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[Wirt has never addressed the network directly, or on purpose. He's never felt the need to, and he's not much of a public broadcast kind of guy. The whole public speaking thing usually leaves him weak in the knees, but this is different. It's an emergency.]

H-Has-- Has anyone seen my brother, Greg?

[Wirt quickly turns the camera away from himself and shows the room behind him. The view is shaky, due to his unsteady hands, but it gets the point across - it's back to the default, like Greg was never there at all. Even his frog is nowhere to be found.]

I-I-I...sure he runs off on his own a lot, but-- but! But I would have heard from him by now, o-or there would be some sign of him somewhere, right? It's like he just...disappeared, out of nowhere! Spirited away somewhere!

[He's panicking. He's absolutely panicking and he's still kind of half-expecting Greg to just pop out somewhere and be like "Oh hey Wirt! I wound a WAY better room!" or something. Wirt knots his fingers in his hair, which knocks his hat slightly out of place. He can't help thinking of every horrible possibility. Didn't someone say there was a serial killer on the loose, or a cannibal or something? Or what if he's hurt somewhere, or worse? Does that make all your things disappear? Wirt hasn't been in Wonderland long enough to know.]

He...H-He's about this tall. [Wirt gestures accordingly, bending down a little.] He's six years old, a-and he's-- teakettle! He's been wearing a teakettle on his head! And there's...there's this frog he's been carrying around everywhere - I think his name's James right now? Greg might've changed it by now b-but you can't really miss them. Has anyone seen them? Anyone? Please, if someone knows where he is...!

[They're not going to know. Greg's gone. Greg's gone and this is useless. Wirt looks down, not sure what else to ask, or what else to do. But, there's only one thing he can do.]

I...I have to go. But please, if anyone sees him, let me know? Um, thank you. ...I appreciate it.

[He shoves the device in his pocket, but forgets to shut it off. The last few seconds on his broadcast are just the sound of Wirt running as fast as he can down the hall. There's only one place he hasn't looked yet, so maybe...maybe he's in the woods, where they first arrived.]
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[When the feed begins, the Once-ler is sitting inside the old greenhouse, bundled up in his pink Thneed scarf and long gloves. More specifically, he's sitting in front of what looks like a rudimentary heating system as the whole thing starts to kick in. The greenhouse hasn't been used in an actually greenhouse in...

...Actually, the Once-ler can't remember anyone using it as a greenhouse, ever. Which means it's been literal years since anyone was using it for what it was supposed to be used for. After spying on the place for months until he was pretty sure no one was using it anymore, the Once-ler decided to do something about that. For...practice, for a thing. He's spent the last couple of days cleaning the place out so he can start from scratch, and getting rid of all the other abandoned projects from years past, and now that there's room today's project was the important one - fixing the heat. It took forever (and some of the new pipe work looks positively Seussian, with seemingly unnecessary bends and turns) but it works and it vents out correctly and sitting in front of it and letting the warm air blow over him feels pretty great.

But this isn't an accidental post. No, this is intentional - he has something to ask. He debates how for a while, but he eventually just spits it out.

So...spring's coming soon. Anyone know anything about, uh. ...Gardening, by any chance?

[Not for any particular reason of course. Nope.

He ends the transmission there, but he'll be out in the greenhouse most of the day, fixing the lighting and trying to set up any other hardware things. Other times he'll have his nose in a gardening book or be sketching out blueprints on a comically over-sized notepad, but at least it'll start warming up now if he gets any visitors.
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[ Kol is looking a lot better than he has been for the past couple weeks - stressing over Davina and then getting maimed and fed on by his brother hadn't done him any favours. Injuries are mostly healed now, bruises faded into a light yellowish colour and the cuts and scrapes practically gone.

His phone is held out on the table, camera aimed at him, his free hand twirling a finger lazily as he stirs his coffee with his powers. He's in the dining room, not bothering to hide from his siblings, or anyone really. After his rather interesting confrontation with one Dean Winchester he can't help but want to kick the hornet's nest with showing off his powers. See, not a bloody werewolf, you flannel wearing baboon parading around as a person.

Whilst worrying about serial killers and massive wolves is well proper good fun...

[ The events kind of suck, but all the planned parties so far have been good fun. ]

I'm curious - is there any sort of jail here? To toss the rubbish folk in? Perhaps a massive pit we could just push people into?

[ Is there room for a hybrid twat of a brother? ]

And if you feel - let's say - threatened [ Lookin' at you Dean-o ], what do you do about it? Vigilante justice?
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You are not my Stark phone.

[ The voice that speaks sounds extremely offended by that fact. Loki scoops the network device off the ground, struggling to keep it balanced in one hand. The shaky video feed that follows gives hint to why he is having such trouble: his left arm hangs limply at his side. In addition, his face is deeply bruised, and one of the horns has been knocked off of his headpiece.

Someone's arrival in Wonderland was almost fortunate. Loki considers the irony of a sudden kidnapping being a plus to his day as he sinks heavily into a chair, but the train of thought is lost as the action jars his ribs. Working through a deep wince, he manages to prop the device up against a stack of books and pokes at the screen with one finger.

All right, you. Let us see how you work.
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I seem to have awakened in some twisted nightmare. Someone has seen fit to dredge up ancient memories and I would very much appreciate it if they could be kindly laid to rest.

Are others experiencing past memories that seem to be completely unavoidable, despite any and all attempts to dispel them?

[The demigod sounds considerably distressed by this. And before the feed is cut, a woman's voice could be just barely heard calling Loki's name in a loving tone like a mother would her child.]
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This is a mess... Armin seems like he's doing better now, but...

[Not looking directly at the camera just yet, Eren takes a moment to finish up re-bandaging what's left of Armin's leg before turning to greet his audience. So as not to upset anyone with the sight of the gruesome wound (they've seen enough blood already over that last few weeks) he's careful to keep most of it out of view. Still, one can still catch a glimpse of Armin in the corner of the screen, fast asleep in a rather large, compfy-looking four poster bed. A sharp eye might be inclined to recognize it and the rest of the room as Integra's.]

To the people who helped out the other day- I think your names were Carlos and James? ...Thank you. I really owe you one. I mean it. If you ever need help with anything, just tell me and I'll be there.

[There's a lot more Eren could say on the matter, but in the end, he decides to leave it at that. He knows if he says much more, he'll end up getting too emotional.

After taking a deep breath, he forces himself to move on to the next order of business:]

So... Healing "magic." Is it true that there are people here who can do that? Can someone help my friend?

((ooc: Replies might be coming from Armin, as well. Souji is lined up to answer Eren's request, but all comments are more than welcome!))

006; video

Jan. 8th, 2015 10:56 pm
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[The feed is shaking. It won't focus properly on Armin's face, wan with terror, looking out to the distance. His breathing is sharp and quick.]

[No. This can't be happening. He's tried so hard to find a way out, to avoid this-- have all his efforts been for naught? They're here, and the Mansion is nothing more than a giant feed box...]

[calm down. calm down.
Calm down. Giving into despair now won't save anyone. He has to at least warn them of the dangers ahead. Armin draws a hand back through his hair and swallows thickly.]

Do not...

[He stands up straighter.]

Do not engage the incoming Titans!

They aren't normal monsters. They can't be killed by normal means. Facing them head-on will end in death-- Please listen very carefully to what I'm about to say. It will save your life.

[Armin takes a deep breath, and then speaks quickly, but clearly, with careful enunciation. It's like he's listing off bullets ordered up in his head.]

Titans-- the monsters that you now see approaching-- do not feel fear. You cannot intimidate them with shows of power. They are mindless, ruthless, and their only goal in existing is eating people. They feel no pain, so superficial wounds will not hinder them. They will do whatever is in their power to eat you, no matter how badly wounded. Never let your guard down.

The only way to stop a Titan is to kill it. And the only way to kill a Titan is to cut out a chunk of flesh from the napes of their necks, where the spinal cord would meet the brain stem on a human. Any other wound will heal-- and at an astonishing rate-- even if you blow a Titan's brains out, it will regenerate. The fatal point on their neck is their only vulnerable spot.

The only other weaknesses worth taking advantage of are... Titans are single-minded and stupid, and can be easily led into traps with enough skill, where they can be more easily dispatched. If you somehow incapacitate a Titan's limbs, that will render them motionless until they regenerate. They can also be blinded with shot. And they subsist on sunlight, so their movements slow dramatically at night.

Fortifications have appeared around the Mansion, and there are rail-guns on the roof. If anyone has the courage to help, I could use every hand available-- No, we need every hand available. If we can't fend these Titans off, they can and will tear the Mansion apart to eat every last person hiding inside.

[He continues to stare out into the distance. His jaw is tight.]

...Anyone who wants to give their lives for humanity, and fight the Titans hand-to-hand-- they should contact my Captain, Levi. He'll make use of you somehow.


[Armin closes his eyes, as if in pain.]

I'm sorry. I couldn't get us out. I did everything I could to try and avoid this fate, but... I failed. I'm so sorry. This is all my fault.

[A faint rumbling can be heard from far away.]

ooc: [Game start! Titans are now advancing on the Mansion. Team Armin and Team Levi will make their separate log posts later.]
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I had to see this for myself.

[There had been a blond missing from Entranceway for a few days but now she was back and looking worse for wear. She was clutching at her side where an obvious wound was freshly seeping some bright crimson staining her white buttoned shirt and her gloves. Her face wasn't any better covered in blood but thankfully that wasn't hers. She had come from war and returned to this strange world. She had found the halls to the mansion familiar but it wasn't until she stood here on the roof looking at the world that she knew she was back in Wonderland.]

What they say is true, one does not remember a thing when they return to their world. No names. No faces. Keeping your word is useless here, whatever you come to experience here will be forgotten.

[Despite the seriousness of her face it's actually very alarming to the woman. She doesn't like the idea of forgetting what happened here, of the people she's met. She doesn't continue, instead she gives the communicator a worried look.]

Morbid, isn't it. What have I missed? Who is still here?
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Happy New Year’s Eve, Wonderland.

[ The Carlos broadcasting tonight is much different than the one from his last video. That past Carlos was frustrated, discouraged by his circumstances and lack of progress. But despite the very recent and horrifying Christmas, the present Carlos smiles easily into the camera. His time away from Wonderland was no more than a day or two, local time, but to him it had been much longer. There had been a war, a separation, and a lot of loneliness as well as discovery… but despite that (and maybe because of it), he’s come back more sure than before. More confident. Ready. ]

The symbolism of New Year’s Eve is really just that- it’s symbolic. It doesn’t really mean anything unless we give it meaning, right? That’s important. It’s up to us to lend meaning to things, because nothing has it intrinsically. The past, the future, or the right now that was the future and which is becoming the past faster than we can keep pace with- and this is ignoring the fact that time doesn’t really exist at all, and that I’m talking about applying a nonexistent concept of meaning to something that isn’t even real…

Anyway. Still. The New Year is supposed to be symbolic of change and Newton’s First Law of Motion, and I think we should take that to heart. Keep moving forward, Wonderland. Let’s not give up on learning what we can about this place, or about what this place even is. I know some of you have been here much longer than I have, and that must be hard for you. Believe me, I know how you feel.

But we can’t afford to stop whatever progress we’re making. I’ve already started recording what we do know about Wonderland, and I’m planning on leaving my observations in the library for public use. I encourage anyone else out there who is doing their own research to do the same. Wonderland has no books written about itself, so we should make them ourselves.

[ And that’s all he has to say to the general public. To his boyfriend goes a brief, private video featuring a Carlos that seems a little less sure and a lot more expectant. ]

Cecil? Are you still here?
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Hello, everyone.

[A hastily-written It's back, be a dear and see if you can't locate the Vorpal Sword was the only thing scrawled across Evelyn's mirror this morning in bright-red lipstick from the opposite side, which had her justifiably concerned. Even with that in mind, Evelyn appears to the casual observer perfectly composed, a limited frame of the parlor behind her and a Super-Soldier on her left.]

As we're sure many of you are aware, there's something- [A rumpus. A manxome rumpus.] -going on through the looking glass.

[Steve is similarly composed, his arms crossed tightly over his chest as he regards the broadcasting device. His Mirror had also left him a message, an even briefer it’s here, be ready, and upon conferring with Evelyn, they decided it was best to get everyone on the same page.]

I’m pretty sure we all knew that the Jabberwocky wouldn’t stay in our dreams. And I think it’s a safe bet that it won’t stay on the mirrorside for very long either.

What we are proposing is ample preparation, at worst, [she suggests carefully, wary of the sort of panic that can spawn from bad news.] As we have been gifted with a warning it would be unwise not to take advantage, and while many of us have combat experience, rushing head-on into altercations with the denizens of Wonderland’s bestiary is ill-advised.

[Which isn’t to say that a certain Captain won’t do just that, but at the moment he’s putting his best foot forward.] First of all, anyone who isn’t combat-trained for something at this level- [-which they should all be able to judge for themselves, given that they got a good look at what’s in store for them in that dream-] -should make sure they find shelter. We should barricade as many areas as we can, and Evelyn, I know you had another idea for that too… [Steve’s gaze leaves the recorder for a moment to eye her.]

In the event of emergency- [she picks up right where he's left off, tone firm,] -should our side be breached, heroics should not be endorsed. Exercise discretion. The Jabberwock cannot be killed by anything but the Vorpal Sword, and as a precautionary measure we'll be stocking the main caves beyond the cellar for evacuation purposes.

[Evelyn is not so naive to think that Steve won't be lunging through a mirror to take a stab at the creature anyway, but some people still need the reminder.

And speaking of mirrors, the one hanging on the wall behind them, formerly a glossy clean slate, is now spattered with red.

Neither of them seem to notice.

The clinic should also be stocked and prepared to service anyone who does get on the Jabberwocky’s bad side. I’m not sure who’s in charge there now, but it’d help to know that our lives are in the hands of some capable doctors.

[They may not have the Vorpal Sword (and who knows what the Queen of Hearts has done with it, but so much for thinking she might be on their side with this), but plenty of people are going to want to fight anyway. Steve can speak from experience there.]

Those of you who do plan to fight, you may as will suit up and arm yourselves now. If we’re going to fight it off, we should attack it in groups. We’ll have a way better chance of slowing it down if we work together. [There’s no place for anyone’s ego here, not now that they’re at the eleventh hour.]

...Which is easier said than done, mind, but blinding it first wouldn’t hurt our chances, [she points out, not at all keen on the idea of attacking the damnable thing but knowing the inevitability.]

Anyone who can handle ranged weapons and has fair aim on moving targets would be appreciated assets. Steve will be organizing some groups, I’m leaving that to him, but assistance with supplies and munitions collection wouldn’t go amiss.

[Should things get exceptionally bad - as in, ‘closets stop working’ bad - it’s best to stock up while they can.]

I know that the odds are against us, here, but let’s not forget that there’s only one of it and a whole lot of us. If we coordinate on this, we stand a chance. [Steve has to believe that. They’re not going to survive this if they go into it assuming that they’re already dead.] If anyone wants to volunteer to contribute to the cause, we’ll need all the help we can get. You can contact either one of us.

[There’s a small look exchanged, as if they’re quietly making sure they’ve covered everything. They nod to each other and then Steve reaches forward to cut the feed.]

[ OOC: Russet is Evelyn and blue is Steve! They will be responding together to each reply. Posting order A -> B -> C. ]
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[You may have noticed something new in Wonderland. No, not the festive atmosphere as the holidays approach. More like the near-constant ribbiting everywhere. What's with that ribbiting? Don't frogs hibernate in the winter? Oh wait. Would you look at that? There's frogs. Everywhere. All different kinds of frogs. Real frogs. Toy frogs. Bullfrogs. Poison dart frogs. Tree frogs. Those teeny tiny tree frogs that live in really remote places of the world. Those horrible plastic frog toys with the tab on their butt so when you press down on the tab they jump into the air. A few toads. Peeper frogs chirping and making so much noise oh my god. Really big frogs with really weird eyes that probably aren't from normal Earth. Frogs wearing little clothes. Green frogs blue frogs yellow frogs pink frogs tree frogs brook frogs pond frogs river frogs frogs with wings frogs with hats frogs with tiny shoes.]

[There are so many frogs you guys and they are freaking everywhere.]

[The reason for all this madness comes on the network well after the place has been inundated.]

Hey, did you guys know that the closets are magic? They'll give you whatever you want! Well, they'll give you most of what you want. I asked the closet to give me wings but it only gave me chicken wings. Not cool, closet! Anyway, I haven't been able to find my frog, so I thought I'd ask the closet if it knew where Arnold is. But it couldn't get it right! And a lot of frogs started showing up! Like. A lot of frogs. Boy, I thought I'd never see Arnold among all those frogs.



[He holds up a frog that looks and sounds exactly like his own frog back home. Of course it's not the same frog, but Greg either can't tell or is content to accept a temporary replacement.]

It's Arnold! I found him! The closet really knows how to make a kid happy, am I right? Say hello to all the people, Arnold!

[The frog says "rorop."]
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[Cecil is pretty used to nightmares, even community-wide nightmares, but this one should probably be addressed.]

Twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe. Wonderland.

Are we safe from Jabberwocks? No way. )
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Okay, public service announcement, here: if you don't filter or lock your messages, we can all see them. And read and hear them. Which usually doesn't matter, but just... I mean, if it's quote-unquote sensitive information, you probably don't want it on the public network. And we don't, either. Usually. And even then... I mean, there're a handful of tech-savvy people in the mansion, so even if it's encrypted, it still could be, you know, decrypted. I'm just saying, it's almost always better to talk in person if you're making big plans or swapping secrets.

That said, does anyone know the network's origin? I mean, I never pegged the Queen of Hearts or the Duchess or whoever to be good with computers. It had to start somewhere, by someone who knew what they were doing. It's a pretty complicated system.

Just... don't tell me it was "magic." [ Sigh. ]
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[Cecil's voice is just a little bit shaky.]

Well, listeners, it seems I'm back here again. I'm not sure how long I was gone in this universe's timeline...but I can tell you, I was back in Night Vale for months. So much has happened, Wonderland! I have so much to tell you! But...unfortunately I don't have time for a full broadcast right now.

I just--need to know. The last time I was here, Carlos was here as well. Is...Carlos still around? Carlos, if you're, um...if you're here, please say something.

[He has so many questions.]

[ooc: cecil has been updated to episode 55, "the university of what it is"]
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Er… hello, Wonderland. [ Carlos gives a bit of an awkward wave at the camera, not sure how to really get this started. Maybe he should have kept it voice-only, but the camera is already on… too late now. ] I have something I need to say… to share, actually, with all of you. In case this affected anyone else besides myself. And if it did, I encourage you to contact me immediately. Verbally, psychically- you can even send an email if you want. Anything is fine.

So there was a strange event a few weeks ago, and… well, I don’t think I have to tell you that. You all were probably there for it. Unless you’re new. In which case, uh. Welcome to Wonderland? [ He smiles, but there's a nervous edge to the expression. ]

In any case… yes. The phenomenon, where individuals from the other side of the mirror came through to our world, and some of us ended up on their side of the glass. That was exactly the type of phenomenon I’ve been waiting for, Wonderland! A chance to see the denizens of this world in action, to meet and examine a Mirror, or to even see the other side…

[ He trails off, expression clouding as he frowns into the camera. ]

The thing is, I think I did see the Mirror side of Wonderland. And I think something mimicking my form and my voice and my pulse and probably everything else about me took my place. I just… I don’t remember it. I don’t remember anything from that event at all. I came-to in my room the day after it was over.

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[Loki's expression is very morose when the feed cuts in. Anyone who knows him could tell you it isn't an expression he wears often at all. Anyone who knows him well, can tell you that it is actually an obvious sign that Loki is gravely conflicted. And he hates being conflicted.

So, the dark haired former demigod squares his shoulders and steels his expression to one that betrays less of his internal struggle.]

In light of recent… events, anyone with whom I've shared… [He was simply amazed by how difficult the words were coming to him. It was probably too soon after the sudden transition back to his former self. The memories of his previous life were still far too fresh. But it was probably those memories that pushed him to ensure those 'friends' he had weren't hurt by the man he actually was.] a bond is welcome to proceed as if such events never transpired. [Yes, in other words, there is no need to try to reach out or rekindle that friendship, because he just wants to forget it ever happened. This was how he would protect them because he knew he couldn't change.] Do not mistake the exuberant child you met for the man he can easily become.

To Billy Kaplan )
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[ The camera is turned on, and Carlos leans back in his computer chair with a heavy sigh. He looks tired, but determined, expression grave as he looks into the camera… one hand resting on the back of the pug with its legs on his lap and its paws on his chest, chewing away on part of his lab coat. Her name is Curie. She likes shoes and- tragically- lab coats.

But only the business-causal kind. His formal coat and outdoor coat have remained untouched. ]

Well, it seems as if that last disturbance in our routine has ended. For now anyway. And I’m sorry to say that despite rigorous testing of the puppies and the molecular makeup of Wonderland both, I learned... [ He pauses, the words themselves hard to even get out. ]

…absolutely nothing. Not about the loss of color, or the loss of powers, or even the dogs themselves. Was it our eyes that were affected, or the actual makeup of the world around us? Were the dogs a coincidence, or did they somehow trigger the change?

[ He glances down at Curie and quickly pulls a pen out of his breast pocket before it can get anywhere near her mouth. He’s already lost two lab coats and a perfectly good loafer since this all started. ] I have to admit, I’m not used to this. Even in Night Vale- that’s where I’m from, by the way, such an interesting town- even there, I made progress. We discovered new things all the time. More then my team could even keep up with at first! But I’ve been in Wonderland more than a month now, and despite all my research, I’m not making the same sort of headway. Not at all. There’s just nothing worse than a problem you can’t solve, don’t you think?

[ He sighs again and finally picks Curie up to put her down on the floor to join the other three dogs that have yet to disappear. He's not sure why some of the pups in Wonderland have stayed and some have not- another mystery unsolved. Maybe he shouldn't have named them. ]


Jul. 1st, 2014 06:13 pm
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If I'm going to be here again, I'd really appreciate everything back where it was before. I distinctly remember a naked Will Graham in my bed then that appears to be missing. If anyone can point him back to my bed in his previous state of undress, I'd really like that.

Should Will Graham be unavailable, I'll take a Doctor, Ianto or anyone with a good resume`. Please see Captain Jack Harkness, room 69 on the first floor to submit.

Well, hello again, Wonderland. While it seems some of our pig invasion has abated, can anyone explain why the mansion smells like wet dog and there's dog hair everywhere? Always thought I'd like a dog, but never managed to find the time for one. Now a pteranodon was another matter altogether, although I blame her love for barbecue sauce and dark chocolate solely on the Welsh.

For those of you I haven't met, I'm Captain Jack Harkness. Good to meet you all. I expect we'll see each other around sooner or later.
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[ becky doesn't remember ever auditioning for big brother, but when she peeks her head out of the room that has been made up for her to resemble her own room almost identically (they even got her posters!) all she sees is a long hall full of doors that presumably lead to other rooms. it reminds her more of a dormitory hallway than a house, but she's never actually watched big brother, so how would she know? maybe this, like, big brother college edition or something, despite the fact that she hasn't been to college since she dropped out her sophomore year. that wouldn't even make sense, anyway, unless they were in some kind of fraternity/sorority house. for all she knows, this could be part of a house, but it seems really odd for a house to have a whole floor of doors like a hotel. she almost feels like she's in a hilton. hilton's hotel california, more like... ]

[ she doesn't feel like she's been kidnapped, even though she's entirely sure that might be a possibility. she's read the supernatural books, she knows what's up. she also knows that if she's the first victim of whatever monster or cult this might be, she's screwed. but if she's not... ]

[ well. obviously the winchesters will show up. they always do. (except for the part where they aren't actually real. but a girl can dream.) but it's a good thing for becky she knows about these things, because if this is a potentially bad situation, panicking would not be a good option. she's obviously allowed to leave since the door isn't locked — or maybe that's just what they want her to think? ]

[ her eyes land on the computer on her desk. it might as well be hers from home, but she knows it isn't. it doesn't have all her stickers and sticky notes attached to it. it also doesn't have the fanfic she was in the middle of writing on it, or any of her other works. really, if she's going to get all the comforts from home, the least they could have done is copy all her computer files. she doesn't really care about the rest of the stuff in her room, but her fanfiction? that is irreplaceable. at least most of it is on the internet, so if she has internet access... ]

[ she opens the browser, which normally would take her to the home page of, but here it apparently takes her to some kind of... forum? she's not entirely sure what it is. it's not like any forum she's ever seen before. but if this is the only thing they want her to access, maybe she'll be able to communicate with whoever else is trapped here, assuming that the people on this strange forum are also trapped here. it could just be a red herring, to make her feel like she's not alone when actually she is, or it could be like all hell breaks loose, and they've all been kidnapped by demons or something — except demons wouldn't be this nice, so probably not. she doesn't really want this to turn into some kind of battle royale, anyway. ]

[ she clicks on the video option and the light on her monitor blinks to life, and some kind of video box pops up on the screen in front of her. she looks a bit lost for a second as she tries to figure out if it's recording or not, but she assumes it is since the only other button she sees is a stop button. she looks back up, as if she's trying to make eye contact with whoever might be watching. ]
Okay, this is kind of weird. Is this a kidnapping or, like, some kind of Hotel California thing? Or maybe it's both? It's hard to tell. But I don't remember how I got here, so that kind of makes me think kidnapping. Definitely not demons, but it's something... [ she seems distracted by something else on the screen, frowning at the 404 error she's getting for until she remembers that the video is still recording. ] Oh, anyway. My name is Becky Rosen. Not I would expect any of you to know that... But, uh, any information on this place and what's going on would be great. And is it just me, or is the internet down?
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[The screen doesn't quite flicker on so much as there is a vibrant flash of green.  Then blue.  Then a whir of blues and greens.]

[But do not be alarmed!  Tis only Brittany a lovely
peacock strutting for the camera somewhere in the gardens.  Can peacocks strut?  Of course they can.  They're the cocks of the walks, after all.  DWI.]

[Although this one appears to be strutting with a little less pizzaz.  And a little more...apologetically?  The peacock's head does dip down low for a moment.  Disappearing beneath the camera screen for a moment before rising one more, with a small sign in its mouth.  There are four letters scribbled on the paper, barely legible.  Like a child's handwriting.  Or a peacock who had to hold the pen in its mouth:]

H - E - P - L!
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Um...excuse me?

[Tohru has been debating this post for a very, very, very long time. She felt very strange when she woke up on Friday, but it wasn't until she saw all of the flocks and herds of animals that something really felt off. Given how crowded Wonderland is, it wasn't long before people were bumping into each other and Tohru was having heart palpitations. It's her event.

It's the...the curse! The Something Curse! She can't think of the name and it's not coming no matter how hard she tries, but it's the Sohma family's curse! And she swore she would never, ever tell anyone their secret! But...

...But there are a lot of people unaffected by the event and worried about their friends and loved ones, who are suddenly animals sometimes. It doesn't feel right to withhold that information, and she's still not really sure what she's going to say, but...she feels like something needs to be said. Like she needs to claim responsibility for the event somehow, as though she made it happen on purpose or did something that forced it to happen.

H-Hello. name is Tohru Honda and I, um, well...

I think...I think that maybe this event. It might...I-I think it's from my world. I'm really sorry, everyone!

[She turns off the camera very quickly after that. People can reply to the video OR she's also available for action in the diner.]
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I wonder what it means... To be a god.

[Armin is fidgeting like crazy. He seems to constantly need something to do with his hands, whether is be wringing them, or curling them into fists, or busying them with bits of clothing or papers or books. He looks at the camera, then down, then at the camera, then away, then back again. His posture in particular is very fatigued. All the signs point to a certain someone being a nervous wreck.]

Most think a god created the world, and that we all live under them. But we don't know. We can't feel this god. We don't know that they're there.

[He shakes his head.]

I think that's a cruel god. To stand silently by as atrocities happen? No. That's wrong. I'd want... I'd want to know...

But what is the alternative? A protective father of a secret garden, filled with his most beloved angels? Or a child with a box full of toys?

[He looks down again, and twitches a little. Livestock in a pen. He had thought that once. Why had he thought that? He must have remembered at one time.]

Is unconditional love worth your freedom? Or would you reach for the fruit?

I just... I want to...

[The feed cuts short.]

action 1: [Armin still likes to hole himself up in the library-- in fact now he probably likes it even more. In the furthest, dustiest, darkest corner he's made a fort for himself out of pillows and books. If you find his secret base, you may catch a glance of a hundred beady red eyes glowing all around him... before they vanish in a whispering skitter.]

action 2: [Somewhere in the mansion, there's a pile of clothes on the floor. Just. Randomly. A tiny lump beats like a heart under the shirt. Pulling it away will reveal a small blonde rat with its tiny sides heaving far too quickly. It only responds vaguely when touched or handled. What will you do?]
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[ time for a little info gathering... ]

how do you get to the other side of the mirrors? is it possible? have any of you been there before?

[ ooc: all texts from rachel will be perma-anon, unless stated otherwise. also the complete lack of grammar and mild weirdness is her attempt to be as anon as possible, hah. ]
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[Are you sick of his face yet, Wonderland? Well, you might as well get used to it, because you're far more likely to catch him here than in person. But at least this time there's more of a point to this than piglets or sassing the crowd. It's something he's been mulling over for a few days, and Sam's post about classes (and other things) has finally spurred him into action.]

Okay, so I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and I've dug around and haven't found what I'm looking for, so I'm looking to you guys to kind of...Help me compile a few things.

[He leans back in his chair, lacing his fingers together over his middle.]

Now I'm sure by now, we've all heard the story of how the Jabberwocky is supposed to show up at some point in the relatively near future - because let's be honest with each other, folks, five years isn't that long, and I can't give you an ETA on when I can get us out of here, just that I can - and that doesn't leave us a whole lot of time. Now, I know I wasn't here when the message was delivered, but you guys have been pretty great at giving me an idea of what we can expect. And I know there's some dissent among the crowd here about whether that's still going to happen or not, but just. Let me run this by you.

Thanks to all of that, I've put together a few ideas, and I'm curious about who might be on board. Because ultimately, it's going to take every last one of us to make it work. So consider this me putting out my feelers for how you guys feel about it.

One, we should probably start weaning ourselves off the closets of this place. Stockpile what we can't make ourselves at first, use those greenhouses for more than just a landmark, maybe. I know there's stuff out there now, but it might be good to start looking into things that go beyond being pretty decorations. Start looking into food crops, medicinal plants, that kind of thing. I know cold turkey's not an option, but on the whole, whether this Jabberwocky really shows up or not, it might be better as a whole if we stop relying on "magic" - [He uses finger quotes.] To do everything. And we should probably think about giving this place a different power source. I don't know what's running the electricity and everything now, but I've got some better ideas for that.

Two, there's a list of classes - which is highly informative, actually, I didn't think you guys had anything like that - but no kind of guide for who can do what here. Basic things, because while we don't age, we can get sick, we can die, we need haircuts...You get the idea. So what I'm asking is, if you have a basic skill like that, no matter what it is, let me know. I'm gonna be putting it together, so it can be in that updated pamphlet you've heard Pepper talk about working on. I know people drift in and out of here, and that's fine, because editing isn't that big of a deal. That way people don't have to take a blind stab in the dark for what they're looking for, and have a list right there ready.

And...I guess that's it. Everything I had on my list for now, anyway. If you have anything you wanna add, let me know, because I fully admit I've still got the new car smell here, and this was just stuff that happened to occur to me talking to you guys.

By the way. My birthday's tomorrow. Feel free to direct all gifts you plan to shower me with to Miss Pepper Potts. She knows what to do with them.

[Because clearly Tony's birthday is the most important part of anything ever. Stark parties are legendary.]

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-nd he's probably that deranged killer. He'll have you bound in leather and stuck on his wall if he catches us. That's why I have to video it. It's like Paranormal Activity.

[ The feed opens on an artificially grainy, static-cam view of the third floor. And America, framed in an eye-bleeding progression of Dutch angles. The culprit is his tiny hipster boyfriend, who thinks he’s Jean Cocteau and whispers like they’re both attending a golf tournament. In the dead of night, in their pajamas.

Luke doesn’t intend to broadcast their schoolboy harassment detective work to everyone, but like in so many other things, Wonderland doesn’t give a fuck.

Dare you to knock.

I will! I’m just-- I’m preparin’.

[ And by preparing, America means bullshitting. Standing outside a perfectly ordinary door on the third floor in his onesie, frowning and juggling a variety of items in his arms. Luke may not approve of guns, but no one said anything about aerosol cans and lighters to make a prison-quality flamethrower. Yes this is exactly the sort of humane defense weaponry an unstable, recently traumatized (further) immortal should be armed with. ]

and he would've gotten away with it, if it weren't for these-. )
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[ One moment he’s conducting a very rudimentary examination of a strange plant found blooming on the sidewalk just outside of the Ralphs. And then within the span of a breath, Carlos is… well. He’s kneeling next to nothing but grass that hadn’t just been there, and the sun is shining, but this isn’t desert heat, and something is wrong.

It doesn’t take the scientist long to stand up, take in his surroundings, and find the device in his pocket. He even appears relatively unfazed as he looks into the camera. After all, he’s more used to strange anomalies than most might be. ]

Well, that was… an unexpected result.

[ He takes a quick look around again. He seems to be surrounded by nothing but walls of green leaves. A hedge maze? ]

It appears that I’ve been transported somewhere. Or sometime. Or some-dimension. Of course, unexpected transdimensional travel is always an occupational hazard for scientists. We all know that. But if I’d been a little more prepared, I could have at least brought something along to measure…

[ He sighs, shakes his head, then slowly begins walking. ] Doesn’t help worrying about what we could have done, does it? Unless I’ve actually travelled back in time, in which case that is the only thing I should be worrying about. But in the meantime, if anyone can hear this, maybe you could tell me where I’ve ended up?
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[It's bright and early Thanksgiving morning that Dean appears on screen. Well, maybe not bright- he's sending this out at the sharp point of six in the morning, and the sun's not quite up yet. He doesn't sleep much, especially not when he's got stuff to do, and he's been thinking about this ever since the leaves started changing.

The plan was to do most of the work on his own, but standing there in the kitchen, flour coating most of the surfaces, flour sticking to his cheek, flour everywhere... in retrospect, maybe he could use a little help.

So he sends out a broadcast, figuring people'll stumble on it whenever they wake up during the day, and it'll kill two birds with one stone. He can wrangle help from the people that are willing, and it'll give a few hours notice to anyone that decides to just partake in the eating part.

Either way, his tight smile looks distinctly harried when he starts talking.]


[Sort of a generic, broad greeting.]

I'm, uh- not really sure how much most of you guys know about America- or... you know, Earth, but whatever. The point is, we've got this holiday in America called Thanksgiving, and it's pretty much the best holiday that exists anywhere ever.

[Oh, Dean... You don't have to lie to the nice people.]

There's a long drawn-out crappy historical story about Native Americans and Pilgrims, but since like half of you don't even know what those things are, I'm just gonna cut to the chase. Point is, every year on the last Thursday of November, families all get together and eat a crapload of food until they feel like they're gonna pass out, and talk about stuff they're grateful for. But mostly, it's all about the food and the putting up with one another. I figure, well, we're all kinda stuck here, right? That's about as close to family as some of us're ever gonna get, and- yeah, some of you are family to me. But even if you're not, I thought we ought to have a real Thanksgiving. Kinda put all the crap that's been going on behind us for a day while we stuff our faces with something that isn't... you know, each other.

[He shrugs a little. Zombies, man. Like it or not, somebody tried to eat somebody that last event.]

So, I figure we'll do that up in the bar around six. In the meantime... If anyone doesn't suck in the kitchen, I could... seriously use a hand. Or like twelve hands. I got like eight turkeys that ain't gonna stuff themselves, if I have to peel one more potato I'll shoot myself, and I'm pretty sure the oven just called me a name.

[He's not joking. It rhymed with rooshrag. He scowls at it, and it... Doesn't do anything. Because it's an inanimate object. In his defense, it does look particularly menacing about not being sentient. It's a sure sign that if he's left alone in that kitchen he's going to lose his mind and bake himself into 2 and 20 blackbird pies.

With that said, he cuts the feed.]


[Later that night, the bar is decked out in holiday themed decor. There are paper hand turkey strings and decorative leaves, tables are pushed together into long, room-spanning lines and covered with nice white table clothes. There's enough food to feed a small army and then some, and it ranges from the traditional things (turkey, mashed potatoes, corn) to... less commonly found items (white rice, cucumber sandwiches, bowls of gummy bears). In typical bar fashion, the beer is bottomless and abundant.

The whole place looks damn nice, which is good because Dean seems to be a hair away from having some kind of damn breakdown and stabbing someone with a two-pronged fork. People can serve themselves and fight for elbow room, but as far as the host is concerned, his mission is accomplished and the only thing he needs in his life is a giant flagon of beer and a viking-sized turkey leg.]


[This broadcast is post-dated 1 week, and officially going to take place on the holiday itself. To make sure everyone has time to tag at their leisure around their holiday plans, I just wanted to get it up in advance, so feel free to take your time / prioritize the event / postpone until after the holiday / whatever your jam is!

This is a mingle log! Please feel free to make use of the sub-threads, tag around, multi-person threads promote holiday togetherness, all that good stuff! The invitation is nice and broad, so everyone is welcome! Happy holidays! C:]
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[Carlos has been having a very...emotional week so far. First he kills Cecil by opening a door due to his blasted curiosity, which is probably karma biting him in the ass for when Carlos almost got killed. Second, he finds out via dubious sources (aka Crowley the snake demon) that there's a chance Cecil will come back to life hale and hearty. He's still not sure if he believes that this is possible for even Wonderland to do.

He is, however, willing to give it a chance. He'll shelve his grief and sorrow for a few days, and if it turns out the information is false...well. Carlos decides to cross that bridge if he gets there.

Maybe it's not the most healthy reaction, but Carlos isn't in the mood to care at the moment. He throws himself into his work, starting with doing some research in the mansion's library. After a couple of hours, he thinks he's stable enough to pester Wonderland with more questions.]

A question for the people who have been to Wonderland the longest. Has there ever been any experiments conducted here? I'd like to see the notes, if any have been taken, and perhaps recreate the experiment to see the results myself.

[He pauses for a moment to think.]

Also, I'd like to compile a scientific journal, if you would, on any experiments conducted in the past and the ones that may pop up in the future. At least this way we could have the information all in one place, and I wouldn't mind making paper or digital copies for anyone interested in reading up on it. If there are any other scientists in Wonderland, I'm hoping we can collaborate on this...project, I guess.

[Another pause and Carlos decides that this is about all he needs at the moment.]

Thank you for your time.

[And he cuts the connection.]
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Crowley doesn't have many regrets )

[Hours pass. It might as well be centuries. Eventually the tunnels and stairs and cold fade. Aziraphale's body fades too, no matter how tightly Crowley holds on. He finds himself sitting in a normal Wonderland hallway, all gilt and plush carpets and ornate wood molding. His true self comes back to him like a rush of warm air. He heals his injuries with a thought, but can't bring himself to fix his clothing or conjure up a new pair of sunglasses.]

[He sits like that for awhile, back to a wall, wings out and wrapped around him. He can't remember letting them out, but he can't bring himself to worry about that now, either. All that matters right now is that he can feel the press of the network device in his pocket.]

[Eventually he manages an audio post. His voice is hollow.]

I have a question.

[He's quiet for a long moment, then,] long does it take for people to come back after they've died?

[That's all. He sits back and waits.]


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