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[Perhaps the most jarring thing about this event, for Jo at least, is the fact that the mansion has become something else entirely, leaving her without a safe or at least familiar place to bunker down. That said, this isn't exactly the type of event one wants to sit still for. That only makes you an easy target. Instead, she opts to stay mobile, though she's stuck without the security of being well-armed this time around, having set all of her knives aside on the nightstand before everything changed overnight. That's an unfortunate setback, but if it comes down to protecting herself, she knows enough to be able to be resourceful and make due.

Anyone who happens to spot her as she makes her way through the hallways might notice that she seems jumpier than usual, on-edge and alert whenever she passes someone. After some investigation, it's become clear to her that they're locked in without any viable escape route, and so she's turned her attention to investigating the school itself instead, spending a fair amount of the afternoon in the library before heading to the gymnasium in search of anything that might possibly make a decent weapon in a pinch. Despite her desire to avoid places where people might gather, hunger eventually wins out and she makes her way to the cafeteria, wary and still unarmed.]

Private to Castiel )

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[[ooc: Jo can be found at various locations in the school throughout the event and will be keeping a close eye on the network, so if anyone wishes to run into her or otherwise contact her at any time during the event, feel free to use this post to do so!]]
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[Not a single part of this makes any damn sense to him.

He's done his fair share of exploring, if it could be called that given how expansive this place actually is. However, he's learned enough through what he's come across to come to one definite conclusion:

This isn't where he's supposed to be.

And he has no idea where 'this' even is. The walls are nowhere to be found from as far as he can tell, though in their place are several things that stick out like a sore thumb. It leaves him on edge even if his expression betrays nothing, lips drawn into a thin line as he makes his way through the ornate halls of the mansion. Whatever new devices that appear on his person are initially ignored; finding someone else is his top priority.

Levi's on the second floor when he walks up to the nearest window to shove it open, glancing down below at the building's entrance. And here is where his refined social skills come into play, searching for the first person that appears below before:]

Tell me where the hell this is.


Aug. 4th, 2013 02:54 pm
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 [There's a moment of tense silence before he speaks. It's not that he's nervous or anything, just concentrating really hard. Yes.]

I seem to recall that one of you has powers over wind. perhaps that could be of some use in our current predicament.

[he stops briefly, and an intake of breath and a few distant howls echo through the feed]

I know... that it is wiser to avoid the hounds entirely, but if they were at least visible, it could help us. To see when they're coming.
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The worlds will crash again soon and it will be particularly unpleasant this time around. You have some time to prepare, but not much, so you must listen carefully.

On the third day from today, you will hear howls in the woods, but the creatures voice them will not approach until the following day.

The creatures that you'll face are powerful and tenacious, and will not stop pursuing their prey once they have a scent. But there are ways to hold them off! Salt will create a boundary they will have great difficulty crossing, and a well barricaded door may hold them off, though be careful not to trap yourself in a dead end.

Finally, a large enough explosion will destroy them, but be cautious. You don't want to catch yourself or any of your comrades in the blast.

In the future, I will see that you are warned sooner of crashes. For now, please use the time you have and survive. I believe in you.
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[What does a prankster do when he's bored and maybe still a little down in the dumps but also lonely?

Pull pranks, obviously.

What makes a classic prank even better than usual?

Visual evidence of said pranking.

And thus John is spending today dragging a wagon full of whipped cream pies behind him and knocking on various strangers' doors. Once the door swings open, John's checking to make sure it isn't Annie (or people who seem similarly easily outraged like Annie) and then tossing a pie in their face. All the while, he's got his communicator's camera trained on the door and the victim, hoping to capture their reaction for mass consumption. Those who aren't in the midst of being pied are treated to the disastrous results shortly after the fact, once John has (mostly likely) retreated to a safe distance.]

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[ A C T I O N : anywhere in the mansion, but especially windowsills and bedrooms. ]

[ A fluffy white cat-like creature shows up in the Mansion in the early afternoon and, after getting his bearings, immediately sets to exploring and to perching on various places to simply observe. The bedrooms he finds particularly interesting and worth investigating. He doesn't talk to anyone at first but instead just gets his bearings. However, that isn't to say he doesn't interact if he is noticed.

Kyuubey has a tendency to perch on things like banisters and shelves and windowsills. He also seems to like appearing on (or in, if he's poking around) people's closets and among their pillows on their beds. If anyone has any stuffed animals, he will definitely be found making himself comfortable nestled among them for a few minutes.

As for his communication device, well... he keeps that in a trap door in his back at first, after ascertaining what it was, and it's only after he's certain that he is no longer on the Earth he was just a little while ago that he begins to experiment with it... ]

[ V I D E O => T E X T ]

[ The feed opens up with the adorable Kyuubey tilting his head and watching the camera. He swooshes his tail and then seems to come to the conclusion that this is ineffective. The device does not respond to telepathy, so he extends a paw and shuts it off, switching it over to a text mode. He is perfectly capable of typing, after all, even if the motion looks a bit silly. ]

I have gathered that this is Wonderland and seems to be reminiscent of the place from a human novel. This is most unusual, but I suppose the existence of worlds that in other universes are fictional should not be surprising.

Tell me: Does this universe obey the same physical laws as the one where a human male once wrote about Wonderland?
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[It's been a while since Dean's bright and shining face has graced the screens of the communicators. Graced being a... strong and slightly ironic word. He looks distinctly less morose than he did the last time, but he's still got an expression on his face that clues the observant in rather quickly that it's going to be serious business this time.]

First off, I wanna to apologize on behalf of all of the idiots from back home. Not sure which of them it was, might've been me, but that last event was all on us.

[Actually, it's all on Dean, but he's not one hundred precent on that. Considering Gabriel's here, and he's... tricky? Not exactly the word he's looking for, but anyway, moving on, he can't be sure it wasn't him, Cas, or Sam. He'd like to keep the latter two from being thrown directly under the bus, though.]

Second off, I'm thinking it's time we had a little pow-wow.

[He shoots the camera a significant look. It's not hard to guess what he's hinting at.]

Time to step it up a little, be a little more proactive, see if we can't start heading these things off at the pass.

[He shrugs a shoulder. Might not be possible, but hell, it's worth a shot, right?]

Either way, we're taking this somewhere a little more private. If you're interested in a hike, be out front in a couple of hours. Someone'll escort you to the party. Bring a pen.

[And that's all awesomely vague except for the places where it ain't. The feed ends rather abruptly. A few hours later, Daryl Dixon will be making a few trips back and forth leading groups of people to secret place out in the middle of the woods. It's there that the real fun begins.]

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[A new video feed kicks on. This time? It's gaze is focused on a blonde-haired, sword wielding, baffled looked child. Anyone could see he looking in all sorts of directions, and, if they looked closely enough, they could see the two toned grass beneath him.]

H-Hey.. Din? Impa? Is anyone there?

[Looking around, the boy seemed to have discovered the journal laying about. So, crawling to it, Link takes it in his hand and flips it around in all different directions. What was this thing and how in the world did it work?]

Hey! Um.. My name is Link and I think I'm a little lost. I mean, this definitely doesn't look like Holodrum. And it really doesn't look like Subrosia.

Ah-ha! [He eventually noticed the screen and held it upright. Or what he thought was upright. Maybe it was upside-down now?]

I mean, don't get me wrong. I don't mind taking adventures every now and again. Especially if I don't have to save the world or anything. And it's really nice to have a break and all but..

Where am I? And where are my friends?

[Frowning at the lack of an immediate response, he stood up, looking around the grass. Some of his belongings had fallen from his person! Carefully, he picked up the few rupees and rings that had scattered across the ground and last, but not least, the Rod of Ages. He twirled it a bit in his hand, wondering if it would still work here. Not like it needed to from the looks of it. But he would certainly like to give it back to Din if he could.]

Guess I better start looking around.

[Looking back down at the journal, he pressed on what he thought was an off switch of sorts and, tucking the journal into his belt, he took off towards the towering mansion in the distance.]

((OOC: Early Morning, he can be found in the fields when he first arrives. Obviously video/action work during this time! By Noon or Early Afternoon, he'd be wondering around the mansion, up and down the halls, the tea room, the pool area. You name it, he'll be there at some point. Action from here on out if that's alright with you! Just mark it~))
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[The video clicks on to find John Egbert sitting in some grass on the edge of the forest. A skidding mark leading up to the spot where he sits with his knees crossed and his head in his hands indicates that he didn't intend to land here, and may have actually crashed. The communicator's sits at a bit of an angle where it has landed, but the camera is undamaged. The sounds of nature don't manage to block out his soft gasping breaths.

In the foreground, a figure appears. It's dressed in the same god tier pajamas that John is wearing. The same dark hair slides into frame as the figure approaches John. But it moves with a rigid sort of confidence that in no way resembles the real John. John flows and bounces, this figure steps heavily and with purpose. That purpose seems to be to circle John and then crouch behind him, yellow eyes flickering as they focus on John and nothing else.]

John Egbert is missing. )
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[ Atop the mansion, a small, somewhat childlike figure stands, overlooking the grounds.

He has no recollection of how he arrived here, and all of his efforts to teleport away have proven fruitless - not only is he unable to link up to any GPS systems to confirm his own coordinates, but any attempts to beam himself back home have simply resulted in him arriving right back where he started. He seems to be able to teleport himself about the grounds of this land as he pleases, but any attempts to leave result in failure.

Linking himself to the communications network permeating the area, he's been able to deduce that the residents of this place are held against their will, and the lot of them seem to be from a diverse set of circumstances - possibly even different points of time - but aside from this, his situation remains a complete mystery. ]

Very interesting...

[ He can't help but smile slightly; he lives for new experiences, after all, and this experience certainly ranks high on the boring-to-intriguing scale.

He'll just have to accept that this is where he makes his home for the moment. He'll make himself known to the other residents at his leisure - but for now, he simply vanishes. A red beam shoots through the sky, heralded only by a short, distinct whistle echoing across the grounds. ]


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