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[Mirror!Cloud has definitely made a mess of things. He has rifled through the small batch of Materia Cloud kept in his room and he has stolen Cloud's sword. When the video begins, he is swinging the sword with far too much ease, a nasty smirk on his lips.]

Think what I could with this! [His green eyes glow at the possibilities and he kicks down Cloud's door and steps, quite calmly, into the hallway.] I wonder what other weapons they keep hidden?

I'm going to need an arsenal. [As he walks down the hallway and towards the stairs, he tests the sword, familiarizing himself with its mechanics.]

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[ This mirror looks so much like her real it's slightly off putting. She's donned a pink dress, her hair up in a long braid that comes to a stop mid-back. She might be lacking a pink ribbon or a little green marble to tuck up in there (she searched for them already - no dice), but she really is Aerith's twin.

Except for that look in her eyes. Empty would be the most accurate way to describe it.

While some mirrors might be excited about tossing through the rooms of the mansion on this side, she finds herself feeling completely apathetic about the situation. She's just a tool, right? A means to an end. Tools don't enjoy themselves, they don't have personal items, and they don't care.

Mirror Aerith is wandering the hallways, a hand trailing against the wall. It's something tangible, and that always anchors her to the here and now, rather than falling to any darkness that dwells within her. Darkness that she hasn't experienced, but she knows enough about her abilities to just keep them tightly locked up and away.

She brings out her device, texting the realside at large because of reasons.

Has anyone been outside in the gardens? It seems like it would be the perfect time to take a visit. Who knows when we'll have to chance again. Would anyone like to join me?

[ It's more of a courtesy than anything, and Mirror Aerith makes it a point to avoid people. This time, though, things are so different...maybe she can see what it feels like to be normal. To enjoy herself a little.

To be like her real.

Anyone can find her in the entrance hall or even outside, eyes unfocused and gazing in the distance. She's a little spacey, that's all.


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