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Have you ever wanted a method t'defend yourself that doesn't need a weapon? Tired'a dealin' with guns that jam, knives that're knocked away, and hits that're easily blocked? Just need a way t'feel safe at night or from any've the nasties the mansion could throw our way?

Perhaps you'd rather keep yourself busy with a craft involvin' needles but you're sick've losin' the damn things. Perhaps you enjoy gardenin' and dislike the to-do rakin' can be. Perhaps you take care of horses or other animals that need constant brushin'. Perhaps you yourself need a constant hair brush on hand.

Well well, ladies and gents, I've got the product for you in the works. I'm in the market for a few test subjects, if any've you are interested in furthering the future've genetic sciences. Make a reply to this post and we'll see what we here at Sinclair Solutions can do for you.

[ whoops, that last part was automatic. he lets out an irritated breath. ]

Ahh.. At least, we'll see what I can do for you.
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OOC: feel free to harrass the Batter at any point during this post! Don't worry, you won't be able to dissuade him from his purpose xD

[The video is rather distant, as it's coming from a wall unit, and what it's picking up is all the way out the window, on the beach: a tiny, pale figure, struggling with something large and heavy.

No, it's not a body. Don't be so paranoid! What would a nice guy like this be doing dragging a corpse down to the water? Let's look a little closer.

The Batter, cleats dug into the sand, is heaving with all his might, sweat plastering his hair to his forehead under the brim of his hat. He's applied eyeblack to his cheeks to cut down on the glare of the sun off the water. His determination is impressive.

His burden is a paddleboat, pale pink, plastic, and shaped like a duck, its tail dragging a deep furrow in the damp sand.

At last, he's reached the water, though he's knee deep in the waves before the pedalo will float. Once it's bobbing gently up and down in the water, though, he leaps aboard and begins pedaling furiously.

Having a party here is all well and good, but he's a man on a mission.

He makes it surprisingly far out before the pedalo breasts a wave too large and capsizes, toppling the Batter into the water.

Shine on, you crazy baseball diamond.]
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Bonjour, buenos dias, and hello, my good fellows!

Another day, another world. But alas, I am merely a misplaced merchant far outside his domain. Curious and curiouser. It's new experience for me. Always the dispenser of information and items, never the protagonist that must piece together the clues. I dare say this will be quite the adventure for me!

Of course, I am not one to abandon my role so thoroughly, and don't you all just hate when you're bombarded with questions right from the start? Instead, I'll offer my services to you and save the questions for later.

I have a handful of items from my travels. Unique. Useful. Unfortunately I have only what is on my person, so until I am able to restock or expand my enterprise, I'm afraid there is a limited quantity.

do you even know how long it took me to go through the game and get this list DO YOU )

Purchases can be made in... I suppose you could call this the main entryway. See something you, but can't meet my prices? I'm sure we can come to some agreement.

Your one-stop shop for all things you may consider off,

[ Should you travel to the main entry way, you'll see a man with a rather large back pack, adorable sweater, and a strange (perhaps slightly disturbing) cat mask. ]
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[There's a man glaring into the camera, dark hair hidden under a black baseball cap, dried blood spattered across his face. He looks to be in his thirties, but there's something vague and ageless about his features, and it's hard to see his eyes through the shadow of the cap.]

This shouldn't be here. This zone has been purified.

[He would know. He did it himself. He hasn't even cleaned his bat.]



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