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( guess who found the ice cream/soda bar? yeah, it's this girl.

she's processing the whole pocket dimension thing pretty well. even if she wasn't, she wouldn't show you. whaddya take her for?

mj does love being where all the action is. sure, there's the stuck-here-until-the-powers-that-be choose otherwise, but as scarlett o'hara once stated wisely, tomorrow is another day. wonderland's spookiness sounds like tomorrow!mj's problem. maybe. it's hard to get her to take most things seriously.

so have a sparkly and glamorous redhead coming to you live from the ballroom. )

Hiya, Wonderlanders. MJ Watson with a very important question here.

Looks like I'm not going anywhere, so — what's the best floor to live on? What's the worst? Don't skimp on details. If I'm going to need a room and I can make it look any way I want, then I've got to start by making sure I'm on the right floor.


( she likes hearing people's opinions. will probably disregard 95% of them, tho. )
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[ it'd been easy, taking control. all she needed was m!lena to push caroline into a root, and there she was, at the steering wheel, just as she always should've been. this body didn't feel as strong as it should've; feeding from bunnies, rather than humans, and bloodbags, if caroline could find any, didn't really give her the same oomph as it did when tapping a real, live, human vein. ]

[ m!caroline wants to fix that. ]

[ at first, her phone is facing the ground. she's outside on the grounds, blood splattering the tips of the grass blades. the body of the bunny (something that caroline, the real one, had gained control of, in some, sick, crazy way, forcing her mirror to feed and get her blood lust sated from thumper) that she had literally pulled apart isn't in view, but it's close by. ]

I'm bored.

[ its not in view, but m!caroline wipes the back of her hand against her bloodily dripping mouth. while bunnies were definitely not her style, they were a nice appetiser before the main courses. ]

[ she moves the phone to her face. her chin is smeared red. her eyes are dark. the veins that pop against her skin, protruding, sink back in to smooth the flesh there out. head tilted and lips in a shiny, red pout, caroline knows that if anyone needs a hook, there it is. ]

Someone come play with me?

Ugh —[ caroline ends up abruptly throwing her communicator onto the floor. her feet can be seen as she grabs her head, screaming in pain, as if a witch is doing her witchy magic and causing her a vampire brain aneurism. ] No, don't — [ she grits her teeth. ] I'm —

[ m!caroline stands up, back straight, hang going through her hair. ]

[ m!caroline turns into a blur. she'll come back for her phone, though, to turn it off, but not until she goes for a loop around the gardens. after that, she'll grab her phone with plants to raid the grounds, the maze, and the mansion itself for some playthings and party food. ]

( OOC: replies will be coming from both [personal profile] disparage and [personal profile] laud; caroline is a vampire who is capable of mind control, so if you'd like for her to compel your character into submission so she can feed, let me know! she's out for blood so please be aware that most threads may lead to violence and/or feeding from your character. and hunters are welcome to come harm her etc. let me know if you want real or mirror; caroline's fighting pretty hard so you'll most likely get both. )
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A polite reminder to my fellow mirrors: though we have been given free reign of this side for the week, it is still the Queen's property. I will not be foolish enough as to suggest you all refrain from messing with your others' belongings. Still, there is no need to be ill-mannered to the residents or damage the grounds.

We are guests here. Please keep that in mind, as well as your manners.


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