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[ The message that comes through on the system is text, with no preface and no explanation, a day after his return. It is, in a way, a note pinned to a communal board with a fingerprint pressed in blood. In his new room on the tenth floor, Hannibal carefully monitors the responses, making sure that any remain private. The last thing he needs is for someone with a grudge to air his dirty laundry. ]

"It is true, we shall be monsters, cut off from all the world; but on that account we shall be more attached to one another."


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[Static crackles and pops over the feed.

It is a combination of a radio tuner whining listlessly between stations with decent service, the familiar whirring grumble of the dial-up tone ad infinitum, the hoarse screech of a car trying to start on a lonely highway in the middle of the night, where it has broken down for seemingly no reason at all.

Images flicker: an illustration of Lincoln's assassination, a room draped with red curtains, the Teletubbies, President Nixon, video footage of a piglet slowly decaying into loam. And then- A V O I C E.


[On occasion, between the odd frequencies scrambling the frame with black and white noise, a single eye will appear.]


I ' ᄂᄂ B Σ Щ Λ Ƭ ᄃ Ή I П G Y Ө Ц.

[The transmission cuts, leaving a fuzzy screen and a garbled message:]


May. 24th, 2015 07:42 pm
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Back home, I used to teach the children of Vega about our past and our hope for the future. That one day, humanity would be saved and we could rebuild again.

[She doesn't want to speak or show her face, preferring to use text.]

I want to see that day come, but being here is preventing that and I think I'm struggling a little. I'm the kind of person who does her best to rise above any doubts. Guess I'm having a bad day today.

[Being here also meant that her baby, Alex's baby would never be born. It was probably the hardest thing to deal with.]

I know I'm not the only person who has bad days here so if you have any advice on what I should do, please share it. Thank you.
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Action )

[after a bit of wandering and a whole lot of information that made next-to-no-sense to her, Faith has made her way to--where else--the kitchen. A box of cereal has been salvaged from a cabinet, and her coveralls have been rolled down to her waist, so when she manages to get the network recording, the image only catches a frowning, brown-haired woman in a white tank top, rather than the glowing neon-orange. Might as well only get the prison questions from people she actually has to see face-to-face.]

Yo. 'Sup? This thing actually working?

[another frown, and then a shrug. Either it is, or she's talking to herself. Can't be much crazier than anything else she's heard today]

Name's Faith, and where I'm supposed to be is way-the-hell-not-here. And not to say it was all sunshine and kittens, but I did kinda make a promise and all, so props or thanks or whatev to whoever can point to the yellow brick road.

[There's a pause and some rather loud crunching as she digs into the cereal box (ever the picture of manners, this one), followed by an afterthought]

By the by...where's a girl gotta go to get a new set of clothes? [still roomless, she was figuring she wouldn't be above shoplifting some new threads for however long she was stuck here]

[ooc - I'm cool with action threads happening pretty much anywhere, since she'll be wandering until she gets to the kitchen. Pre-food, she's likely to lean towards the aggressive side, but it's okay. She's reformed, now. It's mostly all talk.]

001 Video

May. 11th, 2015 05:44 pm
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[She's seen and heard others using this device. From the small information she's gathered and heard, this is Wonderland. Not anything like the stories in the books or the bits others mentioned while at Granny's. This place is...sinister. Not whimsical or enchanting, it's weird and creepy.

Everyone gathered in a mansion, forced to get along and cohabitate with each other? This didn't spell disaster. Fear made people act rashly, sometimes forming in mobs and jumping to conclusions. How often did Grumpy just run into Granny's screaming "terrible news" or raise the alarm before everyone was gathering to fight whatever was the new evil.

There was least a familiar face here, but were there more? What was the likelihood that someone else she knew was in Wonderland? If she was lucky, she wouldn't be alone. If she was really lucky, there was someone who could help her find her way back to Storybrooke. There had to be something?]

Hello? Um...sorry, I'm trying to learn to use this. My name is Belle and I'm from Storybrooke, Maine...before that the Enchanted Forest. Is there anyone else who knows that world or from that world?

[Please don't let her be alone.]


May. 11th, 2015 01:43 pm
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[Jefferson toys with the idea of publicly announcing his arrival for a long while. He had lived too long a hermit outside the fringes of Storybrooke society, and the idea of rejoining the thriving masses does not sound very appealing to him. Besides, there are other dangers to consider. Would the Queen of Hearts still be looking for him? Is the same Queen even in regency? He knows full well that nothing ever remains the same in Wonderland, and to expect the same as when he was here before would be absurd. He finally decides it is worth the risk.

How could he flush out his target without causing some sort of stir?

The video begins with Jefferson facing the camera directly, hands folded calmly in front of him and a darkened room behind him. He smiles easily, but there's something a little nervous in his demeanor. As far as anyone knows, he is new to Wonderland after all. A certain amount of uncertainty is to be expected. Little does anyone suspect how much time this man has spent in this nonsensical place. Or, at least, a fair facsimile thereof.]

Greetings, residents of Wonderland. It is my pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Jefferson, and I am a merchant by trade. Mostly rare fungi, but occasionally I dabble in trinkets... and hats. [He pulls a black silk hat into view of the camera briefly to illustrate his point.] I seem to have lost something of mine, and I wonder if any of you have seen it. It's about the size a breadbox. Cylindrical. Soft. Shabby-looking, I'm afraid, but very sturdy. If you feel you have found it, please contact me. I would hate for my something to cause a problem for anyone, so the sooner it can be back in my hands, the better.

[The smiles comes back, a little wider and more confident.]

And now Wonderland, I must ask you a very important question....

How do you take your tea?
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I've had just about enough of you.

[The video feed comes to focus on a rather.. unsettling image. Not one, but two Regina's. Admittedly, the yellow-eyed being looked a tad bit more menacing than the other, but that didn't make matters much better for some.]

Oh? And what are you planning on doing? Are you going to use magic to get rid of me?

[There's a pause before the shadow begins to cackle.]

Wait a moment. That's right! You can't use your magic, can you. All because that little boy of ours made you promise not to.

[Regina kept quite, clearly doing her best to ignore its words. She now knew what the Cheshire Cat was speaking about and she wasn't at all pleased.]

You know Henry never truly love you once he's found out all the terrible things you've done. All lives you taken. Crushed even.

[Regina made her way down the entrance way stairs and out into the yard.]

I'm just like magic you know. Can't be ignored. Can't be forgotten. Still a piece of you that'll forever tug away at your mind. Oh, I guess I'm also like your mother in that respect.

[Regina sneered, cursing a few inaudible words under breath to which the shadow laughed once more.]

There's nothing you can do that will make them accept you. Not Henry. Not Emma. Most certainly not little miss Snow White or her Charming. But you don't want their acceptance, do you? You just want them-


[Regina turned, a ball of fire blazing in the palm of her hand.]

I've just about had it with your words.


(( OOC: Regina can literally be found anywhere during any day of the event. In her room arguing with her shadow; in the mansion doing just the same; in the yards getting ready to beam a fire ball at her shadow's head; or out by the stables, sulking as her shadow is chatting away in her ear. Just let me know where you're running into her and we can take it from there! Video/Text is available if you want her somewhere specific, and if it makes more sense for your character to contact her this way. She's literally open to any location!))
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Private to Mary Margaret Blanchard & David Nolan )

Private to Martha Jones )

Private to Neal Cassidy )

Private to Dean Winchester )

Private to Balthazar )

Private to Jefferson )


[Emma is a person who doesn't do well without something to occupy her, meaning that most of her time here in Wonderland between various disturbances has been spent restless. During the morning, she can be found in the library, perusing the shelves and occasionally sitting at one of the tables or near one of the windows to look through one of a number of books she's pulled from the stacks.

Mid-day and most of the afternoon, she'll be at the diner on the eighth floor, slowing working her way through a sandwich followed by alternating cups of hot cocoa and coffee with a notebook open in front of her. She goes back and forth between writing and reviewing what she's already written -- there's too much for it all to be from this particular afternoon, but at least three pages of it are fresh.

Late afternoon, she'll be out at the beach, standing out at the end of the dock before seating herself on the edge of it, frowning as she looks out at the water. It's not quite like where she and Henry used to spend their afternoons together back in Storybrooke, but for a quiet thinking spot, it will have to do.]
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[Upon her arrival at the edge of the gardens on the seaward side, Mary Margaret raises up on her hands…sucking in a deep breath after dispelling the sea water that she must have taken in during their rough journey through the portal. She sighs, her heart beating rapidly-

They’ve made it.…but this place certainly doesn’t look like the Neverland that she had envisioned…

Then, genuine fear sets in, for she realizes that she is alone. She hurriedly surveys the area for another moment, quickly determining that this is, in fact, any place but their original destination. The last thing that she can remember is being on Hook’s ship, arms fastened around David’s waist as the portal drew them nearer.

Now, she’s here. Here in this strange place with none of her previous shipmates in sight. She doesn’t see anyone walking about the immediate area, but quickly notices what seems to be a communication device lying upright in the grass nearby. She scrambles for it, somehow managing to turn on the video function.
...Or perhaps.. it has been on all along?

Regardless, she speaks- mumbling to herself at first.]

What is this place? [Her voice slightly quavers.] David? Emma…- Are you here? Are you alright?

[If they had, in fact, made it here as well… that would be one weight lifted off of her shoulders. The next- would be to find Henry.]
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[The video feed kicks on to show what at first looked like a dark mass on the shore line. Upon closer examination, if anyone was looking at the time, the mass could be made out to look more human-like, face first in the sand. Looked like someone washed up on shore.]

[They didn't move at first, but after a few moments one could notice the person's hands twitching some. And then coughing. Looks like they were finally waking up.]

[The figure, now more distinctly noticeable as a female sat up slowly, wiping the sand from her face and torso. The woman's dark hair sat in the way of her face until she pulled it back behind her ears, her facial features much more visible now.]

Hook? [A cough. Damn sand.] Gold?

[She looked up and down the shore line. She was close to the docks, it seemed, but she saw no evidence of the Jolly Roger or it's crew. Had she fallen off the ship when they were falling through the portal? She could see the hedge maze from her location, the forest and even mansion far off in the distance. When she turned her gaze back inland, she noticed the journal wedged into the sand. Taking her gloves off, she reached for the item, the video shaking as she turned it around in her hands. After a moment, she rest the journal on her lap, the video still looking up at her.]

This certainly isn't Neverland. But this doesn't make sense. [She whispered to herself.]

[Looking to the ocean, she could tell the tides were going to rise soon. Best to get off the beach. One problem though. She had no idea where to go.]
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[Dick was a little quiet when he first arrived, giving a private shout out to a couple of people he saw were here. With the reactions he got, he knows this is going to be an interesting and hopefully rewarding experience.]

I never formerly introduced myself before, so here we go. I'm Richard Roman. You can just call me Dick. I get the gist of what this place is all about, but I'm in the market to get a little bit more information. As those I know have been less than helpful, I would really appreciate somebody else coming forward with the facts. I'm not going to ask you how to get out of here. I assume that would've been done by now. If I can be of any assistance then I'll be more than happy to help in any way that I can.

I have some experience in dealing with a problem or two.

[This is nowhere near like being on television in front of millions, but he treats it no different. After all, he is only here to help if he can't be working on his own goals right now.]

Oh, and I have one other question. It's a pretty simple one that I know somebody should be able to answer. I'd appreciate it.

[His lips curl into his trademark smirk. He may be essentially posing that smile specifically for the guy that threatened him if he happened to do anything...well..like this he supposes and threats are pointless. All he is doing is asking though. No harm in that.]

Where can a guy like me get a decent meal around here? I'm starving


May. 13th, 2013 07:04 pm
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Our hostess has a talent for keeping us entertained.
Personally, I've always been fond of Jubjub birds. Sweet, flighty creatures that wouldn't dare harm a soul.
So glad we had a chance encounter with one, of course.
I do hope she keeps us on our toes. The last thing anyone needs is to get comfortable.

[What are social skills that don't involve being completely sarcastic? Who knows.]

private message to James Potter:

We discussed my hat. Can you get one to work now?
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[Emma's voice is terse when she addresses the network, though she opts to leave her video function disabled for the time being. She'd rather people not see just how distressed she is at the moment, and though she's doing a fairly decent job keeping her voice calm and even, she's tense enough that it's obvious something isn't right.]

If anyone has seen Henry Mills in the last twelve hours, please. Let me know. I'd appreciate it.

For those who have been here awhile, is there a way to tell for sure when someone's gone home?

[He's been locked up in his room since the incident with the door was resolved, but today? She can't find him anywhere. Any kind of messages sent his way are a bust, too, and both his room and all of his usual haunts show no trace of him.

Damn it. She's had enough of this. Can't they both stay in one place for more than a few weeks at a time?]

Private Text to David Nolan )

1. [text]

Apr. 27th, 2013 07:09 pm
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Attention denizens of the Land of Wonders!

I still possess the ability to communicate through colored texts!

To celebrate this feat and my grand return to this realm I propose a slumber party. Of course this means there will be the game of truth and dare and I am positive it is mandatory to spin a bottle around as well. Through the spin the bottle technique we are able to determine who will kiss who. Using the tongues is not mandatory.

Bringing a rich variety of snacks is mandatory.

No slumber parties without pleasant Midgardian refreshments, of course.

I reside in room number 111.


L. Laufeyson

PS: bring your own blankets, I believe my bed only has one blanket, you see?
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[Good morning, Wonderland! The time is now roughly early dawn, and most residents are probably tucked up nice and cozy in their beds. You know who doesn't care? Meg. She doesn't care at all.

The video starts with one pissed off looking demon. The only view at the moment is her face, blood spattered against her cheek and her hair a tangled mess. She looks like she's been wrestling with alligators, truth be told.

Listen up. [ No sarcastic greeting from this one - she is on a mission now. ] Anyone in the mood for a little wolf hunt needs to get with me.

[ And she'll pull her device back to give a full view of her practically useless arm. It'll heal itself in time, but demons don't bounce back quite like angels do. It's slow going right now, but she doesn't feel the pain. She feels angry, and the slightest bit of adrenaline pumping through her veins. She has a focus now, a mission, and she will be ruthless until she wins. ]

Unless you want someone else to get mauled. Wouldn't that be a tragedy?

[ Quite honestly, she doesn't really care if anyone else is attacked or killed by the wolf. She just needs some damn backup. ]

ooc )


Apr. 23rd, 2013 09:59 am
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[ Erica's face pops up on the phone, and she seems to be checking her makeup in it—or, well, the black screen that popped up a few seconds before the video started recording. When she notices the little 'record' indicator, she grins, wide and almost feral, all of her teeth showing. ] Pretty swank digs you got here. [ She pulls away briefly to show the contents of her room, all done up like the inside of a Better Homes and Gardens mag. ] I like it. It's like the morons who kidnapped me want me to feel safe and at home.

[ A snort. It's clear she believes this about as much as she'd believe the sky is green. Her face turns to a patronizing little pout, and she tosses her hair out of her face. ] Seriously. You should probably let me go. When my Al-- [ And she actually stops herself, realizing what she's about to say and who probably kidnapped her? Yeah, she changing that subject pretty fast. ] When my friends find out I'm gone, they're not gonna be happy. I'll try to get them to leave body parts intact when they come to get me if you promise to let me go, now.
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[ When Stiles snaps awake, he's not in his bed like he remembered. He'd done his usual nightly routine--skype Scott till eleven, play an RPG until one and pass out dead until the morning for school. Oh no. Fate is awful to Stiles Stilinski, and Stiles Stilinski wakes up in the middle of a pool, spluttering and gasping for air, the wall unit catching the video of it all.

He looks around wildly, startled, brown eyes blown comically huge as he manages to get his bearings and tread water as the whole situation settles itself in his mind, and slowly, his brows come down and his mouth drops open. ]

This?! Is not funny!

[ Emphatic arm splashing. ]

For all you know I have pool trauma from that nightmare! [ And he's at least trying to get to the side now. Stiles' grumbling and yelling is easily caught on the communicator. ] Look, I get it. Apparently Most Kidnappable in Beacon Hills, but dude, throwing me in a pool for added shits and giggles?! Is kind of screwed up! So let's just get this out of the way, okay?

No, I don't know anything, and even if I did, I am pret-ty sure I would never actually tell you, woe is me, blah blah. So maybe you can come out here and kick my ass--a couple times instead of taking some kind of--dramatically ironic hilarity out of the farce of my life and we could all just move on our way, that'd be--hrrgh--swell.

[ That noise is the sound of Stiles lifting himself, sopping wet and obviously irritated, up onto the poolside. ]

And if there's a paralytic lizard douchebag waiting to swipe me up there, I swear to everything that is holy in this frickin world--[ And he grumbles and starts wringing out his hoodie. Nice to meet you, Wonderland. ]
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[Jo looks unsure as she fiddles with the device’s video function, pressing her lips together before collecting herself and putting on her best resolve face, swallowing down that creeping feeling of uncertainty. Whatever this place is, it’s not what she’d first assumed – at least, she doesn’t think so. She’s positive she died, there’s no mistaking that, but she highly doubts that any afterlife would provide her with a gadget like this one. Which means that now she has questions – a lot of them.]


[Her voice is hoarse, but at least she’s not tasting blood when she talks anymore. A definite improvement over the position she was in less than an hour ago. Puzzling, sure, but an improvement nonetheless.]

I’m guessing there has to be someone out there who can hear me, right? They wouldn’t give me one of these things otherwise, I’m pretty sure, but… if there’s anyone out there who can answer some questions for me, I’d appreciate it. Feeling kind of disoriented. Is—

[She cuts herself off. Oh, this was going to sound all kinds of stupid, but she had to ask. She knows what happened to her. Maybe someone else out there is in the same boat.]

Is anyone else here dead?

[She wrinkles her nose even as she asks it.

Yep. Just like she thought. It sounded pretty ridiculous, asking outright like that. Well. Couldn’t be helped.]
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[When David arrived, he arrived outside, surrounded by things he certainly did not recognize.]

What is this place- Where am I?

[At that point, he took a breath and vowed to himself to remain calm.] Mary Margaret? Emma, Henry? If you're here, answer me, please. If anyone knows who they are and where I can find them, please tell me.

To anyone else listening, anything you can tell me about this place will be greatly appreciated.
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Someone thinks they have a sense of humour.

[Why does he have to be in Wonderland again? It’s not his Wonderland, but it’s still undeniably Wonderland so he hates it just as much. He hates Storybrooke, but he would even rather be there. The sheer loneliness and pain from having to watch his daughter from a distance is even better than this. At least there, there is hope. At least there he knows she’s safe.

He’s not always the friendliest of people, and he doesn’t even bother trying to be amicable now that his mood is much more horrid than it usually is. Despite this, he’s desperate and hoping that someone who sees his video feed will have answers for him.]

I’m looking for my daughter, Grace. Does anyone know if she is here? Please.

[Top ten things Jefferson is not 0k with. Guess where this entire thing rates?]


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