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[ dean’s looking the very part of a paranoid hunter when the feed clicks on, rushing down a hallway with a gun firmly gripped in his hands. he’s definitely not about to take any chances with what’s going down at the moment, the invasion of mirrors becoming more and more obvious. when he speaks it’s in a low, rushed voice. ]

I know the numbers are changing, but betting this is still a good time for a head count of the non-fake variety. Unless of course asking that triggers some kind of a goddamn identity crisis for our less than welcome guests from the great Wonderland mirror-y beyond. [ not that he really gives a flying fuck if it does, tbqh. ]

So— Sam? Cas? Jo? Whoever didn’t get their ass replaced by their Twilight Zone version, now would be a great time to know.

[ of course, telling the difference can be a little difficult too, in some cases, and more might come crawling through still. but a beat follows, as he rounds a corner somewhere in the mansion. ]

Oh, right— whatever you freaks are after- [ which is the sword because of course it is ] -whatever your mission here is that you’re scared of failing ‘cause the Queen on the other side might give you a spakin’ if you do? It ain’t worth the hell I’ll show you if you mess with our chances of findin’ that goddamn sword.

[ just a fair warning. or threat— whichever.

the feed ends with that. ]

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[Greed is well-protected, but even he can't keep it up forever. It's been almost a week and he's worried, since no event has lasted this long and maybe this really is how things are going to be from now on and that's kind of a terrifying thought.

So he's in his own head a bit. And he gets careless.

The gash is on his right temple, and sparks with red light every so often as the Philosopher's Stone in his body tries to repair something that refuses to go away. Charity doesn't mind. As soon as he's oriented himself, checked the network, pieced together the situation, he has more important things to concern himself with. His brothers and sisters, for one.]

Are we all settling in okay?

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::The weird stuff happening on the other side of the mirrors with the pleas for help written on them was worrying although not yet an issue. Then the roots broke through and escalated things to definitely a problem.

Since then, Ed had been spending his time fighting the roots with a sword he made for the purpose. He didn't want to risk one of them grabbing his arm and taking him down. Unfortunately for him, while the roots don't seem to get tired, he does and he started slowing down. Not much but it was enough to let one of the roots wrap itself around his left arm and stab into it past his shirt-sleeve. After he regained consciousness from that, he was aware that he felt a bit... off.

This is mine now, came his own voice from inside his head. Time to see if my dear little brother made it over to this side, along with having some fun.::

Get... out... of my head...

::Ed fought with his mirror for control but his mirror won the struggle after a few minutes and he straightened up.::

I don't think so.

(([personal profile] seekinghome is The Real and [personal profile] emptymetal is the Mirror. Please specify which one you want.))

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[The face in this video isn't as cheery and upbeat and enthusiastic as you may be used to seeing her normally. No, Mell is quite upset, her expression is beyond a pout and downright frowning, close to tears. Behind her it's just - green. A wall of leaves.]

The hedge maze is stupid. Don't even go in it, it's stupid and boring and dumb.

[Mell shuts off the feed with a button-mash that's a little harder than necessary and resumes crying at how horrible mazes are.]
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[Oh, there's a terrible event for the Mirrors going on? Sorry, but the Mirror Once-ler can't hear all of your petty whining over his amazing new suit.

You see, the Mirror Once-ler is cleverer than his Real, and more deliberately conniving. He took the entirety of Real Once-ler's stock of Truffula tufts (including the ones he was recently forced into purchasing by his Shadow), hauled them down to the vendors, and made the compelling argument that the Real Once-ler would probably try to get them back. And if he did buy them back, he would essentially have paid twice as much in memories for them as he would have otherwise.

He was rewarded for all of his hard, sneaky work with three pink suits and a golden ax. One thing he learned from watching that chess match is that he never wants to be forced into something like that without a weapon, and with his traitor mark he only has so many opportunities to obtain such things. But he feels good now, better than he has in months. Not looking like a pauper is doing wonders for his ego. And pink has always been a great color on him. And he has a golden ax. Life is good for the Mirror Once-ler.

So, he's decided to go break that ax in and that is the part captured on video. He wanders out to the woods, and finds a decent tree - though it's nothing like the trees he was familiar with, when there were trees to be familiar with - and with a couple of swings, it falls to the ground. He looks down at his ax with a smile and a nod. It's perfect.

Oh, but hey, is that camera on? Oh well. He doesn't really care. No one's bringing him down today.

You know, this isn't so bad! I wish we could actually stay here. You know, long term.

[He seems a little surprised, since that was the truth event speaking for him, but he shrugs. Whatever, it's true. And this is why he still has his mark. He can be reached either by video or he can be found out on the grounds.]
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[Mirror!Cloud has definitely made a mess of things. He has rifled through the small batch of Materia Cloud kept in his room and he has stolen Cloud's sword. When the video begins, he is swinging the sword with far too much ease, a nasty smirk on his lips.]

Think what I could with this! [His green eyes glow at the possibilities and he kicks down Cloud's door and steps, quite calmly, into the hallway.] I wonder what other weapons they keep hidden?

I'm going to need an arsenal. [As he walks down the hallway and towards the stairs, he tests the sword, familiarizing himself with its mechanics.]

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"'Afternoon, everyone. I know some of us never want to talk about Alice in Wonderland unless it's absolutely necessary--but I hope you'll bear with me here."

Mark turns the camera away from himself to reveal that he's broadcasting today from one of the study tables in the library, where he's arranged several tall stacks of books. He pans over them as he speaks--there's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass in several different editions each, a few combined volumes, and a rather wild collection of books and journals--more literary poems and children's stories, yes, but also books about logic and ciphers and higher math. Off to one side there's a small, slightly jumbled stack of film reels, toys, and comic books--Alice adaptations that Mark had received when the closet he's clearly been abusing had decided to stop cooperating and start trolling. These will go quietly unmentioned, unless he's explicitly asked about them.

"If you're from a place that doesn't have this stuff, Lewis Carroll--given name Charles Lutwidge Dogeson--was an English writer and mathemetician, best known for his children's books about a little girl named Alice--and her adventures down the rabbit hole, and through the looking-glass. It's not the same as our Wonderland, here, and I didn't really think it was required reading, but...there are lots of points in common, and a few weeks ago, a closer knowledge of the Wonderland stories, and better access to them, would have come in really handy, even for those of us who grew up knowing them. So. I've got Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass--as many copies as I could get--and some of Lewis Carroll's other writings, just in case. If anyone wants to come and take some of this off my hands, I'd appreciate it. The more of this we have circulating in the mansion, instead of locked up in the closets or on the library shelves, the better."

Additionally, on one of the library mirrors, he's written:

Hello. Anyone there today?

Because he could use a distraction from the Carroll overload sitting in front of him, and digging for mirrorside dirt is as good a one as any.
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[Gabriel's up on the roof, with the sky behind him and a treeline visible far below. He's keeping an eye on things, like the people who are holed up, but he still doesn't feel the need to be involved. He's up here for a breather. He's got a new sword, he's well on the way to being patched up — if it wasn't all-horror, all the time with this event, things might be approaching decent. You know. Maybe.

And while he's up here...]

So. Can't help but noticing that every time people make a bogus guess, a death critter gets released from the door. This is just a suggestion, but maybe you guys should, you know, collaborate before you throw random words out there. If a giant death manatee or a killer cow comes out next, don't say I didn't warn ya.

This is why we can't have nice things, kids.
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[Say who's that in front of the big door? It's Mell! There's a red-orange glowing hole in the floor beside her, y'know, just in case, and looking down it you'll see... the wall across from Chell's room. Which is on the tenth floor.

Physics aside, Mell seems to be taking her shot writing on the door. Her message before she starts:]

Don't worry, guys! I got this! I had a friend in my world who could hack passwords! So it's only a matter of time before I get this one!!

[And then she starts writing:]


[She waits, and then rubs it out and goes again:]


[... Guys?]




[Stop her.]

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[Considerably more well-equipped and well-trained with weaponry now than she was the last time she was in Wonderland, Evelyn has holed up in the library with several heavy barricades of shelving that serve as dense walls and a veritable labyrinth of books to the uninitiated.

(The moral of this story is don't mess with librarians, because they probably learned how to make homemade explosives from their ex-soldier husbands.)

Armed with a rifle - because she heard the snarling down the main floor hallway and didn't fancy a peek - and a determined disposition, she offers a public service announcement:

For those of you unable to reach the fifth floor bar, the library is stocked and currently in a strategically defensible position.

[It's got height, emergency exits, and incredibly weighty paper things to lob at bad guys.]

It can be accessed by the first and second floors- but please be careful, mind you, the bloody Bandersnatch isn't just a storybook beast.

[PRIVATE text to Philip LaFresque:] Are you all right?
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[As soon as the Mirror Once-ler hears the Queen's decree, he crosses.

This won't be like the last time. He's learned his lesson, and what knowledge he gained from disobedience was far from worth the trouble. He is unmistakably the Once-ler in physical appearance, but the style he has always prided himself on is diminished. As a traitor, he cannot use the closets. And as someone who has not made good friends and is far above begging to those who probably won't help, he has had to resort to handwashing his only green suit in his sink. It's frayed and worn now, and he truly looks like a fallen businessman.

The only brightly colored item on him is a Thneed, worn as a pink scarf to hide the traitor mark on his neck. He can still feel it, even now, but the determination to succeed has numbed it slightly.

As soon as he's on Realside, he makes a beeline for the door. He tried looking for a pen, but the closets don't listen to him here either. Eventually, he finds an old sharpie near the door - probably left over from someone else's guesses. And damn it, he is going to figure out what that is and take the prize to the Queen and get this goddamned mark removed. His hand subconsciously finds its way to his neck, to scratch at it while he thinks.

He writes down the first answer that comes to mind - R E M O R S E S. It seems to match the line about life-long regrets. But the letters sink in, and nothing seems to happen. No bad reaction, no good. The answer must be wrong.

Which makes it entirely reasonable for the Mirror Once-ler to start kicking at it in desperation.

Argh! Stupid piece of shit door!

[He even tugs on the handle as hard as he can, but it's no use. He has no fear of the consequences of such things; his life is already ruined anyway.]


Apr. 29th, 2013 08:06 pm
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::People get to see one Edward Elric smiling strainedly at the camera.::

I, uh, seem to have ended up on the wrong side of someone else. Any of the doctor types wanna give me a hand?

::The Mirror is pretty sure that his Real Thing would do this. Once he's gotten his help, he fully intends to find what other trouble he can get into. Preferably without the bleeding this time.::

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[Greed's looking distinctly annoyed as he turns on his device. He'd been hoping this visit to the library would make things less confusing, not more, and now his brain is full of fuck.]

Okay, word of advice for anyone who's like me and never heard of it before they got here. This? [The view turns, and takes a moment to refocus on the cover of a book: Alice's Adventures In Wonderland.] Not actually as helpful as you might think.


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