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Happy New Year’s Eve, Wonderland.

[ The Carlos broadcasting tonight is much different than the one from his last video. That past Carlos was frustrated, discouraged by his circumstances and lack of progress. But despite the very recent and horrifying Christmas, the present Carlos smiles easily into the camera. His time away from Wonderland was no more than a day or two, local time, but to him it had been much longer. There had been a war, a separation, and a lot of loneliness as well as discovery… but despite that (and maybe because of it), he’s come back more sure than before. More confident. Ready. ]

The symbolism of New Year’s Eve is really just that- it’s symbolic. It doesn’t really mean anything unless we give it meaning, right? That’s important. It’s up to us to lend meaning to things, because nothing has it intrinsically. The past, the future, or the right now that was the future and which is becoming the past faster than we can keep pace with- and this is ignoring the fact that time doesn’t really exist at all, and that I’m talking about applying a nonexistent concept of meaning to something that isn’t even real…

Anyway. Still. The New Year is supposed to be symbolic of change and Newton’s First Law of Motion, and I think we should take that to heart. Keep moving forward, Wonderland. Let’s not give up on learning what we can about this place, or about what this place even is. I know some of you have been here much longer than I have, and that must be hard for you. Believe me, I know how you feel.

But we can’t afford to stop whatever progress we’re making. I’ve already started recording what we do know about Wonderland, and I’m planning on leaving my observations in the library for public use. I encourage anyone else out there who is doing their own research to do the same. Wonderland has no books written about itself, so we should make them ourselves.

[ And that’s all he has to say to the general public. To his boyfriend goes a brief, private video featuring a Carlos that seems a little less sure and a lot more expectant. ]

Cecil? Are you still here?

04 - Voice

Dec. 27th, 2014 04:55 pm
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[So Tybalt's run about as ragged as any pureblood can be. He didn't sleep during that entire fiasco with the Jabberwock, didn't eat all that much, had to deal with his girlfriend's crazy Mirror, and hasn't actually been able to do any magic for about the last week.

Needless to say, he sounds a little pissed]

So. Is that normal around Christmastime here?
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[Cecil is pretty used to nightmares, even community-wide nightmares, but this one should probably be addressed.]

Twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe. Wonderland.

Are we safe from Jabberwocks? No way. )
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[At first glance, Alana looks pale and not altogether well. She has a sling around one shoulder and arm, a bruise creeping up her neck and she's actually propped up in a bed with numerous pillows. Being pushed out a window does that to you, apparently.

A closer look will reveal a determined look in her eyes and a collection of books on the table beside the bed. She's researching something.]

I need some advice.

I'm from a world without magic. [As far as she knows.] No angels or demons, wizards, vampires, werewolves, or other supernatural or magical beings. I'm slowly learning what I can about these things, but there's a matter I'd like more input on.

What do you know about curses- specifically, breaking them?

[ooc: Yes, she's asking re: Hannibal. She will not get anywhere with trying to help him, so feel free to have your characters be as helpful (or not) as they want.]

[ Video ]

Nov. 24th, 2014 07:17 pm
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[ First, there's only mumbling as Beatrice fumbles with the little palm pilot. She doesn't have hands, and while she could probably go get a bird-friendly version from her closet, she doesn't really know about that just yet. So she's just kind of stuck trying to operate an electrical device she knows nothing about. Which is great. Just great.

When she finally manages to get the thing working properly, and hops away from it to get a better look at the camera, it becomes evident fairly quickly that it's not a person, but a talking bluebird addressing the network. Which is probably not the strangest thing in wonderland, right? ]

Alright, so we're all stuck in a weird, creepy mansion with dumb talking boxes. I get it. It's fine, you know, it's not like I was doing anything important before this. [ Except she definitely was doing something important. Why does this stuff happen to her? She had vital, life changing business to take care of. Couldn't Wonderland have waited ten minutes before dragging her in? No? ]

But what I really don't get is, what's the point? Why go snag a bunch of losers, just to keep them cooped up like this? Seems a little kooky if you ask me, and I've seen a lot of weirdo things in my life. Seriously, people where I'm from? Yeah, they tend to have a few screws loose.

Now, I would ask for some directions and be on my way, but something tells me I'm not getting out of this one so easy. So what I want to know is this; What am I supposed to do while I wait around here for nothing? Because let me tell you, sitting around watching a bunch of bozos pick their noses sounds like torture.

Oh, and if any of you see a couple of kids wearing stupid hats, will you let me know? They're pretty hopeless on their own, and I was---helping them out, before I got here. [ She doesn't expect them to be here, she's searched the mansion from top to bottom already, but it doesn't hurt to ask anyway.  ]
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( No more than ten minutes ago there was a scream. A horrible, loud, piercing scream that resonated across the mansion and out across the grounds. A scream you could hear everywhere, and not from the network.

Lydia had been the cause of the scream, and following it had been terrible. She'd left her room, walked one floor down before stopping a few doors short of Tohru Honda's room. It takes Lydia a few seconds, blinking her initial confusion away as she returns to herself. She knows what this is - what this means. Between the scream and inexplicably finding herself in another location she knows that someone has died. She doesn't expect what she sees, though.

The network clicks on ten minutes following the scream, audio only. She's too upset - too horrified to show her face on the network, and she can't show what has happened. Her fear and upset can be heard clearly in her voice, if what she was about to say didn't already give a clue that something terrible had happened )

She's dead - Tohru. She's- ( Slaughtered. Mangled. Dead doesn't cover it ) Someone has to help her. She'll come back but- ( No one else should see what has happened but Tohru can't just be left like that. Has she died before? How long will it take for her to come back, especially after this ) -she shouldn't be alone.

( ooc; the post is backdated to the evening of the 30th!! )
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[Cecil's voice is just a little bit shaky.]

Well, listeners, it seems I'm back here again. I'm not sure how long I was gone in this universe's timeline...but I can tell you, I was back in Night Vale for months. So much has happened, Wonderland! I have so much to tell you! But...unfortunately I don't have time for a full broadcast right now.

I just--need to know. The last time I was here, Carlos was here as well. Is...Carlos still around? Carlos, if you're, um...if you're here, please say something.

[He has so many questions.]

[ooc: cecil has been updated to episode 55, "the university of what it is"]
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[It's been almost exactly a month since she's arrived in this place that they call Wonderland. The only thing she's managed to do, really, is to convince herself that she is not in the land of mutant genocides. That, along with Erik's presence here, was more than enough to convince her that another video post was necessary. The other mutants who'd belonged to the Brotherhood were dead, and she knew there were mutants here like Ned. Maybe they were hiding and maybe they weren't, but she felt it was only fair to reach out to them.

When she flicks on the video feed, she's at some sort of ornately carved desk with her hands folded awkwardly in front of her. She is her usual tried-and-true blue, wearing a red tank top. She'd actually had time to dress herself for the occasion instead of having to be nude for reasons of sudden disguise.]

...I think it's been long enough with me here that this announcement is overdue, but I didn't exactly want to paint a neon target on myself while things were happening with what people call "Mirrors", here.

My name is Raven Darkholme, but I'd like it if you called me Mystique. Like some of the other people here, I have powers that had me labelled a 'freak' when I was at home, even as a child who knew no better.

I've been hunted, injured, and nearly killed by people who think that I'm dangerous for some of the things I could do, not the things I've done. I've been hunted because I refuse to hide myself in plain view because other people think that I should, because the way I look makes them uncomfortable.

Because the fact I can do this,

[She lets the scales ripple across her body, briefly displaying to the audience watching he usual blonde persona before flowing back to her natural state,]

makes me different. I know we should all be working together here in Wonderland, but I wanted to give any other mutants out there who might be looking for a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen a chance to be heard.

I'll be that person, Wonderland, if you need me.

-- uh, I guess that's all.

[Dang, and she was doing so well with being eloquent up until the end of that sentence. She flicks the phone off, ending her broadcast.]
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Er… hello, Wonderland. [ Carlos gives a bit of an awkward wave at the camera, not sure how to really get this started. Maybe he should have kept it voice-only, but the camera is already on… too late now. ] I have something I need to say… to share, actually, with all of you. In case this affected anyone else besides myself. And if it did, I encourage you to contact me immediately. Verbally, psychically- you can even send an email if you want. Anything is fine.

So there was a strange event a few weeks ago, and… well, I don’t think I have to tell you that. You all were probably there for it. Unless you’re new. In which case, uh. Welcome to Wonderland? [ He smiles, but there's a nervous edge to the expression. ]

In any case… yes. The phenomenon, where individuals from the other side of the mirror came through to our world, and some of us ended up on their side of the glass. That was exactly the type of phenomenon I’ve been waiting for, Wonderland! A chance to see the denizens of this world in action, to meet and examine a Mirror, or to even see the other side…

[ He trails off, expression clouding as he frowns into the camera. ]

The thing is, I think I did see the Mirror side of Wonderland. And I think something mimicking my form and my voice and my pulse and probably everything else about me took my place. I just… I don’t remember it. I don’t remember anything from that event at all. I came-to in my room the day after it was over.

Click here for more agitated scientist. )


Sep. 29th, 2014 07:12 pm
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[ video on! after a beat of looking directly up at the sky, a handsome blond man comes into view. he seems to be in the gardens, and his expression is one of mild puzzlement. just visual in the frame is what looks like -- red shoulder pads, the beginning of Thor's cape, and shiny silver heavy-duty armor.

Heimdall will not answer him, which could mean any number of things, but given that this is most certainly not where he expected to find himself...

Thor glances up, then back down at the device, and clears his throat ]

Is there a... Jane Foster here, by any chance?

[ he sounds a trifle uncertain. on such an enormous, usually-confident man, it's like an ill-fitting shirt. ]

((ooc: editing to add that action is also fine! You will find Thor, as mentioned, in the gardens. ♥))
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[A pair of large, tawny eyes fill the picture to start with. After a moment Cy shuffles back, revealing the scruffy face of a tabby. Her fur looks dirty and unkempt, and there's glimpse of something shiny beneath the fur on her forehead. Something metal.

She rolls over, kitten like in her appearance as well as her mannerisms. When she speaks she's cheerful, not seeming overly concerned about the unfamiliarity of her surroundings.]

Wow, Alice! You've taken a wrong turn this time. Down the rabbit hole you go.

My name's Cy. Cy for Sightseer. Cats don't belong down rabbit holes, you know. It's bad for business. Rabbits don't like us, see.

[She rolls back on her front, looking as though she's pondering this for a long moment before she speaks again, tongue swiping over her lips before she breaks her silence.]

I'm hungry.

[ooc: It would be super helpful if you could please fill out Cy's permissions if you tag her so I know whether I can use her powers or not.]
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This is- this is Eve- Evelyn, this is Evelyn O'Connell, I-I need-

[Many were applauding themselves for calling the Duchess on what could be nothing more than an elaborate bluff, a red herring meant to discombobulate them, send them all running in different directions. Fewer still were concerned with the lack of resolution, and with a three-year history of living in Wonderland Evelyn knew better than to grow complacent while those in power nursed their plans to a likely-explosive fruition. Her disappointment regarding her inability to solve the riddle - which Evelyn blamed a great deal on her own incompetence - was nigh palpable even after the event had passed and everyone returned to their respective sides.

Or so one had to hope, as some people had yet to communicate their safe homecoming. Evelyn's line of contact with Philip during the event had put aside any ill feelings from the impromptu (and decidedly awkward) meeting of her current affair, Will Graham, in favour of forcing their efforts into uncovering the secret location of the Vorpal Sword. Since then, he had not called.

It was easy to dismiss the reclusive behaviour based on precedent, but to see Philip's dog, Faraday, whining and snuffling about the library in search of a familiar scent (hers?) was cause for concern. One exhausting trek up to the fifth floor later and the animal pawed desperately at the door of a tearoom, and she could feel- no, she ached with the growing anxiety that sat like a heavy stone in the pit of her stomach.

...p-please, I need help, there's been...

[Beyond the threshold was an unholy mess of red, a body sprawled inelegantly and clutching its - his - communicator as if in a last-ditch attempt at contacting someone, anyone, for help. Evelyn did not need to turn the face to her, gazing lifelessly in the opposite direction, to determine the identity of the victim of what appeared to be an inordinately violent murder by stabbing.

She knew who it was.

I told him to be careful, he's lost- he's lost them- them all...if someone could-

[Which brings us to The Now™, a time when Evelyn can barely force out a plea for assistance over the network between sharp gasps for air in an effort to keep from crying. At some point her legs crumpled uselessly beneath her in the space between the door and Philip's body, the first one she has ever known in Wonderland to have lost the fifth life.]

I'm in the- the fifth floor tea room, Philip La- LaFresque has been- someone has murdered him, I need help.

[Her voice breaks on the last word.]

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Hallo. Erm. I have...multiple announcements, I suppose. One is that the book club we established months ago, which fell to the wayside when there was an unfortunate incident at the library-

[Murder. It was murder. And she found the body. Let's move on.]

-is going to start up again. I've posted a sheet on the library doors for people to recommend books they would prefer to read and discuss. Secondly, and more importantly, I know that just about everyone has noticed the riddle the Duchess left. Far be it from me to encourage the scurrilous behaviour of questionable individuals, but those of us who have been here for some time know better - when last we were given a riddle, Wonderland was plagued by all manner of unfortunate fictional monsters.

[The late and grieved Mark Meltzer, in all his investigatory influence, has left a lingering effect on his pupil and peer, who appears steadfastly determined to solve this particular puzzle before any more beasties burst forth from the Mansion's belly.

It should be noted, dear listeners, that Evelyn is planted firmly in front of her library niche, where a good portion of the wall has been taken up by papers and notes, some of them a year old and others freshly scribed, a few bits of red string linking facts and events together. Is it the work of a professional archaeologist and researcher, or a manic conspiracy theorist?

You decide.

I've begun compiling old notes from the last riddle and put them alongside my notes from this one in the event there are connexions. There are a number of hidden words and statements, you see- the...the most evident of these are the bolded letters that form the word "mount," the green letters that spell "closet," lower and upper letters spelling "liar" and "old," et cetera. But there- there is absolutely more to this, more than I thought there was-

[She reaches for two larger pads of paper, one of which has a series of zeroes and ones with text beneath it, the other dots and dashes accompanied by tiny notations that detail the numerological meaning of the number eight.]

There is further hidden text. Holding a finger over the word "true" in the message, there appear ten figures of three dashes and two dots, Morse code for the number eight. Over the word "cost," there are dozens upon dozens of ones and zeroes. It's a binary code!

[If she looks frightfully ecstatic, it's because she loves being smart.]

I've translated it to uncover a hidden poem which may, perhaps, raise more questions than it will answer them, but I should like everyone's input. This is something we have to solve together.
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[At some point on Tuesday, people's clocks and wagon axles and extra sets of clothes start picking up a signal.]

The Trail of the Lonesome Pine. The Trail of Tears. The Treasure Trail. The Trail of the Wholesale Destruction of Our Most Basic Human Rights. Wonderland.

wait for conditions to improve )
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Considering that it's obvious that not everyone is from the same type of place, and about half of everyone here didn't know about any kind of magic before getting here- ( It's okay, neither did she ) -it would be interesting to know exactly what there is, and what's possible in worlds. When things get brought here knowing about it first could be useful.

And before anyone asks, no- it's not going personal. I don't care whether you're part of any of the questions just what you already knew and what's possible. It's from a science perspective.

( Which she will tell you about if you actually ask because no many people care about Wonderland physics )

Where are you from?
When are you from?
Did you already know about:
    Supernatural creatures? ( e.g. nazi vampires )
    Other non-human things? ( e.g. gods )
    Resurrecting the dead?
    Reality altering?
    Alternate/pocket dimensions?
    Something 'unusual' not specified?
( Yes, half of that list is also magic related but specific can be very helpful )

So fill it out. And yes, giving examples would actually be helpful. Any questions?

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One man only lies. A second man only tells the truth. A third man raises his hood and hisses at you about the local Herpestidae population. The third man is actually a cobra. Wonderland.

cecil is in his studio, all is right with the world )
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I've...been here for three years.

[It's been a while since Evelyn went back onto the network; just over three months since she found the body in the library, since a number of other victims surfaced here and there, peppering the populace with anxiety and distrust. A great deal has happened since then, not necessarily limited to recent events but involving other extenuating incidents.

She almost missed her own Wonderland anniversary, thanks to a reenactment of primary school over the week-end. And it has now been three years since she appeared in the Mansion foyer, dripping wet and shivering from an unsavoury and unwanted dip in the Nile. Over one year since she came back from her longest stretch away from this place.

Altogether, too long.

I know it seems...somewhat inappropriate to celebrate being stuck here for ages, but someone who was here longer than I told me to make the most of our time here. If we could.

[As far as the video feed can offer, Evelyn is standing on the pier with the ocean at her back, a ridiculously wide hat on her head - those with pale skin understand - and an apropos outfit on.] it's a sunny day and there's a marvelous breeze, if anyone would like to join me on the beach for a picnic and a little sailing.

[In light of the recent mutilation, lightening up is the very best people can do - Evelyn has no intention of pretending that the pre-event murder never happened; this just happens to be step one on a long road to recovery...again. A small sloop sits just in the distance off the edge of the dock, water lapping at its sides. It cost a pretty penny of a memory, but now Evelyn can't even remember for which one she traded the boat.

She glances back at her nautical purchase with a smile that might double as a grimace, given the right circumstance.

...I may have miscalculated in that I can't use it all by myself.
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[The first thing one sees is Jane's face, her mouth pursed, as she sets her little phone up to record, then walking away to a whiteboard, as pure as snow, before picking up a dry erase marker. Glancing over her shoulder, Jane smiles at the camera.]

So, hello, Wonderland, I'm Doctor Jane Foster. I'm an astrophysicist with training in particle physics. You've probably seen me outside at night studying the stars or in the library. I'm working on a map of the stars and attempting to figure out for certain if this place is really a pocket universe or else a shared illusion. I'm edging more to the pocket universe theory since it's a bit simpler, and more probable. But it could also be a shared point in all the multiple worlds we're from. That's a really interesting idea that somehow there is something in Wonderland's makeup that makes it a commonality to all worlds. [she lapses into science babble, drawing a lot of elegant equations in neat handwriting on the board, the marker squeaking, before she pulls herself back together to speak at the device still recording]

Okay, so my question is, has anyone else wondered about how the various worlds match up even with the differing time-points from each world? And of so, will anyone be interested in a group to discuss findings? I'm also interested in any research or observations on hos this place works, and not just depending on the library for that. I like first person observations, please and thank you.

[Jane leans over to click off the broadcast with a smile of SCIENCE]

[ooc: I will be slow with replies until this afternoon]
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[ The camera is turned on, and Carlos leans back in his computer chair with a heavy sigh. He looks tired, but determined, expression grave as he looks into the camera… one hand resting on the back of the pug with its legs on his lap and its paws on his chest, chewing away on part of his lab coat. Her name is Curie. She likes shoes and- tragically- lab coats.

But only the business-causal kind. His formal coat and outdoor coat have remained untouched. ]

Well, it seems as if that last disturbance in our routine has ended. For now anyway. And I’m sorry to say that despite rigorous testing of the puppies and the molecular makeup of Wonderland both, I learned... [ He pauses, the words themselves hard to even get out. ]

…absolutely nothing. Not about the loss of color, or the loss of powers, or even the dogs themselves. Was it our eyes that were affected, or the actual makeup of the world around us? Were the dogs a coincidence, or did they somehow trigger the change?

[ He glances down at Curie and quickly pulls a pen out of his breast pocket before it can get anywhere near her mouth. He’s already lost two lab coats and a perfectly good loafer since this all started. ] I have to admit, I’m not used to this. Even in Night Vale- that’s where I’m from, by the way, such an interesting town- even there, I made progress. We discovered new things all the time. More then my team could even keep up with at first! But I’ve been in Wonderland more than a month now, and despite all my research, I’m not making the same sort of headway. Not at all. There’s just nothing worse than a problem you can’t solve, don’t you think?

[ He sighs again and finally picks Curie up to put her down on the floor to join the other three dogs that have yet to disappear. He's not sure why some of the pups in Wonderland have stayed and some have not- another mystery unsolved. Maybe he shouldn't have named them. ]
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It's too quiet.

The noise of humanity that roars like the ocean is gone and everyone is scattered, running, talking about dogs? We are changed, we are powerless, we are nearly nothing and ourselves again, why is it so quiet?! Is it death? Is it nothing?

Are we nothing?

[ There is the definitive sound of something glass-like being broken and the transmission ends there. ]
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[Cecil's short broadcast is accompanied by barking, yipping, meowing, hissing, and the occasional fox scream.]

Ugh, so, I wasn't sure at first, but I'm starting to think this event might be mine. At least the dog part--I'm not sure about what's going on with the colors? Feels a bit like my vision is going funny, but I don't know. Judging by people's reactions, though, I'm guessing puppy, aren't as common outside of Night Vale. We tend to get one or two really bad ones once a year back home. I swear, they're worse than cockroaches or feral chickens! At least cockroaches are clean.

[There's a loud yowl from nearby and Cecil's voice gets distant for a moment, as if he's stepped away from the mic.]

I know, Sleipnir, it's terrible, but I'll get rid of them soon, I promise. Just--hey, don't chew that!

[There's a scuffing sound and a clatter and then more barking.]

Anyway, I'm sorry about all this. I don't suppose this place has a pest control service, huh?
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winter is coming ( action ) )
...and a little later

[ Arya...has no idea what she is doing. It's plainly obvious that the device is confusing to the dirty little child grasping it, with it held far too close to her face as she squints as if it were a dangerous weapon. She's out of her depth, but that won't stop her. She's determined to find some kind of answers here. ]

Hello? Is anyone there? [ She's shouting far too loudly, loud enough in fact that it's almost difficult to tell what she's saying given how close she holds the device to her face, but she presses on. ] I was told this contraption had answers, but I can't find them anywhere.

[ If she seems disheartened, it doesn't last, and the only indication that there is anything wrong would be the way her jaw tightens slightly, and how her voice slightly drops. She has to get through this. ]

I'm looking for the kingsroad. It... It's very important that I find it, but I've never been to this part of the country. Am I in the south still?

[ That seems to be all for now, but after fumbling with it a little and glancing around her, Arya adds in a quick, hasty voice: ]

Oh, and if someone would point me in the direction of a horse. I have the coin [ that's a lie ] and I can pay well. Uh...thank you?

[ And on that lovely note, Arya finally figures out how to end the feed. ]
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[ one of the hallway devices comes on just as a girl with brown hair and eyes just a tad too wide looks away from it. it's hard to tell if she realizes it's on or not, just from her body language; she seems to be ignoring it. ]

I heard the trailing garments of the Night
Sweep through her marble halls!
I saw her sable skirts all fringed with light
From the celestial walls!

[ she moves down the hall with careful, measured steps before suddenly, a pirouette, suddenly, a spin. ]

I heard the sounds of sorrow and delight,
The manifold, soft chimes,
That fill the haunted chambers of the Night,
Like some old poet’s rhymes.

You're not that soft, you know. Not even for chimes. More like a pealing cacophony, an orchestra in nearly 140 counteractive counterproductive musical parts. Give the flutes to the viola players, see how you like the sound.

It isn't night, and this isn't quiet, there's too many of you and not enough of me.

What was calculated in the past does not account for the solution in the present, and all the precipitates have changed.

Hello and hello again.

We're grounded in a child's fantasy all bright colors and mirrored surfaces... [ she pauses here, and peers at the nearest mirror, across the hall from the device, but her eyes are looking right at it in the reflection. ] Reflections and refractions. What makes you so clever, so new?

[ the device switches off there. anyone interested in running into the young ms. tam in person is more than welcome - even if you don't approach her, she's likely to approach you. ]
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-nd he's probably that deranged killer. He'll have you bound in leather and stuck on his wall if he catches us. That's why I have to video it. It's like Paranormal Activity.

[ The feed opens on an artificially grainy, static-cam view of the third floor. And America, framed in an eye-bleeding progression of Dutch angles. The culprit is his tiny hipster boyfriend, who thinks he’s Jean Cocteau and whispers like they’re both attending a golf tournament. In the dead of night, in their pajamas.

Luke doesn’t intend to broadcast their schoolboy harassment detective work to everyone, but like in so many other things, Wonderland doesn’t give a fuck.

Dare you to knock.

I will! I’m just-- I’m preparin’.

[ And by preparing, America means bullshitting. Standing outside a perfectly ordinary door on the third floor in his onesie, frowning and juggling a variety of items in his arms. Luke may not approve of guns, but no one said anything about aerosol cans and lighters to make a prison-quality flamethrower. Yes this is exactly the sort of humane defense weaponry an unstable, recently traumatized (further) immortal should be armed with. ]

and he would've gotten away with it, if it weren't for these-. )
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[ One moment he’s conducting a very rudimentary examination of a strange plant found blooming on the sidewalk just outside of the Ralphs. And then within the span of a breath, Carlos is… well. He’s kneeling next to nothing but grass that hadn’t just been there, and the sun is shining, but this isn’t desert heat, and something is wrong.

It doesn’t take the scientist long to stand up, take in his surroundings, and find the device in his pocket. He even appears relatively unfazed as he looks into the camera. After all, he’s more used to strange anomalies than most might be. ]

Well, that was… an unexpected result.

[ He takes a quick look around again. He seems to be surrounded by nothing but walls of green leaves. A hedge maze? ]

It appears that I’ve been transported somewhere. Or sometime. Or some-dimension. Of course, unexpected transdimensional travel is always an occupational hazard for scientists. We all know that. But if I’d been a little more prepared, I could have at least brought something along to measure…

[ He sighs, shakes his head, then slowly begins walking. ] Doesn’t help worrying about what we could have done, does it? Unless I’ve actually travelled back in time, in which case that is the only thing I should be worrying about. But in the meantime, if anyone can hear this, maybe you could tell me where I’ve ended up?
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cut for gore )

[ when the video comes up, it's of a blonde. set-jaw, dark eyes. it's almost as if a storm is raging somewhere in there, a sort of crackle of lightning, of thunder. when she speaks, it's with purpose, straight through that frown.

maybe then no one will notice just how pale she is. ]

When people die here, they come back to life. [ stating facts through a thick swallow. she can do this. ] How long does it take? Where do they show up? It- it does happen, right?

[ no, no no- that's too close. her voice is almost shaking. her stomach clenches and that need to figure this out, to figure it out as soon as possible drives her forward. ]

Someone's murdering people here. Whoever it is killed my friend and put her on a spit, on antlers, in a fireplace on the first floor. Her name's Clarisse. Whoever saw her last, contact me. This happened sometime in the last day. As for the murderer- [ and this is where she gets darker, her eyes and her look and everything about her. for most people, there's a clear line between anger and absolute rage, and annabeth has just about crossed it. ]

Whoever you are, you think you're smart. That you won't be caught. You're wrong. [ there some strange surge of confidence in her, here. something that tells her she's speaking right to whoever did this, and not the rest of the network. not every single person in wonderland. ] I will find you, and you'll regret laying a hand on her, on anyone.

[ and then it cuts. ]

PERCY: clarisse is dead
i don't know how long
she should come back to life
wonderland doesn't let people stay dead
she'll be back soon and when she does she's not going to be happy

i'm going to find out who did this

RACHEL did you see this?
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[Cecil's newest broadcast is accompanied by much meowing and the pitter patter of little feets. Cecil, however, sounds quite upset, energetic and generally determined. More like he's at some kind of political rally than doing a radio broadcast.]

At what point is enough enough? At what point is it time to rise up and demand change? At what point does one simply have too many cats? Wonderland.

.-. .. ... . | ..- .--. | -. .. --. .... - | ..- .- .-.. . )
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[Wonderland, have a video post of Holly - well, the girl some of you know as Holly. Except she's sitting up high and occasionally there's a gust of wind. She's glasses-less, hair blowing around her face, smiling at the camera. It's not a nice smile.]

Wonderland what's your favorite toy?

Favorite toy, favorite keepsake, favorite possession favorite item. Epictetus said that wealth consists of having great possessions but having few wants. Did you want your possessions? Care for them? Work really hard for them?

Are they even here?

[She shrugs her shoulders] Mine aren't. Well one of them is, but the majority of them aren't. And I'll be honest with you it's really starting to piss me off.

[her mouth sets in a firm line.] so you should console me, with tales of things that matter to you. Since life is so fleeting and no matter how much we would give up for one more moment of time...we still have don't we.

[But then Holly-well not Holly looks profoundly uneasy and switches the feed off. Responses are welcome, but she might only respond to the few or the interesting. Everything else is counted as a potential item, indeed a potential shiny.]


[There's a cat burglar about the mansion. Throughout the weekend she's here, she's there, she's sultry, she's innocent, she's...stealing your shit.

Oh she'll give it back at the end of everything, finally outed, finally proving people's theories, but for now she's proving that she deserves to be on Interpol's top ten most wanted list - and that catwoman deserves her reputation.]
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[ clarisse is almost never happy when she appears on the network, and today is no different. she doesn't look as upset as the first time she appeared, threatening to bust heads and all that, but she's still noticeably peeved. the angle of the camera is a bit skewed, because she's attempting to carry about five baby boar piglets in her arms and they're all squealing at her and wiggling and being very difficult little creatures.

all she wanted was an elephant-sized war boar.

instead, she got 101 piglets. yes, hilarious, closet.

and now they've all escaped because, hey, she never claimed to be a piglet wrangler, and attempting to transfer all the damn piglets from her room to the one next to it was a lot more difficult than she thought it would be. she probably should've asked for help in the first place, but why would she do that. obviously you only ask for help where you're so deep in pig shit you've got no other choice.

funny how this is the second time she's asking for help over the network. except, you know, in a completely roundabout and slightly threatening way. one day she'll figure out how to say "please" and "thank you." ]

Alright, listen up, punks. [ sound familiar? she really needs to figure out a better way to address the network. ] You might've noticed a bunch of little baby boars running all over the place. They're mine. And if you hurt them, I'm gonna hurt you. They might've come from that stupidass magic closet, but they're still the sacred animal of Ares and if you kill them without all the proper ritual sacrifice shit, I'll curse you myself. Got it?

[ she heaves the boars in her arms and the camera wobbles a bit. at this point it's starting to look like a really awkward selfie as she cranes her neck to appear back in view. ]

I don't know how many of them there are, but there's a lot. You catch 'em, you can keep 'em. Just as long as they don't end up on someone's plate. Otherwise, I want them back. Fifth floor, room eighty-seven.


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