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[The feed turns on accidentally. Shuu is seated at the head of a dinner table, with a young lady, her hair strongly resembling feathers, sitting to his left, and a young man - a stranger - sitting beside her. To his right is a small person; but not just any small person. He's covered head to toe in feathers. His nose resembles a beak, although the rest of his face is that of a human. Two butlers stand off to the side, awaiting orders from the good doctor. One of them has the body of a man and the head of a falcon, while the other looks mostly normal except for the fact that his arms seem to be melded with a pair of bird wings. These are but a few of Shuu's "children".

[Another young man sits across the table from the girl. He seems to be in good spirits, although the stranger does not. Shuu claps his wings, turning to the perturbed guest.]

Well, Mr. Douglas. It's very good of you to join us. Please tell me. Is the Devil still pursuing you?

[He laughs - the other man across the table, his assistant, laughs. Even the midget-monster next to Shuu can't help but guffaw at that. Douglas' brow furrows. He's clearly upset, and retorts with "Well, perhaps you can explain what you mean by "the Devil", since you seem to be on good terms with him."

[Shuu doesn't miss a beat.]

Well, permit me, Mr. Douglas, to tell you something of the Devil, that I've come to know him. The Devil is that element of human nature that compels us to destroy and debase.

[He leans back in his chair, gazing upwards in philosophical thought. Mr. Douglas mutters darkly to himself, "And what to you, upon this island, is nothing but destruction and debasement?"

[This isn't the first time Dr. Moreau Dr. Iwamine has had to defend his research from the ignorant and close-minded.]

Oh. Well, I can tell you very plainly -

[He interrupts his thoughts to scold the midget monster next to him who started pecking at his food with his beak nose.]

No, no, no, please don't do that.

[The monster looks up at him sheepishly and uses his utensil like a proper gentleman. The doctor continues.]

For seventeen years, I have been striving to create a...some measure of refinement in the human species, you see. And it is here, on this very island, that I, sir, have found the very essence of the Devil.

[Douglas glares at him. "What do you mean?"

[All humor leaves Shuu's face. He's deadly serious now.]

I have seen the Devil in my microscope, and I have chained him. And I suppose you can say, in a sense, metaphorically speaking, I have cut him to pieces. The Devil, Mr. Douglas, I've found...is nothing more than...a tiresome collection of genes. And it is with great assurance that I can tell you that Lucifer, Son of Morning, is no more.

[Shuu clears his throat, hoping that his guest understands.

[Douglas doesn't buy it, of course. "Wow. I don't see how any of this species nonsense justifies these monstrous disfigurements." He gestures to the creatures around them. The falcon-headed butler looks to Shuu, a bit offended by this man's comments.]

Very simply, they represent a stage in the process, the eradication...of destructive elements found in the human psyche. And I...I have almost achieved perfection, you see, of a divine creature that is pure, harmonious, absolutely incapable of malice. And if in my tinkering, I have fallen short of the human form by snout, claw, or hoof, it is of really no great import. I am closer than you could possibly imagine, sir.

[The wing-armed servant notices the communicator, and discreetly turns it off.]

[OOC: I really loved the monologue Marlon Brando has in this movie, so. It made me think of Shuu, too, so I hope this kind of gives a bit of what his thought process is.]


Apr. 15th, 2012 11:54 pm
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[On the screen is a tall, lanky young man peering at the screen curiously. He has a stylish hat and strapped to his back is an electric guitar.]

Huh. This thing’s kind of neat. Like some kind of video phone?

[Yeah, that sounds about right. So he steps back, coughs, and introduces himself.]

Right. Okay. So, uh. Hi. I’m the Once-ler. [He waves!] And while this place is pretty amazing looking, I really need to get back to Greenville. I’m kind of an important guy there now, so...

[Hm. This is kind of boring. So he flips the guitar in front of him and he strums it, hums a few notes to make up a tune, and-]

I’ve reallyreallyreally gotta get back to Greenville please
Back to that valley with that lovely breeze
And all of those beautiful Truffula tree-heeees!

[And he gives himself a pretty nice little guitar solo. Not bad, for an unplugged electric guitar!]

Anyway, any help getting home would be great. Thanks!

[He waves again, and shuts off his journal.]
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[John appears on screen. Like many others, he too is a female-type-human.

And he is a troubled one.]

Should I wear a dress while this is going on? I mean, I only get this chance, right?


I have no taste in dresses, though.

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[ Literature and fencing can only quench a duke's boredom for so long and even Buckingham's daily dose of gossip over the network can't sustain him forever, especially when none of it ever revolves around him.

So today is the day he finally dignifies Master Kurt's Christmas present with more than a passing glance. Network! Behold, His Grace in all his Dolce & Gabbana glory, posing elegantly in front of a large mirror.

(Something to the tune of this, should you need help imagining the duke without his usual attire of sparkly fabulousness.)

His communication device shows the view from a nearby table, although it's hard to say if Buckingham is unaware of the transmission or if he simply doesn't care to end it.

...mhh, certainly something about the cut, and this fabric... ah, but the colour is... so awfully plain...

[ He sighs and keeps pondering the suit's appeal. It's so dreadfully difficult to judge the base merit of clothing if your radiant beauty is bound to make everything look magnificent. ]


Mar. 17th, 2012 11:08 pm
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[Pinkie Pie was sitting outside her tent, staring at the sky. When the sun had finally decided to hurry up and set, she ceased containing her excitement and galloped around the cluster of tents.]

Slumber party! My tent! Everyone welcome!

[Not her fanciest invitation, but she didn't have a lot to work with. You could question how she was going to fit everyone into her tent to sleep, but then she'd be hurt that you'd want to sleep through a Pinkie Pie slumber party.

No, she hasn't checked that this is okay with her tent-mate. Oh, Pinkie.]
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[Pinkie Pie is zooming around the room, looking around in the closet, peering up at the ceiling, disappearing briefly into the bathroom, then returns to check under the bed. Spotting the video camera, she bounds over.]

Helloooo? Where is everypony?

[She sits down and begins gesticulating wildly.]

So I woke up this morning and I found myself in this weird place. I thought it might be a dream, but this is too boooo-ring to be my dream! I came inside and no-one was in the corridor, so I knocked on all the doors on that floor - and boy, there were a lot of doors - then I went to the next floor and knocked on all their doors, then the next and so on until I found myself up here and this door came unlocked so I thought maybe it was going to be a dream after all and there was going to be a surprise party inside!

[She untangles her legs, which have become knotted with all the waving around, and gestures around the room. It completely hasn't occurred to her that the likely reason no-one answered her knocking was because she zoomed off after knocking on each door.]

But look! No party! No people!

[Now bored of ranting, she wanders over to the closet and pulls out a watering can. She trots over to the camera.]

So I'll make my own people! This is Mr Spout. He's a bit wet, but he's still my friend!
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[Santana, for once, is actually purposely addressing the mansion-goers.

Or at least one of them.]

Know what I haven't done in a long time? Had a good gossip with my girls. Of course, my girl isn't here.

So. Hummel, I expect to see you at my door in half an hour. Bring whatever you want, I don't care--just be prepared.

[Her tone leaves no room for discussion here.]

Everyone else can stay away, cause it's none of your business anyway.


...A vocal z-snap, anyway. She doesn't actually do it. Whatever, shut up and leave her alone*.

*"leave her alone" in this case meaning feel more than free to bug and annoy her.]
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[Rarity has flopped herself down on the bed (gracefully, of course), and that is the location from which she has chosen to address the residents of the mansion.]

Well, now that I have settled into this place, and even though I'm definitely not very fond of it, I must say that now is the perfect opportunity for me to offer my services to each and every one of you!

You see, I am quite well-known where I am from, and I am quite the skilled designer. Being fashionable is one of my many interests, and there is nothing that I enjoy more than sharing this with others.

It seems to me that many of you could use my help. Some of you could use a lesson or two about what is fashionable and what is not.

[She fusses with her mane a little before continuing.]

I do wish I could recreate the entirety of my boutique here, but I suppose I can manage with what I've done to my room. It's such a small space, but well, it's the best that I could do under these dreadful circumstances.

[She smiles winningly and perhaps a little enticingly.]

Does anyone have any requests? I simply need to keep busy, and this will help with that perfectly.
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ive been wondering this for a while now
does anyone know what is up with those vendor people?
they are outside all the time!
it doesnt matter when i walk by they are always there!
do you think they sleep?
and why do they always wear a mask??
i would ask them myself but they will try and make me buy something instead :\

and they are creepy
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[The communicator beeps to life, followed by a yelp from Aang.]

Whoa! What...what is this thing?

[A rustling sound followed by a loud thumping can be heard as he taps the communicator in curiosity.]

I've never seen anything like this...is this a new invention or something? Hmmm...

[A moment passes as Aang gets up and opens the door to his room, only to find the hallway of the mansion.]

What is this place...? Wait...where's Appa? And Momo? And...

[Another gasp as he realizes that his friends are no longer with him. His voice sounds desperate and concerned.]

Katara! Sokka! Toph! Suki! Where are you?!


[The sound of his voice grows fainter as Aang bolts out of the room to try and find his beloved friends.]
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When I was told about these event things, no one said anything about dying left and right.

[ He grimaces at the screen. Twice! He has died twice.

Yeah ok so the first time was his own fault. Big deal. Who knew hairspray could be so flammable? He still died.

...And so what if the second time was also sort of his fault too? He liked his dream. Even if everyone started acting really weird near the end. It was still better than the current situation. ]

Are they all like this?
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[Rainbow Dash is a very proud pony right now.]

Okay, so you humans get a wicked mansion. Big deal, 'cause now I've got something even better than that!

[She points the camera at her new home. Of course, it was without the rainbows and the flair. The rainbows need a special paint and the flair is just impossible for her to recreate, so she sticks with the general basic structure.

And yes, it's definitely made of clouds.]

Now this is a house! What do you guys think? If you ask nicely, I might be convinced to take you on a tour.
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[Hey, look, there's a wolf over here! She's sniffing at the device, and her nose accidentally turns on the video. Ammy gives it a curious look, having never seen technology like this before. She presses something, and now it's suddenly dual-screen, as if to see both her and text. Surprisingly, the wolf starts writing.]

This certainly isn't where I should be! Is this strange land part of Nippon?

[There's confusion and doubt evident in her eyes. If this is a trick of Yami's, she wouldn't be surprised. This place has a different scent from her world's.]

Also, is there food here? Peaches, apples, cherry cakes?

[This question seems to perk her up a little, her tail wagging gently.]


Feb. 5th, 2012 06:38 pm
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Hee hee, that was fuckin' hilarious. I didn't know ya humans could die so fuckin' easily by trippin' like that...

[Despite the event the Hollow clearly hasn't been paying attention to... that fall of that crazy lady made his day. He's been so bored!]

Somethin' finally entertainin' to watch around here other than yer constant bitchin'!
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[The feed turns on and there's a certain young man staring into the camera looking a little paranoid.]
Does anyone know where we are? I woke up here this morning and I-don't know how to get home. I don't even remember how I got here. The last thing I remember is-
[He paused looking down trying to remember what had happened through the fog in his mind only to widen his eyes slightly at the memory of getting up close and personal with that Operator thing in an abandoned building after trying to catch totheark.He shook his head a second as he shuddered at the memory before looking up at the camera again.] Also has anyone seen anybody-strange walking around like-a tall guy in a suit? [If anyone has don't expect Jay to be leaving his room ever.]
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[Hello there, Wonderland. There is a very distressed pony running back and forth on your screens.]

No, no, no, no, no! How can this be? This isn’t Ponyville!

Please, I need to go back! I have lots of work to do, and it just cannot wait.

[Rarity shakes her head in desperation, sending her mane fanning out in all directions.]

This isn’t right! It simply is not right. Kidnapping me from my home and stranding me here is just not right. I don’t know who is behind this, but you simply must send me back. I won’t take no for an answer.

[She huffs.]

Hello? Is anyone there? Send me back!


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