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[He'd been back home, but he didn't know he'd ever left home until he got back here. The wolf was disoriented, confused, away from his puppeteer. He was to fight. Fight and die or wipe out his pack, his friends, the people he loves most. All because he was a True Alpha; an Alpha whose abilities couldn't be stolen by another wolf. This was his fate, decreed by the Bone Woman; La Loba.

However, when he hits Wonderland again, his mind shrouded in magic, is bombarded with memories of nearly a year here. It makes the Berserker's head reel, trying to force out the real Scott. The one not under the were jaguar's spell. He tries, he really does. He goes for his phone, but the gloves of bone and leather make it difficult and the device falls from his hands.]

[Accidental Video] )
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[Nightmares haven't been a thing for Rocket, not for a long time. So tonight? Those eyes? It shakes him up.


When he comes over the feed his ears are pressed flat to his head and eyes narrowed, the half-worlder not really focused on the feed.]

Flarkin' hell. What was that thing?

[ Video ]

Nov. 24th, 2014 07:17 pm
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[ First, there's only mumbling as Beatrice fumbles with the little palm pilot. She doesn't have hands, and while she could probably go get a bird-friendly version from her closet, she doesn't really know about that just yet. So she's just kind of stuck trying to operate an electrical device she knows nothing about. Which is great. Just great.

When she finally manages to get the thing working properly, and hops away from it to get a better look at the camera, it becomes evident fairly quickly that it's not a person, but a talking bluebird addressing the network. Which is probably not the strangest thing in wonderland, right? ]

Alright, so we're all stuck in a weird, creepy mansion with dumb talking boxes. I get it. It's fine, you know, it's not like I was doing anything important before this. [ Except she definitely was doing something important. Why does this stuff happen to her? She had vital, life changing business to take care of. Couldn't Wonderland have waited ten minutes before dragging her in? No? ]

But what I really don't get is, what's the point? Why go snag a bunch of losers, just to keep them cooped up like this? Seems a little kooky if you ask me, and I've seen a lot of weirdo things in my life. Seriously, people where I'm from? Yeah, they tend to have a few screws loose.

Now, I would ask for some directions and be on my way, but something tells me I'm not getting out of this one so easy. So what I want to know is this; What am I supposed to do while I wait around here for nothing? Because let me tell you, sitting around watching a bunch of bozos pick their noses sounds like torture.

Oh, and if any of you see a couple of kids wearing stupid hats, will you let me know? They're pretty hopeless on their own, and I was---helping them out, before I got here. [ She doesn't expect them to be here, she's searched the mansion from top to bottom already, but it doesn't hurt to ask anyway.  ]
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--swear if this is some flarkin' alternate universe stuff again I'm going to murder that mutt.

[Rocket hadn't meant for his communicator to come on when it did but he'd been fiddling with it while he ranted and suddenly, there was video. The raccoon is less than pleased looking, ears pressed flat to his head as his tail snaps about in annoyance as he eyes the device he'd just turned on before looking at another that he held in the other hand.]

Groot? Mantis? Can either of you hear me?

[A pause before he growls softly.]

Mr. Cosmo? I'll even take hearing your d'ast voice at this point.

[There was no response out of the passport device, hardly surprising, and Rocket tucked it away into one of the pouches on his belt before focusing on the other device; the new one he'd found himself with.]

Whatever's going on here, answers would be appreciated, mates, and in a timely manner. I need to figure out how to get home before some other world shattering event happens.


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