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[The voice on the radio network this time is different. A bit like Cecil's--the same magnetism, the same charisma--but different. Much cheerier, for one thing.]

The tragedy of spiders is that their kisses are poisonous to humans. Desert Bluffs.

Unfulfilled? )
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[ it'd been easy, taking control. all she needed was m!lena to push caroline into a root, and there she was, at the steering wheel, just as she always should've been. this body didn't feel as strong as it should've; feeding from bunnies, rather than humans, and bloodbags, if caroline could find any, didn't really give her the same oomph as it did when tapping a real, live, human vein. ]

[ m!caroline wants to fix that. ]

[ at first, her phone is facing the ground. she's outside on the grounds, blood splattering the tips of the grass blades. the body of the bunny (something that caroline, the real one, had gained control of, in some, sick, crazy way, forcing her mirror to feed and get her blood lust sated from thumper) that she had literally pulled apart isn't in view, but it's close by. ]

I'm bored.

[ its not in view, but m!caroline wipes the back of her hand against her bloodily dripping mouth. while bunnies were definitely not her style, they were a nice appetiser before the main courses. ]

[ she moves the phone to her face. her chin is smeared red. her eyes are dark. the veins that pop against her skin, protruding, sink back in to smooth the flesh there out. head tilted and lips in a shiny, red pout, caroline knows that if anyone needs a hook, there it is. ]

Someone come play with me?

Ugh —[ caroline ends up abruptly throwing her communicator onto the floor. her feet can be seen as she grabs her head, screaming in pain, as if a witch is doing her witchy magic and causing her a vampire brain aneurism. ] No, don't — [ she grits her teeth. ] I'm —

[ m!caroline stands up, back straight, hang going through her hair. ]

[ m!caroline turns into a blur. she'll come back for her phone, though, to turn it off, but not until she goes for a loop around the gardens. after that, she'll grab her phone with plants to raid the grounds, the maze, and the mansion itself for some playthings and party food. ]

( OOC: replies will be coming from both [personal profile] disparage and [personal profile] laud; caroline is a vampire who is capable of mind control, so if you'd like for her to compel your character into submission so she can feed, let me know! she's out for blood so please be aware that most threads may lead to violence and/or feeding from your character. and hunters are welcome to come harm her etc. let me know if you want real or mirror; caroline's fighting pretty hard so you'll most likely get both. )
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[It's your friendly neighborhood Mirror!Kid, smiling oh so pleasantly behind his bandanna as he faces the camera.]

This is proving to be quite the nice vacation, isn't it? There are so many interesting places and things to examine here. And such a wealth of materials not always afforded to us Mirrors. For instance, look at what I have found among my double's possessions.

[He ducks out of camera view for a moment, then reappears with what looks like a giant, horrible, shoulder-mounted cannon of some kind.]

Do you suppose our fair queen would accept it if I presented it to her? It may well be a fine addition to her arsenal.
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[With all of the chaos surrounding the Bandersnatch, James' Mirror has taken the opportunity to visit the door. He's taken time to think carefully about the riddle, and he's watched what happened when someone guessed wrong and...found that he doesn't care. The beast is a nuisance, but not a proper obstacle.

He is about to use his wand to write in an answer when there is a growling coming from his right. He turns, carefully, and sure enough the Bandersnatch is there. It roars, baring its many teeth, and saliva drips to the ground in little puddles.

It's unimpressive. But most things are, to Mirror James. His wand is raised.

Avada Kedavra.

[It is not shouted with passion, but the full intent is there. A green light shoots out and hits the Bandersnatch, enveloping it. It doesn't have the time to be confused; it merely falls with a THUD, lying dead at his feet. It is a spell that the real James would never use, and not because it is the spell that will end him. It is powerful form of dark magic, the kind of magic that rips a wizard's soul apart when it's cast. It leaves invisible, ever-lasting damage - and not to the victim.

But who cares about the Bandersnatch? It will only get up again later.

Fittingly, when James' Mirror turns his attention to the door again, he uses his wand to etch in the word M U R D E R E D. Perhaps all that's behind the door is the narrator's bones. When nothing happens though, he shows no disappointment.

He shows nothing at all.
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[thanks to his conversation with Martha, Whale is going outside the box with guessing the riddles. If he gets it wrong, no big deal here. No regrets from him. So he stands in front of the door in his stolen clothes from his real self, and sings to it.

Yes. He is singing to the door. Just to see what happens. When he's finished and nothing's happened, he gives it some thought]

Perhaps you prefer the Ave Maria?
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[As soon as the Mirror Once-ler hears the Queen's decree, he crosses.

This won't be like the last time. He's learned his lesson, and what knowledge he gained from disobedience was far from worth the trouble. He is unmistakably the Once-ler in physical appearance, but the style he has always prided himself on is diminished. As a traitor, he cannot use the closets. And as someone who has not made good friends and is far above begging to those who probably won't help, he has had to resort to handwashing his only green suit in his sink. It's frayed and worn now, and he truly looks like a fallen businessman.

The only brightly colored item on him is a Thneed, worn as a pink scarf to hide the traitor mark on his neck. He can still feel it, even now, but the determination to succeed has numbed it slightly.

As soon as he's on Realside, he makes a beeline for the door. He tried looking for a pen, but the closets don't listen to him here either. Eventually, he finds an old sharpie near the door - probably left over from someone else's guesses. And damn it, he is going to figure out what that is and take the prize to the Queen and get this goddamned mark removed. His hand subconsciously finds its way to his neck, to scratch at it while he thinks.

He writes down the first answer that comes to mind - R E M O R S E S. It seems to match the line about life-long regrets. But the letters sink in, and nothing seems to happen. No bad reaction, no good. The answer must be wrong.

Which makes it entirely reasonable for the Mirror Once-ler to start kicking at it in desperation.

Argh! Stupid piece of shit door!

[He even tugs on the handle as hard as he can, but it's no use. He has no fear of the consequences of such things; his life is already ruined anyway.]


Apr. 29th, 2013 08:06 pm
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::People get to see one Edward Elric smiling strainedly at the camera.::

I, uh, seem to have ended up on the wrong side of someone else. Any of the doctor types wanna give me a hand?

::The Mirror is pretty sure that his Real Thing would do this. Once he's gotten his help, he fully intends to find what other trouble he can get into. Preferably without the bleeding this time.::

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[The video clicks on to show Dean sitting in his regular booth in the recently opened diner, laptop, coffee and pie within easy reach. Aerith moves through the feed before the video turns around to show Ruby, finally not pale and worried anymore, but relaxed and at ease with a slight smile, leaning against the jukebox. Journey's currently filling the diner with music, and Ruby wanders over to the counter, apparently happy with the selection. She shows Tohru preparing a dish while she talks.]

Guys, appreciate that you're all sitting in some corner of the mansion worrying about that door, but you know what? We happen to have this... nice, cozy establishment here, we have coffee, really good food, some beautiful ladies hanging around... [Yes, this includes Dean.] ... and all the space you could need, be it for fun or for some riddling around.

[And just to drive the point home, she pops a golden fry into her mouth and grins. Behind Ruby, Dean snorts at the ladies comment, but looks up from his laptop to eye the feed warily.]

While you're at it, how about throwing in a little PSA, sweetheart? Little tip: if a mirror sees it's reflection, it gets bounced back over to the other side. Start carrying around something shiny- but don't go getting all Twilight Zone. The last thing we need's mass hysteria.

[And with that, he turns his attention back to his work, sipping on his coffee. Ruby nods meaningfully at the video.]

Listen to the cowboy, guys, I mean it. He knows his stuff. Regardless, hop on over. [Yes, pun intended.] We're always open, and you can just as well riddle away with all the rest of us right here. Coffee's on the house, you can pay for food with small, meaningful tokens of your affection... no, just kidding, come on, everything's on the crazy magical house.

( Additional text announcement )

The Rabbit Hole - Floor 8, Room 001
Come for that riddle, stay for the company
Food, friends, drinks, music, riddles, pie, chicken wings, fun!

[ooc: Massive mingle post! The diner has never gotten an official opening, but it's now available to be used as event headquarters. There's food, there's music, there's company, there's people trying to figure out the puzzle. Mingle to your heart's desire <3 There are headers available, and you can feel free to make your own.

And remember guys! Mirrors on the real side can just waltz in there as well. Give us your alter egos, your reals, your firstborn children!]

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[ Riddles. It just had to be riddles. ]

Forgotten and alone... unlock my body... what even is this?

[ The lone figure stands in front of the door, hands on hips, eyebrows cocked in disapproval. She had hoped that it'd be some other kind of challenge - something that didn't require so much puzzling and thinking, or maybe something she could let someone else do and take the credit for. No dice. ]

Ugh. This is some bullshit.

[ She scoffs, crossing her arms and tapping her foot impatiently. Figuring out the riddle is out of the question for the moment - what would someone expect Chihiro Fujisaki to do in this situation? ]


[ Opening up the video channel, she puts on her best pitiful face. ]

*sniff*... It's hopeless, isn't it? I d-don't know where to begin... has anyone else figured out what this riddle's supposed to mean...? I'm sorry, but I just can't figure it out... I'm so useless and terrible...


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