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This is a mess... Armin seems like he's doing better now, but...

[Not looking directly at the camera just yet, Eren takes a moment to finish up re-bandaging what's left of Armin's leg before turning to greet his audience. So as not to upset anyone with the sight of the gruesome wound (they've seen enough blood already over that last few weeks) he's careful to keep most of it out of view. Still, one can still catch a glimpse of Armin in the corner of the screen, fast asleep in a rather large, compfy-looking four poster bed. A sharp eye might be inclined to recognize it and the rest of the room as Integra's.]

To the people who helped out the other day- I think your names were Carlos and James? ...Thank you. I really owe you one. I mean it. If you ever need help with anything, just tell me and I'll be there.

[There's a lot more Eren could say on the matter, but in the end, he decides to leave it at that. He knows if he says much more, he'll end up getting too emotional.

After taking a deep breath, he forces himself to move on to the next order of business:]

So... Healing "magic." Is it true that there are people here who can do that? Can someone help my friend?

((ooc: Replies might be coming from Armin, as well. Souji is lined up to answer Eren's request, but all comments are more than welcome!))

006; video

Jan. 8th, 2015 10:56 pm
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[The feed is shaking. It won't focus properly on Armin's face, wan with terror, looking out to the distance. His breathing is sharp and quick.]

[No. This can't be happening. He's tried so hard to find a way out, to avoid this-- have all his efforts been for naught? They're here, and the Mansion is nothing more than a giant feed box...]

[calm down. calm down.
Calm down. Giving into despair now won't save anyone. He has to at least warn them of the dangers ahead. Armin draws a hand back through his hair and swallows thickly.]

Do not...

[He stands up straighter.]

Do not engage the incoming Titans!

They aren't normal monsters. They can't be killed by normal means. Facing them head-on will end in death-- Please listen very carefully to what I'm about to say. It will save your life.

[Armin takes a deep breath, and then speaks quickly, but clearly, with careful enunciation. It's like he's listing off bullets ordered up in his head.]

Titans-- the monsters that you now see approaching-- do not feel fear. You cannot intimidate them with shows of power. They are mindless, ruthless, and their only goal in existing is eating people. They feel no pain, so superficial wounds will not hinder them. They will do whatever is in their power to eat you, no matter how badly wounded. Never let your guard down.

The only way to stop a Titan is to kill it. And the only way to kill a Titan is to cut out a chunk of flesh from the napes of their necks, where the spinal cord would meet the brain stem on a human. Any other wound will heal-- and at an astonishing rate-- even if you blow a Titan's brains out, it will regenerate. The fatal point on their neck is their only vulnerable spot.

The only other weaknesses worth taking advantage of are... Titans are single-minded and stupid, and can be easily led into traps with enough skill, where they can be more easily dispatched. If you somehow incapacitate a Titan's limbs, that will render them motionless until they regenerate. They can also be blinded with shot. And they subsist on sunlight, so their movements slow dramatically at night.

Fortifications have appeared around the Mansion, and there are rail-guns on the roof. If anyone has the courage to help, I could use every hand available-- No, we need every hand available. If we can't fend these Titans off, they can and will tear the Mansion apart to eat every last person hiding inside.

[He continues to stare out into the distance. His jaw is tight.]

...Anyone who wants to give their lives for humanity, and fight the Titans hand-to-hand-- they should contact my Captain, Levi. He'll make use of you somehow.


[Armin closes his eyes, as if in pain.]

I'm sorry. I couldn't get us out. I did everything I could to try and avoid this fate, but... I failed. I'm so sorry. This is all my fault.

[A faint rumbling can be heard from far away.]

ooc: [Game start! Titans are now advancing on the Mansion. Team Armin and Team Levi will make their separate log posts later.]
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[audio; open]

[Half the day passes before realises that she'd been in Wonderland for a year. Minus the week (year, such a long year) it sent her home, at least. The realisation comes as she's poring over whatever texts she can find that contain even the briefest mention of the human soul. It's a long, boring search, 0/10 do not recommend. She contemplates letting the day pass without fanfare, but it's been a year. The strangest, most infuriating year of her life.

And that's counting everything after Emma Swan came to town.

This however, is not what she needs to talk to Wonderland at large about.]

During the chaos of the Jabberwocky attacks, my Mirror freed the vampire, Angelus. [She pauses, to let people, particularly his recent victims, to absorb that information.] She's also the reason he's free in the first place, [Because Once Upon a Time magic plus Buffyverse magic equals a bad time for all.]

I'm doing everything I can to fix the problem, [It's insensitive, but that's what it is, really.] but all of you might want to carry a wooden stake or two.

His heart's back in his body now, so they'll actually work.

[It's more subdued than the last time she took responsibility for something so huge, and logically she knows that she can't be blamed for her Mirror's actions, but. They lead to something truly horrific, and for that she's sorry.]

On that note, [You can almost hear her massaging the bridge of her nose.] does anybody know anything about souls?

[There's no point trying to keep it a secret. If anything, she wants him to know his days are numbered.]

[resistance notebook; several hours later; semi-open to resistance members]

[Later, she realises she should probably tell someone what she and Castiel found in the Queen's chambers. It might not help in the long run, but it could be the break they need. Who knows?

In the quiet of her own room, after a drinking session with Ms. Swan, she pulls out the notebook. Eventually, a short message appears.]

The Queen of Hearts' chambers were left unguarded during the chaos at Christmas. With the help of Castiel, I managed to recover Angel's heart but the enchantments on the room prevented us from taking anything else. Of note were the following: A pair of blue eyes in jar, and an orb of light. Going by my own experience, it appears to be someone's voice. There was no way of telling who it belongs to, but I thought it worth mentioning.
- Regina

private message for Emma Swan )
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[ the face that comes upon the network today is full of smiles. wonderland, meet a young woman dressed in soft jeans and a pale blue sweater, blonde hair caught up in a ponytail. she's in the kitchen, standing upon what seems to be boxes upon boxes of ice cream. ]

-- Wonderland, I was told, how are you?

[ a moment later the smile brightens a bit more. ]

Perhaps a silly thing to ask after the hard days we have seen. I'm new to this....place, myself but!

[ look at her being cute ]

if there is anything I've learned is that no matter where you are, there is no woe that cannot be cured by ice cream and I happen to be quite good at making it so.

[ she gestures towards the boxes. ]

I would like to invite you to try for yourself. I know this Mansion gives food away quite easily but there is no competing homemade ice cream and I happen to have made fourteen different flavors.

[ and they will stay cold and won't melt either, can you guess why? ]

I can think of no better way for me to get to know you and this land.

[ come meet the ice cream lady, wonderland. she's obviously harmless. ]
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charming wandering before broadcasting )

[ David's found a place to broadcast from. He's in the kitchen. The brochure was an easy read. It's given him some information, but he doesn't trust it. Not in the slightest. If you look closely you can see the empty baby carrier behind him. ]

My name's David Nolan. [ His voice is calm, but bordering on cracking. ] I need to find my family. My wife--her name is Mary Margaret or Snow depending on what kind of mood she's in. [ He cracks a smile that doesn't get to his eyes. ] My daughter's named Emma. And my son--[ This is where David's voice starts to shake. His jaw tightens. ]--his name's Neal, but he's just a baby. I--he wasn't with me when I arrived. I have his baby carrier--[ He glances behind him at it. ]--it's just. [ David steers his words elsewhere. He won't break. ] Also my grandson could be here as well. His name's Henry.

[ His gut twists and wrenches. ]

If you've seen them contact me immediately or tell them David is looking for them. Or Charming. Please. I just need to know they're okay.

[ His hands are starting to shake and it's evident by the small vibrations in the video. He has to turn it off and force himself to take a breath and get calm. ]
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[ when the feed comes up, everyone is welcome to see a slightly exhausted and obvious dealing with personal issues sort of smile from mary margaret. then again, she's also got one hell of a poker face, so if you don't know her too too well then it's possible you'll miss it entirely.

she's in the kitchen again, which comes as a surprise to no one, but this time she's not really cooking. instead, she's sitting at the table, with what looks like boxes of decorations sitting around her. fall leaves and stuffed turkeys and lots and lots of plates. there's a mug of hot cocoa sitting in front of her, cinnamon dusting the whipped cream, and her fingers are wrapped around the ceramic.

there's a hint of a twitch in her fingers, but that's more out of a vague memory - a still unsettled sense of wrong - that has followed her out of the last event. she holds her head up high, though, smile still there. everything is fine. ]

I haven't been around long enough to have been here last year, but for those of you who were, was there anything done for Thanksgiving dinner? [ and as she talks, she seems to relax. this comes too easily for her, but then again, this is just a mimic of every post she's seem to have made. gathering wonderland for food. ]

I'm not sure if there is anyone who already was planning on coordinating one, but if there is I would love to help. [ she breathes, then continues. ]

After the last event, I think a nice big dinner is in order. [ a beat, while she thinks. ] Everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving- do you have a favorite dish?


Oct. 30th, 2014 06:45 pm
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[ there had been a large vacancy in his life during that event, one that continued through when memories were returned and everyone was back in Wonderland.


she hadn't been in Storybrooke, and her room looked as though she had just- disappeared. he'd gone to find Frank, to find if he'd seen her, but that had come up fruitless as well. they'd both been absent during the event, continued to be following it.

(her things were still in her room, which was the only part of this keeping him together. the fact that her belongings were right where she left them meant that she wasn't gone, wasn't sent him, just- missing. missing could be found again. ]

If you know them, Hazel Levesque and Frank Zhang are missing. Their belongings are still in their rooms, but they weren't present during the recent event, and Hazel hasn't been seen since everyone returned.

[ the video flicks on briefly, but only so that Nico can hold up a sketch from Hazel's sketchbook; an incredible likeness of his sister and her boyfriend. before long, the feed cuts again so he can return to text. ]

That's what they look like. If you happen to see them- [ what? do what? Nico isn't exactly known for sticking around, either. but he'd never been gone for the entire duration of an event and stay disappeared once things returned to normal. ]

Do people often go missing like this, as opposed to being sent back to their own worlds?
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[When the feed clicks on, the gardens are visible behind Regina. She'd debated doing this from a random room on a random floor, somewhere people couldn't find her if they were angry about the event, but it was a Wednesday. She's glad she took the chance to visit her father's grave while they were in the facsimile of Storybrooke. If she'd waited until Wednesday like she used to, she would have missed out. So no hiding in a room for fear of retribution, she's out in the gardens to honour her father's memory.]

Hello, Wonderland. [She swallows, a frown marring her face.] No doubt some of you know what the last event was, or at least that it was a small town in-- [... Oh. Weird. She can't think of the word, like there's a gap in her memory again.] For those of you that don't, it was Storybrooke. The home of quite a few of us here in Wonderland.

[There'd been a small explosion of their numbers, before it evened out a little. When she continues, her voice is level, almost flat. She's uneasy about admitting this, but others have explained when events were theirs, she could at least do the same. Besides, it isn't as if she regrets ever casting it in the first place, for Wonderland to take and twist it against them.]

It was created by a curse, the Dark Curse. [There's a brief pause, as she debates what to say next.] It was cast to punish someone, to ensure she never got her own happy ending. Everybody else was just collateral damage.

[Which isn't entirely true. Jefferson certainly wasn't, neither was Whale. ]

Almost everybody caught in the path of the curse had their memories, their lives, ripped away from them until they were barely recognisable. They had no goals, no dreams, no hope. They just... were.

[Which is as horrible as it sounds, but that's besides the point.]

Wonderland's version of Storybrooke wasn't entirely accurate, [Which is almost upsetting, the least it could've done was given her access to the full contents of her vault.] and while I can hope that extended to the false memories you were all given, we all know enough about Wonderland to know it would be a waste of time. [She shrugs, the corner of her mouth turning up into an unpleasant smile.] At least it was only 5 days.

['Instead of 28 years' is left unsaid, but those in the know will understand.]

For most of you, Storybrooke was just another event. You'll get over it.

[The broadcast ends shortly afterwards, though she doesn't bother to move from the gardens.]
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[ The feed cuts on and Peter is seated in a rather comfy looking chair. He's in his room for the time being. He never really was sure what to do about Derek's presence in this place, but he thought he had time to at least speak to the boy. Though the fact that he's no longer here may work in his favor. There's still a part of him that will miss him. Maybe not completely, but a small part hidden underneath all his failed power attempts. Derek is his family. One of the last remaining pieces. Cora and him are the last ones standing. He doesn't particularly care for the others. He doesn't care so much anymore. He's made his allies and there's absolutely nothing they can do to change that. ]

It would seem my nephew departed sometime ago.

[ He's only just speaking about it now. Things have been hectic and he hasn't exactly been sure what he was feeling. ]

I believe some of you knew him. His name was Derek Hale.

[ Peter takes a moment rub the center of his forehead. ]

Cora, if you're out there then I believe we should talk. I know I haven't been the best uncle in the past, but we're the last Hale's standing. [ Malia told him she didn't want to be called a Hale, but he doesn't really respect guidelines. Or rules. Or wishes of other people. ] Other than my daughter. [ Okay so he won't say her name. ] We're gonna need each other now more than ever.

[ He takes a breath to steady himself. Whether it's all part of the act is unknown. Peter lies like no one else. It's easy to put on a show when you've been doing it your whole life. ]

Most of you know me as JR and while that was my name as a boy I do tend to go by Peter in some circles back home.
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[ when the feed finally does come on, mary margaret isn't in the kitchen. a surprise to anyone who saw her last post, honestly, but times have changed. things are happening. she's changed. for now, she's sitting outside - off near the forest - just because it feels a little more familiar to her. comfortable. she's in outdoorsy clothes and has a bow over her shoulder and a quiver leaning against her leg where she's seated on some kind of log or stump.

there's an odd sort of twitch in her jaw when she starts talking, but she covers it easily enough. ]

I hope everyone is doing well. [ a polite smile from her. she's fully aware of that last event, wonderland, and she's not amused by what it did to her loved ones. ] After the last few events it seems like we could use some more downtime.

[ a breath, and then she seems to ease into it, like just because she's started talking she's back into her comfort zone. ]

I have a couple of things I wanted to mention, I guess, the first concerning myself more than anything. [ a breath, regina's warning ringing someone in the back of her mind as she holds her head a little higher. ] I introduced myself as Mary Margaret when I first got here, and many of you know me as that, which is fine. Mary Margaret is still a name I can go by, and accept as part of me. But I did want to clear up the fact that it is not my actual name, or who I am. [ a beat where she considers if this is even worth it at all, before - again - she continues. ]

My name is Snow White. [ is she holding back a small smile? probably. ] And from what I can tell, for most of you I'm what you consider a fairy tale. That is fine, because that seems to apply to more than just my world, but where I'm from I'm actually quite real, as is the tale itself. You are more than welcome to call me whatever you like, but I did want to let those I've talked to know, and this seemed the easiest way.

[ she's already told those few closest to her - derek and stiles, bigby - but for everyone else, this works much better. ]

The second thing was more of an idea, but it seems to me that there are a lot of us here who are missing someone from home. In a few cases, it might be a few someones. [ she misses her dwarves, okay. and ruby. and a certain prince charming. ] While I can't promise anything in the ways of bringing those people here, I've always found that coming together eases some of that pain. There are plenty of avenues to keep involved in Wonderland - with classes and the school and group meetings - but I want to suggest another option.

Dinners. [ sorry, mary margaret. what? ] Family dinners. Maybe once a month? I'm pretty good at cooking for larger parties- [ or maybe just seven dwarves who eat enough for hundreds. ] So I wouldn't mind preparing the food. Just for a chance for people to get together a chat, outside of the normal Wonderland setting. If anything, it would be a chance to let some of you eat a home-cooked meal every once in a while. I'll hold the first one tonight, and everyone is welcome, but it would help me immensely if I could get a heads up to who all is interested. Just so I make enough food.

[ another pause, where she's not really sure how to end this, before she just gives an easy smile and a nod before cutting the feed off. ]

private to emma, derek, stiles and nico )
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[It takes a few days for Bigby to gather his thoughts and figure out the best way to contact people. The events of the past few days have really shaken him. He is not used to having his memories manipulated and it scares him a bit to know how easily he was swayed. The following are a series of text messages Bigby sent out Friday, June 13th.]

Text to Mary Margaret )

Text to Bran )

Text to James )

Text to Dean )

Text to Natasha )

Text to Jo )
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[She feels like she should have known better. If she had remembered Wonderland at all while she'd been gone, she's sure she would have known that potentially happy ending she'd landed in back in Storybrooke couldn't last. They never did, seeing as how they were a freaking myth and all. Mary Margaret and David could believe whatever they wanted, keep on being beacons of hope and perfectly content to trust that simply being on the side of good would earn them all a happy ending of some kind, but she knew better.

Just like the last time, she'd been yanked away from something good and unceremoniously dropped back into Wonderland. At least this time around, she had more in the way of friends.]

Please tell me I at least missed one of the really awful events during my trip home.

[She hates the bouncing back and forth more than anything; it's cruel, the way this place teases them with tastes of home, but if she missed out on some kind of fire-breathing monster in the process, she'll take it.]

Otherwise, I'm looking to file a complaint with the management. If they're going to toss people back and forth between worlds, they could at least provide an in-flight movie or something. Also, not really loving getting dumped in the woods this time around. Sloppy dismount, Wonderland.

[And really, just plain rude.

Anyone who happens to be outside this afternoon might catch a glimpse of Emma marching out of the forest, looking like she might have woken up in the brush or some obliging tree. She's had better days, at least, and while she's managed to brush most of the debris off of herself, there's still a few stray leaves and twigs sticking to her clothes and hair in places. Otherwise, she'll be making her way through the gardens and into the mansion itself, where people can find her in the entrance hall or, once dinnertime rolls around, sitting in the diner at her favorite booth, writing in the trusty notebook she's been maintaining since she first came to Wonderland. Keeping timelines straight means keeping a hell of a lot of notes.

Almost immediately after her arrival, she'll be sending out a number of private calls over the network:]

Private to Regina Mills: )

Private to Killian Jones: )

Private to Mary Margaret Blanchard: )

Private to Robin Hood: )

Private to Mr. Gold: )
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[When the video feed starts up, it shows a man seated at a desk in a rather nondescript room. Not much can be seen behind him beyond a bed and closet. Much more noteworthy is his face, which has a few bruises and a line of stitches extending outward from the corner of his mouth.

Despite that, he has a bright, open look on his face, though the fact that he's sitting up straight and looking head-on at his phone's camera makes it clear that he means business.]

So... had a few days to take everything in, read what information I could find. It's been helpful, it really has. [A lot of the work and investigation had already been done for him, though that hasn't prevented Steve from doing his own exploration.]

Just a few questions, if anyone can help. [And so far, most everyone has been helpful.] I can only assume there's some escape effort that's been put together here. A group of like-minded people, working together to get everyone home. I'd like to be a part of that. [It might seem overly transparent to ask about something like that over a network like this, but Steve has no interest in secrecy, especially not after everything that he's been through.]

Secondly, I've heard a lot about people being from different worlds. I'm trying to get an idea of how many we're dealing with. [He knows about Asgard and has heard vaguely of the Nine Realms, but beyond that he's clueless. He needs to determine the scope of this operation.]

Oh, and the name's Steve Rogers. I'll do whatever I can to get us all out of here. [It's meant mainly as a test to see if anyone here is going to recognize him, or if he actually has some manner of anonymity in this place.

With that said, he offers a small smile and then ends the feed.]
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I can say 100% that that was the crappiest april fools ever. "Hey, have fun with the random body mods. If you don't, be sure to stop by the party with all of your least favorite people." Seriously, just when I think this place can't get worse.

I'm not letting this stop the original plan. If you signed up for school stuff, I'd like to get everyone together Saturday to kick things off. Not gonna wait for another catastrophe to drop on our heads.

I } text

Mar. 17th, 2014 12:49 am
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[It’s taken Hook a while to type out the message. What business do letters have being in some strange, nonsensical order? What sort of alphabet goes from Q to M instead of A to Z? It’s bloody confusing, but he’s managed, at last, to type out his message on the automatic writing mechanism he found in his pocket. It seems to have some sort of magical ability to show images and produce sounds too, but he has yet to figure those ones out.

The message is short and a bit stilted. He’s not used to having to hunt so hard for each letter, and finding advanced punctuation or capital letters is beyond him. But it gets the point across.]

to whom it may concern

ive found myself on strange shores and could use information should it be available. the name is captain hook. im supposed to be in new york. does anyone know how to get there? i need to find emma swan. it is very important.

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[ One minute, you're minding your own business in camp, enjoying your victories, and ignoring the impending doom that is becoming a constant cloud over your head, and the next, you're appearing in a mansion.

At first, Leo's ninety percent sure he's getting some weird dream vision from his dad again. Supposedly Zeus put a stop to those, so he's a little impressed with Hephaestus' tenacity, but after a hard pinch to the arm, he's sort of figuring out he's actually awake right now, and someone just transported him out of nowhere to somewhere else. Was it Gaea, or was it something else entirely? No one had ever been able to do this before, and there's something on his person that wasn't there before, like a little phone, so maybe it was his dad--

His mind is racing, to the point where his body is hot to the touch, and then there's no warning and he just lights up, flaring wild orange and red in the middle of the hallway. It's that that brings him back to the present, and Leo swears, loudly, and tries to calm himself down--by the time his fire's been put out, he's standing, butt naked, in the middle of the entrance hall.


The little device he found himself with, however, is unharmed. The demigod pretty much scrambles across the room to find a tapestry to duck behind, covering the important bits, then squints at the device, just laying there, innocently.

There's a moment of indecision before he dashes across the room, grabs it, and runs back. A little curious tinkering reveals the capabilities of the device, and Leo clicks record on the video setting. He looks a little singed, and is holding the device far enough away from his face so that you can just see the tapestry and part of his naked chest.]

So... Am I posting to some kind of kidnapee network? Uh, hi, my name's Leo, and I think I just got kidnapped too, and, uh...

[ He winces, and tries for a smile that might be sheepish. ] Can anybody bring me some clothes?
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[ when the camera first turns on, the feed is still moving, looking a lot like a home movie might with the person in front of the camera trying to get it set up straight. and then when it stops, mary margaret steps back into the frame, smiling brightly once she's set up.

around her is what looks like a food-network style kitchen, somewhere between homey and industrial, with so much baking supplies pulled out and set out all over the counters. mary margaret's got an apron on, with a floral print, and the sleeves of her blouse are pulled up past her elbows. she looks excited, and when she settles into the spot she's decided on, her hands move to her hips. ]

Hello, Wonderland! For those I haven't had the chance to meet, my name's Mary Margaret. I've been here in the mansion for a little while now, but this is my first announcement so far.

[ for a brief moment she looks almost self-conscious, muttering a i hope i'm doing this right under her breath before she takes a deep one, straightening back up. excited, remember? ]

When I came down to the kitchen today I noticed it was much bigger than it has been. And with an endless supply of materials, I figured it would be worth reaching out to the network. [ does her smile brighten a little? maybe. ] I'm by no means an incredible chef, but I can make a few pretty good dishes, and I do love to bake. If anyone has some free time, or would like to learn how to make a few basic dishes, I'll most likely be here all day.

There's plenty of room in here for anyone who might be interested, and for those who might not want to make anything at all, I'm sure we'll have extra food if you're hungry. Don't be afraid to just stop in!

[ a wave, and then she's leaning forward again to turn the feed off. ]

private texts&action )


Mar. 3rd, 2014 12:49 am
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[ when the video feed comes on, it’s still moving, as if the camera hadn’t quite settled down before the person on the other end pressed record. there’s a faint voice in the background, a murmuring of some rant, just out of range. on screen you can see a tired blonde, dirty, covered in grime, dust, spider webs…

don’t ask.

but the feed itself is focused on a girl’s face, straight, tense- there’s a muscle that jumps in her jaw, like she’s doing everything she can to hold something in. the grey of her eyes is dark, stormy, and leaning towards panic. ]

This this is supposed to go out to everyone here, right? [ is that panic spiking a little? probably. not like she hasn’t spent her entire life avoiding that exact same sentiment. ] His name is Percy Jackson. If he’s here, I need to know. Seaweed Brain, if you’re-

[ in the background, the murmuring suddenly becomes much clearer, a very defined sort of Annabeth, what- and then the feed jumps again, like it’s being pulled out of her hand. ]

Oh, hey.

[ and that’s because it was pulled out of her hand, by a redhead that’s looking- not panicked, but confused, maybe. flustered. she’s pretty convinced this is some trick of the gods, but it doesn’t make any sense. the timing, the setting. why, so far, it’s just her and Annabeth. but Rachel’s life revolves around fate, the idea that everything does happen for a reason, so after she ran into her best friend and found a room to commandeer and just sit in a for a while, she started to ramble. whatever came to mind, whatever possible explanation there could be, she was spewing it out. which, apparently, was when Annabeth started to record.

hence the surprise on her face, despite the fact that Rachel is in no way camera shy or- any kind of shy. she’s mostly just hoping none of her rambles were broadcast on this little ( or not so little ) network

Right, so. We’re looking for Percy, yes, absolutely- [ she looks off camera to nod at Annabeth, see, she’ll restate it just so everyone hears it. he’s important, finding him is important, but so is- ] - as well as anybody else that recognizes the name Camp Half-Blood, or- [ there’s a slight grimace, but she’d deny it ] Camp Jupiter. And we’re looking for answers, too.

If anyone feels like sharing what they know about this place and why we’re here, that would be great.
[ nodnodnod ] Really, don’t be afraid to just lay it all out, plain and simple. Or plain and not-so-simple. We can handle it. We want to handle it. No sugarcoating, please. I will totally not be accepting any sort of “maybe you should sit down first” attitudes about this. Trust me, anything you have to say about this place, I guarantee you that we’ve heard worse. Or weirder. Or scarier. [ a beat ] But hey, good news would be nice too. So, if you’ve got any of that… [ there’s a big “ah? ah?” smile after she trails off ]
Oh! And where do we go to seek out medical attention? Annabeth - that’s my friend here, and I’m Rachel, hey - needs to have her leg looked at, sooner than later. So. Yeah.

I’m fine.

Oh, no you are not- [ click. ]

[ ooc;; rachel's dialogue is in green, annabeth's is in black. replies will come from both girls! ]
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[The feed cuts on to reveal a teenage girl with one eyebrow partially raised and her lips pursed slightly in an obvious expression of irritation. Despite her best efforts at appearing only irritated, though, her eyes are shining with wariness that's bordering almost on fear.

And no wonder, really, considering behind her is what appears to be a part of a nondescript looking bedroom and then, well, nothing. Literally nothing more than the void of empty space. Space that she very nearly tumbled into upon her arrival, no less. Not that she's telling anyone that. No, she isn't looking to explain who she is or what happened when she showed up here. She just wants answers and, instead of asking in a polite manner, decides to just make her irritation at the situation known before biting out a singular question between practically clenched teeth.]

What. The. Hell?

[And that's it. Feel free to explain, if you'd like, or even stop by to see her in person if you're capable. She'll just be sitting here, questioning when, exactly, her life crossed that thin line between makes-sense-only-to-a-hunter to this.]
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[Emma is really, really not a huge fan of heights. Flying was never a problem, but being stuck like this with a damn near infinite drop waiting for you if you take one wrong step?

Not her idea of a good time.]

So, here's a question for you. Who out there is able to move around without fear of plummeting to their death?

[First off, she's jealous. Second of all, she might have a favor to ask of you.]

Also, is anyone else nervous about-- you know. Rolling off in their sleep?

Anyway. I got lucky enough to end up over by the diner. I was thinking if there are people out there who are able to move freely, we might organize some supply runs for those who got screwed and trapped somewhere without food or water or other essentials.

Private to Henry Mills )

Private to Mary Margaret Blanchard )

Private to Regina Mills )


[For now, at least, Emma will be settling in at the diner -- she's not going very far without risking one of those lethal drops, after all, though she was lucky enough to only have a few smaller gaps to jump in order to get here in the first place. A mug of hot chocolate and a few phone calls later, she'll be feeling adventurous again, but for the time being, she'll be doing what she can to help people organize and make sure her family is all accounted for.]
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( text. john blake )
    Thanks for getting me out of there. Were you okay afterwards?
( text. martha jones )
    Thanks for letting me stay. I'd probably have been caught out otherwise. [ She nearly was anyway ] I've got something I need to ask.
( text. santana lopez )
    I need a favour.
( text. brittany pierce + shannon beiste )
    Are you okay? Did you get touched by any of the statues?
( action. the kitchen )
    [ It's early morning and Quinn's up already. She'd rather still be asleep but she'd been trying that for the past hour to no avail. She'd found herself some cereal and milk, pulling herself up a stool at the counter to eat it. She'd eaten some, only halfheartedly, and was moving her spoon around the bowl, head resting on her hand. She looked incredibly bored with it, or something. And like she might fall asleep in her cereal ]
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[ The face that pops up on the screen is kind of haggard, but still recognizable--it's Stiles, turning his feed on in what seems like mid motion. He skids around a corner of the mansion, recognizable as near the library, and stops for a second, panting, and mutters into the feed, finally addressing it. ] I am never watching anything remotely terrifying again, because somehow, someway, it will end up ruining my life.

These things're like every nerd's wet dream and nightmare at the same time, and I think they've only really got one way of getting killed. I mean, if they look at anything when its eyes are closed, they go full dementor and you're doomed to get old-age-ified into dust.So if they look at each other...

[ There was an actual point to this post though, and that was it. Stiles looks from left to right for a second, then carefully aims his camera at the ground, showing the skirt of one angel just around the corner from where he's standing, then around the other corner, where another one is nearby. ]

So, I'm either going to die or this is going to be freakin' brilliant.

[ he mutters "ohhhh my god I am definitely going to die" under his breath, realizes the video is still on, and clicks it off. No time to lose. ♥ ]

{ replies will most likely come from [personal profile] deputies, and action is totally cool too. ♥ }
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[ when the video comes up, it'll probably be a little too close to mary margaret's face. her eyes are currently looking just about everywhere except for the camera. she's obviously panicked, obviously very panicked. but she's trying to keep it together- meaning that she's breathing a little heavy and biting at her lower lip.

there are tear stains on her face, but they look a little dried. like she'd been crying, but for another reason entirely.

when she sees something on the journal, maybe a light or maybe a sign or something, but she noticed the camera is on and going and she jumps a little, like she hadn't expected that to work. ]

I'm not...sure where I am. But I need to go. Someone- someone very special is in danger back home and if I don't get back... [ she bites her lower lip with a little more intent, this time. like she is holding back on saying what will actually happen. after a moment she takes a breath, calms down just enough to keep talking. ] If anyone here knows Emma, Emma Swan. I need to find her.

[ henry, he's dying. emma we have to get back those are the things she wants to say, right after, right out on wherever this message is going to whoever it's going to, but she can't. emma wouldn't appreciate it and she doesn't think she could bring herself to say it aloud.

so instead she wipes her face, another pull yourself together sort of movements. emma would tell her to stay calm in this situation, emma would tell her not to panic. ]

Tell her Mary Margaret is looking for her.

[ and then it cuts. ]


Jul. 12th, 2013 06:52 am
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[David is outside, standing amongst the checkerboards on the Checkerboard Hills.]

I'm feeling awfully out of practice with my swordplay. Anyone care to join me?

Also, if anyone should wish to learn, I'd like to help.
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[Ever since the day that she had revealed the truth about Cora to Henry, that scene had replayed over and over in her mind. The way that things had been left between them...it left her without a trace of inner peace.

Which is why, when the yellow-eyed figure appeared in her room in the early morning hours, she perceived it to be merely an element of a nightmare. A figment of her imagination brought about by her innermost thoughts. She was no stranger to nightmares, and the way that this...shadow made her feel? Surely it was all in her head.

But alas, she couldn't have been more wrong.

The feed flashes on, right in the midst of the madness.]

Give it up! You'll never gain back that innocent boy's trust. It's simply too far gone, just face the facts! He will never again see you in the same light. His pure, innocent grandmother now has the blood of a victim on her hands...

[Holding her head, she tries to block out the shadow's taunts, but she's being bombarded by them from all fronts. The shadow is positively relentless, seemingly feeding on her fears and on any and every sliver of an insecurity that it can attach itself to. She speaks out in desperation, growing tired of the shadow's presence.]

Enough! I made a mistake, and I'm suffering the consequences.

[Feeling her anguish, the shadow guffaws, obviously pleased at the reaction that it received. Mary Margaret is not one who is quick to outburst, and it knows this.]

And what about that pretty little heart of yours, hm? It's getting blacker and blacker with your every breath, dear. Why, I'll bet that our little talk with Henry even tarnished it a little. You're destroying yourself from the inside out.

[She places a hand over her heart, feeling its rhythmic beat, now speaking on the defensive.]

I won't make the mistake of resorting to darkness again...not under any circumstances.

[The shadow scoffs, shooting her an incredulous look.]

You know what I see? I see a pretty face. A mask, if you ask me. You're becoming a mirror image of the one who's life you stole! Just wait and see, honey.

[She's half listening, trying without success to distance herself from the being.]

((OOC: Mary Margaret can be found just about anywhere during this event, wandering around in an attempt to get the shadow off of her back. Just let me know where you're meeting her, and we'll go from there!))
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 [So. Ruby's been going a bit mad, all cooped up in the clinic. Can't even leave the bed yet, her leg still all torn up and making pathetic progress at healing itself back up. Almost worse than worrying over that, though, is the fact that it's maddening and boring to lie in a bed all day for two weeks. When Ruby 2.0 appears, she's all but ready to dismiss her as some kind of weird 'bored out of her own head' hallucination. Only, well, the copy never leaves, and the whole thing is a bit... scary? Intimidating? 

It takes exactly one mention of Peter, and Ruby is diving for her device, plastering on a smile as she snaps on a video.]

So. Ah. I guess we managed to gain twins, huh? I'm kinda freaking out about mine.

That's because you don't want everyone to know you're a werewolf and did terrible things. You know. As a wolf. 

Shut up, freaking.... hell. Yeah, could... Guys, can someone come over here and, I don't know, shove a sock in her mouth, I can't exactly hobble over there and do it myself. 

Well, girl, when you fail - and I say when, not if - you certainly do it with a taste for the dramatic. 

.... On second thought...

[Yeah, she's... so not cool with this. Any of this.]
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I've had just about enough of you.

[The video feed comes to focus on a rather.. unsettling image. Not one, but two Regina's. Admittedly, the yellow-eyed being looked a tad bit more menacing than the other, but that didn't make matters much better for some.]

Oh? And what are you planning on doing? Are you going to use magic to get rid of me?

[There's a pause before the shadow begins to cackle.]

Wait a moment. That's right! You can't use your magic, can you. All because that little boy of ours made you promise not to.

[Regina kept quite, clearly doing her best to ignore its words. She now knew what the Cheshire Cat was speaking about and she wasn't at all pleased.]

You know Henry never truly love you once he's found out all the terrible things you've done. All lives you taken. Crushed even.

[Regina made her way down the entrance way stairs and out into the yard.]

I'm just like magic you know. Can't be ignored. Can't be forgotten. Still a piece of you that'll forever tug away at your mind. Oh, I guess I'm also like your mother in that respect.

[Regina sneered, cursing a few inaudible words under breath to which the shadow laughed once more.]

There's nothing you can do that will make them accept you. Not Henry. Not Emma. Most certainly not little miss Snow White or her Charming. But you don't want their acceptance, do you? You just want them-


[Regina turned, a ball of fire blazing in the palm of her hand.]

I've just about had it with your words.


(( OOC: Regina can literally be found anywhere during any day of the event. In her room arguing with her shadow; in the mansion doing just the same; in the yards getting ready to beam a fire ball at her shadow's head; or out by the stables, sulking as her shadow is chatting away in her ear. Just let me know where you're running into her and we can take it from there! Video/Text is available if you want her somewhere specific, and if it makes more sense for your character to contact her this way. She's literally open to any location!))
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[The video feed might accidentally click on, showing the contents of a room, including a bed occupied by Mary Margaret. She had made her way to the mansion and found this room, but the details of exactly when and how were hopelessly foggy. She's curled up, listlessly staring and taking in stuttering breaths. Crying silently to herself.


It is a cruel replay of what had transpired only weeks before, except now, all that she can think about is Henry.

She had shattered all of the trust that he once had in her with one swift blow- one damning truth. The very person who had instilled the hope and purpose in Henry in the first place had just torn it all to ruins. Watching the faith and trust literally detach from him before her eyes had been heartbreaking. Devastating. Everyone else may have come to terms with what she'd done, but it would forever be a burden on her shoulders. And now? That burden had been weighted a hundred times over, her wounds slashed back open and salted.

After a time, she raises up, taking her head in her hands. After somewhat gathering herself, she finally lifts her communicator from the table, composing a single message.]

Private Message to David Nolan. )


Henr| [She pauses, brooding, then slowly erases the unfinished text, head in her hands once more.]

[There is a part of her that desperately aches to communicate with her grandson, but right now, she just can't. A remotely acceptable explanation would require details...details that would turn the already-fragile situation upside down. She is at an utter loss.

((OOC: Backdated to the day of, or possibly the morning after her arrival; before Henry's texts, if that's alright with everyone.))
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Private to Mary Margaret Blanchard & David Nolan )

Private to Martha Jones )

Private to Neal Cassidy )

Private to Dean Winchester )

Private to Balthazar )

Private to Jefferson )


[Emma is a person who doesn't do well without something to occupy her, meaning that most of her time here in Wonderland between various disturbances has been spent restless. During the morning, she can be found in the library, perusing the shelves and occasionally sitting at one of the tables or near one of the windows to look through one of a number of books she's pulled from the stacks.

Mid-day and most of the afternoon, she'll be at the diner on the eighth floor, slowing working her way through a sandwich followed by alternating cups of hot cocoa and coffee with a notebook open in front of her. She goes back and forth between writing and reviewing what she's already written -- there's too much for it all to be from this particular afternoon, but at least three pages of it are fresh.

Late afternoon, she'll be out at the beach, standing out at the end of the dock before seating herself on the edge of it, frowning as she looks out at the water. It's not quite like where she and Henry used to spend their afternoons together back in Storybrooke, but for a quiet thinking spot, it will have to do.]
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[Upon her arrival at the edge of the gardens on the seaward side, Mary Margaret raises up on her hands…sucking in a deep breath after dispelling the sea water that she must have taken in during their rough journey through the portal. She sighs, her heart beating rapidly-

They’ve made it.…but this place certainly doesn’t look like the Neverland that she had envisioned…

Then, genuine fear sets in, for she realizes that she is alone. She hurriedly surveys the area for another moment, quickly determining that this is, in fact, any place but their original destination. The last thing that she can remember is being on Hook’s ship, arms fastened around David’s waist as the portal drew them nearer.

Now, she’s here. Here in this strange place with none of her previous shipmates in sight. She doesn’t see anyone walking about the immediate area, but quickly notices what seems to be a communication device lying upright in the grass nearby. She scrambles for it, somehow managing to turn on the video function.
...Or perhaps.. it has been on all along?

Regardless, she speaks- mumbling to herself at first.]

What is this place? [Her voice slightly quavers.] David? Emma…- Are you here? Are you alright?

[If they had, in fact, made it here as well… that would be one weight lifted off of her shoulders. The next- would be to find Henry.]


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