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[He's been here a few hours; enough time to examine the room he finds himself in, a strange mix of rooms he's lived in before, half-Midgard and half-Asgard. Enough time to open the door to a wall of water- and close it again. He'd thought it some kind of extra method of keeping him locked up, honestly, especially after it had also been enough time to try a few ways of getting home... and failing.

Luckily for him, at about the point in time he's considering having to walk through the water- he's too dense to swim easily and even gods need to breathe sometimes- it just seems to drain. He gives it a little longer, but nothing else seems to happen, so he leaves in search of answers. He also finally decides to use the device he's given, at least get some idea if there are other people here to contact. The longer he waits, the weirder the occasional feeling of deja vu gets, as if he's missed something- and he does hate missing things. They always turn out to be the biggest problems.

Still in one of the endless corridors with no markers to give away which floor he's on, he turns the camera on and waves, as calm as he can be, an over-dressed and self-possessed teenager in his full usual green and gold get-up.]

Well, this has been a very interesting day. Would anyone feel inclined to provide some answers? Primarily, is this place always so damp? It must ruin a lot of wardrobes, if it is.

[Well, he'd like all the other more important questions answered too, where why who and how, but he's sure everyone else already asks those anyway.]

Ah- and I suppose secondarily, is there food and is it safe?

[That's all the questions he bother with, though, before he heads off again, looking for his own answers.]
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[ After wrapping himself in all the blankets he has in his room he managed to make his way down to the magic studies room because it has a fireplace- not that its doing him any good. He's sitting in front of that when he addresses the network, his teeth chattering every time he pauses.]

Ok, does anyone have a closet that doesn't lead to Narnia? Because mine seems to lead to a snowy tundra and I'm cold enough as it is. It won't give me any blankets and I think they forgot to turn the heat on this year.

[ A violent shiver makes him pause for a minute and he tries to steady his hand holding the phone.] I think I would sell my first born for a heated blanket right now, any takers?

[OOC: Billy is suffering from The Little Match Girl event from February 15-17th. Feel free to encounter him on any of these days.]
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There are those in this Mansion who are well-learned and know much of magic and such odd crafts.

[ sansa seems restless today, as if the very subject makes her uneasy and her discomfort is clear. still, she sits up, prim and proper and continues. ]

I would speak to those who know of such matters and would help another who does not. Any such help would be appreciated. There is little I understand of it as I was never taught of such crafts beyond the tales and songs that were always meant for children.

[ a beat. ]

You have my thanks.
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[It's your friendly neighborhood alcoholic back again, and this time he's not threatening to burn the entire place to the ground with no remorse.

So that's nice.]

I got a quick poll for everyone here:

One, who actually can play poker around here? Real poker, okay, not any pansy low stakes crap. That, or pool. I'll take anything. [ Ahem.] Two: Is there anyone around here over 50? I mean, jesus christ.

[Not including Stan Pines and two people he already knew goddamn personally. It's ridiculous. It's like the only grey hair he's seen in months is in his own damn beard.]

Surrounded by goddamn children.


May. 29th, 2015 06:39 pm
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Cut for unnecessary introspection. )

[When Kaneki finally does appear on the network, he makes himself use the video function. If he's going to do this, he should at least have to look people in the face. Hiding behind audio seems like it would just add to the cowardice of waiting for days to do this at all.

The video makes clear the last few days haven't been easy for him. He hasn't slept much--though he has been eating fairly well, for once--and the circles under his visible eye gives that away. His left eye, as usual, is hidden behind a temporary medical eye patch. It helps him feel a bit more normal to be wearing it.]


[It takes him a few seconds to finally speak. He knows what he wants to say, but the words are slow in coming. They're almost painful when he forces them out.]

...I just wanted to apologize. I can't...really fix things. I don't know if I'll be allowed to try.

[He balks and swallows hard before continuing.]

I can explain things, if anyone...anyone wants that.

[It seems like the most ridiculous offer anyone could make. An explanation for why you tried to kill and eat someone doesn't really do anything to fix the encounter, and it doesn't provide an excuse for why he let himself get into that state in the first place. But it's the only thing he knows to do--and maybe people deserve to know.]

What I am--

[He stops again and shakes his head. Offering that confession to everyone in Wonderland, affected by him or not, is more than he can handle. He'll tell people who ask, but he can't do it publicly like this.]

I-I'm sorry. That's all.

[With that abrupt ending, he cuts the feed.]
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[Okay, Verity was... where? The whole place gave her a headache. It was a little like the entirety of her surroundings were a lie and the truth rolled into one big ball, tossed in a blender, and made into a milkshake. A very weird milkshake. How could it be both? She gives up that train of thought and decides to do something she should have done as soon as she found her Stark Phone was no longer her Stark Phone. She keys the phone she'd found in her pocket for the fifth time in as many minutes, but this time she goes through with it. The video feed opens to show the redhead's worried and confused face. She appears to be sitting in the garden if the scenery behind her was any indication.]

Um, hello? This thing's like Skype, right? I don't really know how I got here, or why I'm here, or where here really is, but can someone point me back to New York? The U.S. of A.? Earth...? Just point me in the right direction, you don't even have to take me there. Just give me a map and I'll be on my merry little way.

[She pauses to collect her thoughts, pursing her lips.]

The fancy little brochure said Wonderland, but I'm not really buying what it's selling. See, whoever wrote it apparently believed it was Wonderland, but I think they had to be loonier than a three dollar bill. So, anyone here who doesn't belong in a white padded cell want to tell me what's going on? Unless of course this is some kind of insane asylum retreat for the irreparably crazy... If that's the case, I can prove to you I'm not crazy, so can we please talk? I kind of need to find a friend of mine who's in trouble. Even... even though I don't know how to go about actually finding him or even helping him, but... but I can't give up on him, either. So, please?
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[Sam appears on the video, positively beaming. Five, the newfoundland puppy is sprawled on his lap, taking up entirely too much space an Sam doesn't care one little bit.]

Alright! Some people I've mentioned this to before, but really anyone is welcome. The more the merrier.

[He picks up a leather bound tome, brandishing it at the screen.]

Tomorrow, in the room we used for the Star Wars marathon, we are going to be having an epic Demons and Darkness game. Or 'Dungeons and Dragons' in some of your weird worlds which are not quite so awesome.

[Because obviously Darkness and Demons is the best roleplaying game.]

We've got all the Croatic modules, including 'Night of the Shambling Ones'. Maxine is an amazing DM and it- it should be really fun okay?

I'll probably bring some other board games too. They actually have all of the pieces and cards and stuff which is... surprisingly novel experience for me these days.

Bring drinks and snacks and feel free to come along just to watch or chat, or we'll teach you how to play if you want.
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You are not my Stark phone.

[ The voice that speaks sounds extremely offended by that fact. Loki scoops the network device off the ground, struggling to keep it balanced in one hand. The shaky video feed that follows gives hint to why he is having such trouble: his left arm hangs limply at his side. In addition, his face is deeply bruised, and one of the horns has been knocked off of his headpiece.

Someone's arrival in Wonderland was almost fortunate. Loki considers the irony of a sudden kidnapping being a plus to his day as he sinks heavily into a chair, but the train of thought is lost as the action jars his ribs. Working through a deep wince, he manages to prop the device up against a stack of books and pokes at the screen with one finger.

All right, you. Let us see how you work.


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