Dec. 26th, 2012 08:54 pm
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[Yuu is in front of a heavy, metal door, looking at it with more than a little uncertainty. He still hasn't decided whether or not it's a good idea to go through, but he also doesn't think he has much longer to make his decision.

He takes a deep breath and looks at the scanner on the wall next to the door, bringing one hand up to his opposite arm and rubbing at a spot on the outside of his bicep through the material, like he's getting at a slow itch.]

...I wish I knew what to expect.

[If he could just brace himself for it, it would be easier to decide. After several more moments, he takes another deep breath and starts to roll his sleeve up.]
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[Beiste leaves her presents at people's doors across Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. They're neatly packaged in boxes and bags and accompanied by a simple tag with the recipients name under "to" and her own under "from".

The presents )
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[At some point on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, you might hear some rustling outside your door. If you get out fast enough you might spot a long blue hood whipping around the nearest corner, accompanied by some boyish giggling. Sitting on your doorstep, you'll find a messily wrapped present or two, accompanied by a card that says:


And here are their presents for everybody in the mansion. )

And their gifts for each other. )
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[ The Queen of Hearts returning is, to say the least, very alarming! And while the mansion hasn't seen her since she defeated the Jabberwocky (which makes her even more dangerous in Jade's mind), the mirror side is probably not as lucky.

Jade, worried about the mirrorselves, is going around leaving messages on different mirrors in the mansion. ]

how are things going on your side?
is everything ok?

[ Feel free to bump into her. ]


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