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[Out behind the castle, half-hidden under some color-changing flowering vines and surrounded by an assortment of oddly-shaped plants, is Professor Morita's greenhouse. If you're taking Herbology, come on in; there's a large, unfinished wooden table in the center of it, set with enough chairs for everyone and ringed with rows of potted plants.]

[A word to the wise: Professor Morita will give you all the warnings you need, before you need them, but he'll only give them once. And if you're too stupid to listen...]

[Well, the only help he's going to give you will be healing whatever stupid thing you did to yourself. And quietly mocking you for the rest of your academic career, so you remember not to be a dumbass. Because he warned you, and it should've been enough.]

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Welcome to the Hospital Wing. There are two uniformed doctors bustling about between the students, teachers and staff that have made their way to this area for a wide range of ailments and illnesses. 

Please, set yourself on one of the available beds and either Professor Morita or Professor Watson will be with you shortly. Or, if you're here to discuss something with a doctor that isn't an immediate medical issue, feel free to wait in either of our offices. 

Please remember, only up to 6 visitors at a time, and talk at a reasonable volume so as to not disturb the other patients. 

[ooc: John's uniform is based off of a Victorian era doctor's outfit, basically akin to Jude Law's outfit in this scene of the RDJ movies. Professor Morita-mun, let me know if you have any other notes to add to our general post!]
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[The camera turns on to the sight of a small futon in the corner of the Medicine Seller's Japanese-style room full of odd little curios, covered in a thin, brightly-patterned blanket. There's dim light streaming in through the shouji, and...]

[Ugh. Light.]

[Under the blankets, there's a very, very faint hiss of disapproval. The Medicine Seller sits up, in just one layer of robes, looking distinctly disheveled and not very happy about it at all.]

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[The former Queen Alice is once again just plain old Alice the Ordinary Eyeless Girl, in her first appearance post-Queendom. It must be for something really important, right?]

I wonder what root beer and cider will taste like together? Oh, I suppose they will be twice as sparkling! I never really understood why they called it sparkling though - it doesn't sparkle the way stars and sparklers do.

But either way, I suppose it shall work nicely! It must not be real cider then. No, it must be medicine. Or a potion! A magic potion to cure all the ails that ail you. Or ills you. Or makes you nauseous. Something like that, I'm sure!
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[ the camera turns on to show a young child wearing black, over-sized glasses at the main hall of the mansion ]

Disappearing train cars are one thing. But the train disappearing all together...?

[ he looks back at the door that he had just come in from, then back again at the communicator, looking more irritated rather than worried like a proper child of his age should be in an unknown place ]

Where am I and how did I get here? And how do I get out? ...And whose is this? [ this meaning the little gadget ]
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[Anyone who's seen the Medicine Seller might not recognize him with his power unlocked.]

[His pale, pale skin has gone dark, his eyes red, his hair straight and white. The red markings on him have changed, become larger and rounder, become a strangely glittering gold. Though the shape of his body and face haven't changed, somehow, this form looks less delicate than his usual one.]

[And he has a glorious set of bright orange, princely pajamas. Poofy pants, tights, short sleeves, fingerless gloves, and a sun emblazoned in yellow on the front.]

[The Medicine Sel--uh, Prince of Light has got the tiger gone god tier, and he's walking all over Skaia, clearly on a mission, dispatching underlings whenever they challenge him and searching for something.]

[[OOC Notes: Feel free to encounter him anywhere! Also, if your character has met him before, is form might be hard to recognize, but his voice has not changed at all.]]

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[A pair of sleep-deprived eyes looks into the camera, narrowing slightly in frustration before the figure walks out of frame with a soft sigh.

The sound of boots hitting the hard wood flooring of the room can be heard as he walks around the space, growing louder then fading repeatedly.]

So this is it, huh? Not surprised.

[It's not obvious, but he thinks he's dead, and that this is part of the afterlife. What is obvious are the two bloody bullet holes in the breast of his coat. They can be seen when he appears in frame again, this time more of the figure visible; it's a boy with a seemingly permanent frown plastered on his face, examining the communication device lying there before looking off screen. He holds his hand over the area where the holes are; he looks a bit uncomfortable, as if he's hiding some pain.]

What idiot leaves shit like this just lying around anyway...?
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[There's a curt 'whoa', a thud, and then a grumbling. It's the voice of a young man, who very shortly appears over the feed, blinking at the camera. He doesn't seem to notice it's recording at first, as he turns the device over in his hands a few times, muttering about 'the others' and 'yellow eyes.' Finally, he catches sight of the the light that signals he's on view, and his expression is suddenly surprise!]

Uh-- hey? Not sure what's... going on with this phone...

[There's a brief interlude, during which he examines the thing again.]

... Yeah. Well, gonna keep it simple. I'm not sure where I am. Honestly? I'm probably just dreaming. That's more likely than any alternative. But, if I've been whisked off to some other place? Just... let me know where I am?

[He pauses, and then frowns, brows knitted together in a sort of resolved expression.]

And, if this is your doing, Yellow-Eyes... I'm coming for you.
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[The blonde's voice sounds confident at first, as if she's used to being in strange, maybe unexplainable situations. She stands confidently, too, her shoulders back and her head tilted just slightly to the side. There's something strange about her. Maybe her eyes that seem just a little bit off, or the fact that she's got a pair of large "headphones" on, or maybe that everything below her chin that isn't covered by her uniform is covered in white fabric. Eh, w/e there's been stranger.]

Excuse me, please. I am sure this is a question that is often asked, but I still would like to know... what, exactly, is going on? I am not certain as to how I came to be here. I have heard tales of... Wonderland... where I am from, but I have never had the chance to truly study them. [Hey, she's only been alive a year okay? And whatever she knows is sooooo skewed by a certain Persona. Still, she looks away as if embarrassed.]

If there is anything I should know about this place, I would appreciate the information. I will need to get back to my friends, if possible... they will worry about me. And I have something very important I need to do. I know it must be common to hear such things, but I need to know so I may return as soon as possible.
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[The Medicine Seller is not pleased with his current information. He's been in one place long enough to feel the humanity trying to rub off on him, and still--still, this place keeps surprising him. He's no closer to solving the mansion's mystery and ending it than he was when he got here.]

[Even for him, it's... frustrating.]

[Not that he's letting it show, or holding on to such a useless emotion. He's outside, in one of the sculpted gardens, sitting on a wide blanket tucked into a corner, his medicine chest sitting within arm's reach. On the blanket, he's laid out an array of traditional sweets that he doesn't appear to have much personal interest in, as well as a delicate little cup full of clear, thin tea that's almost too green to believe. A second cup rests in his hands, cradled almost carelessly in long, thin fingers.]

[Think of it as... an open invitation. That teacup is for you.]

[The mirrors have an invitation to talk, as well, albeit a less cultured one. He's taken a brush and carefully hand-ground ink to a mirror in his room, writing one word in a casually artistic scrawl: Speak.]
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[The camera switches on to show a dimly-lit room, the sunlight from the windows filtering through criss-crossed tapestries. The walls--what can be seen of them--are made of dark wood and translucent paper. It's a crowded little space, filled with trinkets and curios, sitting on shelves and lining the walls and hanging from the ceiling, some large and some small and all exotic.]

[None, however, are quite as exotic as their owner, who is seated--straight-backed and proper as ever--on a patterned silk cushion near the back of the room.]

Since it seemes... I will not be leaving soon...

I've set up a shop.

Come whenever you like.

[The Medicine Seller is pragmatic; if he's here anyway, he may as well have a place to be, and while he prefers to make himself scarce much of the time, giving people a way to contact him might help him get the information he needs from them. Even after all this time, he's not about to let go of the ultimate goal of defeating whatever holds him here; for all he knows, it hasn't even been that long. Time, after all, is largely a matter of perception.]


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I can't really tell if that last event was good or bad. Maybe a touch of both. [Fortunately for Elaine, months of forced maturity has taught her how to control facial expressions. Her body is just a resting place for her soul, the same as any other person- and her past trials have helped her on the way to mastering both. Her expression as she faces the camera is a pleasant smile. She is still telling the truth, of course.]

It definitely raises some interesting questions. The "what-ifs" and "maybes." [She leans back in her chair, revealing her room. It's plain and simple, almost exactly the same as an uninhabited room. The only nod toward life is the steaming mug of cocoa on her desk.] So here's an important one, out of curiosity:

Who's God to you? What's he like? And more importantly, who do you want him to be? [She takes a sip of the chocolate and grins at the hot flush it brings to her chest. She turns her smile to the camera again, eagerly waiting for answers.]
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Dean already knew something was wrong the moment he woke up on the first day.

He was in a Queen-sized bed, for one thing. Clean sheets, the smell of Snuggle (he was gonna kill that weird little bear one day), the whole nine yards.

Lisa was next to him. Lisa, the yoga instructor he met around nine years ago with whom he shared a remarkably flexible weekend. Who he'd seen not but five or six months before arriving in Wonderland. Whose fine ass he'd saved from some creepy changelings. Who had an eight year old son named Ben, suspiciously similar to Dean.

The last time Dean had checked, though, he hadn't gone domestic.

He worked at a vintage car garage, apparently. He mowed the lawn. He drank beer with "the guys" on the weekend. A steady job and a steady girlfriend. A steady life.

He knew it was wrong right off the bat, but boy, he didn't expect it to feel so damn good being in suburbia.

[[ooc note; Dean is going to get out by himself, but please feel free to visit him in his fatherhood phase! Ben and Lisa may also be there to interact with you. Please specify whether you'd like A) the car garage, B) the local bar, or C) Dean and Lisa's house.]]
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[Something was wrong.]

[No. Everything was wrong.]

[Because there was nothing in the world--no nice house, no beautiful woman, no loving children, no strange feeling of comfort--that could make him forget, even for a moment, that this wasn't him.]

[He wasn't normal. He wasn't human. He had a mission.]

[It was all an illusion, and he'd seen many of those before. It was easy, once he spotted the torii gates, to know they were the weak point. Without hesitation, he shouldered his medicine box and began to walk towards them.]

Daddy, where are you going? Are you going on another trip? Stay longer!

Darling... darling, please, stay--we need you here, stay, please!

[But they weren't real, and never had been, and once he stepped through the gate, he found himself in the mansion.]

[And it was too, too quiet.]

[He pulled a communicator from his medicine chest.]

Is there... anyone who can hear me?

[Without waiting for an answer, he began searching. Because this was his kind of game--barging in where he was probably not welcome, dealing out the harsh truth, and maybe--maybe this time, after what the other events have made him do, he even had a little interest in helping the people here.]
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[The feed turns on and there's a certain young man staring into the camera looking a little paranoid.]
Does anyone know where we are? I woke up here this morning and I-don't know how to get home. I don't even remember how I got here. The last thing I remember is-
[He paused looking down trying to remember what had happened through the fog in his mind only to widen his eyes slightly at the memory of getting up close and personal with that Operator thing in an abandoned building after trying to catch totheark.He shook his head a second as he shuddered at the memory before looking up at the camera again.] Also has anyone seen anybody-strange walking around like-a tall guy in a suit? [If anyone has don't expect Jay to be leaving his room ever.]


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