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I don't suppose anyone here knows a spell for getting rid of headaches, do they?

[The camera turns on to show a dark-haired boy wearing cracked glasses, rubbing his head as he glances slowly around him.]

I don't know what happened, but it definitely feels like a load of bricks fell on me.

I'm beginning to think I might know who's behind this, but I really, really hope I'm wrong.

[He reaches out in front of him, and his hand closes around a doorknob. Perfect. Maybe this will lead to a way out. He pushes on it and the door swings open. But the only thing greeting him is an empty chamber with stairs on one side of the room and a doorway leading somewhere else. He furrows his brow in annoyance. None of this is making any sense.]

Hello? Is anyone there? If this is meant to be a joke, I'm not laughing.
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[It's certainly been a busy month, hasn't it! So many crazy things happening, people fighting with mirrors, stealing keys, having Christmas, except one person in particular has been fairly absent up until now. The reason is fairly obvious when the video opens to Eleanor's frazzled expression, and the even more unruly state of her room. If it's not obvious enough, Eleanor almost drops the machine when she sneezes loudly. She groans and flops back against the headboard of her bed.]

No, no, I'm alright. If I stay bedridden one more day I may go mad. It's been an entire week, at least, hasn't it? My sense of time has never been as keen as I'd like it to be, but I never realized until I came to the surface how much harder it is to track the days when you can't see the sun.

[She props the device up next to her octopus's tank and finally staggers over to the window to open up the curtains. OH, okay, ugh, sun, no, go away again.]

I don't think I've ever been sick for an entire week before. And I don't think I ever want to be sick again.


Did I miss anything interesting?
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[John Blake's learned some amount of patience for insanity, but only recently. His late night arrival to this unfamiliar place was initially shocking, but he managed to stop himself from demanding answers, instead opting to do a little investigation overnight. He observed the communication network, checked out the different floors, and walked the grounds well into the night before turning in to the room apparently assigned to him.]

[The following afternoon, when he finally properly manipulates the video recording function of the unfamiliar communication device, Blake's had enough time to observe his surroundings and at least form some thoughts on what happening. But a few more questions and answers can't hurt.]

—see I'm not the only one showin' up unexpectedly.

Afternoon. [Awkward wave here, half off-screen because of the angle.] Guessin' introductions are in order. Name's John Blake. Last place I remember bein' was Lima, Peru, but I'm originally from Gotham City in the U.S. Definitely not in either of those places.

So. Found this kitchen pretty quick— [Different than it had looked the night before, he notes with some surprise. John shows it off with the video feed.]  —and if anyone's interested in givin' me some input or havin' some lunch — or both — I'll be here.

[And that's it. He'll be making sandwiches, probably, so feel free to join him, or just send back a message and pass on bologna and cheese!]
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[The camera feed turns on and you can see Cooper looking around his room with an angry look. He's not satisfied with what he sees and it is clear on his face. Suddenly he turns and you can see his face clearly. His visage changes and he is smiling warmly.]

Hi. Cooper Anderson. I'm sure that you've heard of me. That's probably why you've taken me.

[He pauses, as if waiting for an answer or some applause. When it doesn't come, his smile falters.]

I'm going to need an upgrade. This room is too small for a person of my stature. Where is the bidet? Where is the minibar? I am an internationally beloved spokesman for the internet's fastest growing credit score website. The least you can do is give me a bigger room?

And where am I? I wandered around, but I didn't see anything other than a garden. And I didn't see any people. How can I really explore my character roots if I don't have people to draw off of? If I have fans here, you can't keep me hidden away. It's not fair to them.

Really, though, I have to get back to California. I have an audition for a little medical show you might have heard of? Private Practice? I really need to get back. So, where's the exit? Or my limo?

☤ - 01.

Dec. 2nd, 2012 02:45 pm
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[ The video turns on. There's a kid here, sitting on his butt, covered in blood and various other things. He doesn't seem too bothered by the fact, and oh, he's also carrying a rather large chainsaw. ]


Wait a minute, how'd I even get here?

[ He brings his hand to his chin. ]

01 [Video]

Dec. 2nd, 2012 09:50 am
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[The feed turns on, and Blaine can be seen staring around him. He's had some time to look around, and he really doesn't like what he's seeing... which is a lot of nothing and no one.

For a mansion of this size, there should be people in it, but so far, he hasn't seen anyone, and that is creepy. Or maybe he's just missing them. But either way, it's still creepy.]


[He pauses as if waiting for a response. When no one says anything, he continues:]

I found my room, and it was nice enough. It's a little bare, though, but I think I can fix that. I opened the closet to see what was inside, and when I did, a huge poster popped out. I'm not sure how it knew I was thinking about Vogue magazine covers, or why it thought I'd want one of those on my wall, but it's a nice thought, I guess.

But, well, I really don't want to feel at home here. This isn't home, obviously, and I'd like to get back to mine. So if anyone's listening, if anyone knows where the door or the hallway is that goes back home, it would be great if you could tell me.

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[Someone important to the very fabric of Wonderland has been missing. Everything else might as well have ground to a halt, because what is the mansion without its protagonist? The narration is, of course, talking about Amy, the main character of Entranceway.*

(For those of you who do not know, Amy is an unusually large female crocodile who can understand human speech and probably won't munch on anyone. Probably.)

Amy is considerably larger than Gummy, her toothless baby alligator back home. This has not stopped her from treating her in much the same fashion ever since she stumbled across her while setting up the pool for a pool party. So now poor Amy is wearing giant orange shades and a bikini.

And what better way to announce a pool party than by filming a crocodile lazing about on a pool lounger?]

Come up to the pool for a party and make it snappy!

[Any visitors to the pool will find plenty of non-alcoholic cocktails and various pool toys, as well as the aforementioned crocodile.]

[{*OOC: as officially declared in an official manner by Linda way back ages ago.}]
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[Evan had just returned to his room and pans the communicator through what should be a bed and his things, but is now replaced with a never ending field with clumps of grass bigger than he was. The only discernable feature was a towering oak tree that met in the center of his room. A large congregation of white rabbits were surrounding the tree, looking in Evan's direction, trembling anxiously.]

Alright, I understand that weird events happen in this mansion or whatever, but how the all loving fuck did my room turn into a-- [A sudden a loud crunching noise could be heard, followed by a high-pitched, blood curdling, scream that lingered in the air for a few seconds. The grass a few feet away from him rustled, leaving Evan frozen in fear and staring wide-eyed at the camera. He started to sprint as fast as he could towards the tree, the rustling chasing closely behind him. Finally when he reached the tree panting in exhaustion, the rustling stopped, and whatever was in the grass had left him alone.]

...son... of ...a bitch.
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[Jay had never expected that once he left Wonderland he would make it back.If he was honest with himself it wouldn't have been over the fact that coming back was something he believed to be impossible more so than the fact he believed he would have been killed before it had a chance.

Alex attempted to murder him nearly a year and a half before, the only person who had been willing to help him had been attacked by that thing back home, and there were days he would wake up and wish he didn't have to anymore. He didn't want this anymore, if he could find a way out than he would have done it in a heartbeat but there hadn't been a way except get help from Tim who was most likely gone for good.

But here he was; back in Wonderland and surprisingly he was more relieved being here than home. The thing following them wasn't here and sure he wouldn't trust anyone anymore but- at least no one from his world was here...or at least he thought. So now he was sitting on his old bed staring down silently at his hands trying to figure out where to start first. Maybe he should attempt to see if Pinkie Pie was still here, maybe he could attempt to eat, or...attempt sleep though he knew that wouldn't come again for a few more days. He sighed and stood up to his feet and went to the communicator before realizing it had been recording him. He stared at it a second before forcing a small smile.]

Uhm...hey, I'm back.

[He shut the communicator off after that.]

[He found himself wondering the hallway towards the kitchen silently, his eyes looking at the doors as if he had been expecting someone to attack him. Instead all was silent for now.]


Nov. 22nd, 2012 02:55 pm
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So I know it's Thanksgiving and all, but since we get tacos and chicken and turkey for free all the time. How come we don't just. Celebrate all week long?

Like forever.

I think that'd be a good plan. [Insert some amazingly super casual taco eating here.]


Oct. 20th, 2012 08:37 pm
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[James stands in front of the camera and when it turns on, he's still angling it just right. Hey, he's starting to get a handle on Muggle technology! Anyway, when he's done, it's clear he's down in the Entrance Hall, near those mail boxes the twins put up. He runs his hand through his hair one last time and then looks right at the camera.]

Hullo there, Wonderland! James Potter here. It's come to my attention that...I'm bored. Very bored. Normally it's not wise to let me go about being bored, but I suppose I'll let it slide this time. [And he grins that mischevious grin that's both charming and worrisome at once.]

Anyhow, I also realized that I don't really know most of you, and that's really a shame since we're all stuck here together. And I want to change that! So, I've got a question for you all. I've been wondering about it a lot lately, and everyone's probably got a different answer.

[He gears up, ready for a grand presentation, with a lot of hand gesturing. He can't really help it.]

So, think about when you're going to home. Pretend for a minute that you'll remember everything from here, and that you'll know the minute you get there that you've been gone for weeks, months...even years for some of you, I imagine. But you're back home, to exactly whenever you were before, and you can go do anything you want. What's the first thing you'd do when you got there?

[He doesn't even have to think about his own answer:] I'd go propose to my future wife, of course. Immediately. Maybe we'd even go get married that second!

But enough about that - I want to hear your answers. As incentive, I've got prizes! Good or interesting answers get treats from my world. [He shakes a bag he's been holding the whole time.] Awful or grumpy answers get something else entirely.

["Something else entirely" being their names on a list of people to prank in the future. This plan is brilliant, in James' opinion.]

Well, come on now - I know you don't have better things to do.


Oct. 18th, 2012 07:55 pm
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[The feed turns on to a prematurely white-haired Pinkie Pie, slightly obscured behind blotches of green paint on the lens.]

Hi everyhuman! Could one of you do me a teensy-weensy favour and bring some more pots of paint out? The ones I brought got knocked over somehow.

[Probably when she was using her hair to make cloud-esque prints on the big landscape picture behind her.]

I'd just go inside to get them, but I'll get paint everywhere! Maybe hoof-painting wasn't such a good idea...

[She shrugs. No biggie. As to how she'll get back inside later without painting the floors, well, that's a problem for later.]

And if anyperson wants to come out here, I'll paint a picture of you!


Aug. 6th, 2012 08:27 pm
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I am holding a private party and require entertainment.

Music is a must. Theatre would be nice but I have low expectations from you all. Performing arts in general, really. I want class and culture.

Sign up here.
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[When the feed starts up, there's a cute little baby boy with brown hair in a green sleeper quietly examining the screen, turning the device in circles as he sucks on a pacifier. Sometimes he flips it backwards, which reveals Shinjiro sleeping beside him.

Baby Shinji eventually bops his older self on the nose with the device, waking him up.]

Hey, that ain't for you.

[Shinjiro gently pries his communicator from his paradox clone's hands.

And then the waterworks start. He just wanted something to play with!]

Damn it...

[Shinjiro sits up, scoops up the boy, and tries to rock him, but they keep going and going... Maybe someone can help?]

Come on, stop crying. You haven't slept since you got here...
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[The woman staring at the video camera is surprisingly calm, for someone who has just woken up in a new, strange place and discovered herself far from home. It makes you wonder whether or not she’s had this happen to her before! In any case, it’s a few moments before she speaks, as if she’s doing something else off camera at the same time. Perhaps she’s just thinking, trying to get her mind together.]

My name .. is Natalie Rushman. I was brought here just over a day ago. I wasn’t sure if this was real, so I thought I would wait a while before saying anything, but it’s been a day and—

[She breaks off, as if pained, rubbing her eyes. The alias is a familiar one – any of the SHIELD operatives in the area would recognize it as the one she used with Stark, whereas enemies would probably not know it. Playing this part was safer, for the moment. It wasn’t hard to pretend to be distressed.]

There are some things .. I’m wondering about. Like when I get to go home. And why I’m here. Is there .. anyone out there who can help me?

[Natasha had never liked playing the ‘poor, confused woman’, but if that was what kept her alive, then so be it. She needed more information about this place – it was unwise to go out with all of her guns blazing. This way, she could gather information, keep everyone guessing and have none the wiser.]


Jul. 13th, 2012 11:38 pm
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Sorry, this is so overdue, I was dealing with an... incident.

[If anyone notices him brushing his fingers against his neck absently, pay that no mind... he's just remembering where his neck was slashed open.

He clears his throat awkwardly, drops his hand and continues, expression growing concerned.]

...In any case, I'm looking for a young boy named Conan. He was injured quite badly the other day and I was... interrupted while treating him.

Has anyone seen or talked to him? Is he alright?

I owe him an apology.
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[The down time between events is always both a relief and a bore. It's times like this Santana misses Puck most, because he would usually have some ideas of how to make things more interesting.

...Not that she would even take him up on the usual idea of sex, anyway. She's past that.

Which brings the narration to just why Santana has been less bored and more content for the past months. She's actually even been a little less bitchy to people! (In her opinion, anyway. Shut up.) Brittany's influence has always been good for her.

Anyway. Brittany's off doing who knows what, so Santana's relaxing in her room with a magazine. Oh, and she's kind of not wearing much. What? She just showered! Her towel is right next to her and everything. So there.

Besides, you're the perve for looking at her right now anyway.]


Jul. 8th, 2012 08:05 pm
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[ So after trying (and failing) to get in touch with her pals, Jane takes the time to poke around the mansion a little.  Nosing around and wishing she had her detective gear along with her. It would make this Sleuthing a lot more fun! Still, though, this place wasn't her house, and it didn't really look...well, like she expected the game to look. ]

Aww shucks,

[ She would ask something along the lines of 'Why can't I seem to connect to pesterchum, and where are my friends?' but what a silly question that would be. Instead, she settles on the more general. After all, her first order of business is figuring out where she is! ] 

this isn't what I was expecting at all! :(
Has anyone, by chance, seen a house lying around?
I don't mean this rather lavish mansion, either.
Now, I do realize this isn’t all that conventional a question, but I’m certain it should be here!
Unless, of course, something went awry right before I entered the game.
I wouldn’t be all that surprised if something had, given how the day’s been...
Still, this is a rather peculiar predicament I've found myself in, isn't it?
It seems I can't get in touch with my pals, either!

[ 'Peculiar predicament' is the understatement of the century, but still. ]  

Hoo boy, if anything, this certainly requires some serious sleuthing.
So! If you'll give me a moment here to see if I can find a fedora, I’ll get this case underway.
In the meantime, does anyone have any clues?
And on that note,
is there anyone even here?


Jul. 6th, 2012 10:27 pm
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[Wonderland's grumpiest resident makes a rare appearance over the feed, an even deeper frown on his face than usual.]

Is there a room that doesn't do something crazy every week?

If there is, I want it.

[He ends with a sneeze. Too much pollen in the air.]

1. [Video]

Jul. 2nd, 2012 10:57 pm
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[Oddly, when the video feed initially clicks on, there's nobody in sight - the only thing onscreen is a bedroom, which would be extremely tidy if not for the tangled vegetation spilling through the window and all over the carpet.

There is a voice, but it might take a little effort to make out the words. Not that the speaker is slurring or anything; she's just that quiet.]

U-Um... hello? [It comes out as more of a squeak.

Finally, a face emerges - more accurately, the top half of a face, cut off by the bottom of the screen. And it's a pony's face. A pastel-yellow one, with a pink mane.

The owner of the face doesn't seem to want to make eye contact with the camera.]
I'm awfully sorry to interrupt. I know you must be busy. I just - [A pause. There's a small scraping noise from somewhere below.] I just wanted to know if anypony's seen a white bunny around here. He's really the sweetest little thing, but it's his dinnertime, and I've looked all over, I swear! All I did was step out for a moment, and... [Her voice trails off. She starts to sink under the screen again.] Um. It's okay if you don't know where he is either. No pressure. Thanks for listening, anyway.

[The video cuts out before she disappears entirely.]
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[ There's no one to be seen over the feed, but there is a voice. The video shows a ceiling, perhaps the one in Sam's own room, but the tall, shaggy-haired young man is nowhere to be seen. There is a voice, though... ]

... Yeah, these plants are definitely up to no good. I could use some help, if there's anyone around. But, uh-- try not to step on me. I've kind of... lost some height.

[ Understatement of the year. ]
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[The video opens to a horizontal profile of a woman staring at the ceiling, her crystal blue eyes focused intently upward. After a moment, she grunts, and sits up, brushing short black hair back from her face. The red mark across her face is more evident when she looks in the direction of the camera, staring at the wall behind it.]

... Okay. Can't say I'm familiar with this style of interior decorating. Orlesian, probably.

[The video times out as she rummages around the room, picking up and pocketing anything that looks valuable enough. Only fair since most of her stored equipment seems absent save for what she had on her. When it starts back up again, it looks like the device is being held in her hands as she monkeys around with it.]

-ome sort of artifact or something? Probably not worth much, either way...

[She taps at the camera inquisitively; someone will need a crash course in electronics before the day is through.]
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[It's July 1. The date hadn't meant too much, other than the fact that for some reason, the Garden was on its way to taking over the Mansion. It seemed to be spreading at a rapid pace, enough to cause concern. But it was low on Minato's list of concerns at the moment. He had something else to worry about--even besides turning more plant-like--and that was trying to figure out how to stay upright on his feet without wanting to fall over, pass out, or vomit. He would very much like the room to stop spinning too.

Minato resorted then to just sitting on the floor with his back against the side of the bed. It might've been more logical to sleep in the bed. When he had the strength in him to get up there, he would.

But right now he was as comfortable as he could get from just sitting where he was with his eyes closed, and trying not to pay too much pay attention to the way his head hurt and the incessant chatter of the larkspurs in his room.]
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[ While exploring the mansion's newfound love for greenery somebody ran into the Bread-and-Butterflies who didn't seem too pleased about the lack of refreshments offered.

Consequently somebody's legs began feeling stranger and stranger until they turned brown and wooden and wouldn't move at all and come to think of it weren't actually so much legs anymore as they were the trunk of an oak tree that now makes for the middle half of Aveline.


I'll give you tea, you bloody--

[ She squirms, struggles and pulls, but it soon becomes obvious that she's taken root and any chopping action she might undertake with her sword now will be far more pain- than it will be helpful.

With a defeated sigh she reaches for her communication device, grudgingly transmitting her situation.

For your own safety it might be wise to carry a flask of tea with you. Or slay any odd-looking butterflies on sight.

[ A beat. ]

...There is no immediate cure for this ridiculous whim, I take it?
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[The video starts abruptly, showcasing John's back as he walks-- something that's a little rare for him, what with the god tier flying and all --down the hall. His movements are slow and his steps are small, almost like he's not all that convinced that he wants to move forward in the first place. His hands fidget around, picking at his pants before floating up to grip the opposite elbow. The gesture seems to be his feeble attempt to keep himself from trembling anymore than he is already.

A sharp, high pitched noise tears from John's throat, and the feed ends.]
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My, my, my. Look what we have here ♥ The arcane--such a fun thing, such a dangerous thing. And yet...

[There's a flash of something else in her eyes, something off. Not rage--something this simple wouldn't make LeBlanc angry--but there's definitely something off.]

Well, t'is of no consequence now. I lack both power and control within this realm, but that does not mean that I will idly stand by.

My name is Emilia LeBlanc--Matron to some, scheming tramp to others.

[She chuckles.]

If there is anything that I can do to help, perhaps I can offer my services. For now, however, I do believe that it is high time to find that old crow and get him to lighten up.

Oh, and I apologize if my darling Jericho is a bit grouchy. He always is--don't pay him much mind~
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[We all know this part by now, guy was doing something, guy gets transported here, guy is confused. Thor was in the middle of a particularly important something when he appeared in this place. So many things are hanging in the balance right now, Midgard, The Tesseract, Asgard and, while he would not admit to his worry, his brother.

When the feed clicks on he is pacing his room, twirling his hammer in his hand. Right now, he really wants to start smashing the unfamiliar objects in his room. Fortunately, this is a more mature Thor. He knows better than that now. He's taking deep, shakey breaths and mulling over the situation, looking more and more bewildered with every step.

Finally, he pauses and lets out a yell that could shake the walls, his frustration and concern obvious in his roar.]


[After being tricked so many times, even Thor will catch on eventually.]
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[Scene: Pinkie, smiling innocently, at the end of a corridor. Music is blasting out from somewhere.]

Hey, there's a party on the third floor! Free flying carpets for the first ten people to get up here!

[But this is a lie! And more importantly, an omission of truth. Because you see, Pinkie has tied all the doorknobs on the third floor together. Anyone opening their door will pull another door shut and vice versa times infinity! If people want to escape, they'll have to do the immensely hard task of cutting the pink string around their door handle.

But for anyone who does manage to get out or comes up to claim their flying carpet, they'll find a mini party set up at Pinkie's end of the corridor. No flying carpets, though. That was entirely a lie.]
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[the video feed flicks on. see: one very sulky looking teenager.]

...Did anyone else lose their chicken?


Jun. 21st, 2012 07:40 pm
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[Blah blah blah, feed clicks on, blah blah blah, orange text. You know what? You know the drill, and it shall pierce the heavens. Let's skip the formalities and jump to the interesting parts.]


[How does one convey the feelings of what, followed by the fuck?]

I'm looking for a puppet. Seen him around? Dressed in purple, green eyes, wearing a hat. Goes by Lil' Cal. I was carrying him when I ended up in wherever the hell this place is.
Kinda was expecting Sburb, but hell, Smanse? I can make this work. Why the fuck not.

[Also, all of this is being typed as he's looking about, glancing at rooms (though he's not going to walk into a random bedroom, fuck, dude has some standards with the emphasis on some) and exploring the library and things of that nature, so if there's a preference for starting with something a bit more action oriented and a prompt along the lines of '...and that was when some strange blond guy walked into the room/glanced curiously towards the open door and saw you' why the hell not.]


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