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Jul. 2nd, 2012 10:57 pm
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[Oddly, when the video feed initially clicks on, there's nobody in sight - the only thing onscreen is a bedroom, which would be extremely tidy if not for the tangled vegetation spilling through the window and all over the carpet.

There is a voice, but it might take a little effort to make out the words. Not that the speaker is slurring or anything; she's just that quiet.]

U-Um... hello? [It comes out as more of a squeak.

Finally, a face emerges - more accurately, the top half of a face, cut off by the bottom of the screen. And it's a pony's face. A pastel-yellow one, with a pink mane.

The owner of the face doesn't seem to want to make eye contact with the camera.]
I'm awfully sorry to interrupt. I know you must be busy. I just - [A pause. There's a small scraping noise from somewhere below.] I just wanted to know if anypony's seen a white bunny around here. He's really the sweetest little thing, but it's his dinnertime, and I've looked all over, I swear! All I did was step out for a moment, and... [Her voice trails off. She starts to sink under the screen again.] Um. It's okay if you don't know where he is either. No pressure. Thanks for listening, anyway.

[The video cuts out before she disappears entirely.]


Jun. 21st, 2012 07:40 pm
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[Blah blah blah, feed clicks on, blah blah blah, orange text. You know what? You know the drill, and it shall pierce the heavens. Let's skip the formalities and jump to the interesting parts.]


[How does one convey the feelings of what, followed by the fuck?]

I'm looking for a puppet. Seen him around? Dressed in purple, green eyes, wearing a hat. Goes by Lil' Cal. I was carrying him when I ended up in wherever the hell this place is.
Kinda was expecting Sburb, but hell, Smanse? I can make this work. Why the fuck not.

[Also, all of this is being typed as he's looking about, glancing at rooms (though he's not going to walk into a random bedroom, fuck, dude has some standards with the emphasis on some) and exploring the library and things of that nature, so if there's a preference for starting with something a bit more action oriented and a prompt along the lines of '...and that was when some strange blond guy walked into the room/glanced curiously towards the open door and saw you' why the hell not.]
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[So. What happens when you're a bored prankster with closets that can give you whatever you need?

Prank Wars happen. World Prank War I is about to begin.

Rainbow Dash decides to start off small for now. It takes careful planning and time, but she will finally see her creation bear fruit.

Step one, get a bucket. Step two, fill it with custard. Step three, put food coloring into it. Repeat, but use a different color for each bucket.

She's got enough custard filled buckets to place them at strategic doors of the mansion, and enough to go for quite a few rounds of it if she feels like.

Nobody will see it coming.]
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[The feed begins with Pinkie waving excitedly at the camera. She's wearing a glittery fuchsia dress and a monocle. That's how serious this business is, guys.]

Hey, everypony and everyhuman and everybeing! Get your bestest clothes on because it's super fancy and official Award Ceremony time tonight! Come to the dining room when you're ready.

[She's literally bouncing with excitement. She clicks the video off and waits for the guests in the dining room that she's completely taken over.

There are silvery streamers and balloons spaced around the walls. The parts of the tables which aren't covered in food (each silver platter of which is tiny and delicious and, above all, fancy) have glitter almost completely coating the white tablecloths. Somehow, the closets provided balloons that bob around the room at arm's height, each lifting a small tray of sparkling drinks in ever so fancy champagne flutes. Who knows what the drinks actually are - Pinkie certainly didn't bother to specify.

But most important of all is the long table at the back of the room covered in trophies. Click here for the list of awards.]

{OOC note: anyone not on the list can still get one! Just PM me or AIM me or ask Pinkie for one.}
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[The feed is...jumpy, to say the least. It changes from stone to a flash of white to a flash of red and back to stone. From the way it lurches, the one broadcasting is running from something.]

Wow, I have no idea why the hay you're chasing me, but it can stop right about now!

[That, ladies and gentlemen, is Rainbow Dash's voice for sure. She manages to find a place to hide, holding her breath as whatever is chasing her passes by her hiding spot. She breathes a little easier before turning the camera up to her...changed appearance.

Rainbow Dash is now a unicorn, not a pony and definitely NOT a pegasus. Although, those who don't believe in unicorns/magic only see a white mare, so.]

Man, if I could fly, this would be an entirely different story, and that red bull would be eating my dust! Sheesh, I don't even know what its problem is, but it's been chasing me ever since I got here.

[She looks around nervously.]

I'm not lost or anything, but, uh, I kiiiinda don't know where the exit to this stupid castle is.
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[Aang is ready to try and barter with the vendors! He's armed with some of the smuppets that Bro was nice enough to give him, and is determined to at least get a flying lemur or some fabric to use for his glider.

[He steps outside the mansion, taking a deep breath of the warm spring air.]

Ah...This is nice.
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[The upside of John's windy thing (okay one upside) is that he can totally fly above all these crunchy leaves. The downside is it does kind of make the trees unrealistically windy in a perimeter around him. John just hopes he can make it to Jade's tent without getting caught by the weirdly strict adults around the camp.

Seriously, she's his sister. What's gonna happen? Sleepover pranks?

...Okay maybe, yes. He's logging some ideas away for later.

John just doesn't want people to be all HEY JOHN AND DAVE, ALONE IN A TENT, K-I-S-S-I-N....TENT. Or. Anything. It gives him oogies.

So off he goes. On a journey. A quest, if you will.]
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[Pinkie Pie is zooming around the room, looking around in the closet, peering up at the ceiling, disappearing briefly into the bathroom, then returns to check under the bed. Spotting the video camera, she bounds over.]

Helloooo? Where is everypony?

[She sits down and begins gesticulating wildly.]

So I woke up this morning and I found myself in this weird place. I thought it might be a dream, but this is too boooo-ring to be my dream! I came inside and no-one was in the corridor, so I knocked on all the doors on that floor - and boy, there were a lot of doors - then I went to the next floor and knocked on all their doors, then the next and so on until I found myself up here and this door came unlocked so I thought maybe it was going to be a dream after all and there was going to be a surprise party inside!

[She untangles her legs, which have become knotted with all the waving around, and gestures around the room. It completely hasn't occurred to her that the likely reason no-one answered her knocking was because she zoomed off after knocking on each door.]

But look! No party! No people!

[Now bored of ranting, she wanders over to the closet and pulls out a watering can. She trots over to the camera.]

So I'll make my own people! This is Mr Spout. He's a bit wet, but he's still my friend!
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[Rainbow Dash is a very proud pony right now.]

Okay, so you humans get a wicked mansion. Big deal, 'cause now I've got something even better than that!

[She points the camera at her new home. Of course, it was without the rainbows and the flair. The rainbows need a special paint and the flair is just impossible for her to recreate, so she sticks with the general basic structure.

And yes, it's definitely made of clouds.]

Now this is a house! What do you guys think? If you ask nicely, I might be convinced to take you on a tour.
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[Hello there, Wonderland. There is a very distressed pony running back and forth on your screens.]

No, no, no, no, no! How can this be? This isn’t Ponyville!

Please, I need to go back! I have lots of work to do, and it just cannot wait.

[Rarity shakes her head in desperation, sending her mane fanning out in all directions.]

This isn’t right! It simply is not right. Kidnapping me from my home and stranding me here is just not right. I don’t know who is behind this, but you simply must send me back. I won’t take no for an answer.

[She huffs.]

Hello? Is anyone there? Send me back!
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[Hey, Wonderland, there is now a miffed flying pony on the screen.]

What the hay is going on around here? I mean, there wasn't a mansion the last time I checked! I almost crashed head-first into the wall!

[The pony crosses her arms and pretty much pouts.]

Not cool, whoever built it here, not cool. And I know cool!

[She pauses to rub her head a little awkwardly.]

So, like, where am I, now? It's definitely nowhere in Equestria that I'm familiar with.


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