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[The face on screen might appear familiar to some, and yet...that expression...that posture...]

God, this place is an even bigger shit hole than I remembered.

[The Bitch was Back.]

Okay, look.  Here's the deal.  I got shit to do.  Places to be.  Queens to please.  I don't have time to get into it with you cunts, and honestly, I'm not really in any mood to get any blood on my new clothes.  Took me nearly ten minutes to steal, you know.  That's time I'll never get back.

So just stay the fuck out of my way, and we'll all get along peachy.  If you ignore the fact where I'd just as soon never see any of your pathetic faces ever again.

Got it?

((ooc: Any ACTION options will find M!Brittany either trashing her Real's room, or else wandering the courtyards in search of more clues.))
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I. mirror writing;

    [Today a certain someone's left a message for the Mirrors. Several messages, actually. Copies appear on all sorts of mirrors in all sorts of places, spread out around the mansion for maximum coverage.

    To Mirror eyes, it reads:]

    When does her royal highness plan to let you back over?
    Good company is scarce and some of you are more likeable than your other selves.

    Good allies are also hard to find.
    I want something you can do.
    Maybe you want something an ally on this side can do.
    We could help each other across the great divide.

    [Characters on the Real side see something different, however. Peter has cloaked his writing so that when Reals look at the words, they'll see nothing but gibberish, configurations of random letters, lines, and doodles as if a graffiti artist or a very bored person has gone around defacing mansion property. No matter how hard a person tries, though, the writing won't come off.]

II. action; )
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cut for tl;dr )

[So Castiel does something rare and records a message of himself on his phone, broadcasting it to the rest of the mansion. His expression is as flat as always, but there might be a hint of grimness to it for anyone who knows him well enough to pick up the subtle differences.]

I haven't had much interaction with the Mirrors myself, but I've heard enough to understand how dangerous they can be. I think I may be able to offer some assistance.

[His gaze drops down to his hand.]

This is untested for the moment, but it's possible I can disable its consciousness in your mind, to give... if nothing else, a small reprieve. If you're able to arrest control for long enough, you can contact me and I'll offer whatever help that I can.

[The feed shakes and tilts as he moves to turn it off, but then he pauses, remembering something. His face appears again, though slightly closer than before, and off-center.] For those who don't know me, my name is Castiel.
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[Anyone who knows Brittany decently well enough would recognize graceful in her movements.  A natural born dancer.  Which is why it might seem strange to suddenly come across her jerking around the open walkways of Wonderland looking as if she were having a seizure and more annoyed by the fact than anything else.  Occasionally, she attempts to swat at an invisible...something on her clothing, wincing and recoiling back, as if it were truly disgusting.]

[As if that weren't enough of a tip-off that something was wrong...the foul words coming out of her mouth might also mean something.]

Seriously, bitch, the fuck did I ever do to you?

[At one point, she stares up into the sky, addressing somebody who may or may not even be there.]

Do you have any idea where this body's been?!?

((ooc: Mirror!Brittany, in the house.  Or walking around outside, to be more specific.  Brittany may or may not occasionally regain control, but for the moment, the Bitch is Back and less than happy about having to take up residence in a TimeShare.))
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"'Afternoon, everyone. I know some of us never want to talk about Alice in Wonderland unless it's absolutely necessary--but I hope you'll bear with me here."

Mark turns the camera away from himself to reveal that he's broadcasting today from one of the study tables in the library, where he's arranged several tall stacks of books. He pans over them as he speaks--there's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass in several different editions each, a few combined volumes, and a rather wild collection of books and journals--more literary poems and children's stories, yes, but also books about logic and ciphers and higher math. Off to one side there's a small, slightly jumbled stack of film reels, toys, and comic books--Alice adaptations that Mark had received when the closet he's clearly been abusing had decided to stop cooperating and start trolling. These will go quietly unmentioned, unless he's explicitly asked about them.

"If you're from a place that doesn't have this stuff, Lewis Carroll--given name Charles Lutwidge Dogeson--was an English writer and mathemetician, best known for his children's books about a little girl named Alice--and her adventures down the rabbit hole, and through the looking-glass. It's not the same as our Wonderland, here, and I didn't really think it was required reading, but...there are lots of points in common, and a few weeks ago, a closer knowledge of the Wonderland stories, and better access to them, would have come in really handy, even for those of us who grew up knowing them. So. I've got Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass--as many copies as I could get--and some of Lewis Carroll's other writings, just in case. If anyone wants to come and take some of this off my hands, I'd appreciate it. The more of this we have circulating in the mansion, instead of locked up in the closets or on the library shelves, the better."

Additionally, on one of the library mirrors, he's written:

Hello. Anyone there today?

Because he could use a distraction from the Carroll overload sitting in front of him, and digging for mirrorside dirt is as good a one as any.
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[Since the first monster made its way out from behind the door, Alan's been holed up in The Rabbit Hole as much as possible. He didn't have a way to defend himself, not really - he could probably use a gun if it was a life or death matter, which this certainly was, and he got his hands on one, but he really hoped it wouldn't come to that.

Which also means that he's not going to the Library anytime soon. He's not taking that risk.

There is chatter in the background as the feed flicks on. Alan looks tired, glasses doing little to hide shadows under his eyes or stress and age lines on his face, and his clothes are a little rumpled.]

On the topic of collaboration: is there a copy of Alice in Wonderland here? If we skim through it, it could give us some hints. Obviously whoever it is who posed the riddle - who wants their throne back - is from here. We should be able to narrow it down just by matching names to the number of letters in the answer.
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[Considerably more well-equipped and well-trained with weaponry now than she was the last time she was in Wonderland, Evelyn has holed up in the library with several heavy barricades of shelving that serve as dense walls and a veritable labyrinth of books to the uninitiated.

(The moral of this story is don't mess with librarians, because they probably learned how to make homemade explosives from their ex-soldier husbands.)

Armed with a rifle - because she heard the snarling down the main floor hallway and didn't fancy a peek - and a determined disposition, she offers a public service announcement:

For those of you unable to reach the fifth floor bar, the library is stocked and currently in a strategically defensible position.

[It's got height, emergency exits, and incredibly weighty paper things to lob at bad guys.]

It can be accessed by the first and second floors- but please be careful, mind you, the bloody Bandersnatch isn't just a storybook beast.

[PRIVATE text to Philip LaFresque:] Are you all right?


Apr. 30th, 2013 11:14 pm
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[Tricking her "normal" self--and she used the term normal very loosely--had been too easy.  It was almost embarrassing.]

[But whatever, she was out and finally ready to stretch her long legs.  Maybe get to do a little research on this place.  First stop: the Library.  It shouldn't be hard to find.  Directions came easy to her near-photographic memory.  Assuming she didn't manage to get herself into a little trouble along the way.]

Damn, Wonderland was so wasted on that idiot.

[Smirking to herself, she ran a hand through her wild hair, not particular caring what it looked like so long as it was out of her face, and started to make her way across this eerily bright, new world.  Taking in the sights, and committing them to her mind's eye.  Just in case.]


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