the afternoon sitting on his couch and staring at the door Teddy walked out of before he shakes himself and takes out his phone. There are a few people who should know and he also knows he probably shouldn't be alone right then.]

Text to Kate )

Text to Tommy )

Text to Verity )

Text to Sam )

Text to Wanda )


Aug. 11th, 2015 10:09 am
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[Some time in the afternoon Teddy's voice is broadcast over the Network. He clears his throat, trying to mask some of the worst of his emotions but to those with keen ears he sounds incredibly sad. He's doing his best not to alert people to the fact that he and Billy have broken up. He's just really hoping no one will notice.]

So... I, um, am looking to see if anyone needs a roommate. I just sort of found myself without a room and so if anyone is interested you can, uh, text me or call me.

Oh. This is Teddy, by the way.

So, um, thank you.

Text to Kate
Hey. Can I come by?

Text to Tommy
Billy and I broke up.

Text to Sam
Billy and I broke up. I thought you should know.
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( It's the second day of the event when Peggy's face appears on the network. She's been thinking about her 'mission' since receiving it. She hadn't had the opportunity to act on it the day before, preoccupied with aiding Steve on his but now that they were back, that she'd rested, she was able to do something about it. Now that she'd had time to think about it.

She's outside when the video comes across, inside the compound still but out in an open space. Peggy didn't have a lot with her but that was one thing that she could also address on the video - the level of supplies there )

I regret that this isn't the most opportune moment for introductions- ( She's been there a few weeks and hasn't yet 'introduced' herself as she's seen other people do. There's been a lot of other things clouding her head - people that shouldn't be possible, situations that she has no idea how to handle and knowing that she's been there before. Her introduction probably would have consisted of telling people that she's sorry she doesn't remember them, but alas ) -but I'd like to handle the more pressing concerns.

My name is Peggy Carter and I'd like to offer my help in ensuring that people stay safe here. ( Although she's missing the warning labels that come with zombies. She does at least turn the video around to film her surroundings - she doesn't know how better to describe where she's set up ) I'll be here for anyone who is interested.

I would like to ask about the state of affairs here. Supplies, defences, if anyone is more informed about that. Thank you.

( ooc; Peggy will be doing some basic hand to hand, how to make a decent meal from scraps/campfire cooking and maybe gun technique but that's on a case by case thing )


Aug. 8th, 2015 09:10 pm
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Can someone text me what the heck is going on? Like why we're post-apocalyptic pioneers all the sudden?

Also, does this thing have a setting where you can slow down stuff? You know, like make a video slow motion or something.

Narrative )
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[It's pretty early on the second day of the event--it's only just turning light outside--when Souji turns his camera on an interesting device he's made from stuff he's found around the area.]

I had to make one of these for a project in middle school. [He turns the camera around to point at himself.] I thought it might be handy if we manage to draw a crowd.

[Next, he turns the camera on a pile of junk--but heavy and sharp looking junk--that he's gathered. Based on his other zombie-event experiences, this stuff should work well enough.]

I'm going to need a hand to try it out, if anyone has some time.
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[ Waking up to the sight of an all-too familiar tent over his head instead of his room's ceiling is enough to spur Simon fully awake with a panic attack practically clawing its way up his throat, terrified thoughts of I'm back, I can't be back! nearly deafening him over the roar of adrenaline that instantly snaps him into the present.

The sight of Jo still stretched out beside him on the narrow army bed, pressed close and slowly waking up in response to his own abrupt jerk upwards, is both baffling and reassuring.

Not back, then. Not the end of the world. She wouldn't be here if it were.

But apparently Wonderland's trying its hand at it all the same. Shit.

After several moments to throw on his clothes and a step outside to get his bearings - and reassure himself that yup, he's really standing in the middle of Abel - Simon flips open a video feed to give the rest of the Network an idea of what they're in for. ]

Good moooorning, Wonderland.

Simon here, and if you're awake already, you've probably noticed that we're not in Kansas anymore. Or anything resembling anywhere you want to be. Yeah, me too. Sorry about that.

Welcome to Abel. If you value your lives, your brains, and your oh-so-pretty faces you'll keep yourself nice and comfy within the walls. Trust me, you really don't want to go out there unless you know what you're doing, and probably not even then. This is the Zombie Apocalypse, folks.

No, I'm not pulling your leg. Yes, I've been here before. So have Sam Yao and Doctor Maxine Myers, who I'm assuming will toss their two cents in presently. So if you have any questions or concerns, seek out one of us - Maxine will be in the clinic - that'll be over on the eastern side of the settlement - and Sam will most likely be in the Comms shack - you can't miss it, it's the tiny building that smells distinctly of marmite and looks like it has a spacecraft collection of radio towers atop it. As for me, you can find me either on the front porch of the Farmhouse to answer questions or keeping an eye on the walls, unless they need me outside for something.

Basic Zombie 101, for those of you who've never watched a horror movie - don't let them get anywhere near you. They've nearly wiped out humanity as we know it and they pass on the Grey Plague from either blood or saliva. Some of them are damned fast and nothing stops them from coming at you unless you destroy the brain or sever its connection to the spinal cord. Blunt trauma works best, so does a bullet, but those are extremely rare these days and gunshots tend to draw the attention of even more of them, so use those sparingly.

If you get bit, infected... [ He pauses, sighs and rakes a hand wearily over his face, because part of him suspects this is going to as bad if not worse than the days of the original outbreak. Some of these people have no idea what it takes to survive in a place like this. ] Don't get bit. There's no known cure. If the infection takes hold - and it almost always certainly will - you have minutes or hours before it kills you. After that, your corpse will get back up and go after the nearest living person, no matter what they meant to you alive. The dead don't recognize anything but food. If you've been infected - bit, scratched, anything - you need to let someone in authority know or you need to get yourself as damned far away from the settlement as you can. Entire cities were destroyed overnight from one infected let inside and within hours that's thousands of new zoms to wash over the next town. I know the term 'mercy killing' isn't something in most people's vocabulary, and that's not a bad thing, but if it's not something you're comfortable with, you find someone who is. That's harsh, but this is Wonderland. Don't forget this is an event. It's going to be over in a few days. Do your best to stay alive and keep as many of the people alive around you as you can.

The town has rations stored up and some meds, but I don't know how much yet, that's going to be something we'll all have to figure out, because I don't know how long Wonderland's going to keep us here. And since there's only the three of us that are familiar with how things work, we're happily going to be taking volunteers to help keep things running and keep the rest of you from dying. If you're interested, seek out one of us and we'll find you something to do. Believe me, there'll be plenty and most of it won't even be gross or dangerous, I promise.

If you have any questions, come find me, or leave me word here. I'll try to keep myself visible and available to anyone that needs me, and I'm sure the others will, too. If anyone does need to venture outside the walls, check in with Sam first. He'll get you set up with headsets and weapons and be your eyes and ears out there. He's got cameras and surveillance hacked in every direction for as far as you can go in a day or so - it's his job to keep people alive, let him do it.

Stay safe, Wonderland.


Aug. 3rd, 2015 11:37 am
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[ The feed focuses on a young, blonde woman sitting on her bed. She smiles briefly, a little shyly, at the camera. ] Hi. I'm Sharon, and it's come to my attention that I'm not in Kansas anymore.

[ She grimaces. ] Sorry. That was horrible. Obviously I'm not in Kansas anymore. And I don't have a dog, little or otherwise. [ Ba-dum tish. She clears her throat. ]

This isn't exactly how I pictured Wonderland. But I have to admit, I like the closet. Magic isn't really my forté, but I wouldn't have minded having one of those back home.

[ Now that she's broken the ice and paid the place a little compliment, just as her SHIELD - and later, CIA - training had taught her was a good way to get intel, she moves to opening up a conversation with a seemingly innocuous question. Ulterior motives? Fishing for information? Who, her? ]

I guess the most important question I have right now is, where's the best place to get a burger around here?

15 | video

Aug. 2nd, 2015 09:50 pm
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( The pink background of the walls and cushions behind Lydia should, for anyone that's seen her room or a video reply from her before, tell you where she is. Other than back in the mansion. She'd make a fanfare about being gone and back but it's old hat by now, and she has something more important that she is puzzling out )

How much does something have to feel like a deja vu before it could be real?

( There's a frown and Lydia's gaze drifts down from the video to something off screen - the book that's causing this puzzlement )

Not even deja vu. Just familiar.

( Her voice is quieter, Lydia a little absorbed in looking at the book to remember for those seconds that she's still broadcasting. And then, as if it had been nothing, her gaze is back at the camera, as focused as she was before )

If only I could be certain about the connection.

( How much does it have to do with home? Is it even real? What did Malia really see? )

But that's something else. ( Something she'll have to puzzle out before knowing what it might mean. Moving on. She shifts a little on her bed, straightening, and trying to mask the small twinge of pain from her stitches as she does ) There is something else I have to know. Who has my dogs?
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Hello again, Wonderland.

[Maxine imagines that every once in awhile, she might as well make a foray onto the network, and they're just about due.]

Apparently we've pulled through another round of the usual. So if you've been waiting until things aren't falling out of thin air to come in and get patched up, catch up on some first aid lessons, or put your name on the emergency medical volunteer list, now's your chance.

[She hasn't seen their last source of medical controversy in awhile, either, which hopefully pulls a little bit of a cloud off of the clinic? Not that she minds the slow pace. It's probably how things should be, with the amount of magical assistance around here.]

Oh, and anyone who has some decent technical chops? I'd love to talk trade for a better lab setup in here. I can do the bench work, but actually building a CT scanner from chunks that will fit through the wardrobe doors-? Not so much.

[Now and then, additionally, there will be a sign up on the clinic doors during evening hours, directing prospective patients to her communicator or the bar. It's a relaxing place to be after work, sipping a few beers and throwing darts, and she's always glad to have company at either.]


Jul. 24th, 2015 02:21 pm
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[ Robin generally prefers spending his time outdoors, when the weather and circumstances allow for it, of course. The forest isn't always the most hospitable environment, but in an explicable and inescapable way, it will always be home, no matter where he happens to be. When he's doing target practice, though, he tends to keep to the gardens, especially if he's teaching others, as it's much safer that way. Unless he's hunting, and then he ventures further into the forest.

But though he's been teaching a few friends how to handle a bow, Robin's been considering making an offer to the network at large. The more prepared everyone is, the better. Given what's just happened with the rips, it seems more imperative now than ever. ]

I was wondering how many others here in Wonderland know how to wield a bow?

[ He's boasted to many people before that his arrow never misses its mark, and he's tempted to playfully declare that very same thing now, but he tempers himself, not wanting to put off anyone who doesn't know him and his penchant for cheekiness. He's not really cocky, just...confident. ]

If you're not familiar with using one, would you perhaps like to learn? I have years of practice, I'm quite skilled, and I'd enjoy the chance to help others who might want to learn, either for fun or in defense. Especially in Wonderland and given what's happened recently, one can never be too careful or prepared.

01 - Video

Jul. 20th, 2015 09:35 am
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[ The video turns on with a broody young woman all in black staring at the camera with a look that might best be described as “why me?” combined with extreme frustration. The curtains behind her are drawn tight and thick enough to keep out the bright light of the day. ]

Of course this is what my life has been reduced to. A series of vlog posts... Ugh.

Okay, creampuffs. I'm going to be brief about this because I feel my IQ dropping the longer I use this stupid thing. I'm looking for people and since this seems to be the most convenient happy help line I don't have much choice in the matter.

My name is Carmilla Karnstein and I'm looking for three people. Two gingers and a blonde. The gingers are named Perry and Lafontaine. You'll find them cleaning or attempting to get biological samples off whatever forms of life happen to be native to this place, respectively. Whatever.

More important is the blonde. Her name is Laura, she'll probably be trying to play at being Lois Lane and if I find even one hair out of place on her I'll be choking someone with their own intestines. And that isn't an idle threat, I promise you. [ She pauses, considers something and sighs. Laura wouldn't be pleased if she ignored the safety of the others. ] A similar treatment goes for the gingers as well I suppose.

As for all those... rips in the fabric of reality all I can say is not my problem. I played the hero enough already.
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This thing really is marvelous once you get the hang of it, isn't it?

[The camera is blocked by a gloved thumb for a moment as Dorian turns the device over in his hands, examining it from all angles. He'd taken a great deal of time to experiment once he'd discovered it, after hours of exploring the mansion and grounds and another solid hour investigating the mansion's library-- or what remained within the mansion itself, anyway. Finally, the camera steadies, too close for half a second before he pulls back in order to correct it, offering a bright and confident smile once he's certain he has the video component of this figured out.

It had taken some doing, but he's rather proud of himself for not having to ask. A bit of patience and simply having the ability to read had made it possible, even if he'd had to fumble with it for a little while.]

Interesting place you have here-- and this, whatever you call it, is remarkable. Here I thought a mirror was a man's best friend.

[He's going to be taking so many selfies in the future.]

I am a bit curious about the decor. I've already managed to answer several questions on my own, but there are others I'm afraid there is no obvious answer for-- such as why it appears you all take your meals along the shoreline. [Interesting place to have a dining hall.] And the shelves full of books in the hedge maze? I enjoy reading out of doors as much as anyone else, but it doesn't seem wise to leave them exposed to the elements like that.

Maybe they work like the wardrobes? [ Another voice speaks up from somewhere nearby, behind Dorian, before Brennan’s head pokes partially into the picture, eyeing the screen with fascination before withdrawing again. ] Maybe someone just wished it out there and poof? Either way, are you actually talking to anyone there, or just to yourself? Not that either answer would really surprise me at this point…

[The camera shows Dorian looking irately to his left in response.]

Don't get me started on the wardrobes again. Do you really think I'd be talking to no one? No, it's meant to reach everyone who has one of these things, whatever it is. Here, look--

[The screen goes momentarily dark as he prepares to demonstrate. Whether or not that will actually do any good remains to be seen.]

( OOC: Responses will come from both Dorian and Brennan! If you want one of them in specific, let us know! )
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[ Kol looks tired, unimpressed even as he addresses the network. ]

I'm well aware there are quite a few spooks here, things that go bump in the night. I'm looking for one of you that's got mental abilities - compulsion, mind bending, whathaveyou. [ He waves a hand uninterested in semantics. ] I'll make it worth your while. [ What does that even mean....? ]

And if you're a vampire, don't flatter yourself, you're not strong enough to poke around in me head.

[ With that he ends the feed. ]
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[The Cheshire Cat appears across the network, all stripes and teeth, and nothing else showing, as it claws the back of a chair in the dining room. It lets everyone enjoy that annoying tick-tick-y sound before settling back down onto all fours and streeeeetching.

Most of it is still transparent when it starts to speak.]

A hunt is a game of who best blends in.

[The Cat leaps up onto the table top and crouches down low, haunch-stripes twitching, tail-stripes lashing.]

It's not always easy to tell who's the hunter and who's the prey, shishishi.

[It's aim appears to be a particular tea cup several plates and sets of silverware down the way. There may be a sleeping Dormouse in there, and if so, the Cat will have it.]

The trick is to be the first one to flush the other out.

[The Cat leaps, grasping the tea cup between its paws and flipping over on its back to wrestle it into submission.

When it turns out to be empty, the Cat huffs a breath through its nose and knocks the thing off of the table with a satisfying crash of china. Lolling on its back, it finishes the hunting lesson, undeterred by its lack of success.]

In the end, just don't be the one who gets eaten.
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If this is some kind of weird dream, it's done a really great job of being elaborate.

[the video feed is of a young girl, seated at a desk. the room she's in is still sparse - she either hasn't, or hasn't wanted to, settle in and make it strictly hers, leaving a true katie bishop brand of decor.

her device is set up so the video is perfectly framed, though, like she's taken the time to position it and do this the right way, whatever that might entail.]

So, hi, citizens (or whatever you call yourselves now) of Wonderland. I'm Kate Bishop and I...come in peace? I've read through the network a bit (you would be amazed how far back this archive goes,) so we can skip the "Welcome to Wonderland! You can't go home! Aren't you super happy?" [then, deadpanned:] So happy. Literally the happiest.

It sounds like we've figured out more or less that this shouldn't mess with our timestream back home. You know, unless we're all Schrodinger's cats and head back to an infinite number of different worlds in the multiverse, ruining each one of them in a different way being away from home. No big.

I recognize quite a few names - and also my own? Talk about freaky, hitting click on a video post of yourself, talking all about things that never happened to you. Or maybe I should be used to these kinds of shenanigans by now.

Anyway I'm not sure how many of the people posting to the network are still around (I noticed some posts about people leaving but I'm not sure if that happens every time, so, you know, no assumptions), but feel free to say hi, send hugs, shower me with tales of your bravery in this weird world. I'll be here.

Question, though, is there any limit to these closets? Like one day is this thing just going to be like, "Katherine, you've had enough, I'm cutting you off," or is this a scot-free-for-all take as many trick arrows as I want with no regrets?


Jan. 9th, 2015 09:48 pm
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There's one thing I don't understand...

[Cue the inevitable Peanut Gallery echoing one thing?! behind her]

[You were all thinking it.  Admit it.]

Okay, so....like, I totally get forgetting pants when you leave the house.  Happens to me all the time.  But who forgets their skin?  How do you even do that?
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[He's not sure where the snow came from. Last he'd checked, it had been a pretty fine day. They were planning a party. Couldn't have it until Runner Five and Maxine got back from London of course, and they should probably wait until everyone from New Canton returned and licked their wounds, but it was too exciting not to plan. And this time... this time there would be no mind controlled people walking out of the gates to stop them.

Probably. Sam had stopped trusting that his life would ever be simple.

Case in point, the snow he was trudging through towards a- what was that building? It was bigger than the farmhouse, bigger than any building in Abel and-

A flicker of memory, newly reignited, flared bright and he just stared at the Mansion for a long moment. He'd forgotten it, of course he had. Not even a bizarre dream. And yet here it was, larger than life in front of him.


Oh my god.

[He reached the steps at the front and went inside, the grand entrance hall just like he remembered? Had forgotten? He nearly slipped from the way he was dripping over everything, the snow melting off him. No-one around at this time of night, not here at least, no signs of how long he'd been gone. Wonderland was weird. It could have been an hour. It could have been years. Who knew?

He glanced back at the door, and then headed for the stairs. He'd find an empty room for now. He didn't want to find his and realise that it was gone.

When Sam appears on the network later, it's with a wry smile. He looks a little the worse for wear; his face is mottled with bruises which are in the fading, sickly yellow-green stage, but must have been horrendous when they'd been fresh. There's a new scar just above his left eye, through his eyebrow, where stitches have only recently been removed.

Besides the bruises, he looks exhausted but perhaps not as upset about being back in Wonderland as most people would be.]

So uh... I guess I'm back here. It's weird man. Like realising a dream is totally real.

[He sighs, shifting uncomfortably. It isn't just his face that's bruised and it hasn't all quite healed yet, even if it looked a lot worse than it was. His laugh is a bit strained. He is really, really tired.]

I don't even know how long it's been. Heh. Might be me waking up back here and no-one remembers me so... Hi? I'm Sam Yao. If anyone from Abel is still here... or anyone I met when I was here before... just, get in touch okay?

[He could use something to ground him. He's not even sure what to believe. The last few days... weeks... they've been pretty crazy and while it ended on good crazy, it was also crazy that was very difficult to believe.]

006; video

Jan. 8th, 2015 10:56 pm
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[The feed is shaking. It won't focus properly on Armin's face, wan with terror, looking out to the distance. His breathing is sharp and quick.]

[No. This can't be happening. He's tried so hard to find a way out, to avoid this-- have all his efforts been for naught? They're here, and the Mansion is nothing more than a giant feed box...]

[calm down. calm down.
Calm down. Giving into despair now won't save anyone. He has to at least warn them of the dangers ahead. Armin draws a hand back through his hair and swallows thickly.]

Do not...

[He stands up straighter.]

Do not engage the incoming Titans!

They aren't normal monsters. They can't be killed by normal means. Facing them head-on will end in death-- Please listen very carefully to what I'm about to say. It will save your life.

[Armin takes a deep breath, and then speaks quickly, but clearly, with careful enunciation. It's like he's listing off bullets ordered up in his head.]

Titans-- the monsters that you now see approaching-- do not feel fear. You cannot intimidate them with shows of power. They are mindless, ruthless, and their only goal in existing is eating people. They feel no pain, so superficial wounds will not hinder them. They will do whatever is in their power to eat you, no matter how badly wounded. Never let your guard down.

The only way to stop a Titan is to kill it. And the only way to kill a Titan is to cut out a chunk of flesh from the napes of their necks, where the spinal cord would meet the brain stem on a human. Any other wound will heal-- and at an astonishing rate-- even if you blow a Titan's brains out, it will regenerate. The fatal point on their neck is their only vulnerable spot.

The only other weaknesses worth taking advantage of are... Titans are single-minded and stupid, and can be easily led into traps with enough skill, where they can be more easily dispatched. If you somehow incapacitate a Titan's limbs, that will render them motionless until they regenerate. They can also be blinded with shot. And they subsist on sunlight, so their movements slow dramatically at night.

Fortifications have appeared around the Mansion, and there are rail-guns on the roof. If anyone has the courage to help, I could use every hand available-- No, we need every hand available. If we can't fend these Titans off, they can and will tear the Mansion apart to eat every last person hiding inside.

[He continues to stare out into the distance. His jaw is tight.]

...Anyone who wants to give their lives for humanity, and fight the Titans hand-to-hand-- they should contact my Captain, Levi. He'll make use of you somehow.


[Armin closes his eyes, as if in pain.]

I'm sorry. I couldn't get us out. I did everything I could to try and avoid this fate, but... I failed. I'm so sorry. This is all my fault.

[A faint rumbling can be heard from far away.]

ooc: [Game start! Titans are now advancing on the Mansion. Team Armin and Team Levi will make their separate log posts later.]


Jan. 2nd, 2015 09:48 pm
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[Filtered from Billy.]

So, happy new year and all that aside, the holidays weren't exactly all that pleasant for everyone involved. But I say better late than never, right?

[Kate raises her eyebrows and grins earnestly. Her eyes then dart downward for a second to double check the filtering levels set. What good is a belated holiday gift if the recipient knows about it?]

Now that things have returned to normal - or whatever most closely passes for normal around here - I think we should continue the trend of ringing in the New Year's with some epic parties. Like a Hannukah party. Because who doesn't like gambling and a little bit of fire?

Seriously though, guys. We got a semi-decent Christmas day... eve, anyway. But the Jabberwocky ate Billy on the first night of Hannukah and he never got his celebration. I can't think of a better gift to get him for the holidays.

Is there anyone Jewish here - that isn't Billy and won't mention this to him on pain of some kind of horrible payback - that can help with that planning? Mrs. Kaplan usually invited us all over the past few years, but it's been a while. And getting Billy involved defeats the purpose of all of this.

I know there's latkes, menorahs, and dreidels but what else? I want this to be a celebration he won't forget.

[She frowns. It's a new year even though it hasn't really been a full year of her life. Still, it's safe enough to say that it's been a long one filled with enough trouble and heartache for all of the Young Avengers, Billy especially. Arriving here hasn't made anything easier.

Some more celebration, some more good memories over the bad sounds almost seems like a necessity.]

So, I'm thinking sometime soon. Everyone's invited so long as you promise to leave any consideration of weapons or insanity in your room.

Anyone have a preference?
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[It's been over a week since Simon had spectacularly screwed himself over here in Wonderland, at least in regards to his closest friend, who was still not talking to him. Or otherwise acknowledging he exists. Which is probably still better than shooting him in the head, but either way Simon's still ended up with more time on his hands than is ever considered safe or wise, in his case.

Still not feeling overly social, his time at the bar's been a little sporadic. Instead, he's thrown himself into a project he's been mulling over in the back of his mind now for months. Which is what prompts this afternoon's unexpected broadcast.

The feed opens up in a bright room somewhere in the mansion with Simon dressed in simple workout clothes. Which are hard to miss since that combination of neon orange and lime green are rather... eye-catching. ]

So, the training center we have here in the mansion is pretty awesome and epic and a great place to ogle some really hot people beating the crap out of each other at any hour of the day and night. But not all of us are superheroes and can fly or punch holes in mountains or some shit, so I figured I'd use some of my experience back home to make somewhere a little less... extreme for some of us normal people.

[Which is when he lets the video feed pan around to the room he's currently in. It's a bright gym set up with a variety of fitness equipment and weights, surprisingly neat and orderly and obviously something he's poured a lot of hours into over the past week or so.]

It's not much, but it's right across the hall from the training room, down on the first floor and it'll be open all the time so anyone can feel free to use it whenever. I'll be around randomly to show people how to use the machines, if they want. Wasn't sure if we'd start getting winter weather soon, but if we do, I figured someplace not covered in snow might be useful for when I want to run. So yeah. I'll... let you get back to your regularly scheduled madness now. See ya, Wonderland.
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[ Kevin's grim-faced when he looks into the camera, the neck of a cello extending up past his neck. He'd like to be happier about what he's about to do, but it's pretty bittersweet, especially coming on the heels of everything that's gone on lately, but... Well. Thanksgiving just happened, and he always heavily associates birthday cake with turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie. His birthday comes close enough on the heels of that holiday that his family would celebrate it all in one go, so it's weird, spending the day without hearing anything about it.

He knows time isn't really passing here, but he feels a year older, and it's not like he'll ever have a birthday again back home. Why shouldn't he take the opportunity to celebrate it now, here, with his new family? He doesn't really want to make it all about him, though, which is why he's here with his cello. ]

Hey. So... It's my birthday. I'd be 19 today if I actually aged any, but since I'm dead back home... I'm just going to go ahead and call this one an official birthday.

[ He picks up the bow for his cello and starts to move into position, holding it against the strings. ]

I know there are others of you out there who can only look forward to more age-less birthdays, so this post is about wishing you guys either a belated happy birthday, or a happy birthday in advance, if it hasn't happened yet. Or maybe we're birthday twins?

[ He starts to play, but then stops. ]

And it's for you guys who are still alive back home, too. Not to discriminate against anyone.

[ And then he moves into playing, and singing, the happy birthday song. He hasn't been practicing every day like he used to, but he gave himself a few warm up rounds before starting the broadcast. ]

Happy birthday to you; happy birthday to you; happy birthday, dear everyone; happy birthday to you.

[ Next comes the sound of a lighter, and then Kevin holds up a cupcake with a lit candle on it. Leaning over, he blows it out, and then gives the camera a small smile before he cuts the feed. ]
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Hiiiiii. [ Yeah, this is awkward. Calista still doesn’t have her costume, so she’s trying to do her best lost-teenager-in-Wonderland impersonation, as opposed to her ‘I’m 90% sure someone with Powers zapped me here’ self. She grins, waves at her captive audience, and then immediately huffs a piece of hair out of her face. ]

Okay, so. Step one: be kidnapped. Step two: introduce yourself to your kidnappees? Is that how it goes? Is there a training manual, or instructional video, or like a series of things on Youtube to help a girl out? An awful lot of you guys look used to this whole shitty situation, which is one part worrying and one part kinda bad-ass, if I’m gonna be honest.

Anyway, my name's Calista. Any chance Retro Girl’s going to swoop in and save the day?

[ Calista, your ego is showing. ]


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