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::The video opens upon one (1) Asgore Dreemurr, King of All Nothing In Particular, and professional Beardist, semi-professional Dad (ret.) looking somewhat distressed. Just. Mildly panicked. Only a little bit.::

Ah-hem, yes. Uh. So. It appears that someone is playing a very funny joke on me. Last night I went to bed and someone* must have snuck into my room while I was asleep,** because when I woke up, I discovered that a couple of my, uh, personal affects had been replaced in some sort of a, uh, funny joke.

::He pans over to show the wall. There's a couple of ripped out pages from what appears to be a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition from a world where the models are Monsters taped up on one space.::

I had two very nice Polaroid™ photos here of myself with both Frisk and Chara in them, and well, they were very nice photos and I did not make any copies of them and while these swimsuit ladies are a funny sort of replacement -- ha ha ha, see I am laughing, ha ha ha -- if someone could return the originals to me I would be very much appreciative of that.

I think that you have left some... empty beer bottles... in my room as well.

::The camera pans over to show what is clearly some empty bottles of 'Brewtien' which is a beer that has added protein somehow, which seems like a bad mistake on so many levels.::

So, please, I will be glad to pick up the bottles and throw them away for you; I would just appreciate it if you could. Give me the photos back, thank you.

::The camera cuts abruptly. Five minutes pass, and then there's a hasty addition, a second, very brief video with a somewhat more distraught image of Asgore appearing in it.::

Also someone has taken a pink sweater from me that says "Mr. Dad Guy" on it and appears to have replaced it with this Sun's Out Gun's Out tank top ::he holds it up in his hand; it's Asgore sized so the largest tank top you've probably ever seen:: which is, hahaha, even more like a funny joke because, hahaha, I was trapped underground for centuries, but, hahaha, I think that the joke is joked enough at this point, so please just. Trade me back the sweater and the photos okay thank you good day please I will be in my room waiting for you to contact me.

::The camera cuts for a second, and seemingly final time.::
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