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[A young man sits before the camera, looking, to say the least, in pretty bad shape. Although only appearing to be somewhere in his early twenties, his eyes seem sunken and teeming with an exhaustion beyond his years, and his complexion is pallid.

He’s seated with bent knees, arms crossed atop them. His chin rests in his left hand, on which he's wearing a pair of nondescript black gloves with the fingers sloppily cut off. His right hand is holding the camera at a slightly odd angle, as it's been awhile since he's used a mobile device of any kind.

Making eye contact with the camera, he attempts a smile, which comes off looking unsure and diffident.]

Am I...

[A pause. While he's no stranger to speaking in front of a camera, addressing a group of strangers on a more personal level is a whole different concept entirely, and he's only just now aware that he has absolutely no idea what to say.]

Is this place... In my head? It feels real but I--

[Again he cannot finish the thought, as he's still overwhelmed with guilt due to the way things were left at home before he was brought here.]

...I'm sorry. [He looks down as he mumbles the words, ending the recording immediately afterwards.

When all else fails, apologize, although it's not like this method of communication has done him any favors in the past.]
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[The com flickered a moment before clearing up and focusing on a sleeping Michael. He laid there unmoving for a few minutes before his eyes began to slowly flutter movement.
He shot up from the bed, his eyes now wide as he realized he wasn't home; stuck in a room he had no memory of going in.]

Shaun? Anyone?

[A pause.]

Where am I?

[Michael stood up from the bed, looking panicked as hell as he opened the door to see where he was.Still within veiw of the camera as he did so. He moved away from the door, his breathing becoming slightly altered as he panicked. Memories of the mental hospital came flooding back as voices in their head told him he was forced into a new mental facility.
He sat in a corner of his room, crying. Now confused and scared, anyone want to comfort him?]


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