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[It's on audio to protect her identity but The Duchess feels the need to make an important announcement. She's also not using her real voice.]

Attention citizens!

The streets may be a little safer but that doesn't mean you should get apathetic, Wonderland. Stay alert, be vigilant and more importantly, don't try to be a hero.

Leave that to the professionals.

This is The Duchess signing off.


[Later on this evening, she can be found on the streets of Wonderland, looking for any signs of criminal activity and thwarting it with her incredible skills.

Anyone could easily come across her...

((ooc: Just a note to say that Bela will be getting killed by Dean in (probably) a very gruesome way. Any encounters before that are fine!))
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Okay, so I get that this place is supposed to be infested with "monsters from other worlds" -or some bullshit like that- every now and then, but is all this considered "normal"? Because if it is, I'm gonna need to make some friends I can trust and quick.

[Excluding Kelly, of course. However in regards to normalcy, most obviously she's referring to the mansion getting a makeover; however, she's indirectly inquiring about the whole "murder to keep your secrets safe" notice she found in her room and assumes other people have found in theirs.

Her question is asked via audio on purpose as well; while in her own case, the irony of murdering to keep murders a secret has not escaped her, and while she doesn't plan on killing anyone just to keep other killings under the table (as she'd probably still be caught with blood on her hands), that doesn't mean she's unprepared to kill in self-defense, if someone were to attack her.

Should anyone happen to see her in the halls, in one hand is her communicator, and in the other, a baseball bat; she was lucky to have found it while scavenging through some of the sports-related rooms.]

Private text to Kelly )
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This is dead creepy.

[It’s a voice. English. Very English. A thick Derby accent, the sort that’s incomprehensible to most people who aren’t used to it. The camera bobs and shakes as she storms through the hallways. It only catches glimpses of a young, angry woman, dressed up in heavy makeup, scraped-back hair, and cheap gold jewellery.

She’s wearing an orange jumpsuit emblazoned with the words COMMUNITY PAYBACK. Not only is she a chav, she’s a chav with an ASBO. And she’s going head to head with any stereotypes the British citizens of Wonderland might have, because as soon as she knows her video is streaming, she snarls into the communicator.]

Oi, d’you want to tell us what’s going on? ‘Cos if you don’t, I’m gonna find you and then I’m gonna start kicking the shit out of you.

[She throws a dirty look at the camera before grumbling to herself.]

I swear, this better not be some rich dickhead spiking my drink. I cannot be dealing with this right now.


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