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[She feels like she should have known better. If she had remembered Wonderland at all while she'd been gone, she's sure she would have known that potentially happy ending she'd landed in back in Storybrooke couldn't last. They never did, seeing as how they were a freaking myth and all. Mary Margaret and David could believe whatever they wanted, keep on being beacons of hope and perfectly content to trust that simply being on the side of good would earn them all a happy ending of some kind, but she knew better.

Just like the last time, she'd been yanked away from something good and unceremoniously dropped back into Wonderland. At least this time around, she had more in the way of friends.]

Please tell me I at least missed one of the really awful events during my trip home.

[She hates the bouncing back and forth more than anything; it's cruel, the way this place teases them with tastes of home, but if she missed out on some kind of fire-breathing monster in the process, she'll take it.]

Otherwise, I'm looking to file a complaint with the management. If they're going to toss people back and forth between worlds, they could at least provide an in-flight movie or something. Also, not really loving getting dumped in the woods this time around. Sloppy dismount, Wonderland.

[And really, just plain rude.

Anyone who happens to be outside this afternoon might catch a glimpse of Emma marching out of the forest, looking like she might have woken up in the brush or some obliging tree. She's had better days, at least, and while she's managed to brush most of the debris off of herself, there's still a few stray leaves and twigs sticking to her clothes and hair in places. Otherwise, she'll be making her way through the gardens and into the mansion itself, where people can find her in the entrance hall or, once dinnertime rolls around, sitting in the diner at her favorite booth, writing in the trusty notebook she's been maintaining since she first came to Wonderland. Keeping timelines straight means keeping a hell of a lot of notes.

Almost immediately after her arrival, she'll be sending out a number of private calls over the network:]

Private to Regina Mills: )

Private to Killian Jones: )

Private to Mary Margaret Blanchard: )

Private to Robin Hood: )

Private to Mr. Gold: )
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[The last thing he remembers is the cold, wet asphalt beneath his body. Pain lanced it’s way through his chest with every breath. He couldn’t feel his arm anymore. Bloody Mary had taken good care to snap his left arm in half - a fitting end considering what he’d done to Grendel by relieving him of his arm. It would grow back. Everything seemed to grow back eventually.

Except heads of course.

But all of that is gone now. The pain has miraculously disappeared. He had always healed faster than most Fables but this was new. Bigby’s eyes fly open and he’s greeted to a lush garden. He’s surrounded by green and flowers of every shape and size. The scent overwhelms him and he sneezes loudly, the petals bursting into the air. He sits up, rubbing his nose as he stares, the day a stark contrast from the wet and brutal night he has just left.

The first thing he does is reach into his chest pocket. His palm wraps around a familiar rectangular shape and he pulls out his pack of Huff and Puff brand cigarettes. He taps one out and places it between his lips before reaching into his right pants pocket. He pulls out his lighter and a strange, black rectangular device. Bigby lights his cigarette and breathes deeply, the smoke dampening the scent of the flowers around him. He turns his attention to the device, turning it over and over in his hands before the screen flickers and he’s staring at a reflection of his face. But it’s not a mirror - it’s more like a small television screen although Bigby has never seen one without an antenna before. Magic, perhaps?

There is small red letters on the upper right side that say REC. The video broadcasts a rough, deeply lined face across Wonderland.]

What the hell-? What is this? Where is Snow?

[The face frowns. He shakes the camera a few times before looks around. The world tilts as the man stands up. He takes a long drag from his cigarette before tapping it out, the ashes scattering into the wind.]

So tired of fucking games.
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I learned something interesting recently.

I'm going to successfully bring life into the world. Something to look forward to in the future.

Have any of you been told something that will happen to you in the future?
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So. As I told you before, my name is Captain Jack Harkness. All of the alcoholic beverages you had in any of your common areas are now mine.

[There's a good chance he's lying there. If one judges by the background, he's up on the roof in a lawn chair sunning himself. A plastic pink flamingo at his side holds his drink. It can't be healthy to be drinking something that's a swirling liquid of red, blue, and orange.]

So is some of the food.

[Meaning snack food. A few piglets lounge about, safe and content with Jack. Each one has a light drink carrier strapped to it. Who doesn't want a drink they have to keep up with?]

I've met a few of you that want physical contact. Should you want that, feel free to come to me. What I won't promise you is sex. While I like it as much as the next person, but something is wrong. We all saw that in one's communication about this not being something we are in control of. Addictions. Craving.

It's safe here.

[All he wanted long ago was the Doctor to be proud of him. He'd like to think Ianto could be now too. He smiles, welcoming and as seductive as Jack Harkness can. He can do this for them.]

It's a great view of the beach. I have cards too! Ever watched the sunset? It's amazing here.
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[ This morning, the Doctor's in relatively good spirits. Actually, he's in brilliant spirits, if the way he's grinning means anything at all. ]

Adventure, now that's a wonderful word. Don't you just love the sound of it? Adventure!

[ He waves a few times before moving on. ]

Anyone want to come with me? Not really sure where I'm going yet, but wherever it is, it's going to be just great. No, not just great, it's going to be incredible!

[ Yes, a certain someone is craving adventure right now, and whether or not he's got companions to come along, he's going to be roaming all over the mansion with no plans to stop. Good thing he's got enough energy for twenty people, right? ]
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[Regina is just going to... ignore the piglets running amok around Wonderland. She has a few more important things to worry about right now. Namely the fact that's been at home for a while and has returned to Wonderland with a new set of memories.

Good memories, for the most part. There's definitely some bad parts, but her most recent memory is very much a good one. When the feed clicks on, it's clear she's already gotten herself settled back into her room. For those familiar with the Mayor's home in Storybrooke, it looks just like that. For everybody else, there's a lot of white with a few splashes of black. ]

Not the place I wanted to be when we finally won.

I have a question for you, Wonderland. [The fact that she's asking it publicly will probably clue a few people into something very big having happened at home.] Do you think a person, rather, a villain is capable of permanently changing? Of becoming a true hero?

[She might be asking it, but she's definitely uncomfortable. In the initial rush of victory, she hadn't needed to question it. Now that she's had time to think, though, the more she's beginning to doubt it.

The Evil Queen knows more than anyone what her capacity for backsliding is, regardless of how much she wants to be a good person, and a good mother. There's always a brand new obstacle, whether it be her own mother, a savior or a wicked witch. ]

Once upon a time, I wouldn't have thought so. But if evil isn't born, it's made, then good must be too.

Private texts )

01 - Video

May. 12th, 2014 06:50 am
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A beach. This is better than last time I was kidnapped. It's better than the past several times I was kidnapped really. I've got clothes on this time.

[There's a short pause as he looks down at himself and grins cheekily at the camera.]

That's a condition I'm willing to change if requested.

[A wink and he's back to being mostly serious as he studies the communicator.]

I'm Captain Jack Harkness, and judging by this, I'm somewhere in the 21st century. Apple hasn't taken over the world yet. Glad to see that. If people actually read the Apple service agreement, they would notice there's a part in there about not starting a nuclear war with their products. Not everyone reads that. Especially not the kid out in -

[Something Shiny or Sexy rolled across Jack's path because he glances off to the side at it and then back to the screen.]

Is there a reason that there's a pack of piglets running around on your beach with little bathing suits? This isn't one of those planets where that's the dominant species, is it? [Because he's going to be real disappointed if it is.] Also, has anyone seen a big blue box, a scrawny rooster haired man with a striped suit or a stunningly beautiful blonde woman he doesn't deserve?
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[Good morning or afternoon, Wonderland, have a lady scientist!]

So, um, nobody is going to burst out in song anytime soon? Or break out in a case of the egos? Because the giant ego is so not a good look. Anyways, hi, I'm Jane Foster and I'm a physicist. Wormholes are my specialty, and considering how we were all brought here, I would presume the 'rabbit hole' is actually a trans-dimensional wormhole.

Also, this is confirming what I've heard, but the power that's running Wonderland is about to run out? Could I get a confirmation on that? Or is it hysterics?

And finally a question! What's the prevailing theory about this place? Or any theory at all. Curiosity and cats, but knowing has never killed anyone. Yet.
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[While it's obvious everyone is oh so busy doing Disney on Broadway with each other, this, however, is entirely more important than whatever the hell it is you people are doing.

There's a squelch of feedback over the communicators, before you all get treated to this lovely little one-up. Everyone else is bragging? This pretty much settles the argument of the best, right?

But it's the actual Black Sabbath recording, not Tony, and for that...Well, it's up to you whether to feel grateful or not. For all you people know, he has a great voice (spoiler: he does).

And it's loud, and only fades to background noise when the video feed cuts on. In it is someone some of you might recognize from movies...Or fifty years worth of comics or...Having to deal with his pompous ass numerous times in that whole saving the world gig. Tony's leaned against a table covered in various power tools, a sledge hammer propped beside him, and there's evidence all behind him that he's been hard at work. There are gaping holes everywhere, wires and cables trailing all over the floor, blinking lights...The works. And he does look mighty proud of himself.]

So I get that we're stuck here, and there's no just demanding to go home. And I get that this is some Tim Burton-envisioned version of Alice In Wonderland. [He leans back and picks up something off the table, which is proven to be one of the pamphlets. Where'd he get it? Don't ask silly questions.] And I get the closets, the dying thing - which, for the record, is entirely messed up - the people from fictional worlds and other times and whatever else was in this thing.

So basically what you guys are saying in this thing- [He taps the corner of the pamphlet, before tossing it behind him.] Is that we're probably trapped in some kind of wormhole. If not a wormhole, some kind of extra-dimensional black hole pocket or something. Seriously, is there no one here that's considered that? Is this place pulling the best of the best from places or just grabbing you guys randomly and so no one's had this thought rattle through their head? I mean, that was my first guess, minute one.

Anyway, since we're stuck here. And since that pamphlet is just informative enough to either piss someone off or confuse the hell out of them, I got some questions to anybody that can answer them. Fill in the blanks a little better, if someone who actually knows what's going on has the time.

[He moves to cut the feed, but pauses a second, before leaning back once more.] Oh, and guys, if any of you happen to be here - highly doubtful, but worth a shot - basement.

[And then he finally cuts the feed.]

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[She touches her ear lightly, dressed elegantly but confused in her manner. Thank goodness she had stepped foot in this world before, otherwise she would be greatly afraid. Her voice is a thick French accent, but she is speaking English.]

I am looking for a man, tall and thin, strange and erratic in behavior. He goes by the name "The Doctor."

[A small pause]

This is Wonderland, is it not?

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[ Hannibal Lecter exudes calm on most occasions, and this is no exception. Sitting at his desk with his device propped up, he is a model collected gentleman. Under one arm are four books, though only one spine is visible. Silence of the Lambs. Everyone seemed to know that one, but not the others, and the other three were far too revealing for him to advertise. It's all composed meticulously, with his tie and jacket missing to present a level of casual comfort to his audience.

His smile is friendly, and his eyes ring with a sort of concern for his coming statement.]

Good afternoon. I would like to make two announcements. Firstly, it seems that I share a name with someone rather...problematic. [He taps the books with his index finger. ] I felt it necessary to clarify that while my name is in fact Hannibal Lecter, that is the only thing I share with the man in this book. My apologies to anyone who might have been mislead by this unfortunate coincidence.

[ And boy does he seem genuine. He's going to be holding onto those books though, leaving it entirely up to Wonderland whether or not those books should show up in the library again. ]

Second, as a thank you to those who so generously assisted me upon my arrival, I will be holding a dinner party. Next Wednesday evening, I invite each of you to join me at my dinner table, compliments of the chef. RSVPs are expected, as well as formal to semi-formal dress. This invitation does not extend beyond those whom I have met I am sorry to say, but perhaps if this is a success I can hold a larger, more expansive party in the future. If there is someone with service experience interested in being wait staff for the evening, you will be paid in fine cuisine for your time.

And I believe that is all, thank you for your time.

{ quick ooc edit: fourth wall breakage is fun and I am all for it in moderation, but constantly trying to work around it given how pervasive Hannibal Lecter is in pop culture would be a huge strain. This first note is meant for anyone who has already noticed it, and obv you can still fourth wall with him, but moderation is key! I trust everyone's judgment, ilu eway. }
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[The face that appears on the screen is probably familiar to the denizens of Wonderland. The black hair that sticks up. The caveman forehead. The seriously broody expression.

Ok, that expression might be taking the broody thing to a new, overly exaggerated level. But it's still familiar! This is clearly Angel on your screens. Certainly not any bleached blond vampires that only recently stopped being on fire.]

Hullo therrre.

[There's a bit of a slur on the r, like someone who doesn't usually speak in an American accent trying a bit too hard. But he pretty quickly gives up. If Angel's speaking in a slightly British accent, no one needs to care.]

Angel here. I've been feeling that urge to save people, you know? So if a few of you sorry sops wouldn't mind getting yourselves into a bad situation... I'd simply love to play hero.

[A beat.]

I'll be brooding in a dark corner if you need me. Just look for the light gleaming off my obscenely large forehead and the stench of hairspray. Should be easy to track me down.

[ooc: Spike has barely been here five minutes before finding himself transformed into Angel! Replies will be coming from [personal profile] tablelamp.]
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[Gold’s tone is so dry, you could use it as sandpaper.]

I’ve never been fond of Wonderland. [Offhandedly. Obviously not the point he wants to make either- he’s just expressing dissatisfaction that of all the worlds there are, he had to be abducted to this one.] I trust that since no one seems to be leaving very quickly, the rabbits are either well hidden or difficult to catch. Well, well- some things never change.

[It’s not the same Wonderland. He knows this, but any realm bearing that name is bound to be of a sort he doesn’t want to deal with. And it's a miserable afterlife either way. Perhaps he should have less concerned about the sacrifice required to kill Pan and more concerned with the end result.

Assuming this is the end result of that particular spell- he has another theory. Ah, but that brings us to our point.]

That said, I’m looking for a woman named Regina Mills. Black hair, brown eyes, foul-tempered- she may have threatened you once or twice. [He lets that sit for a second and then elaborates:] There’s just been a lingering question on my mind since I arrived here and I think she might know the answer.

[“Is this all your fault?”]

I } text

Mar. 17th, 2014 12:49 am
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[It’s taken Hook a while to type out the message. What business do letters have being in some strange, nonsensical order? What sort of alphabet goes from Q to M instead of A to Z? It’s bloody confusing, but he’s managed, at last, to type out his message on the automatic writing mechanism he found in his pocket. It seems to have some sort of magical ability to show images and produce sounds too, but he has yet to figure those ones out.

The message is short and a bit stilted. He’s not used to having to hunt so hard for each letter, and finding advanced punctuation or capital letters is beyond him. But it gets the point across.]

to whom it may concern

ive found myself on strange shores and could use information should it be available. the name is captain hook. im supposed to be in new york. does anyone know how to get there? i need to find emma swan. it is very important.

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[ while a month has passed for everyone in wonderland, only a few minutes have for cordelia. she'd ventured into her closet in search of the most amazing dress — something to make herself feel a little special that day — but had managed to go further and further into the box holding her clothes until she couldn't find the way out. the perfect little dress had been at the very far back. ]

[ now, out of her closet, she's in her room. and she has something to ask all of wonderland. a little bit of advice, something she's hardly ever on the receiving end of these days. it doesn't hurt to throw out something different on the network — something a little, well ... selfish. ]

[ standing, with a black dress pressed to her chest, cordelia glances down. in her other hand is another black dress. the one pressed against her is strapless and long, while the other in her hand has an off the shoulder cut and finishes at the knees. ] The little Gucci dress or the other little Gucci dress, Wonderland? A girl's got to spoil herself somehow.
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[Having somewhat recovered from the trauma of being murdered, Evelyn is acutely aware of the dearth of intellectual discourse in Wonderland outside of burgeoning conversations on everyone's respective pasts (for the sake of being better prepared when events choose to strike). It is for this reason that she has decided most avidly to endorse an activity she originally wanted to address in mid-February, but...

...well, the unmitigated carnage was a definite distraction from more trivial pursuits.

I'm looking to start a book club!

[she announces over the communications system cheerfully, looking in considerably higher spirits than she had been a near-month ago.]

We've got this positively marvelous library and a veritable mountain of fiction; I know we're all from different places and times, but- but that might make it all the more exciting, to see the sort of literature our worlds produce.

[A beat.]

...although I'm going to have to insist on ruling out The Great Gatsby as reading material, it's terribly un-progressive.

[Attached to her broadcast is a little missive that reads:]

Please feel free to send in any book recommendations!

A satisfactory hour will be agreed upon for meetings.
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[ when the camera first turns on, the feed is still moving, looking a lot like a home movie might with the person in front of the camera trying to get it set up straight. and then when it stops, mary margaret steps back into the frame, smiling brightly once she's set up.

around her is what looks like a food-network style kitchen, somewhere between homey and industrial, with so much baking supplies pulled out and set out all over the counters. mary margaret's got an apron on, with a floral print, and the sleeves of her blouse are pulled up past her elbows. she looks excited, and when she settles into the spot she's decided on, her hands move to her hips. ]

Hello, Wonderland! For those I haven't had the chance to meet, my name's Mary Margaret. I've been here in the mansion for a little while now, but this is my first announcement so far.

[ for a brief moment she looks almost self-conscious, muttering a i hope i'm doing this right under her breath before she takes a deep one, straightening back up. excited, remember? ]

When I came down to the kitchen today I noticed it was much bigger than it has been. And with an endless supply of materials, I figured it would be worth reaching out to the network. [ does her smile brighten a little? maybe. ] I'm by no means an incredible chef, but I can make a few pretty good dishes, and I do love to bake. If anyone has some free time, or would like to learn how to make a few basic dishes, I'll most likely be here all day.

There's plenty of room in here for anyone who might be interested, and for those who might not want to make anything at all, I'm sure we'll have extra food if you're hungry. Don't be afraid to just stop in!

[ a wave, and then she's leaning forward again to turn the feed off. ]

private texts&action )
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[She's been here for a few hours now, and really isn't sure what to make of anything. She's tried to do the exploring thing, and now feels as good of a time as any to do the talking over the communicator to people. When she pops up on screen, she's awkwardly smiling, and looks off to the left and to the right before speaking. Oh, this just feels weird.]

Is it on? Hello? [She purses her lips together, and eventually decides that yes it is, and gives a firm nod of her head. Her smile becomes a little more warm at that point, and she flips a hand up in a wave.]

This is all real, isn't it? Really, actually real. [Some of the things that have happened recently, she's a bit unsure about all of that.] Right then, I'll take this over being dead any day. But -

[A pause, and then she's left frowning.]

I'm looking for someone, thought that maybe he might be here. Answers to Doctor. Not a doctor. The Doctor. Dunno why he insists on being particular about that, but now he's got me doing it too. [Which is just great, really.]

He's easy to pick out of a crowd, what with the tweed and bow tie -

[Oh wait. Her Doctor might not be wearing those anymore. New face, new man, new style. She frowns deeply, looking pained, and gulps down her emotions as she forces herself to continue talking.]

And the inability to stay out of trouble. Also the eyebrows. They look a bit like white caterpillars. Doubt he's shown his face, but if he has, I could really use his help in getting out of here. I've been to plenty of topsy turvy places here lately. Not really looking to stay in this one long term.

[ooc: I wasn't sure if the event ended at midnight on the third or on the fourth, so please think of this as going up after the event's over! Sorry for any confusion.]
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[The feed is turned away from Kid, showing a view of a shattered Wonderland, chunks of land suspended in midair, some of them connected by bridges made out of debris, some not. Some are small, some are large. The feed catches a door and a section of wall tumbling out into the nothingness below with a crack of wood and metal.]

Yeah, this one's mine.

[Kid keeps the camera pointed out at Wonderland. He doesn't want to look at the camera right now. Of all the events to happen only a week after his death, it had to be this one. It's adding insult to injury, this reminder of what his world has become, and all the things that go along with it. And all of this on top of hearing that Dean has vanished.]

[It's just been a miserable month.]

Looks jus' like Caelondia. 'S uncanny. [That's one word for it. "Disturbing" is another.] Figger things're pretty obvious here. Don' bother tryin' t' jump, it jus' ain't worth th' risk 'nless ya got some Hop-Scotch on ya, an' I dunno 'f the closets are gonna work. S'ppose Wonderland ain't gonna be kind like Caelondia an' form up bridges 'neath yer feet. Keep t' ropes an' such. We got folk what kin fly here, yeah? They might be willin' t'help.

I'd gen'rally say jus' stay in one place, but that means settin' fer three 'r four days without food an' water fer some. 'F th' diner's whole, I'd say head that way. 'Course I ain't got no idea where it's ended up.

Jus'...look out fer each other. An' don't fall. [He pauses.] Th' gods sure ain't gonna catch ya.
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Anyone know how to fight a dinosaur?

[Someone got out on the wrong side of the velociraptor-susceptible bed this morning. Shirtless and rumpled and bleeding all over the toilet cistern he's sitting on, Luke's having the worst sleepover ever.

But there is a moment of peace in which to make this whispered video, and so he tacks on a maudlin revelation.]

America's stuff's disappeared. That means he's really gone, doesn't it?

[He knows it does. Doesn't stop him hoping someone will tell him otherwise.

Something heavy slams into the bathroom door, and Luke jerks back, staring for one, two tense seconds as he waits to recreate the worst scene in Jurassic Park. Outside, that shit-stirring little reptile is hissing and screeching like the smug bastard he is. He knows what he does.]

But the dinosaur's free. And mad. The dinosaur's really mad. Help. Please.

[Someone. Before he has to start surviving off toothpaste and soap flakes.]
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I need everyone to listen closely.

[It's unusual for Angel to show his face on the network, especially if it comes to leaving a message of his own. He'll reply to people here and there, but largely, he doesn't think it's worth the effort -- phones being the invention of a bored warlock and all.

But this is different. This is urgent, and it's written all over his face, his jaw squared and his mouth set in a hard line, tense.]

Your pal Tom that started warning people over the network, apologizing for this creep from his world? Don't trust him. In fact, stay as far away from him as you can -- lock yourselves in, do whatever you have to do, but do it immediately. He's the one responsible for these murders.

[He hadn't been sure at first. He'd smelled the blood of more than one of the victims on Tom when they'd gone to investigate one of the more recent crime scenes together, but it hadn't been enough to go on -- Tom could have just gone to two or three different sites to help handle the aftermath and picked it up that way -- but then Angel himself had gone to each and every point of discovery. Every one.

And at each one, he caught the same scent. None of them belonged to this 'Harry Warden,' but each and every trail lead back to the same place.

He hadn't wanted to believe it at first, thought he had to have been mistaken, but his senses had never lead him wrong before now. People were surprising where demons and other vampires were predictable. Angel expected better from humans, admired humanity for what it was -- there were always bad apples, but even after two and a half centuries, he wasn't used to them coming in mild-mannered packages like Tom Hanniger.

Just goes to show. And yet, something about it still didn't sit right with him, like it couldn't possibly be as cut and dry as Tom lying, but there's no time for him to try and pick that apart now. What matters is keeping people away from him, getting Tom contained somehow and keeping him from doing any more harm than he already has.]

Every one of these crimes leads back to him. There is no Harry Warden, that story is nothing but a decoy.

Do not try to go after him on your own. He might be human, but that means he's unpredictable-- this guys is killing like he's got nothing to lose. Get yourselves somewhere safe, each and every one of you. Arm yourselves if you have to, just in case.

This will be over soon. I promise.

[He plans to see to that personally.]
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[the video turns on to static, and then you get Victor's upside-down face as he tries to figure out how this thing works]

Hang on, I think I've got--

[the camera is turned, and you get flashes of the garden outside. There might be something marble in the distance... Now everything is right-side up and Victor smiles in satisfaction]

There we are. This is a fascinating device! I would love to test the range on it and... [he pauses and glances at something off-screen, frowning] That can't be--

[there is a gasp and the device drops out of his hands, falling at a weird angle on the ground. That marble thing is on camera but it's hard to tell what it is. Action options available for the garden!]
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[ when the video comes up, it'll probably be a little too close to mary margaret's face. her eyes are currently looking just about everywhere except for the camera. she's obviously panicked, obviously very panicked. but she's trying to keep it together- meaning that she's breathing a little heavy and biting at her lower lip.

there are tear stains on her face, but they look a little dried. like she'd been crying, but for another reason entirely.

when she sees something on the journal, maybe a light or maybe a sign or something, but she noticed the camera is on and going and she jumps a little, like she hadn't expected that to work. ]

I'm not...sure where I am. But I need to go. Someone- someone very special is in danger back home and if I don't get back... [ she bites her lower lip with a little more intent, this time. like she is holding back on saying what will actually happen. after a moment she takes a breath, calms down just enough to keep talking. ] If anyone here knows Emma, Emma Swan. I need to find her.

[ henry, he's dying. emma we have to get back those are the things she wants to say, right after, right out on wherever this message is going to whoever it's going to, but she can't. emma wouldn't appreciate it and she doesn't think she could bring herself to say it aloud.

so instead she wipes her face, another pull yourself together sort of movements. emma would tell her to stay calm in this situation, emma would tell her not to panic. ]

Tell her Mary Margaret is looking for her.

[ and then it cuts. ]
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[IS THIS THING ON? First actual network post is go, here's to hoping it doesn't broadcast into the ether!

Jesse's face pops up on the feed, and if he looks a little worn out, the reason will be clear soon enough. He looks to be in decent spirits, though, cigarette in hand-- no Debbie Downer here!]

Uh, yo. [Great start! Nailed it.] So I don't know how many smokers we got here, but it's getting mad cold up there on the roof and we got all these empty rooms so I figured yo, why not make 'em work, like--  [VAGUE HAND WAVE.] -like a lounge or whatever.

[A beat, and then:]

I, uh-- I guess I got kinda carried away... [He turns his head and pulls the camera back to reveal a tastefully decorated lounge area, complete with a number of small tables all housing giant ornate hookahs and a bunch of oversized couches with a range of extremely cozy looking pillows.Fucking VIP.

How did such a scrawny dude move all that stuff around? Who cares, it's awesome and that's all that matters.]
Whatever. This's Wonderland, you can't do Wonderland without hookahs. And since the caterpillar's like majorly slacking in the pipe department I figured somebody's gotta hook it up.

[There's a stereo, too, but he doesn't really need to say anything about that- it's loud enough that anyone watching will undoubtedly be able to hear the sick tunes he's got playing. Is it anything resembling the right genre for the atmosphere?  Of course not, but Jesse gives zero fucks about that.  AND THAT SOUND QUALITY. You're welcome.  

He turns back to grin at the camera.]

So come smoke it up, bitches! Eighth floor, yo, open for business free of charge. No cover.

[Aaaand he cuts the feed there. Time to try these suckers out... For quality control purposes, you understand.  He'll be around for a while, though once his lungs get tired of the abuse he'll probably be stretched out on one of those couches and cranking that dope sound system way, way up.]
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[A tapping can be heard on the microphone, before a startled young woman begins speaking.] H-Hello? Is this thing on? Can anybody hear me...?

[She sighs.] I suppose not.

[A pause, and then, barely above a whisper] I can't. His quest is too important. I'm going to have to figure this out on my own.

[She clears her throat and continues.] Well, this is entirely unexpected. I don't even know where I am, or where this place is...I don't remember going through a portal, so how is this possible? Why am I not in Storybrooke, and where is everyone else? I don't understand how this could happen; Regina's curse was

Well, I guess I ought to introduce myself, just in case anyone does hear this. Um, my name is Belle. I'm from a place called Storybrooke, and I really need to get back there. All of my friends are there, and someone very important to me gave me the responsibility to keep all of them safe. I need to get back home, because if I don't, there's no telling what could happen. A lot of people could be hurt, or worse.

Is there a way out of here? Or am I stuck here forever...? Can anyone tell me? Hello?

[After tapping on the microphone one last time, the feed ends.]
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Are you listening? She'll find the co-ordinates, they're coming soon. Constellations are wrong but that could be a trick, smoke and mirrors designed to hide the truth. Where are we? Where am I?

[ A.K.A hello Wonderland, River Tam has returned - shame she doesn't remember a thing. there's some fumbling around with the device that feels bulky and foreign in her hands, and finally she just drops it on the floor. ]

Think I'll go quietly, huàidàn, thinking wrong so wrong. She won't- I won't. Just need the coordinates, it's time to go home.

[ and with that, it's not long before she figures out how to cut the feed. ]

[ during the transmission and after, she can be found wandering through various parts of the mansion and grounds with a cautious, worried look on her face. she makes quite a sight really, with blood splatters on her hair, and dress, and some oddly medieval looking weapons being dragged along with her. they're hung uselessly, non-threateningly at her side but still very much present as she tries to make sense of what is going on. ]

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Nov. 13th, 2013 12:15 pm
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Okay, so tell me something. Just what are we supposed to do around here? I mean, call me crazy or whatever you want, but I just can't shake the feeling that we're little better than test subjects for someone's insane experiment.

Or maybe they're just trying to make us go crazy, and you know what? They're doing a pretty good job of it.

[The business of the mirrors colliding with the reals, and having people try and kill him twice in a very short amount of time hasn't done much to improve Peter's temper.]

I don't want to sit here and just let people jerk me around because it's how they get their laughs or whatever.

So, what's your secret? Or maybe there isn't one; but either way, it's not good enough to just be someone's science project.
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[For a long moment, Remus just sits there at his desk, hands clasped on the table in front of him, eyes cast down and to the side as the weight of what he has to do sinks in ever further. This isn't something he ever foresaw doing, but there are things he knows now that make it impossible for him to continue, without fear and guilt the likes of which he is sick of carrying.]

I'm sorry, please bare with me. This... this is a difficult matter for me to breach.

[He runs his hand through his hair, rubs the back of his neck and finally clears his throat, sitting up a little more. He's always sort of hunched these days.]

Recently... many of us were not ourselves, however much we may have appeared to be.We were taken over, some of us overcome, by forces not of our own control or will, and these... others... they were able to see and use some of our own memories and knowledge. 

I need you to understand, before I do this, that it is that which I fear may bring harm to others... more than the information I wish to share. You do not need to fear me, or have reason to do so, though it will not be.... unreasonable... that you may. But you must know I take every precaution... every care that I can to insure I harm no one. That I am a threat to no one, in so far as I can control the circumstances. And that I am working on insuring this, further.

But if something like this happens again, and that control is stripped of me. All I can do to protect you, is to make sure you are prepared for what you may face.

[His hands are clasped again, clenching and unclenching. He worries his lip with his teeth an takes a breath. This is a confession he does not take lightly and has so rarely shared with any one that it feels as if he is ripping open his chest to expose his heart for a killing blow. But the people here have enough problems without this extra danger going unknown. This place is too unpredictable to keep his secret locked where it could cost someone their life.]

I am a werewolf.

[No four words have ever been so freeing. So damning. And he is prepared to face the fall out that will come with his confession.]

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[Nobody knows Wonderland better than Alice. This is Alice, isn't it? a blue, pinafore dress -- but wait, that can't possibly be her, could it? Alice wouldn't dare plop into Wonderland covered in blood, would she?

Well, this Alice would. Who seems to look somewhat concerned, even if she may or may not be a little irritated. Something has happened and lucky for the unintentional audience, Alice hasa the bad habit of talking to herself. She's a pretty girl -- if not on the underweight, petite side. Taking one circle around one more time, she looks like she's about to give up. Maybe.

Just in case, the vorpal blade is in her hands.]

I don't quite remember leaving Wonderland like this. I think. Unless I stepped through the Looking Glass again, which is highly unlikely. Very unlikely. I suppose it's been in far more dreadful states. But I find myself not in the mood for an encore. Blasted cat, where have you gone?
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[He spent five days living like a regular human, albeit a regular human stuck in a haunted mineshaft, and now a week as his normal, synthetically-enhanced self. Except Luke isn't aware Wonderland can turn them all into average humans, and he can't figure out what that last event actually did to him.

Because he doesn't have obvious flashy powers to lose, the only explanation he has is he got sick. But Luke isn't supposed to get sick, and no one else has been complaining about being ill, which is what usually happens when things go bad for all of them.

So, given a choice between going for a medical check up at a clinic staffed by UNIT, Torchwood and Victor Frankenstein, or asking a vague question that's going to sound really stupid to everyone, Luke's opted for the latter.]

That last week with the mines, did anyone feel weird? Not just 'trapped in the dark eating mine food' weird. Like sick, or really tired, or kinda... gooey?

[Phlegm and bile and oily skin, ugh. Surely that's not normal for a bunch of terrified people starving together in a cave.]

Like you couldn't think properly, because your brain was all messed up. But it only lasted for the event. Like the mansion made it happen. Am I just crazy?


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