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[Martha's opened up video recordings like this before. She's in the clinic, in her labcoat and sitting at her desk, though at least this time there's no monster raging and so it isn't strictly a crisis situation.

Except for the fact that there are Mirrors seeping into their ranks, which is not something they can outright ignore. It's a race to see who gets the vorpal sword, and yet Martha wonders if they should be thinking of it that way.]

Hello, everyone. The word's out, we have some Mirrors in our midst, so I hope you all know to be careful. Some very dangerous people could be posing as friends or family.

[With that warning issued, she quickly moves into the heart of this message.]

But I can't help but ask... aren't we all looking for the same thing? The vorpal sword, I mean. I doubt that you Mirrors want to be torn apart by the jabberwocky any more than we do.

[As preposterous as it might sound, would it be so horrible to actually try and work together on this?]

I know that I can't ask everyone to get along, though, so if something does happen and you're hurt -- whether you're from this side or the Mirror side, mind you -- I'll be here to see to your wounds. [That's no doubt going to be a controversial statement -- in fact, most of this broadcast falls into that category. Martha won't relent so easily, though.]

I hope it doesn't come to that, but I am prepared. [And with that, she ends the feed. When Martha isn't on riddle-solving duty, she'll be working long hours in the clinic in anticipation of any of the issues that crop up when Real Things and Mirrors mix.]
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I. mirror writing;

    [Today a certain someone's left a message for the Mirrors. Several messages, actually. Copies appear on all sorts of mirrors in all sorts of places, spread out around the mansion for maximum coverage.

    To Mirror eyes, it reads:]

    When does her royal highness plan to let you back over?
    Good company is scarce and some of you are more likeable than your other selves.

    Good allies are also hard to find.
    I want something you can do.
    Maybe you want something an ally on this side can do.
    We could help each other across the great divide.

    [Characters on the Real side see something different, however. Peter has cloaked his writing so that when Reals look at the words, they'll see nothing but gibberish, configurations of random letters, lines, and doodles as if a graffiti artist or a very bored person has gone around defacing mansion property. No matter how hard a person tries, though, the writing won't come off.]

II. action; )
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[The first few days, the roots are mostly just an annoyance. Infuriating, sure, especially because they've been giving his house plants bad ideas, and because now he's cut off from his room, but generally avoidable. By the second day he'd realized just what was going on, but at that point he'd holed up somewhere and was just doing his best to wait this mess out.]

[Sometime on the third day the roots finally got him.]

[He hadn't really given the Mirrors any thought until a few days ago when Aziraphale's Mirror contacted him. Since then he's been morbidly curious about what his own Mirror is like. He sort of assumed the Mirror would be an angel like his Shadow from that other event was.]

[Turns out the reality is a whole Hell of a lot worse, literally.]

[From there on out it's a wrestling match. Sometimes Crowley's in charge, sometimes it's his Mirror, but most of the time it's both of them trying to wrest control from each other. When Crowley's in control he's wandering around looking for people he knows, or hiding.]

[When his Mirror is in control, he's wreaking havoc. At one point he's in the library, burning books one by one and laughing. At another point he's in the diner and turning all of the sweets into poison. But mostly he's on the prowl, searching for people whose lives he can ruin. This isn't your usual suave, flash bastard of a demon. This Crowley is a proper demon, and all he wants to do is destroy.]

[It's his Mirror who gets the bright idea to make a video post eventually, wearing a slasher's smile. He's also not wearing his sunglasses, revealing the yellow snake eyes. Mirror!Crowley wants to make sure everyone knows what he is.]

Good bit of fun, this, innit? It's been a long time since I got a good possession in. Well technically never! All those memories taste fake, don't they? Still, I remember. The way they squirm and cry and curse you, how horrified they are when you make them do something that oh, they swear they'd never do. But they'd never have let you in if it wasn't there already. Hahaha! Am I right? And this meat fits well.

[His grin widens.] You should hear him. He's so angry. He was trying to keep it a secret, you see. Pathetic, right? Makes a demon sick, it does, seeing kin not living up to their name. Needs to be taught a lesson, he does. Reminded what a demon is.

[He starts laughing, but rather quickly the laughter turns into a strangled sound. The camera gets tossed against a wall and clatters to the floor, showing a black screen for awhile. All the while there's a whole lot of gagging and hissing off screen. After a minute or so, he picks up the camera. When he speaks his voice is much more level, less wild, more serious.]

Listen. If you see me coming, run. I don't think I can hold him back for very long.

[ooc: Crowley [personal profile] thepointisdolphins and Mirror!Crowley [personal profile] notsovague will be all over the place, so feel free to find him anywhere. Just let me know where you want him. Also be warned, Mirror!Crowley is basically as evil a demon as you can imagine, the kind who's going to try and murder small children and animals, and he's going to be generally awful and repulsive. Let me know if you'd prefer one over the other.]
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[Jonathan Crane finds being on the other side of the glass... well, illuminating, in a frightening way. He's spent most of the week exploring, and trying to sabotage his Real. Not for the sake of sabotaging, but for the sake of everyone else stuck on his side of the glass. He'll be coming 'home' soon, after all. He's made a temporary living quarters elsewhere, for himself, because sleeping on the cot in the Scarecrow's spacious, warehouse-like room just isn't his style.

It's in this room that he begins a feed, taking off the ordinary-looking gas mask that he was using to protect himself. Just in case he'd stumbled across a trap. He breathes freely, aware that what he's about to say is going to come out very honest.

Honesty doesn't bother him. Not really.]

Hello, everyone. My name is Doctor Crane. I hope you've all enjoyed our vacation over here, though this... last day appears to be a little off. I just wanted you all to know, you're welcome to come find me anytime, whichever side of the glass we're on, if you need someone to talk to. About anything at all. I'm here to listen.

[ooc: Feel free to encounter him on his way back to his room, gas mask on, if action is more your thing!]
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[It's your friendly neighborhood Mirror!Kid, smiling oh so pleasantly behind his bandanna as he faces the camera.]

This is proving to be quite the nice vacation, isn't it? There are so many interesting places and things to examine here. And such a wealth of materials not always afforded to us Mirrors. For instance, look at what I have found among my double's possessions.

[He ducks out of camera view for a moment, then reappears with what looks like a giant, horrible, shoulder-mounted cannon of some kind.]

Do you suppose our fair queen would accept it if I presented it to her? It may well be a fine addition to her arsenal.


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[Souji's Mirror has two keys. One of them is safe on a string around his neck and the other is clasped in one hand, which is in his pocket where the key isn't easily visible. He's wandering the Mansion, looking for the door that matches the key in his hand in his pocket.

The red-brown key is obviously made of bone, and it gives him a good idea of what he should be looking for. The Mansion's pretty big, though, so this might take awhile.

And of course, two keys isn't really enough. If he runs into any real things, he may have to either turn on the charm or turn on the stabs and get himself a third key.]


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