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ok but I'm assuming there's a welcoming committee? I'd just like to say that I haven't been introduced to the welcoming committee and also, I'm assuming there's a brochure somewhere, something along the lines of 'welcome to wonderland here are 101 ways to get high'?

didn't get that either.

so that said, i'm going to compile a list of every question you must have heard a thousand times before.

✘ this pocket universe is inspired by carrol's wonderland. duh. any signs of a portal? anything?

✘ are the mirrors creepy in a 1984 way or in a creepy-girls-WILL-climb-out-at-night way? super important.

✘ where are the EAT ME and DRINK ME stuff? because I had cookies three hours ago and I'm reporting no change in size. Where do I file a complaint?

✘ how many people's heads have been offed? is that a thing?

✘ is there really a high caterpillar? because meeting the guy's on my bucket list.

✘ HAVE all of the mansion's horses and all of its men tried to put Humpty together again?

also fyi if you see a guy in a flying suit of armor that's just me. don't shoot, it never ends well and also it gives me a serious electromagnetic headache.


Sep. 22nd, 2017 06:35 pm
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It's strange. When you're out in the muck and the mess of the war you find yourself dreaming of getting away from it, but then you end up in a place like this with glowing magic traps and you think, "Ah, you know, maybe it weren't so bad back there!"
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[Sans is here, and he looks--a little off. His eyelights are a bit fuzzed, for one thing--and for another, he looks almost...openly nervous about something. Which, if you know him, is a bit strange. He's usually pretty damn good at keeping his expression neutral.]

[He's still smiling, of course, because he's a skeleton, and it's physically impossible to stop smiling.]

well, there's one of those rift things near my door, and it looks like my cat set it off. which i guess means it's honesty hour in room 220 and probably nearby as well. which is extremely--unpleasant, because i'm really not big on tellin' the truth. which is incidentally the truth.

[There's a little voice in the back of his skull that's telling him to shut the hell up, but he can't help it. He can't even just switch the video off and try to ride this out somewhere where no one will try to ask him questions. It feels like he needs to metaphorically bare his soul to anyone willing to listen.]

[There's a scale of things he doesn't want to be honest about, though, so he's hoping he can deflect any impending conversations toward something more benign. Something that won't be as big a deal to be honest about.]

hey, so does anyone else feel like this event is building toward something really bad? because this whole thing is making me pretty nervous. i think it'd be freaking me out more if i was capable of it, but--yanno--depression and all.

[This is gonna really, really suck.]

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Sep. 18th, 2017 02:25 pm
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If this is what I think it is, it asks more questions than it answers.

[ Nora tentatively holds up a jar from which a soft, glowing light emanates. It's clear she's nervous about breaking it and she looks pretty nervous as she glances down at it. ]

I always assumed this place was feeding off our memories to keep it going. If it's just storing them like this ... I don't know what to think.

Anyone want to come take a look? I'd rather not open it, though, just in case.
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[A very tired twenty-something Indian male appears on camera. His hair is a mess, disheveled as if from sleep and having shoved his hands through it a few too many times, and his clothes appear to have been slept in. Because they have. Mahir sighs and pushes his glasses up his nose before he addresses the camera.]

Hello. Wonderland, is it? As in Alice and, I presume. I’m afraid to say that kind of fantasy literature has never been my particular cup of tea. My name is Mahir Gowda. I am the head of the factual news division of the After the End Times news site, although I doubt that means much here. Perhaps it’s a sign of exhaustion, or stress, or my colleague’s particular brand of insanity has suddenly mutated and become contagious, but if this is a delusion, it’s a very convincing one.

I don’t suppose anyone would be so kind as to point me to a very strong cup of tea? If I’ve truly been kidnapped to an alternate dimension, I assume that calling my wife is out of the question. If she hasn’t divorced me yet, she certainly will be after this.

...I may need something a bit stronger than tea, on consideration.


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