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[It would be difficult to say where the Cat is exactly, since the scene is simply of the ceiling and him standing on it.]

You'd best get started on your way up. But don't linger. No, it would be too dangerous.

[The Cat lowers itself, settling down with its paws tucked, eyes closed. It almost seems like it's smiling, but it would be hard to tell, it being a Cat and all. Either way, it certainly looks smug as it sits there, its tail dangling in the air. Its twitching just a little at the tip.]

No matter how high you climb, they'll still be there. Waiting.
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[The Cheshire Cat appears to be...underwater. Its fur is fluffed up and bubbles explode from its mouth as it fights its way up to the surface. Once it's there, it gives a rather undignified, irate yowl before paddling to the edge of the pool.

It heaves itself up onto the edge and takes a few steps, shaking each paw before putting it down. It looks quite disheveled as it sits down and begins to groom itself. Between licks, it speaks.]

I never was one for water, no. I just [Lick lick] can't get a taste for it.

[The Cat shoots a dirty look over its shoulder at the water and begins to evaporate, tail first. Then it looks at the camera of whatever device just...followed him out of the water and onto the edge of the pool.]

I doubt you could do any better.

[It twitches its whiskers just before it finishes disappearing. Its voice lingers after the rest of it is gone.]

Well, there's always the chance to try again. Just breathe.
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[The Cat can be seen on the network for a moment, sleeping in what is clearly a very comfortable position. For a full minute, he just sleeps on screen, ears and paws occasionally twitching, maybe snoring a little.

Then he jerks awake, rolling over and perking up as though startled. He blinks several times and licks his chops and then settles down again, his chin on his paws.]

Mm, I've forgotten what I was meant to be doing just then.

[The Cat yawns enormously and closes his eyes, very concerned, clearly.]

Not that it matters much. I'll never know what might have been if I'd done what I was meant to be doing. [Another yawn and the Cat's voice slows as it begins to fall asleep again.] What ifs never really did me much good.
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[The Cheshire Cat appears across the network, all stripes and teeth, and nothing else showing, as it claws the back of a chair in the dining room. It lets everyone enjoy that annoying tick-tick-y sound before settling back down onto all fours and streeeeetching.

Most of it is still transparent when it starts to speak.]

A hunt is a game of who best blends in.

[The Cat leaps up onto the table top and crouches down low, haunch-stripes twitching, tail-stripes lashing.]

It's not always easy to tell who's the hunter and who's the prey, shishishi.

[It's aim appears to be a particular tea cup several plates and sets of silverware down the way. There may be a sleeping Dormouse in there, and if so, the Cat will have it.]

The trick is to be the first one to flush the other out.

[The Cat leaps, grasping the tea cup between its paws and flipping over on its back to wrestle it into submission.

When it turns out to be empty, the Cat huffs a breath through its nose and knocks the thing off of the table with a satisfying crash of china. Lolling on its back, it finishes the hunting lesson, undeterred by its lack of success.]

In the end, just don't be the one who gets eaten.
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Shishishishi, what a game of intrigue awaits you. Make sure you're clear on where your allegiance lihhhhhkkkgh.

[The Cat stops speaking and hunkers down, ears laid back, neck outstretched, in a posture anyone who has ever had a cat will recognize.]


[The Cat's body tenses as its stomach lurches. It's next sound is wetter than the first two, and it disappears quite suddenly--not like it's normal, partial fade outs--before it gets to finish its announcement.

The Cat will be taking no questions today, as it's feeling a bit ill. You may find a small present on your pillow, though. It is a Cat, after all. ♥]
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[The Cat is lying on its stomach, its paws aligned in front of it, looking like a tiny lion with a large grin.]

You are on an hypothetical journey. You come to a river.

[It raises a paw to cover its nose and very little of its smile, listing to one side as it gives a hissing laugh.]

Shishishishi, do you ford the river?

[Shaken by its own laughter, the Cat overbalances and rolls onto side.]

Shishishishishishi. Or perhaps float across?

[The Cat rolls onto its back and then onto its other side without pausing. It's smile is a little slow to follow, but it catches up after a second.]

So much to decide on and such a long journey ahead of you.

Shishishi. I hope you don't get cholera.
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[The Cat is lounging in a patch of sun coming through a window, belly exposed, the tip of its tail flicking just slightly, musing to itself.]

Oooh? This hasn't happened in quite some time.

[The Cat rolls over onto its side and kneads the carpet, digging in its claws and pulling at the fibers.]

I wonder what you'll see. When sight is one of the only things you have left of yourself and the only thing you have of them, I imagine it becomes a lot a lot more important.

[The Cat yawns.] Not that I'd know. I'm always whole--it's just that sometimes part of my whole is elsewhere.

[It yawns again. Today is a tired day.

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[Nobody knows Wonderland better than Alice. This is Alice, isn't it? a blue, pinafore dress -- but wait, that can't possibly be her, could it? Alice wouldn't dare plop into Wonderland covered in blood, would she?

Well, this Alice would. Who seems to look somewhat concerned, even if she may or may not be a little irritated. Something has happened and lucky for the unintentional audience, Alice hasa the bad habit of talking to herself. She's a pretty girl -- if not on the underweight, petite side. Taking one circle around one more time, she looks like she's about to give up. Maybe.

Just in case, the vorpal blade is in her hands.]

I don't quite remember leaving Wonderland like this. I think. Unless I stepped through the Looking Glass again, which is highly unlikely. Very unlikely. I suppose it's been in far more dreadful states. But I find myself not in the mood for an encore. Blasted cat, where have you gone?
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No one is more secretive than a cat. And I would know, wouldn't I?

I also know, and so should you, that secrets are for keeping. But if you don't do as you're told, they'll be spilt, and unlike milk, no one's going to want to lick them up once they are.

After all, I'm certainly not sticking around for it.

[Cheshire Cat out.

It can easily be found around the Mansion, should anyone want to question it.]
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I've always wondered what my shadow is thinking when it does the same things I do. Can't it think of anything more original?

Then I remember, that's just it's nature. If a shadow isn't just a copy-cat, then what is it?
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Shishishishishi. Nothing can touch me if I don't want it to. When I choose, wind passes right through my skin. I am the target of nothing. No, no, none of you are so lucky as me!
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String and Nip.

No, Pouncing and Hunting.

No, no, I've got it! Sunbeams and Prey.

That's the ticket! It suits me perfectly.
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Shishishishi. Finally, a place that will let a Cat be a cat. It's no fun to listen to anyone but yourself. People should just do what they feel like. Especially when the beds are this comfortable.
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Now, now. I don't find this at all amusing. Do you see how I'm switching my tail? I'm not a dog, so you ought to know what that means.

I have a heavy feeling in my paws, like a dark sun rolling through a dark sky. I simply can't shake it off.

I will just have to find a quiet corner to sit still in like a statue of a cat and wait it out there.
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Don't you love a good quest? There's something to do and somewhere to go. Worthless items to accumulate. Monsters to encounter at random. People who will only offer cryptic statements and no real information to speak to. But I think I've had enough of the chess theme. Haven't you?
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I think we've all been inside for far too long, don't you? There's no room to stretch out from tip to tail, no proper prey to pounce on. Any cat worth his claws can tell you that indoors is no place to spend time.

So go on! The fresh air will be good for you! You'll thank me later.


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