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[Oh, there's a terrible event for the Mirrors going on? Sorry, but the Mirror Once-ler can't hear all of your petty whining over his amazing new suit.

You see, the Mirror Once-ler is cleverer than his Real, and more deliberately conniving. He took the entirety of Real Once-ler's stock of Truffula tufts (including the ones he was recently forced into purchasing by his Shadow), hauled them down to the vendors, and made the compelling argument that the Real Once-ler would probably try to get them back. And if he did buy them back, he would essentially have paid twice as much in memories for them as he would have otherwise.

He was rewarded for all of his hard, sneaky work with three pink suits and a golden ax. One thing he learned from watching that chess match is that he never wants to be forced into something like that without a weapon, and with his traitor mark he only has so many opportunities to obtain such things. But he feels good now, better than he has in months. Not looking like a pauper is doing wonders for his ego. And pink has always been a great color on him. And he has a golden ax. Life is good for the Mirror Once-ler.

So, he's decided to go break that ax in and that is the part captured on video. He wanders out to the woods, and finds a decent tree - though it's nothing like the trees he was familiar with, when there were trees to be familiar with - and with a couple of swings, it falls to the ground. He looks down at his ax with a smile and a nod. It's perfect.

Oh, but hey, is that camera on? Oh well. He doesn't really care. No one's bringing him down today.

You know, this isn't so bad! I wish we could actually stay here. You know, long term.

[He seems a little surprised, since that was the truth event speaking for him, but he shrugs. Whatever, it's true. And this is why he still has his mark. He can be reached either by video or he can be found out on the grounds.]
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A polite reminder to my fellow mirrors: though we have been given free reign of this side for the week, it is still the Queen's property. I will not be foolish enough as to suggest you all refrain from messing with your others' belongings. Still, there is no need to be ill-mannered to the residents or damage the grounds.

We are guests here. Please keep that in mind, as well as your manners.
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[For the first time in event-announcing history, the Dormouse looks directly at the camera, glaring. Of course, he’s not very threatening, being a tiny mouse in a teacup, but hell hath no fury like a sleepless Dormouse.]

How can anyone get any shut-eye with all this commotion?!

[By this commotion, of course, he means the Chess Match and the subsequent aftermath.]

Hmph. Hopefully your prize ends soon. It feels loud now, but it’s only going to get louder with all your whining and sincerity and it’s going to be maddeningly difficult to get any peace and quiet here!

Do try to go back to your celebrations more quietly, would you?

[And the Dormouse sinks back down into his cup and the feed shuts off on its own. This post is viewable to Real Side only, so only Mirrors may reply.]


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