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[So it's been a few days since the time travel thing didn't exactly pan out, and Zelena figures it's time to address that. Since she's still here and presumably is going to be here for a while, it sort of has to be done.

But for what it's worth, she doesn't look as upset about that as she probably should be.]

For the record, I never thought I'd have to have this conversation, but here we are. Or I suppose, here I am.

[Okay, now she looks slightly unhappy about the whole haha, you're stuck in Wonderland thing.]

So I can't open a portal out of here, it doesn't matter. Doesn't change anything as far as I'm concerned. I'm still going to get what I want, now I just know to try something else.

[Wow, she's basically arrived at the same point everyone else in Wonderland was at months ago. Which is the part where they all told her that this was stupid and impossible.]

And if you're expecting an apology because I've wronged you or something, look elsewhere. Like I already told my sister, I don't regret a single thing I've done and would do it again if I thought it would work this time.

[...so basically she's just taken up everyone's valuable time to reiterate that she's still here and still wicked, or evil, or whatever word anyone wants to describe the completely unrepentant terrible person she is.]

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May. 11th, 2015 05:44 pm
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[She's seen and heard others using this device. From the small information she's gathered and heard, this is Wonderland. Not anything like the stories in the books or the bits others mentioned while at Granny's. This place is...sinister. Not whimsical or enchanting, it's weird and creepy.

Everyone gathered in a mansion, forced to get along and cohabitate with each other? This didn't spell disaster. Fear made people act rashly, sometimes forming in mobs and jumping to conclusions. How often did Grumpy just run into Granny's screaming "terrible news" or raise the alarm before everyone was gathering to fight whatever was the new evil.

There was least a familiar face here, but were there more? What was the likelihood that someone else she knew was in Wonderland? If she was lucky, she wouldn't be alone. If she was really lucky, there was someone who could help her find her way back to Storybrooke. There had to be something?]

Hello? Um...sorry, I'm trying to learn to use this. My name is Belle and I'm from Storybrooke, Maine...before that the Enchanted Forest. Is there anyone else who knows that world or from that world?

[Please don't let her be alone.]
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Okay, look, we have a problem. I've been here for two months and I'm still not a vampire. Why did you think I was asking around? For research? There's a big opportunity here. Vampires don't have reflections. Wonderland has evil mirrors. This isn't that hard to figure out, people.

[april sighs and then heads out with the video outside her room to door of the ballpit, which now contains a new decoration.]

image under cut )

Anyway, vampires aside...[she points at the poster] If anyone sees this man/child attempting to enter the ball pit, please restrain him. I will reward you handsomely. Otherwise, the ball pit is still open to people but you may need to watch out for my new friends, Dracula, the Wolf-Man, and Van Helsing. [raccoons.] Stay cool, Wonderland.
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[Unlike last time, Zelena's not being accidentally filmed again. This is completely intentional today, and wow is she mad.]

Do you really think stealing from me is going to work? Because it won't. All you've done is give me a reason to start searching Wonderland for what I've lost. So instead of leaving the rest of you alone like I'd planned, you can thank whichever thief is among you for what comes next. And believe me, you'll be wishing you could be rid of me something so simple as a bucket of water.

[That's right, it's not her fault. It's Michonne's fault. Blame her if someone gets turned into a monkey or set on fire.]

Unless of course, they'd like to personally come forward and make up for their incredibly poor decision making.


And don't think whoever told them about it is getting off easy either, I'll be having a chat with them as well.

[It's a fairly small list of people who could've told someone about the courage totem, and she controls two of them, so she doesn't see this taking too long.]
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How would you train something that you didn't understand? An ability/power/magic. If you wanted to get better at using it where would you start?
The obvious answer would be practice but it isn't that simple. Or nice to think about what that would mean.
If you can't do it at will how do you get better?
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[Souji spent the first day of the event scouring the inn and the surrounding area to see to what extent Wonderland had tried to recreate it. Right down to the seals over some of the doors, the inn itself is almost perfect. Almost.

There's no better word than "moping" for what he spent the rest of yesterday doing, but now it's the second day and he feels up to addressing the network. And after a day of watching James and Sirius completely flounder at things like wearing a yukata robe properly and using chopsticks and sleeping on a futon, he thinks he probably needs to. Everyone is being subjected to his memory and he can at least offer some...cultural assistance to those who might want it.]

This is my event. [Gotta start somewhere.] This is the Amagi Inn and the town down the hill is Inaba. It's too bad you can't get to it--it's nice there.

[For Souji, this is rambling, so he gets back on track.]

I know most people in Wonderland right now aren't Japanese. If you need someone to explain how to do things here, I don't mind answering questions.

...Though it doesn't really matter, I guess. [It's not like there's any penalty for stabbing your food with your chopsticks, even if it's kind of impolite.]
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[Michael's never been the social type, he speaks to others when it is necessary, but he's not the shy sort either. He's just reserved, and he's kept to himself, observing Wonderland and all its ways. The archangel has noticed a few things, though it is nothing that Wonderland tries to hide, but he's noticed them anyways, and he's a little hung up on one of its most obvious quirks.

People come and they go. With no warning. There one moment, gone the next.

The appearances and disappearances happen at times that seem almost random, no method or reason, but if it were all part of some grand plan, what better way to hide it than a seeming lack of design and purpose. When he decides to address the network (via video), he's stern, as usual, but more resigned than is typical for him.]

This may come as no surprise, but more of us have gone home.

[At least that is where he assumes they have gone, as it is just as likely that they've gone from one Wonderland to another.]

Alex Lannon. [A short pause.] Gabriel and William before that.

[He sighs then, they'd all gone pretty quickly. Though Alex was the most recent person that he was aware of.]

It is also my belief that there aren't many angels left as well. [Heavenly intuition, he likened it to, but he could feel that most had gone home.] If anyone has any thoughts on the subject of the way everyone comes and goes, may they be hypothetical or otherwise, it does not matter. I would like to hear them.

[Michael lets the feed end there.]

[ooc: Video, action, text. Anything is welcome.]
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[The video starts, portraying a woman who is dressed rather snappily, adorned in shades of grey. It is a lighter coloured blouse with a buttoned up charcoal vest over top of it. Each ear is adorned with an earring, and a hint of a chain of a necklace is visible peaking out from beneath the high collar. The hat, usually worn, is casually resting on one knee of her crossed legs. She seems at ease, her hands rest lightly on hat, although there is something in her eyes that speaks otherwise. Her hair is neatly tucked up in a coiffed style, looking proper and without a hair out of place.

Her expression seems almost bland when she finally speaks, although there is that slight drawl to her voice. It is a soothing tone with a sultriness to it, almost like one would expect a snake to sound like if it spoke...]

How wonderful. A free trip I never wanted, and to Wonderland to boot. Hardly my style though, and given my missing Looking Glass...

[There is a soft sigh as her head tilts slightly to the side.]

Forgive me for not giving my thanks, but I've never played at being nice. Tut tut though. Hasn't anyone heard that it is in poor taste to not offer an invitation? Not that I would have accepted, mind, but it is the thought that counts, no?

[Her voice says otherwise though.]

And it is ever so rude to start off on the wrong foot...


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