Oct. 1st, 2015 09:21 am
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[Billy stood in the middle of an empty room, what appeared to be a book on Norse mythology clutched to his chest. He looked at the camera and cleared his throat, trying to keep his expression neutral and his voice steady. His friendship with Loki was never exactly approved of by most people and Loki wasn’t exactly the most popular resident in Wonderland.]

For those that knew him, Loki Laufeyson has returned to his world and the fate that awaits him there. [Which as far as Billy knows is death. He pauses for a second thinking of something.] That would be the older Loki, not the younger Loki.

I just thought people might want to know.

[There wasn’t much else to say. So he gave the camera one more nod and clicked it off.]


Aug. 29th, 2015 10:19 pm
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That's two negative votes on the network already, and I'm sorely missing the rousing speeches in Hydra's favour. Honestly, what sort of proper evil organisation doesn't even spring for an informative brochure?


Aug. 11th, 2015 11:10 am
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[It takes Billy the better part of the afternoon sitting on his couch and staring at the door Teddy walked out of before he shakes himself and takes out his phone. There are a few people who should know and he also knows he probably shouldn't be alone right then.]

Text to Kate )

Text to Tommy )

Text to Verity )

Text to Sam )

Text to Wanda )


May. 29th, 2015 06:39 pm
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Cut for unnecessary introspection. )

[When Kaneki finally does appear on the network, he makes himself use the video function. If he's going to do this, he should at least have to look people in the face. Hiding behind audio seems like it would just add to the cowardice of waiting for days to do this at all.

The video makes clear the last few days haven't been easy for him. He hasn't slept much--though he has been eating fairly well, for once--and the circles under his visible eye gives that away. His left eye, as usual, is hidden behind a temporary medical eye patch. It helps him feel a bit more normal to be wearing it.]


[It takes him a few seconds to finally speak. He knows what he wants to say, but the words are slow in coming. They're almost painful when he forces them out.]

...I just wanted to apologize. I can't...really fix things. I don't know if I'll be allowed to try.

[He balks and swallows hard before continuing.]

I can explain things, if anyone...anyone wants that.

[It seems like the most ridiculous offer anyone could make. An explanation for why you tried to kill and eat someone doesn't really do anything to fix the encounter, and it doesn't provide an excuse for why he let himself get into that state in the first place. But it's the only thing he knows to do--and maybe people deserve to know.]

What I am--

[He stops again and shakes his head. Offering that confession to everyone in Wonderland, affected by him or not, is more than he can handle. He'll tell people who ask, but he can't do it publicly like this.]

I-I'm sorry. That's all.

[With that abrupt ending, he cuts the feed.]


May. 12th, 2015 09:48 pm
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[ She's been back a little over a day. Not long, just enough to get her bearings, to find out how much is the same and what is different. Having an entire year's worth of memories since her last stay here has made things... well. More than a little disorienting. And she's not happy about it.

Still, when she opens a video feed late this evening, none of that shows on her face, just a calm, composed expression as she gets right back to business as usual. ]

I apologize for my unexpected absence this past... however long it's been. I had an unscheduled trip home that interrupted pretty much everything. If I missed a session with you over the past several days or weeks, I apologize and hopefully we can make them up now that I'm back and getting sorted again.

For those of you who don't know me or who I haven't met, my name is Natasha Romanoff. I help run the Training Center down on the first floor, along with some teammates of mine back home, or some similar places.

[ Because she is not going into alternate universes right now, that's up to everyone else to puzzle through on their own time, she has a big enough headache as it is. ]

We offer a place to practice, enhance and hone skills in both offense and defense - something that can come in handy around here when things get a little less pleasant and boring. We offer classes and training to people interested in learning or improving these skills as well. If it's something you'd be interested, feel free to stop by any time, there's usually one or two of us around to talk to about it. You can come find me or look for the big guy in the red white and blue suit. He's a little hard to miss.

[ And with that, she flicks off the feed for the time being, letting the citizens of Wonderland do with that what they will. ]
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[Like almost any time that Steve is making a solo broadcast, he's seated at the desk in his room. He's got the neutral yet firm look of a leader, which tends to be how he handles addressing the network. In this particular case, there's another reason for it. He can hide what he's really going through behind all of that authority.]

For anyone who knew Bruce Banner, the younger Bucky Barnes, or Peggy Carter, they've gone home.

[Home, which should be a good thing. And maybe it is, except that Bruce and Natasha had been happy here. Bucky's headed back into the middle of a war, and to something so much worse after that. And Peggy? Well, Steve is just relieved his voice didn't crack when he said her name.

He moves on quickly.]
I also wanted to talk about what happened with the memories getting swapped around. I didn't go through it, but it sounds like a lot of other people did. Between that and those old events coming back in different areas, it kind of seems like Wonderland's running a little haywire.

[He hasn't forgotten about the closets malfunctioning for a while there, either.]

Is there any kind of precedence for that stuff?

[Because it seems to him that they should be worrying about it.]

Anyway, I think that's all.

[He ends the feed there, but he'll be spending some time out and about for the rest of the day, either eating at the diner or taking Dodger on a long walk throughout the grounds.]
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[Okay, Verity was... where? The whole place gave her a headache. It was a little like the entirety of her surroundings were a lie and the truth rolled into one big ball, tossed in a blender, and made into a milkshake. A very weird milkshake. How could it be both? She gives up that train of thought and decides to do something she should have done as soon as she found her Stark Phone was no longer her Stark Phone. She keys the phone she'd found in her pocket for the fifth time in as many minutes, but this time she goes through with it. The video feed opens to show the redhead's worried and confused face. She appears to be sitting in the garden if the scenery behind her was any indication.]

Um, hello? This thing's like Skype, right? I don't really know how I got here, or why I'm here, or where here really is, but can someone point me back to New York? The U.S. of A.? Earth...? Just point me in the right direction, you don't even have to take me there. Just give me a map and I'll be on my merry little way.

[She pauses to collect her thoughts, pursing her lips.]

The fancy little brochure said Wonderland, but I'm not really buying what it's selling. See, whoever wrote it apparently believed it was Wonderland, but I think they had to be loonier than a three dollar bill. So, anyone here who doesn't belong in a white padded cell want to tell me what's going on? Unless of course this is some kind of insane asylum retreat for the irreparably crazy... If that's the case, I can prove to you I'm not crazy, so can we please talk? I kind of need to find a friend of mine who's in trouble. Even... even though I don't know how to go about actually finding him or even helping him, but... but I can't give up on him, either. So, please?


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