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[Greed is well-protected, but even he can't keep it up forever. It's been almost a week and he's worried, since no event has lasted this long and maybe this really is how things are going to be from now on and that's kind of a terrifying thought.

So he's in his own head a bit. And he gets careless.

The gash is on his right temple, and sparks with red light every so often as the Philosopher's Stone in his body tries to repair something that refuses to go away. Charity doesn't mind. As soon as he's oriented himself, checked the network, pieced together the situation, he has more important things to concern himself with. His brothers and sisters, for one.]

Are we all settling in okay?

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[ Roses are grey, violets are grey, poetry is really difficult for people living in the Mirror Universe. In their bland and dreary garden in front of the mansion the Duchess is the only speck of colour to be seen. And contrary to her last transmission or her bleak surroundings she is looking positively cheerful today! ]

What harm could a little curiosity possibly do? [ The Duchess coos, but her attention is not on her audience: It's on the little green sapling she holds cradled in her palms. ] T'is cold there, ever so cold, but it is always coldest before the dawn!

[ She kneels and begins digging a hole into the colourless soil. ]

You shall fight for us, you know, even when you're all alone here, and I'll have my answer then, I need only be bold enough to ask!

[ Carefully she plants her little speck of green and buries its roots. When she is done the sapling flickers grey, like a static image about to die. Worried she holds her breath in anticipation, but the scene has already calmed: The sapling is still green.

The Duchess smiles fondly.
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[Oh, there's a terrible event for the Mirrors going on? Sorry, but the Mirror Once-ler can't hear all of your petty whining over his amazing new suit.

You see, the Mirror Once-ler is cleverer than his Real, and more deliberately conniving. He took the entirety of Real Once-ler's stock of Truffula tufts (including the ones he was recently forced into purchasing by his Shadow), hauled them down to the vendors, and made the compelling argument that the Real Once-ler would probably try to get them back. And if he did buy them back, he would essentially have paid twice as much in memories for them as he would have otherwise.

He was rewarded for all of his hard, sneaky work with three pink suits and a golden ax. One thing he learned from watching that chess match is that he never wants to be forced into something like that without a weapon, and with his traitor mark he only has so many opportunities to obtain such things. But he feels good now, better than he has in months. Not looking like a pauper is doing wonders for his ego. And pink has always been a great color on him. And he has a golden ax. Life is good for the Mirror Once-ler.

So, he's decided to go break that ax in and that is the part captured on video. He wanders out to the woods, and finds a decent tree - though it's nothing like the trees he was familiar with, when there were trees to be familiar with - and with a couple of swings, it falls to the ground. He looks down at his ax with a smile and a nod. It's perfect.

Oh, but hey, is that camera on? Oh well. He doesn't really care. No one's bringing him down today.

You know, this isn't so bad! I wish we could actually stay here. You know, long term.

[He seems a little surprised, since that was the truth event speaking for him, but he shrugs. Whatever, it's true. And this is why he still has his mark. He can be reached either by video or he can be found out on the grounds.]
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[It's your friendly neighborhood Mirror!Kid, smiling oh so pleasantly behind his bandanna as he faces the camera.]

This is proving to be quite the nice vacation, isn't it? There are so many interesting places and things to examine here. And such a wealth of materials not always afforded to us Mirrors. For instance, look at what I have found among my double's possessions.

[He ducks out of camera view for a moment, then reappears with what looks like a giant, horrible, shoulder-mounted cannon of some kind.]

Do you suppose our fair queen would accept it if I presented it to her? It may well be a fine addition to her arsenal.
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[Say who's that in front of the big door? It's Mell! There's a red-orange glowing hole in the floor beside her, y'know, just in case, and looking down it you'll see... the wall across from Chell's room. Which is on the tenth floor.

Physics aside, Mell seems to be taking her shot writing on the door. Her message before she starts:]

Don't worry, guys! I got this! I had a friend in my world who could hack passwords! So it's only a matter of time before I get this one!!

[And then she starts writing:]


[She waits, and then rubs it out and goes again:]


[... Guys?]




[Stop her.]

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[It's a short video this time. Dean's onscreen with a shotgun resting on his shoulder, face serious.]

First of all, a big thanks to the jackass who decided to poke the door with a stick. Really awesome, solid work on that one. Great going.

[He is just so unbelievably sarcastic about that. Really. You don't even know.]

Everyone else, get up to the bar. Lock the doors, pile the tables in front of it and sit tight

[Text to Sam.]

I think you better sit this one out, man.

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[As soon as the Mirror Once-ler hears the Queen's decree, he crosses.

This won't be like the last time. He's learned his lesson, and what knowledge he gained from disobedience was far from worth the trouble. He is unmistakably the Once-ler in physical appearance, but the style he has always prided himself on is diminished. As a traitor, he cannot use the closets. And as someone who has not made good friends and is far above begging to those who probably won't help, he has had to resort to handwashing his only green suit in his sink. It's frayed and worn now, and he truly looks like a fallen businessman.

The only brightly colored item on him is a Thneed, worn as a pink scarf to hide the traitor mark on his neck. He can still feel it, even now, but the determination to succeed has numbed it slightly.

As soon as he's on Realside, he makes a beeline for the door. He tried looking for a pen, but the closets don't listen to him here either. Eventually, he finds an old sharpie near the door - probably left over from someone else's guesses. And damn it, he is going to figure out what that is and take the prize to the Queen and get this goddamned mark removed. His hand subconsciously finds its way to his neck, to scratch at it while he thinks.

He writes down the first answer that comes to mind - R E M O R S E S. It seems to match the line about life-long regrets. But the letters sink in, and nothing seems to happen. No bad reaction, no good. The answer must be wrong.

Which makes it entirely reasonable for the Mirror Once-ler to start kicking at it in desperation.

Argh! Stupid piece of shit door!

[He even tugs on the handle as hard as he can, but it's no use. He has no fear of the consequences of such things; his life is already ruined anyway.]
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[Greed's looking distinctly annoyed as he turns on his device. He'd been hoping this visit to the library would make things less confusing, not more, and now his brain is full of fuck.]

Okay, word of advice for anyone who's like me and never heard of it before they got here. This? [The view turns, and takes a moment to refocus on the cover of a book: Alice's Adventures In Wonderland.] Not actually as helpful as you might think.


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