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[So Castiel does something rare and records a message of himself on his phone, broadcasting it to the rest of the mansion. His expression is as flat as always, but there might be a hint of grimness to it for anyone who knows him well enough to pick up the subtle differences.]

I haven't had much interaction with the Mirrors myself, but I've heard enough to understand how dangerous they can be. I think I may be able to offer some assistance.

[His gaze drops down to his hand.]

This is untested for the moment, but it's possible I can disable its consciousness in your mind, to give... if nothing else, a small reprieve. If you're able to arrest control for long enough, you can contact me and I'll offer whatever help that I can.

[The feed shakes and tilts as he moves to turn it off, but then he pauses, remembering something. His face appears again, though slightly closer than before, and off-center.] For those who don't know me, my name is Castiel.
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[Beiste's mirror is, well. Not the type to take over. She's there, though, obviously fretting and panicking and sort of getting on her real's nerves in a "just calm down, you're tied up tighter than a sheep at a rodeo" sort of way. Which is why she gives up on trying to calm the extra personality in her head down and decides to ask for a little help.]

My mirror and I are getting along pretty okay, and I know that should be the case with some of the rest of you. So uh. Anybody want to hide out and do a spa day or something? Just kinda. Wait this out in a peaceful place?

[It's hard realizing that many of the mirrors who made her conclude that mirrors aren't inherently bad are gone. She knows they're still out there, though. Not to mention folks who've managed to avoid getting injected with their crazy other halves.]

Send me a private message and I'll tell you where to go, alright?

[[Feel free to skip to action-- Beiste's just in a barricaded tearoom with clay masks and tea and calming music.]]
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[ Roses are grey, violets are grey, poetry is really difficult for people living in the Mirror Universe. In their bland and dreary garden in front of the mansion the Duchess is the only speck of colour to be seen. And contrary to her last transmission or her bleak surroundings she is looking positively cheerful today! ]

What harm could a little curiosity possibly do? [ The Duchess coos, but her attention is not on her audience: It's on the little green sapling she holds cradled in her palms. ] T'is cold there, ever so cold, but it is always coldest before the dawn!

[ She kneels and begins digging a hole into the colourless soil. ]

You shall fight for us, you know, even when you're all alone here, and I'll have my answer then, I need only be bold enough to ask!

[ Carefully she plants her little speck of green and buries its roots. When she is done the sapling flickers grey, like a static image about to die. Worried she holds her breath in anticipation, but the scene has already calmed: The sapling is still green.

The Duchess smiles fondly.


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