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[Amy realizes the device is a phone-type thing. But, being unable to reach the Doctor, she begins to use it like a walkie-talkie. She figures there's a chance that he'll catch the broadcast if she talks long enough. He's bound to be looking for her, right?]

Haha, Doctor, very funny. Next time you decide to push me out of the TARDIS or mess with the teleport system or whatever, a little warning would be nice.

[She pauses and her slightly cross, somewhat teasing tone brightens.]

But am I really in Wonderland? I mean, it looks right but is it really, truly a place? [She stops for a moment and the rustling of paper can be heard as she shoves a brochure into her pocket.] Are you even listening to this or am I rambling to myself again?

[Another pause.]

Rory, if you're still with him, you better be coming back right this instant to come get me. I'll be waiting in the gardens for you both. Just...don't take as long as last time, okay? I'm not sure how much more of time and space I can rip apart and put back together, okay?

[The audio cuts out and she heads over to the gardens. She marvels at the beauty of it all. Those curious enough to hunt her down will find her wandering around with a giant taser gun. She has enough trust in the Doctor that he'll find his way to her but she isn't sure what'll find her first.]
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[ Hi, hello, hey there Wonderhomies, what's up? Just your friendly resident secret werewolf brotatochip Isaac here. Despite the lack of an event, he looks pretty bad and if it weren't for the fact that he's a werewolf the bags under his eyes would probably look worse. Someone hasn't been getting enough sleep. But enough of that drab talk -- let's get to the good stuff! Arched eyebrows are knitted together as if he's thinking or confused. ]

So - uh - ... Angels and demons? [ That sure sounds like a question. But he's well aware they're a thing, and he's actually kinda fond of one of the winged dicks residents. Because apparently the werewolf is having trouble with the fact that there are other supernatural creatures in existence. After Jackson he should really expect anything though.

He wouldn't mention the fact if he didn't know that more than one resident seemed to know what Castiel was. Still, it's so bizarre to him, and when he first mentioned it to Derek he seemed a bit weirded out too.

That's it, that's the network post: hello this is wolf, how about them angels and demons? ]
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[Now, really. This has gone far enough, Gabriel thinks. First he was made human and thrown into a bunch of cold tunnels. And now human and thrown into a prison? All he did was snap a bunch of pumpkin pies into existence, honest. He's innocent!

Okay — not so innocent. But at least he's out of the prison, now, and in the woods, where he seems to have climbed a tree. It's a pretty good vantage point, and when you're armed with very little, it pays to know what you're fighting in advance.]

All right. Who stayed up late as a kid watching Evil Dead? Or Night of the Living Dead? 'Cause this is bullshit. Where's the rallying point, anyway?

[He probably wouldn't care too much if he could still fly.]
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[For those who know him- and his story- it should come as no surprise that Daryl's face pops up on the network now, backlit with a hazy, mid-morning sky, bare branches, and a landscape that's probably unfamiliar to everyone but him. And he doesn't look happy: hair damp and clinging to skin already streaked with dirt, his expression probably says it all-

Welcome to my world.

But just in case it doesn't (and for those who haven't heard about this crap yet):]

It's the brain. Only way to put 'em down. Don't let 'em grab you, don't let 'em scratch you, don't let 'em bite you. Hell, don't let 'em anywhere near you if you can help it. [He scowls.] ...Easier said than done since we're crammed in here like a bunch of damn sardines- [never before has Wonderland made him feel more like an ant trapped under a magnifying glass........] -so I'm gonna say it again: Brain.

[If he seems more annoyed than anything else, it's because he is; this is business as usual for him, but just like back home there are people here he cares about, people who don't deserve this shit. That's his main concern. This won't last forever, but he'd like to keep the horrible deaths to a minimum if at all possible...]

Got some stuff out here, y'all can come find me if you need it-- [He pauses, and for a fleeting second considers making an apology... But the moment passes without one. Anyone wanting to ream him out for bringing this hell to Wonderland can do so when it's over- ain't no time for in-fighting unless someone don't got a pulse.] Out by the water, where the beach used to be. Don't got too many of 'em over here yet... [And of course as soon as the words leave his mouth, a figure shuffles into view of his camera, drawn, no doubt, by Daryl's deep and enduring love for the things.....

The feed ends there. DARYL SMASH.]

[[ooc: HIT HIM UP HERE VIA VIDEO OR ACTION IDK. He's at the quarry area now, but he'll go wherever he's needed. He has a stockpile of crap with him so if you wanna grab something from him there's that. Also walker-exterminating lessons, those are also a thing.

ALSO. This is a catchall, so if there's something you wanna do with him on a day other than the first day, just specify that and I'll roll with it! He'll be roaming so feel free to assume he's wherever you want/need him to be!]]
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[A tapping can be heard on the microphone, before a startled young woman begins speaking.] H-Hello? Is this thing on? Can anybody hear me...?

[She sighs.] I suppose not.

[A pause, and then, barely above a whisper] Rumplestil...no. I can't. His quest is too important. I'm going to have to figure this out on my own.

[She clears her throat and continues.] Well, this is entirely unexpected. I don't even know where I am, or where this place is...I don't remember going through a portal, so how is this possible? Why am I not in Storybrooke, and where is everyone else? I don't understand how this could happen; Regina's curse was so...final.

Well, I guess I ought to introduce myself, just in case anyone does hear this. Um, my name is Belle. I'm from a place called Storybrooke, and I really need to get back there. All of my friends are there, and someone very important to me gave me the responsibility to keep all of them safe. I need to get back home, because if I don't, there's no telling what could happen. A lot of people could be hurt, or worse.

Is there a way out of here? Or am I stuck here forever...? Can anyone tell me? Hello?

[After tapping on the microphone one last time, the feed ends.]


Nov. 20th, 2013 07:58 pm
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[Brittany looks worried.  Not overly so, mind you, but obviously enough that she feels the need to address the Network with her Absolutely Clever solution to the problem.]

So, wait, if we know there's about to be a crash...why don't we just tell people to get out of the way?  Or take away their drivers' license?
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Are you listening? She'll find the co-ordinates, they're coming soon. Constellations are wrong but that could be a trick, smoke and mirrors designed to hide the truth. Where are we? Where am I?

[ A.K.A hello Wonderland, River Tam has returned - shame she doesn't remember a thing. there's some fumbling around with the device that feels bulky and foreign in her hands, and finally she just drops it on the floor. ]

Think I'll go quietly, huàidàn, thinking wrong so wrong. She won't- I won't. Just need the coordinates, it's time to go home.

[ and with that, it's not long before she figures out how to cut the feed. ]

[ during the transmission and after, she can be found wandering through various parts of the mansion and grounds with a cautious, worried look on her face. she makes quite a sight really, with blood splatters on her hair, and dress, and some oddly medieval looking weapons being dragged along with her. they're hung uselessly, non-threateningly at her side but still very much present as she tries to make sense of what is going on. ]
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[ cordelia has spent days searching for the scottish ginger to no avail. losing people is something she's very much used to, but in wonderland, it's a new sort of thing. still, it stings all the same, regardless of where it takes place. her first friend, gone. she wonders when it'll stop smarting. ]

[ she keeps it to audio. her voice doesn't give much away, if one doesn't notice how it shakes and lacks the usual warmth it holds. ]

For those of you who had the pleasure of knowing her, Amy Pond has definitely fallen through the rabbit hole out of here.

[ cordelia closes her eyes, not that anyone can see that. there's a laugh in her voice as she continues: ] If you're someone who has any tips on how to deal with your best friend being taken away from here, I'd very much appreciate if you shared. You'd think, someone who loses pretty much everyone they come in contact with, would be used to this by now. But I guess experience really doesn't make you any wiser or indestructible to it

[ with a huff, she fiddles with her phone settings, her face coming into shaky view. she gives it a rather sarcastic, forced smile. she's sitting at a kitchen table, a bottle of wine just out of shot. ]

And for those of you who knew her and want to get a little drunky in the sadness with me, I'll be down in the kitchens. [ she widens her smile: ] I'll be your bartender tonight.
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[When the image flips on there's a flash of a flower, then grass - then a nose and a panicked eye. It withdraws and there's a young man staring at the camera. He's unaware that it's on.

Scrambling to his feet he stares at the image again, peering close before it's turned off.]

[Hours later he can be found wandering the halls, occasionally peering at the mirrors but unwilling to touch them. He looks wide eyed and terrified like a frightened rabbit.]

[ooc: He'll respond to anyone who happens to pick up the video - in an audio post. People feel free to grab him with prose or action wandering the hallways.]
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I. Morning

[You know what? D'Artagnan's having a good week. He was largely unaffected by the most recent event, and has yet to suffer any residual consequences, like finding out about the havoc Aramis' mirror caused. It's going to be a good week, he can tell. After a short night's sleep he's up and ready to do...well, something, but first: breakfast.

He makes his way to the kitchen and decides he's bold enough to attempt to make it for himself. He finds a cookbook, turns to a page with breakfast recipes and begins to cook. Who knows how this will end...

II. Afternoon

[Breakfast is all well and good, but there's nothing like spending time in the library. Which is what D'Artagnan does for a few hours. He searches the stacks for more cookbooks. Who knows? Perhaps he'll become a connoisseur like Athos is. On second thought, no. He really, really shouldn't.

After he's done in the library, he heads out toward the stables, both to spend some time with the horses and to practice his swordsmanship. It's better to have a partner, of course, but he'll make do.

III. Evening

[You can't forget dinner, of course, which is the most important meal of the day. It's back to the kitchen, cookbook in hand, to attempt another dish. He'd certainly share with anyone who found themselves drawn in by the smell.]
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[There is a time, on a chilly evening in early November, when your average British person starts to feel the dark, autumnal urge to get pissed and set everything on fire. Wood. Bins. Shitty burgers. Even the sky. Nothing is safe.

As the night draws in, so begins the non-stop crack of fireworks. And, if you're paying attention to the network, the whooping of a teenage boy all hopped up on liquor and anti-Catholic sentiment.]

Okay, it's the fifth of November and all I have to say is: if you don't get out here and grab a sparkler, you might as well go and punch King James in the face.

[He jimmies his own sparkler at the camera in demonstration, before shoving his ugly mug back into frame with tipsy neglect for a wide zoom.]

Unless you're into that. Actually, I think a few people here would be into that. So in that case… fireworks! There's also those. Come see them. Bring some of your own! 'Cos I'm about to run out.

[ooc: Mingling log for Bonfire Night party shenanigans. Whether you want to take your revenge on the Wonderland plant life, complain about this newfangled Catholic reformation, or just burn your enemies in effigy, it's time to start a thread and mingle.]
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Well, I'd like to say that a lot of this is fairly familiar, but I'm afraid it's not. You'd think that being from a fairytale land with an Evil Queen would have prepared me better for vines that attack people. Luckily I haven't encountered them yet, but I imagine when I do it won't be pretty.

[ There's a heavy sigh because this is far easier than chatting with Emma about everything from the last Event. Dealing with all of this makes it so much easier to ignore the cloud hanging over their hand. They just couldn't seem to work past their baggage--at all. Now with this stuff hanging over their head it seems impossible. ]

Mirrors with people behind them? Not a difficult concept. The Evil Queen had one. [ He knew because of his time with her which was really just code for being her puppet. Thrown into her bed chambers like he wasn't a person. He still doesn't wanna talk about some of that with people. As the Huntsman he never got to deal with what happened to him. He was thrust into the role of Graham Humbert so quickly. ]

If you need any assistance I'm quite skilled at helping. I suppose if you've read the stories of the Huntsman that is the most accurate description of my skill set. [ He really hates referring to his life as a storybook, but to most people it was. He has no problem admitting it anymore either. He's met many people who are different and strange. He's hardly going to stand out if he tells them who he is. ]


Sep. 18th, 2013 05:32 pm
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[The video turns on and John is out for a walk, though it's very unusual because one can see his breath as he speaks. It's really cold out!]

Strange turn of weather we're having. Is this normal? Is it that time of year already?

[Who knows, maybe the seasons are different in Wonderland.]
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Secrets. [ There's a dry laugh, something wearied and underscored with years and years of self-loathing and disappointment. ] People'll kill to keep some stuff under wraps. And a lot of the others're just broadcasting out the worst things they've done. Stealing, lying, a murder--

[ There's a stretch of silence, now. What would it be like, to have more normalized worries, to only have something mildly mortifying to look back on and regret? ]

... I'm not doing either. Can't-- Won't. Killing someone isn't worth that. But I'm not going with this story time of twisted crap, either. I--

[ The things he'd done are, in his own mind, far past the point of sharing and caring. ]

I can't forgive myself for it all, but I can't talk about it, either. So if it comes out, it comes out.
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[ The atmosphere wasn't that welcoming to Graham. Being outdoors had always been where he wanted to be the most, but that came from his time as a boy. He preferred to be outside and making a mess than being cooped up in the house. As he got older it just translated into a desire to be around nature. Animals didn't scare Graham or make him worry. They just were apart of his closest friend. Wherever he was didn't feel safe. It didn't feel comfortable. It wasn't like the woods in Storybrooke and a quick look around confirmed it. He didn't remember a big mansion looming in the distance. He couldn't look directly at it. It made Graham's head foggy and his thoughts swim. He had to turn his gaze elsewhere.

He sighs heavily and eyes the phone that's currently in his hand. He's already started to make his way up the steps of the house. Perhaps it's safer indoors? He doesn't really want to go inside, but it could offer different possibilities than outside. He's not quite sure about using this just yet, but it's something he can use to call for help. This is most certainly a situation that Graham didn't have the ability to solve on his own. He needed others and that mean using this damn thing to communicate with them.

The screen flickers on and at first he's not even looking at it. He's concerned with shutting the front door behind him. He'd prefer to keep things outside if at all possible. He clears his throat and hesitate to say anything. He just stares at the device before nodding. ]
I s'pose I've gotten myself a little--stuck? [ That's probably a mild way of putting this. The last thing he actually remembers is kissing Emma and that's it. Nothing makes sense. How he even got out here is beyond him. Stranger things have happened in Storybrooke though. Perhaps he passed out and wandered out here on his own. Memory lapses aren't exactly unrealistic back home.

He squeezes his eyes shut for a moment and lifts a hand to pinch the bridge of his nose. He swallows hard and his hand drops to rest off screen. ]
I dunno where I am and I'd really appreciate it if someone would kindly point me in the direction of a way home? If this is a kidnapping then you should be aware I'm a Sheriff and perhaps this isn't in your best interest? Grant me an exit and I'll let this slide alright?


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